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  1. Yoo right it'sss already your birthday Mike, at least right now for me it's already!! 

    I really hope you will have an amazing day and have a lot of fun :] 

    You are very cool person so you deserve that for sure! 🤗🎂

  2. I'd like to withdraw my name from consideration. Thank you.
  3. Please upload your save here, I'll get you out.
  4. I actually think I know what this is, as I've seen this same issue at work. I believe you need certain drivers on Windows. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/cpp/windows/latest-supported-vc-redist?view=msvc-170 This is official drivers provided from Microsoft. I believe what you need is to install the x64 variety. Try downloading that and see if it works. You shouldn't need to do anything aside from download it. Doing a little bit or research it appears RMXP is a 32 bit program, so you'll probably want the x86 version. Not entirely sure, but if the Rejuvenation EXE file is based on 32-Bit Architecture you'll need the x86, if it's 64-BIT you need x64. This may not be the solution but it seems uncannily similar to what I saw about a week ago at work.
  5. Y'all need to go to the HR department for mandatory training.
  6. Gonna need you to upload your save file for anyone to actually be able to fix it for you. Do you know how?
  7. In part it depends on what someone is most experienced with. Coding can be incredibly varying in time consumption. Sometimes it's a simple edit, sometimes you have to write a complicated block from scratch. When it comes to mapping, experience plays a huge factor into how quickly it can be done. Eventing is similar though testing those events to make sure they aren't stepping on eachother's toes or that you didn't make one small thing to throw it all off. So sort of a combination of the previous two. Spiriting/Assets takes quite a bit of time as well, though that's not something I'm really good enough at to offer my opinion on.
  8. 1. Member of the Year - @crimsoncrim 3. Comeback of the Year - Neo/Seven 4. Carmen Sandiego - @Reignited'Light (Autumn/Skitty) 5. Sugarpop Sunbeam - @Trooperk 6. K-K-K-Kawaii - @Cerise 7. Auspicious Auth - @Hellscythe 8. Smelliest Auth - @Ikaru 11. Dorkiest Dork - @cicada 14. Craziest Conspirator - @Shinyrio 15. Emoji Excellence - @Azery 16. Archbishop of Banterbury - @Bearadactyl [NEW!] 17. First Class Coach (branch of Most Helpful Content Creator) @Ice Cream Sand Witch (P in pokemon should be capitalized) [NEW!] 18. Helping Hand @Starry Knight 19. Pointedest Poindexter - @Brave 20. Hippest Himbo - @MelonLord [NEW!] 21. Beaming Boomer - @BlueTowel 22. Coolest Clown in Town - @Khrona 23. Most in Need of a Hug - @Nyah (Cera) 24. Supportive Cinnamon Roll - Julia (Forum name?) [NEW!] 25. Celebrity Pet Superstar - Phan (Forum Name?) -> NYX [NEW!] 26. Crowning Chaos Gremlin - @Cad 27. Loveliest Lurker (used to be Wonderfullest Wallflower) - Ama (Forum Name?) [NEW!] 28. Girlboss Gatekeep Gaslight - @andracass (I don't know if I understand this award or not) [NEW!] 29. Malewife Manipulate Mansplain - @MatthewRatford (Matty) 31. Most Likely to Become Auth - @Quinn / @thisgameishard (Quinn) / (16Smells) 32. Most Likely to Take Over The World - @Godot 33. Most Likely to Start a Religious Cult - @ARandomName (Arnie) 34. Most Likely to win the Reborn Hunger Games - @Glowing Distortion (Glow) 35. Most Likely to win Third Place - @Clutterfunky (Clutter) 36. Most Likely to Never Give You Up - @Arkhi (Ark) 37. Most Likely to be Impostor - @Jericho1730 (Jericho) 38. Most Likely to be Adopted by a Staff Member - @Hat'n'Clogs (Newt) 39. I-It’s Not Like I Wanted To Win Or Anything- @Kingoflife24 (King) 41. Award Award Award Award Award - @Amethyst
  9. Former admin! But nope, this time I'm not that high up the ladder, just out of retirement. Not ending in 6 right now, so you guys are safe. for now.
  10. (Profile not up to date, check for me on the server if you have doubts), unless y'all are just playing by admins only these days.
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