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  1. Hey I wanted to ask, do the player characters have official names? Similar to how the player characters in Reborn and Rejuvenation have official names, I would love to know if the ones in this game do as well? I love playing a Pokémon fan-game more when the player character I'm playing as has their own name. For me, it makes it feel more part of the story then imposing a chosen name on a character.
  2. Yeah... I ended up finding out and I was honestly annoyed at that but thanks for letting me know, really appreciate it. But, there's something else that's been bugging me. For someone reason, certain Pokemon I find in the wild can't be leveled up because I get an error. It happened with a Murkrow I caught towards the beginning of the game, and now it's happening with an Eevee I caught. I found out the Murkrow needed to be evolved immediately with a Dusk Stone to be used, but I can't evolve my Eevee into an Umbreon the same way. I know Eevee needs happiness to evolve into Espeon or Umbreon but mine already has max happiness and if I use a Rare Candy, it will still crash the game even if under the right conditions. How can I evolve my Eevee into Umbreon without getting an error?
  3. So I'm stuck on South Route 511 and I have no idea how to continue. I just got out of Fling Cave and the only areas to move forward are blocked off because it's too dangerous to continue at night. Can someone please tell me what to do. I tried going back to the cave, talking to everyone and still nothing.
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