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  1. okokokok wow. I just gotta say, as a person whos been here a while, wow. I didn't know how much damn work went into making Reborn the way it is. Before I came back here in may, I always thought that e19 not being out yet was a product of the project as a whole being dead and discontinued. I stand corrected, and although I have no coding experience whatsoever, and probably very little in the way of saying something meaningful here, I know effort and dedication when I see it. I believe in Reborn, I believe in this community, and I believe in you, Cass. Don't let any naysayers bring you down, take all the time you need to make e19 something truely unforgettable. I'll be there every step of the way! (all this code jargon still makes me go 👁👁 lmao)
  2. guess I evolved


  3. Ember King: @MintMan Midsummer Queen: @Cerise Super Sunrise Emperor: @Smooth
  4. Hi im late to the wholesome party, but better late than forgotten right? I've been thinking alot of how I was going to write this, because I think that superlatives are stupid, because I absolute love and cherish everyone in this community, and coming back after 2 or so years inactive, seeing what this community is like reminded me a lot of why I stayed in the first place. I can't fit everyone here, some people I don't know as well, some are inactive, but ily guys all the same So here are a couple people that stand out to me particularly, or have shaped who I am as a person today, cause holy shit I actually grew up (not mentally in the slightest) in this community :') @Amethyst Hey, you make a really good game, and created an even better community. I can't believe some stupid Shofu series got me stuck here but here I am. You're probably tagged in pretty much every post here anyways, but I wanna show my appreciation nonetheless. @Jan @Zumi @Azeria Hey, you guys also make good games! (just wanted an excuse to tag more people I like lol) @Arkhi Dude you're like my favorite cali mathematician lmao. You've been such a good friend over the years. @Rosesong My favorite resident musician! Hearing about your experience in music school and teaching (and all of us hyping you up for your recital) probably had some point in me wanting to pursue music as well lol @brave idk your forum name: To many your an old face new, but to me, im pretty sure we only started to know of each other this year when you came back lol. You are a good person man, super passionate about serving this community, and being a positive impact here overall. @chxxo my favorite uwu person lmao. your timezone allows me to see you when im overthinking some random thing at like 2am lol. You're a pleasant person to talk to in general! @MintMan I genuinely don't know anyone more wholesome in this server, like you just find some way to make us all feel good for like absolutely no reason and I love it. @Azzie probably the most noticeable person when I first came back here, thanks for helping me get situated here, and for being a genuinely nice person to talk to! @Starry Knight Thanks for the super cool metal album! been listening to it, and its good background music, which sounds weird since its metal and not calming at all, but it works haha. now for some old people which may or may not still be here idk. @Vinny super cool dood @Skeleton super memorable person! If you see this, thanks for moderating the reborn MC server w/ me lmao, even if that eventually went nowhere, that was still a place w/ alot of memories. @Wendel (I know you're still here lmao) @Zekktech @InnocentSerenity @Bazaro @roo (rip) god I forget who else, I think it was a dozen or so peeps: The reborn civ 5 group. those were fun memories, in the skype group, chatting with y'all, playing civ (even though I sucked), and just having fun in general lmao. Thank you Zekktech in particular for being so freakin generous and giving me civ 5 for free, god just remembering those times brings me back to fond memories. --- I guess In closing I just wanna say, this place is special. Just before I came here, I was in a hard place, a toxic community both online and irl, and I came here out of sheer nostalgia. And if there is any constant in this place, its that y'all are some of the nicest people I've known ever, and being here, brought back some of that positivity, I didn't know I needed again lol. -Sinikuro013
  5. You can always try restarting the game in f12, or going back a couple saves (game saves -> pokemon rejuvenation -> make a copy of your current save, put it somewhere safe, and change the next one up to game.rxdata) If that doesn't work, I'm pretty sure this is a bug on 12.1 and before. If that's the case, update to 12.2 and you should be able to progress.
  6. idk If i want these moves in an attack, or an item form. Fire Blade PP: 15 Type: Status Acc: n/a Next move has 50% chance to burn (stackable w/ other effects/abilities) and increases move power by 10 Thunder Blade PP: 15 Type: Status Acc: n/a Next move has 50% chance to paralyze (stackable w/ other effects/abilities) and increases move power by 10 Poison Blade PP: 15 Type: Status Acc: n/a Next move has 50% chance to poison (if next move Toxic's that effect overrides poison) (stackable w/ other effects/abilities) and increases move power by 10 Ice Blade nope. noooope. waay too OP. --- If I made this an item, it would only affect the first attacking move.
  7. did a double take for that post, but realized its only numbers ending in 7 for auth lmao 75
  8. Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

    1. Candy
    2. Michael_


      Yes, sometimes I accidentally the whole thing

    3. andracass


      no one.

  9. You know the ones- the ones that get you unbelievably hyped for the game, even if sometimes the game turns out to be a letdown, not implying that what im about to show is a letdown by any means lol. Drop you fav video game trailer(s), with video links, duh. As for me, I gotta stand by the fact that Assassin's Creed Unity's premiere still stands as one of the best trailers out there IMO
  10. I can't believe this thread is still active. 20
  11. Trust me you'll get alot more enjoyment out of Origins. Odyssey, although big, is just that. Its kinda boring and monotonous. Also If you want to get a feel for what Valhalla might be like, Origins is made by the same dudes who made Black Flag, and are making Valhalla. Oh and Ironically enough, Origins has better graphics than Odyssey. (both are made on the same engine)
  12. Does anyone still read these?

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    4. Mindlack


      When I see some I usually flip a coin. If it's heads, I read. 

      If not, I still read them. 

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