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  1. Jericho

    Favorite Races: Elder Scrolls

    1. Redguard 2. Nord 3. Bosmer 4. Breton 5. Imperial 6. Orsimer 7. Altmer 8. Dunmer 9. Khajit 10. Argonian
  2. Jericho

    Pokenations 3: Type Draft

    How in the heck did Fire last 2nd until last?
  3. Jericho


    You'd best add me right meow.
  4. Jericho

    Get off my Lawn

    Whoops tbh I forgot that was a rule here. LOL
  5. Jericho

    Get off my Lawn

    I don't know how to feel about this. It's a good thing for you that you're so likable.
  6. Jericho

    Get off my Lawn

    Et tu?
  7. Jericho

    Get off my Lawn

    Strangely enough, I feel like I have more energy throughout the day, but that might not be directly related and just coincidence. I also find actually eating to me more enjoyable as well. You? Schedules? HA. HAHA. Thats a good one.
  8. Jericho

    Get off my Lawn

    Man I feel old @Maelstrom is this what it's like? Anywho hey what's up people? You know how every once in a while an old member reintroduces themselves and says they're coming back only to stick around for a few days before they fade away again? This time it's me!! I've had my nosey nose in just about every aspect of this community at one point or another, even just a little bit from development of the game on the coding side (boy that was short lived and half assed) to arguing with @DJ Mewdeon ft Dan Punk over IDK, everything? to organizing events Pokemon battling events that never lived up to my lofty expectations for them, and also assisting with Redemption League until I got bored in general and faded away from the community as a whole. Me personally well I went to Penn State, graduated and am currently in a job that is... well it's a job and it pays, but we'll leave it at "It's not really a career". My latest craze I've been into lately is intermittent fasting where I only eat in a 4 hour window each day and it actually has worked out pretty nice, that said I've been wanting to get back to lifting consistently for almost a year now whoopsie, gotta build those good habits back up. I'm pinging my best friends because I can. @Arkhi @Rosesong @Tacos I'm also pinging @Amethyst because I'm an attention whore. And @Kurotsune because well, if I don't include them in this, they'd probably rip out my spleen and feed it to a pack of rabid arctic foxes all while sipping the finest of Brazilian Wines. (assuming Brazilians have vineyards, tbh idk if they do) Now for my favorite past time. Posting lots of ridiculous gifs and memes to get likes out of you lot and feel important. PS @Ojama Yellow almost forgot you.
  9. Momma...... Just killed a man....

    1. Wolfox


      Put a gun against his head

      Pulled the trigger, now he's dead

    2. Abyssreaper99


      Mama, life had just begun

      But now I've gone and thrown it all away

    3. Wolfox


      Mama, ooh
      Didn't mean to make you cry
      If I'm not back again this time tomorrow
      Carry on, carry on, as if nothing really matters

  10. Jericho

    Get to know your fellow Members v2.0!

    Name/Known as: Jericho/Mike Age: The same as Amethyst, give or take a day Gender: I'm a dude, she's a dude, we're all dudes Birthday: Old Location: Philly Philly Height: 5'11 or so Hair Color: Boring Brown Eye Color: Blue Lives with: Myself the majority of the year, folks come home sometimes Pets: 2 dogs (Chocolate Lab, Doberman Puppy) and a Black Cat Relationship status: Ready to mingle (IRL, sorry ladies) Dream job: Math Teacher, Lawyer, or some sort of Chief of Marketing/Sales (too bad these ain't happening) Currently playing: Horizon Zero Dawn Favourite Food: Wings Favourite Drink: Water... only water. Favourite Color: Green Favourite kind of Music: stuff from the early 90's Favourite Band: Sublime Favourite Album: Man on the Moon (1 and 2) Favourite Song: k-os - The Love Song Favourite Game: Halo 2 - Kingdom Hearts 2 Favourite Genre of Game: Open World Favourite Hobbies: Correcting people that don't know how to spell "Favorite" and learning about random things Favourite Movies: Never been a TV person really. Favourite Shows: See Above
  11. Jericho

    New addition to the warning family

    Wow. I FEEL LIKE I MENTIONED SOMETHING LIKE THIS LONG AGO. Not like @Amethyst would remember though.
  12. Jericho

    Alistair in Wonderland

    January 29th seems to be an infamous day for Auth retirement. 2015: Maelstrom 2017: Myself 2018: Njab
  13. AMA - Lightning Round

    1. IntSys


      What are your hopes for 2018?

    2. Jericho


      To better my life and make the most out of opportunities. To explore places and things I haven't before instead of revisiting old nostalgic things.

    3. Maelstrom


      How has that fared for you?

  14. Jericho


    Starters, Xatu, Noctowl, Lanturn, Bellossom, Jumpluff, Quagsire, Qwilfish, Octillery are all some good candidates IMO.