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  1. george orwell wrote a book about this
  2. breloom, galvantula, aegislash, mimikyu, krookodile, I've tried on about 10-15 pokemon but none of them have worked
  3. Floor 4 of the Department Store has it
  4. How does the relearning work? It only says the pokemon has no moves to learn
  5. amazing qol, thank you for making this!
  6. yeah it's an option at every PC, you just need a Data Chip
  7. this goes dummy hard :) TYBC
  8. Shiny eggs is really convenient and they look amazing
  9. there is no real choice when the options are "do this or die"
  10. Not sure if on purpose but it helps build hype for sure
  11. dovedeity

    an apology

  12. This game's very polished and well made, props to you guys :) I'll def follow its development
  13. Are there any compatibility issues with this mod that you know of? I have AMB, SWM and the Sandbox mod installed and this mod makes it so that I can't catch Pokemon, I just get an error and the ball stays on the field
  14. I'm stuck a little earlier on in the quest. I have to go to the hospital of hope to check on Jenny, but the nurse just tells me she's sleeping. I've already talked to the officer in the police department.
  15. The 100% guide says I have to go find him at night in the Odd House, but it seems like the Odd House has been replaced by the Lost Castle in the newer versions of the game. Is there still a way to battle Spector?
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