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  1. hi guys, i need help with the Ana-Questline. I talked to Ana and Dylan on route 9 and Route 10 is open for me. The next step should be to talk to her inside the Blakeory Anatheum, she isn't there thou... am I Missing something?game.rxdata found the solution. i simply forgot to return to the police station first
  2. hmm you could try to get hp ground/psychic her pokemons are between 15 and 18 if i recall correctly, if your team is lvl 20 i think that should be enough
  3. hi guys, i wanted to do the help quests in Neo Gearen city, however it apears like the key didn't spawn for me. Was this quest changed in v12?
  4. the shiny stone should be in a chest, the one that you can open after obtaining 3 badges
  5. I managed to get Hp fire on an Alakazam now, however the one that did work had an iv spread of 31/30/30/30/31/30 which should be hp steel. I am now 99% certain that something isnt workling properly game.rxdata
  6. thank you, that was realy helpful. the abra that i have now should definitely meet all the criteria for hp fire, somehow it still isnt hp fire thou... i managed to get this spread: Hidden Power Fire: 31/E/31/30/31/30 *E = Input any of the following even numbers: (2, 6, 10, 14, 18, 22, 26, 30)
  7. thanks for you reply. Is this a Rejuviantion specific thing? Havent seen the HP Calculator mess up and 31/Even/31/30/31/30 should always give me Hp fire
  8. Hi guys, i just finished breeding my abra with all the iv's i wanted it to have. Hower, it apears like Hidden Power is calculated differently in Rejuviantion. this Spread should be Hidden Power fire, however it wasen't very efectiv against a wild Bellsprout... Is Hidden Power calculated diffenertly in Rejuvination?
  9. can you upload your savegame ? i don't remeber where zou have to go, but i could help you look
  10. nevermind, i forgot to talk to venam after Melia flew away... I currently have another problem thou, is there a prerequisit that i need to do before the odd house quest?
  11. Hey guys, i need help in valor mountain. i have magma drift and Melia left Tesla Mansion. now i don|t realy know what to do, it seems like i can|t do much inside Valor Montain... do i have this bug? if so, where can i find an old version 8 of rejuviantion?
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