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  1. vanitas. i dont really care what you trade me, so dont give me anything you need
  2. you can't but you can create 6iv dittos with mods and such
  3. sorry for the inconvenience have a good day
  4. wasnt it 6iv? holy sh*t im sorry wrong ditto didnt recheck the iv just trade me the trash one back ill give you a good one
  5. Vanitas tell me when you have time i dont need anything in return
  6. Vanitas ill wait for your request. dont need anything in return
  7. well go back where you fought zel is he still one the ground? if so talk to him otherwise take the left exit from the room where you beat zel
  8. i have a 6iv ditto. i dont need anything in return
  9. Vanitas


    if this hasnt been solveld yet. I can also trade you one. 20/11/3/31/31/31-shiny or 28/3/30/31/31/31-not shiny
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