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  1. ahh sorry man, did not realize this was rejuvenation
  2. Fennekin can be found in the Water Treatment center, its like the room with the electrode, you need one to use a move like discharge, or just do it yourself and the power will turn on then you can get it.
  3. If you forget the events of the story and need a recap on that, youtuber Lord Wallace made a great video on it Its up the episode 17 though, and the events of 16 end after the Adrienn Battle so thats where I would reccomend stopping if you don't want to be spoiled
  4. I believe you start at a Volcano Top field, If you have a pokemon with eruption do what Zetta did at Valor Mountain and use eruption, its killer on this field, if not that maybe try using dig to make it a lava cave then from there a surf will but out the fire making it a cave field allowing for even more possibilities, take a look at your field effect manual for ways to change the field from there. If u keep it as a cave, a nice rock type with something like Rock slide might help, rain dance is also helpful, but i dont know where the TM for that is, as for dig that TM could be found in a separate area in Goldenleaf Town in the northeast just beyond a patch of grass, I'm sure there is a better guide for finding dig, but once you get to the separate area it shouldn't be too hard to find
  5. Thanks Guys, luckily there still is a second way for me to get the Heracronite, it will take a little longer, but I'm almost done with V12, and looks like we got some time until V13 so its not that big of a deal, I just hope the Mega-Z Ring is in the next version
  6. Hello, so I'm having a problem with the hidden library quest line, when I go to the second one it says I can't do it, does anyone know when this quest becomes available again, or if it becomes available at all For anyone wondering I just started chapter 14, and beat Adam if that helps
  7. I would try loading an old save, that might work To do that use this link here https://www.rebornevo.com/pr/save/
  8. So this actually occurs when you black out to the Rift Garbodorr, as if you beat it first try this dosent happen. I don't know why this happens but it does. To fix this what you need to do is go back a save to before the Rift battle(Maybe a save after you beat the first one), and save before the battle, and reset if you lose so this dosen't occur https://www.rebornevo.com/pr/save/ I know this says reborn but it works the same way for rejuvenation Edit: Sorry didnt see that your back ups arent working unfortunatley I cant help u then
  9. So my recomendation for you is to load an old save file https://www.rebornevo.com/pr/save/ Go back as many saves as you need What u have to do is take the file "Game" out of the saved games folder and name one of the other files "Game" then it should load up with that old save Also I know this is a tutorial for reborn, but the way it works in Rejuvenation is the same way it works in Reborn Edit: This may also give u chance to go back and train up some of your pokemon for the battle Second Edit: This was posted in wrong section, as this would have been better to post in a thread just about bug reporting
  10. So my recomendation for you is to load an old save file https://www.rebornevo.com/pr/save/ I recomend going back a save or 2 depending on how often you save What u have to do is take the file "Game" out of the saved games folder and name one of the other files "Game" then it should load up with that old save
  11. Dont know a specific stratagey to use, but the Mega-Z Ring Quest is now open to you, so you have any pokemon that could potentially mega evolve or use a Z-move it could prove helpful in the battle
  12. Hello Pokemon Reborn Forums, I have a questions that will hopefully start a nice discussion thread What is your favorite moment in Pokemon Reborn or Rejuvenation and why. This can a be a specific battle, story moment, a memorey that you have with the game, or just anything overall. I just want to see f theres a specific moment that a lot of people enjoyed. Hell, if you want to you can even list some of your favorite moments. Thanks
  13. V13 being the end of act 2 would be cool, it would give them the final 3 version (and also likely the longest versions) to do a true ending story climax. I loved the end of Rejuvenation act 1 with the climatic battles a top Valor Mountain, and they were hard, which was nice because i found rejuvenation to be easier then reborn. So if the finale of act 2, and all of act 3 could be reborn level difficult, i think it would make the game just that much better
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