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  1. no problem have a nice day
  2. i can. When do you have time?
  3. i can trade you one. tell me when you have time
  4. tells me your not online ill just wait for yours then id: Vanitas
  5. alright. im ready. ill send you a requesT?
  6. just kidding :9 im sorry i forgot sth.... ill need a few minutes :)
  7. it took me 265 days of soft resetting to get a perfect iv ditto. but im willing to trade it - i dont need the egg tell me when you have time
  8. okay ill wait for your request. id: Vanitas
  9. Honestly, I dont know where to get headbut and magical leaf other than that everything is ready. tell me when you have time ...........
  10. i can trade you those, but i dont have them as 6iv shinies. you have 3 options: 1. 5iv shines (x in spatk, atk, spatk) 2. 6iv non-shiny 3. 6iv and shiny but created via sandbox.
  11. Vanitas

    Perfect Ditto

    difficult question to answer. depends on your team, style and stuff. maybe getting iron tail from a guy at the circus can help you. im not so good at strategizing, ill just try a bunch of times which order ist the best
  12. Vanitas

    Perfect Ditto

    good ol' breeding volcarona good breeding or sth.. have fun if you need anything else..
  13. Vanitas

    Perfect Ditto

    sheesh, i didnt get the message, sorry. if you still have time im ready now
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