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  1. you need to download the version 5.1 patch
  2. I don’t have a super detailed explanation but I’ll give you some things that I remember Flying attacks are Boosted stealth rocks don’t work certain special Electric moves get boosted, shock wave, thunder bolt etc Rock moves like Rock Slide do less damage
  3. here are two videos by Lord Wallace that I wish I watched before playing the game, also note that these pro tips hold true for other fan games on this site like Pokémon Desolation and Pokémon Rejuvenation
  4. Yes, event pokemon like that are not shiny locked, so all you have to is soft reset untill you get it
  5. They are all good, except for one, that being spheal, it dosent have great level up moves, I remember Brine and Aurora Beam being the best ones (although there is surf through tm now) it's slow and will usually not be able to hit first. The ice type hurts it more then helps, because it takes neutral damage to first attacks, when I used it in Episode 4 is always seemed to die in 2 hit In episode 5 I choose rockruff, and it was a good idea
  6. both have a dark storylinem but rejuvenation is a bit brighter then reborn, and A LOT brighter then Desolation, both games are slightly easier then reborn but still have challenge. If your looking for games to emulate then I would reccomend some rom hacks like Pokemon Glazed, Pokemon Light Platinum, Pokemon Floral Sky, and Pokemon Gaia. But it dosent really matter which one you play first as BW are short games compared to reborn, and the reborn inspired games
  7. So, after attempting the battle at the top of the pyramid, and failing i went back to train up some new members, and when i can back i was unable to get to the top of the pyramid because of an error, i tried using the teleporter and manually walking back up but each time i get the same error, i even tried going back 3 saves, and i had no luck below is a screenshot of the error and my save file, if anyone wants to help, that would be great game.rxdata
  8. So, at one point in E5, there is a part in the game where you are with the steel gym leader and theres a landmine that needs a code, in the note in the trash can it said the code was 1337420, but considering the mine code only had 5 letters, that didnt fit, some I'm asking if anyone knows the code, and if you dont want to outright tell me, then please point me in the right direction, Thanks
  9. Since you cant go back to the rest of Reborn there are a couple things i can think of Teach Rapidash bounce, there is a move tutor in the Agate Circus Check you PC, there might be something there that can help you if it is trained up, if you have a pokemon that knows, or can learn acrobatics by level up, it could help a lot On route 2 there are some pokemon that could help you, Rufflet, Vullaby, and Hawlucha might be able to help out a lot The last thing i can think of is giving Meowstic reflect as halfing the damage you take from physical attacks is very helpful especially in a fighting gym were most of its pokemon are physical attackers. If speed is problem you are having then you could always try to use trick room If you dont have the heartscales needed to reteach moves then make a post about it, there are probably a lot of people willing to help you out
  10. This is very very small thing, but the screen border does not appear when the pokegear is used
  11. There are ways to get more Link Stones, in fact, you can get an unlimited number In Celia Docks (eastern part of the city, and the first part of Celia you go to) there is a girl on a pier that owns an evolutionary item store, talk to her, and she will send you on a quest to do things to open it up, the quest is pretty simple, should take you no longer then 10 minutes, and once the shop is open you can but link stones for 15 credits along with other evolutionary items for a varying amount of credits
  12. In the last version i remember it being in Blackview City, the building with the orange triangle, although I remember that you need a key for it, and I forget where that key is located Edit: I made a mistake, the move relearner is in Blackview city, but you need to beat the Tournament in the trainer house before being able to use it, after you beat the tournement talk to him (he is in the same building) and you will be able to use his services
  13. Its likely that it is not in this version of the game, because fan made games like this try to bump up the difficulty of the games and one of those ways is by not giving you the really good TMs untill very very late in the game
  14. I can name the first 5 Fire Flying Normal Electric Fairy Im not sure about the last 2, as they are new to this version of the game
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