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  1. So Touhou 17.5 was announced........as an action platformer.  Definitely a surprise there, since it's by the same group that's been making the official fighting (side)games.  And one of the two screenshots show Kogasa, so double meta surprise there.



    1. Autumn Zephyr

      Autumn Zephyr

      Wait, does this mean that we have playable Kogasa? And that the Umbrella wasn't Left There Forever?! That is a tremendous surprise, indeed!


      Pre-posting edit: based off of the other screenshot, that weird blob in the middle is probably Reimu. Guess she's just a boss again... Whoops.

    2. seki108


      From the other screencap (below), I assume we are getting the usual Reimu/Marisa, though it would be nice to get NEW playable characters in the mix.  God, I wish it was Kogasa.     Synopsis translation:


      "Black water gushed out onto the surface. The water released an odd odour and was hard to get off once it's stuck to your body. It was not something that you could use as your everyday water.


      Some saw the gushing water as misfortune, some as good fortune; some saw it as holy, while others as evil; some saw it as a natural disaster, some saw it as a business opportunity, various theories were tossed around. Some even started a festival and made a fuss.


      But when the people thought it was over, it still floated above the water and put a strain on the people. Atop the drinking water, the beautiful streams, hot springs at rest spots...... Regardless of the location, the black water gushed out."


      So, Oil fairy confirmed for Clownpiece's new buddy/rival.



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