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  1. The same thing happened to me, the game stayed locked at night no matter what. I think this is intentional since that story event happens at night. As soon as I beated that part, the game had gone back to normal.
  2. At the time I didn't know I had to also beat Neved and try to beat Madame X with the same party, and damn that was rough. I completely gave up on Madame X, and my team was definitely not well suited for Neved, but I made it after ~40min or so. For Madelis, I really think the lack of a PC device is a bug because of the healing device in the same room. It doesn't excuse the lack of one for Neved and Madame X, although I really appreciate the 12x6 there. About Geara and Giratina, iirc it wasn't a fight back to back, but Giratina was his sixth pokemon (I'm not 100% sure about that, it was 4
  3. Some decisions sure are dragging the game down to me. First I got pissed at the back-to-back fight in Wispy Tower, but sure, I've gone through way worse in Reborn. Then I got pissed at the second Nim battle since there's no PC anywhere close, so I had to return to Goldenleaf multiple times to rethink my strategy. It's specially frustrating since she wants to fight you just before entering a new city, where I could use a PC. I miss my repels... And now there's Madelis fight at Blackstepple Castle where I'm locked without even getting access to a PC. It's not that hard of a fight hones
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