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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day ^^🍰

  2. Looking for a good MMORPG to get into that doesn't need to be purchased. Any suggestions?

    1. lifesapity


      Guild Wars 2 is pretty great.

    2. doombotmecha


      I was just about to say that! GW2 is a very, as the kids say, "aesthetic" game. it's very pretty, it has unique classes, races, and roles, and story is incredible.


      TERA online has pretty much the coolest combat system ever, but the story past the intro level is awful and all the female armors are skimpy and have heels.

  3. The prophecy is true.

  4. "If Gen VII doesn't have a Poison type Legendary, I will riot". I really hope Gen VII delivers.

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    2. Maelstrom


      considering a lot of poison types are man-made from garbage, it's hard to give legendary status to one of those. What would a legendary poison pokemon be based off of?

    3. Alistair


      Huge, legendary poisonous tree/flower?

    4. Godot


      Zakum, arabic tree of death. or Samael, Dragon Snake thing that is known as "the poison of god"

  5. So ready for Sun/Moon to release. I really wanna try any new Poison types more than anything..

  6. To any Dark Souls 3 players, if you have a fun yet obscure build, shoot me a pm with the idea. Looking to try some new builds in the arena.

    1. Tartar


      Do a level 1 run ^_^

      ... Bare handed.

  7. Inb4 TWD spoilers

  8. So hyped for Ashes of Ariendel. Looking forward to the OST too.

    1. Alistair


      Same, I just hope the DLC won't be too short

    2. Combat


      Same, but only on a lore level.

  9. Hoooly crap found a Dratini at Whiting regional park.

  10. At work for the first time since Pokemon Go released and I arrived to see my boss's office is a Gym.

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    2. Raindrop Valkyrie

      Raindrop Valkyrie

      Yea that's why I'm not interested at all honestly.

    3. dragoniteborntacoz


      thats a feature they need to add

    4. Maelstrom


      no trading yet either.

  11. Instinct, Valor, or Mystic?

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    2. Flynn


      @Hukuna: The three teams you can join in Pokemon Go!

    3. Raindrop Valkyrie

      Raindrop Valkyrie

      Oh I don't have a phone sooooooo... care I do not.

    4. Maelstrom


      For Valor. For strength. For BL Lilith knockoff waifu.

  12. Growlithe, Eevee, and a Muk ton of Zubat where I live. Can't complain but evolving might take a while.

  13. The Monster Hunter Generations demo is out for whoever would like to hunt!

  14. My friends and I are going to watch a marathon of Ghost Stories dubbed on Watch2gether.

  15. Yoo, any Gundam fans?

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