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  1. You can get a shiny stone to evolve Roselia at Azurine Island its hidden in a rock somewhere but i forget where. You can also mine it. You can also evolve Graveler, you can buy the link stone from a guy by the grand staircase or you can just trade with someone. You also might want to swap out Migthyena, as it starts to fall off unless it has something like moxie, in which case after killing one pokemon youre pretty much good
  2. Also the haircut place in Obsidia Ward helps a lot, although it can only be done once a day, and you cannot change your computers date to reset it. The Soothe Bell is also in Obsidia Ward, but I'm not sure where. Make sure Riolu dosen't faint as that will lower hapiness. Finally, healing items will also raise hapiness, to maximize the efficency of this, heal Riolu with multiple potions rather then something like a super potion
  3. Ducklett evolves in two levels, so evoloving it might help with the rock types
  4. Been playing a lot of games. Played through most of rejuvenation till i got a bug that it yet to be fixed, and I'm almost done with desolation. Right now I'm doing a second playthrough of Shield so I can see it through a more objective lens
  5. The Quick Claw can be found on the roof of one of the buidings in Onyx Ward
  6. This is what I thought was going to happen, that I would be able to continue but due to a a lot of changes it would be better to restart, I'm probably going to start new and use a new team
  7. Are we going to have to start with a fresh savefile for v5 or is it just a patch
  8. Since its a rain field maybe use Oricorios 100% accurate Hurricane After Oricorio is dead, Try changing the weather, get rid of the rain somehow so fire moves do regular damage. Even if its something like hail, your pokemon will take damage, but fire moves will do regular damage Do you have any pokemon in the box you can train up? Lycanroc and Solrock could maybe be switched out for the battle, but come back as soon as the battle is over Shiinotics Moonblast is also boosted in the field, so that could do some good damage
  9. Yes, Im having this same error too, idk why its happening
  10. Omg, I was almost done with the game to and was bummed that it hadn't recieved an update in years, but this is very exciting, Hopefully it comes out soon
  11. Xatu is a fun Flying type, it gets it best STAB moves, Air Slash upon evolution, and Psychic at level 35, giving you those powerful moves early. While I used it for the whole game, other flying types will defienetly outclass it later. I think you can get Togepi, and Starly from the mystery egg and those evolve into great flying types. Togekiss has a very diverse moveset, and great abilities
  12. The Quick Claw does work in Reborn, but i understand why you migh have cunfusion, theres nothing in the game showing you that it works. Normally in the main series games theres like a pump animation to show you that the Quick Claw Activated, Reborn dosen't have it. Instead, it just kinda works, you'll sometimes just go first, its kind of anoyying, and I hope they add some type of animation in E19
  13. For Early game team members Here are some things I can reccomend You can do a quest for a mystery egg soon (You get 1 of 18 pokemon randomly, most are pretty good) You can Shinx from the Onyx Arcade for 8,000 coins, its a pretty good physical Electric type Theres a house in Peridot Ward were you can Encounter a Grubbin, or Joltik (Its random, it also has to be a cetain time, night i think) You could even use some of the 'mons you have for now and drop them later if you want to. Just know overall for Reborn you will have to do quest to get good pokemon By Julias Gym theres this dude blocking a path if you give $50 three times he will let you go through and an Espurr or a Mincinno will be there. Espurr is a great psychic type, and Mincinno with Skill link and moves like Tail Slap, Rock Blast, and Bullet Seed are great Also for Early game people tend to say Woobat/Swoobat are great
  14. Torchic with speed boost is by far the best starter in reborn and rejuvenation, fire and fighting is a great type, with awesome level up moves. Water starters will be at a disadvantage at the start of the game being weak to the first two gyms, but they can all be used. I wouldn't reccomend using totodile as the only STAB water move it gets is Water Gun untill Aqua Tail at like level 63. (Seriously ik, I used one on my first playthrough) The snivy line with the contrary ability is decent, but leaf storm is gotten too late to fully take advantage of it All the starters will each do good. If you're more of a defensive player, Chikorita isnt bad, as you get both screen moves by level up Also keep in mind that all starters are available as events later on, but you wont get these till wayyy later so if you want to use multiple starters on your team you can do that
  15. Pokemon will continue to gain exp after hitting the cap, but if they go over the level cap, they will continue to obey you for the rest of the battle
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