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Wonder Trade Sharing


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Heya! Randomly re-did a playthrough using the WT and my breeding ditto as a way to make the run interesting and to see what kinda stuff I end up with.

The early Feebas w/ Prism Scale, Drillbur, Mareanie, Larvesta, and Gible made the run a fair bit more than I was bargaining for, so I'll be throwing my spares (non-shiny but high IV, or Shiny but high IV's, with a flawed IV somewhere) on WT whenever I get the chance, maybe with an item or two even. The Time will be fairly random, and I think I already dumped a bunch of shinies on wt as/is, so I hope whoever got them is happy!


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List of Pokémon I have received from Wonder Trade, (it's really fun). 


Shiny Meowth, level 3

Shiny Ekans, level 3

Shiny Goomy, level 1

Purrloin, level 15

Electrike, level 15

Fennekin, level 1

Snivy, level 1

Lilipup, level 10

Plusle, level 21

Espurr, level 2

Ponyta, level 25

Murkrow, level 1

Skrelp, level 41


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Today is my 1st try in wonder trade. 
i went on a random spree.


I sent my graveler on a wondertrade. (i wanted to get rid of it). 😂


Guess what, i got it back as a golem after some random WT's . 😅


As a souvenir i kept it 


There are planned trade evolutions between 2 trainers . well the poke-gods had other ideas in mind when they sent me back my graveler which is a golem now. 



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On 12/4/2016 at 9:39 AM, laggless01 said:

Ok, that's pretty funny. I just hope enough cool mons are submitted. Breeding your starter to share on Wonder Trade is always a nice thing to do.

I did that with 9 of the same starter... all charmander and only 1 (exactly) without 4 31 IVs (at least).

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On 5/20/2022 at 8:32 PM, 2DS said:

so I accidentally wonder traded my shiny hydregion and I'm so upset


Have you fixed that yet? If not, you should pm me, and I can get it sorted out (eventually) with one that has 4 or 5 IVs at 31, and perhaps a shiny one too. Dragon rush, lvl 90, yk.

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On 8/29/2022 at 7:55 AM, Esril said:

Does anyone still use this. I just recently started playing reborn and found this and its been really interesting with some of the trades ive gotten

I might have given you chansey or mawile or mankey, I think I remember that name. Was breeding for a seismic toss chansey. 

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