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  1. i think you should try a male meowstic with prankster as it can learn light screen and reflect and light screen can stop the instant ko and try some sp defense investment
  2. The Player character may get their lost memories back as well.
  3. Everything, because it is plot focused and it really builds up the further the game develops
  4. maybe something went wrong, reset and see if she is there otherwise load up a previous file
  5. then try checking the library. if not check the theater again
  6. did you check all of the sides for augustus? in the oceana pier
  7. you take the first right in honec woods and follow the path, the woods above route 7
  8. he is somewhere around the area. he has blue hair
  9. you have to fly back to the outskirts of zone zero and traverse through the place again. the pyramid is registered after the events on the skydeck
  10. Ok, here is a rundown. You came to the blakeory library in scholar district with melia and erin, but get kicked out thanks to huey punching thomas blakeory. you run into reina and the story diverges a bit where kanon showed up and invited you to the badlands or reina gets caught by bladestar, then you are in a cave and run into ren, you head to sashila village and you are assigned to defeat the Dimensional rift but are transported in the past by a guy hovering on a skateboard. you follow the plot and you end up fighting a dark gardevoir who is a dimensional rift then you go back then participate in the tournament and beat adam might. to start the new chapter you re-enter the left side doors
  11. how many badges do you have? sounds like you are challenging her for the first time. Also are you certain that you are in West gearen and not east gearen
  12. you wont see the stat changes in the overworld but give them to the corresponding pokemon. the effects of the crests are applied in battle
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