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Reborn Monotype Tournament


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Matches are assigned! Remember to post battle logs.

Bracket I


Bracket II



18 Types.

1 victor.

18 participants each make a Monotype team (according to Smogon's Monotype OU tier) per Bracket.

As it stands, here are the 18 participants in their Brackets:

Bracket I

Psychic - ImBlam

Fairy - FlameDragoon1

Fire - Red_Chaos

Fighting - Dobby

Rock - Pyrrhon

Ground - Caradius

Electric - Hi I like food

Bug - Kyoyo

Grass - Reevee

Ice - Alchemi

Flying - Kurotsune

Water - Azery

Dragon - D.Skitty

Ghost - Bazaro

Poison - BlueWulf

Dark - ChronoExplo

Steel - Wendel

Normal - Forever Pineapple

Bracket II

Fairy - K_H

Psychic - VoxelHeart

Fire - Notus

Fighting - Sumaru

Rock - Jory

Ground - Gooptek

Electric - Sparky

Bug - ExLink

Grass - Zethe

Ice - Zechs

Flying - Xixas

Water - Sir_Bagel

Dragon - Govictory

Ghost - Umbreeown

Poison - Hukuna

Dark - Just Damian

Steel - SilverJakler

Normal - Sonic112233

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It wouldn't be fair to those who can't make it because of things called "lives." Having it on a Tuesday is quite stupid, to be honest, so odds are we'll just bump it back to Saturday or Sunday, where people have more time.

Sorry! ^^;

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More updates because indecisiveness! The tournament will take place over the entirety of next week, starting this Saturday (2/21/15). Match-ups will be announced that day, and we'll have until the next Saturday to finish the tournament. This should give people plenty of time to work around schedules and what-not.

Since I can't be online 24/7, please post on here if a match (preferably your own) has been completed. (Battle logs are appreciated! ^^)

We've almost filled the second Bracket, keep 'em coming!

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