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  1. I know for a fact that the AI knows what Ability your Pokemon has, it also knowing what item you are carrying seems likely to me
  2. That Madelis fight was something else, since you can't access a pc after that fight ether, so I had to fight Neved and Madam X with the same team. Neved was easier than I thought thou, but for Madam X you need a very Gimmicky team and there is no way I could even theoreticly win against her with this team.
  3. You probably shouldn't do this, you are goin to lose 20 Karma if you expose her, acording to this Forum Thread. https://www.rebornevo.com/forums/topic/56022-spoilers-maybewhy-is-it-that-after-doing-any-help-center-sidequest-a-eye-appears-and-giggling-sound-of-a-girl-can-be-heard/
  4. I realy like Tangrowth and Eldegoss is great early on, especially with Regenerator
  5. I used 1 Hariyama, 1 Lunatone that was on hypnosis duty, 1 Xatu, 1 Seviper, 1 Butterfree and my Thwackey. You can probably have a better team, but this worked for me on Intense difficulty.
  6. is it nightime on your pc time right now? because that is a requirement for that quest
  7. there is an item guide for Rejuvenation, but we currently need to update it for the current version. Wild munchlax from honey trees should carry them.
  8. A Pokemon with Sturdy and Sandattack might give us a theoretical way out, but I can't try that yet and as you were saying he has 2 more pokemons, who porbably are equally threatening.
  9. i just managed to beat her on intense a few hours ago. The chesto berry was moved a bit from v 12, it is now in front of that cave on route 1. You should give this to Nidoking and go for 2 toxic spikes, reset if you don't wake up immediately I also used prankster Volbeat, with flash (that removes the ghostfield for 5 turns) and protect / double team + confuse ray an that killed like 4 Mons of her alone. and last i think you should go for a mon with knock off, otherwise you can't beat dusclops, since it just rests / sleeptalks you.
  10. Version 13 seems to me like it's a lot more difficult then Version 12, at least on intense mode. no early eevee, no substitute and no ev training makes some battles insanely difficult
  11. no, it is lvl 15 you can also get your own seviper, if you do her secret gym combination
  12. antharios


    what if she gets a galarian darmanitan?
  13. antharios


    out of curiosity, will this be available in version 13 or do we have to wait until 13.5, since grassy terrain is it`s hidden ability
  14. antharios


    no there will be more episodes after this
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