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  1. God bless u and if u can give it link stone i forgot that it would evo but still thanks. I have only 1 heart scale but i dont need it for now so ill trade it to u Nickname:Plantii Edit: i have 2 hearth scales but still ill give it to u
  2. Hey so im currently playing reborn and i have plan for my full team and what i need is milotic but i dont want to wait for him sooo long so if u could trade me 1 i would be very happy. The feebas i want will have scald/icy wind/toxic and give it 1 random move bc ill change it later for recover and if u could prism scale for his hold item. Unfortunately i dont have good pokes beside my main squad for now but im realy hoping u would trade it to me. Thakns. Btw: nature can be random but bold would be best and gender can also be random but female is greatly appreciated. Ability:Oblivious for Competetive
  3. Hey I was wondering why "ChooseStarter" was removed. I really wanted to get mienfoo pretty early in the game but i didn't wanted to restart every time when i get the wrong egg. I know that party debug can solve this but i dont want to use it only for 1 egg. EDIT:Nvm I figured that out already.
  4. Ok so I think that this User is worth if u want mons for your dex, battle , or just for fun i recommed him to every1 who needs something ASAP but dont know where to go. Ps: if my grammar is bad its because english is not my native language
  5. Vendor Name : @luis Requested Pokemon : Gligar Gender : Male Ability : Poison Heal Nature : Jolly IV Spread : (31/31/31/0/31/31) EV Spread : (0/0/0/0/0/0) Pokerus : No Shininess : No Other Moves (TM) : Bulldoze / Aerial Ace Item : Razor Fang Offered Pokemon : Chesnaught Gender : Female Ability : Bulletproof Nature : Quirky IV Spread : (31/31/31/9/31/31) EV Spread : (0/252/252/0/6/0 Pokerus : No (Healed) Shininess : No Egg Moves : Power-up Punch Item : Quick Claw Online ID & Time with timezone :Plantii and UTC +1:00 (Most of the time) Edit: I already found person who traded me gligar. I cancel this request
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