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  1. Thank you, I'll get online now, IGN is Z25.
  2. Hello, I'm trying to work on the dex, and I don't have a way to evolve magmar, but I want to have it done by the time I reach agate. Magmortar is one of the last pokemon I need, so if someone could touch trade me one or just trade me a magmarizer, I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you.
  3. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰


  4. Hello, I started playing this and its' really amazing so far. I'm currently at the 4th Gym. I have two questions though relating to regional forms. I'll spoil them though.
  5. So does shieldon actually exist in seacrest gardens? I spent 3 hours in the grass there and saw nothing. I really wanted one too. However early game snorunt and grubbin is pretty nice. Swept julia with chargabug and grovyle. I'm liking the improved challenge and new strats deployed in this.
  6. I mean he could have done a nuzlocke, but he really needed to learn field effects at the very least. He definitely shouldn't be sacking good mons either. In fact I think that rule that theres a death roulette is stupid for a normal playthrough especially in this game. He needs to understand that it doesn't need to be some over the top challenge for a good video/playthrough and views. He would do just as good without those rulesets. He also is losing out on such much more by making bad choices like forking the ring over to Blake. Especially with the huge hint beforehand telling him negotiating with terrorists is bad. Like Ame couldn't have spelled that out any more for a player. But then again he somehow thinks ZEL is a magnezone so....
  7. I really like TTar as a creator and this series, but the past few episodes, oh man... He really needs to read the comments to learn how the game functions better or he's going to struggle a lot in these last few gyms. Still its entertaining to watch either way. Also slightly off topic, but I haven't seen any good place to ask this, in memeborn how do you get shieldon? I've ran around the garden for hours and nothing. Is it an event? Sorry this is a bit off topic but the thread for the game is sort of dead and I've found no answers. Back to the topic though, the pulse swalot fight will be fun to watch. I wonder if he fights Taka or not.
  8. Thank you, I'll go do that! I couldn't find anything on this field effect.
  9. Hello, how do you change the corrupted field in jeminra cave? Am I missing something? Pic: This is from the route 5 entrance btw. thanks in advance!
  10. I still couldn't find it, but that's fine, I'll move on for now, thanks. EDIT: Finally found it.
  11. I'll give it another look, thank you! This is devon and not the separate building related to it where pulse magnezone was right?
  12. Where is electric exactly? At the top of Devon is just the guy, an fist plate, devon scope model, and some other item. Do you need to do something to get it?
  13. So this occurred to me while doing the Type Null quest on my other file. Do you need to give shiny versions of those Pokemon to get a shiny Null? I presume the answer is no but figured it was worth asking. Thanks!
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