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  1. Who's ICSW's Pokemon alter ego?

    Lopunny ~

  2. You have posted thousand times (finally) :D 

    Congrats^^ ^_^ 

    1. Tartar


      Thank you very much, kind stranger on the Internet, whom I have never seen before, but who apparently has accrued over 1000 posts over the course of less than half a year... 

    2. LykosHand


      Congratulations Tartar :D

  3. If anyone deserves to be a mod, it's ISCW: She's a Nice Cream Sand Witch after all I wonder whether she planned for this all along? Is she an Ice Scheme Sand Witch? Needless to say, ICSW has become an Ice Cream Ban Witch, beware evil-doors. Hopefully, this is the beginning of something and not the end. Mods don't tend to be very active.
  4. If you decide to undertake this endeavor, I recommend that you do so because you find it an interesting challenge that can improve you editing and language skills, rather than doing it because others want you to. I'd wager Zumi and Amethyst would still continue to work on their own projects, even if they were to get no exposure. That's the kind of mentality one should have in regards to these types of creative works.
  5. "If you think you'll get another chance you might hold back.

    I'll reflect on what I've done but I never want to regret anything.

    You only live once and I'll live that life to the fullest.

    When I lay down to rest inside my coffin, I want my fists clenched with pride,

    certain that I lived the best life I could have lived."

    - Kamogawa Genji (Hajime no Ippo)


    Even if your feel uncertain, you should always move forward. If that leads you to failure too, you'll still be left with something for your efforts. Because in the end, nothing one does is ever pointless, and failure is not something to be feared.

    1. Daniel Blackworth

      Daniel Blackworth

      I agree. For me, moving forward despite the many hurdles and obstacles that may block you is the only way for you to be truly happy.

  6. ISCW is on a roll today with her puns, she's punstopable.

  7. Well, that's another thing thing I learned today... I also learned about morphogenetic fields today, to those who've played 999 and the Zero Escape series... Those games basically lied about everything regarding them... Seriously, how do you present chemical gradients that determine cell differentiation in an embryo, to presenting it as a telepathic field that lets you travel through time
  8. TIL Amethyst has a boyfriend... Who's this mysterious person that has been conspicuously absent and not mentioned in anything?
  9. Tartar


    Banned for having huge white pointless strips in an otherwise good avatar.
  10. Tartar


    Whoa, what have I ever done to you? Banned for disturbing the natural order of things.
  11. So, Zumi inspired me to try and draw something hooray for bad life decisions in the Rejuvenation fanart thread, and while sketching before realising that said thread was for Reju and not Reborn... At which point I was too far into this sketch to restart and do a Reju character instead. Anyway *welp* here it is, drawing is apparently way more difficult than it looks, and trying to actually do decent textures and lining is tedious... And don't get me started on drawing eyes, how do you guys do it? If anything this endeavour has taught me to appreciate all the hard work going into the wonderful pieces in this thread.
  12. Wow, finally a game I can play on my Palm Pilot, #PalmPilotMasterRace
  13. 9/10 Looks crisp, sharp and powerful lines. Vibrant colours, looks good despite the low resolution which can't be said for many avatars on here. Among the best avatars on here I'd say.
  14. So, I'm reading embryology, and lo and behold... One of the proteins regulating cell differentiation in the embryo is called the Sonic Hedgehog Protein (SHH)


    Scientists play video-games too it seems. 



    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Takosher


      The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell



    3. Tartar


      @KosherKittenI've been hearing that one a lot. Is it some kind of standardised question on American tests/exams or something? Or where does it come from. 

    4. Takosher
  15. Fascinating, thanks for posting it. In my first comment, I was referring to stress being a minor or nonexistent risk factor in the development of IHD. Acute stress can trigger AMI, but you'd already need to be at risk of it occurring. Still, glad to see we've got another reason to remove DST. On that note, may I ask you were reading cardiology research papers?
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