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  1. Is it bad I wanna see someone make something with Melia dropping the F-Bomb on Spacea and Tiempa
  2. So I just hatched an A-Litwick from my mystery egg but it's a fire/ghost type and it seems to have regular Litwick's moveset. Is there a way to fix this?
  3. Ooooooh I can't wait to play!!! I'm thinking on what gen 8 starter to use. Any opinions?
  4. I love all of this! Can't wait for art of the other characters, especially Aurora
  5. I just started this game and I just want to know if I can find pokemon with hidden abilities
  6. So if we want to have the original tracks we just have to change them manually then? I'll give these new tracks a try first
  7. The plot was so good when I played this although the new soundtracks surprised me. I want to know why some of the soundtracks like Team Meteor Admin's track are changed. I loved the previous ones
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