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  1. Basically this mod I made for Pokemon Reborn but adapted for Pokemon Rejuvenation Rejuvenation - SortPC.rb
  2. This only sorts the first 40 boxes so any Pokemon that is in Box 41 and above will not be moved. To sort, open Pokemon PC, press action button on the box name:
  3. No longer will you need to spend hours sorting your Pokemon with the risk of your game crashing before you had the chance to save! Sorting options: - By species, then by name - By name, then by species - By type1, then by type2, then by species, then by name Eggs are always sorted by species and put after all other Pokemon I tested it on my game and it works fine, but please check that all your Pokemon are present before saving. Move this to `PokemonReborn/Data/Mods/` SortPC.rb
  4. Pressing A will automatically use the HM, skipping confirmation dialogue (like having the convenience flag toggled on at all times). This also lets you use HMs without having an eligible Pokemon in your party (for example, you can Surf without having any Pokemon that knows Surf). Just like other mods, put it inside the Pokemon Reborn/Data/Mods/ InstantHM.rb
  5. Small change to preventing wild encounters with captured Pokemon (meaning permanent repel if you've captured all Pokemon in the area). Just like other mods, put it inside the Pokemon Reborn/Data/Mods/ RepellingLure.rb
  6. True enough, thanks a lot!
  7. Thanks! Is it possible to change the destination of the save file so I can just play from my USB? This way I can play it on the go using my laptop, then switch back to my PC when I get home.
  8. Hello, I'm thinking of buying a new PC soon. How do I send my data to the other PC? I tried moving it to the USB and played from it, but my save data is lost?
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