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  1. Thanks!Been doing a replay of Insurgence but I'll have to take a look at Rejuvenation soon.
  2. As someone whos been watching the development of Rejuvination but haven't played since an old demo how complete is the games story now?Main story finished?Up to E4?Completed postgame?
  3. Honestly I was hoping this wasn't going to happen but what can you do?Hopefully Starlights development goes smoothly enough and I'll look forward to e19 in 2021. :]
  4. Been awhile since I posted in here,been watching the progress bar eagerly and the dev blogs have been very entertaining this year.
  5. I just found out this existed because someone on Youtube played it and I think it looks very cool!
  6. Burningocean2012


    Cute kitty!I love her and want to protect the fluff.
  7. "death everywhere" Can't wait to read that dev blog!
  8. I really like how they look, thousand waves is one of my favorite moves.
  9. Essentials always had awful coding as a whole, your improvements to the engine even if it's specific to Reborn really impresses me.I always enjoy reading about these improvements(and the struggles and rage involved) so I hope any new discoveries continued to be shared.We all appreciate the Reborn Team's effort to make playing the game better for us.
  10. Even with the breakdown I only understand like half of all this but it's a great surprise!
  11. I despise Serena so very much,she was just some writers self insert who does not deserve to ever appear again.
  12. I heard the Navy admitted some ufo videos were the real deal and the say they kill anyone who tries to look inside Area 51 is big red flag...
  13. It'll be awhile before there's any huge progress made so don't expect much active posting.Not that people aren't hyped for it it's just that there isn't much to discuss right now besides the wait itself.I'm personally pretty excited for it.
  14. They cleaned up the postgame board a little,that looks much better.Its nice watching things move along if only a little at a time.
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