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  1. There was a lot wrong with the 3DS generation of Pokemon. We lost endgames, and lots of added events were scrapped for mystery gifts that straight up gave us the Pokemon that we should've had events for. But something else has been bothering me a lot with them as well. I watched a video called out of bounds for X&Y. For the most part, the guy in the video is just messing around, but you also started to notice certain details. A lot of the areas in X&Y aren't actually full rendered in 3D. They're only partly rendered so that they look that way from the camera angle that you're forced into viewing them from. This is why there isn't a movable camera in the 3DS Pokemon games I imagine. I can't say if it's pure laziness and cutting corners because I'm sure this could potentially save a lot of space on the 3DS games cartridge but it's been bugging me lately.
  2. Back at you :^ But yeah, I forgot how salty people could get on showdown, even in the higher elos. And it's not like I'm trying to demonize any portion of the Pokemon community. I do think we have one of the best communities out there. It's just that online interactions don't always go as smoothly as game developers would like, or even imagine. Sometimes game devs try to create features for more unique interactions that end up being used by one part of the player base to troll, agitate or grief the other part, and well, that's just how it is. That's part of the role of a game dev, you have to think about these issues before you release your finished product.
  3. Thanks, glad you find it enjoyable and helpful! I do my best.
  4. Well, if you take the GTS for example, and look at all the troll offers there, that doesn't give me a lot of hope. I know it's not exactly the same situation, but the attitudes kinda transfer over.
  5. And there goes the big gauntlet. I'm exhausted.
  6. It's not really that the community is splitting apart, it was never truly whole to begin with. There's always going to be people who don't like new generations and stay behind with the old. It's more like this is a fracture of a fracture. There's already a split between Gen 8 and everything that is not Gen 8, and then within Gen 8 it'd be like having major divides. It's harmful to that branch of the community, and for a competitive scene, it can really slow down queue times if there's too many variants. Aside from rules, restrictions, and tierings, not much else is shaped by Smogon which is the issue here. The meta shapes itself naturally, and it's tiered and monitored slightly accordingly. Creating a separate set of tierings creatures it's own challenge though, especially when you inject Pokemon that were not updated and included in the meta into that tiering, or even items that weren't included. It puts the burden of actually choosing to update, and "balance" Pokemon within that meta game on smogon, where previously, the Smogon tiering was just that, a monitored tiering system. And yeah, Z-moves were a wonderful addition. On reddit most people seem to hate them and only care about megas, but at least on the competitive forums there's a lot of love and concern for both. They work well side by side. I think best case scenario is to add Gen 8 to Showdown as if it was taken naturally from the games, tier that and leave it. It's rough, but trying to do anything else would over complicate the situation.
  7. I giggled. Probably Anticipation, that way I can avoid all surprises.
  8. There's no hurry, take your time. Besides, I already covered the desert, so it's something other people should be able to use with ease.
  9. I haven't really paid attention to a lot of the news. I made my decision on the games in general, and I'll stick to it, at least until the games come out and we get further info. The switch lite looks slick though. When the switch first came out I remember people suggesting how it would replace the 3ds, and one of my biggest complaints was that it was clearly meant to be a console platform. Take your regular switch out of it's docking system, hold it between your hands and play with it for a while. It's not a handheld. It's a bit bulky even for me, and you can't just get comfortable somewhere with it. The switch lite fixes that. Also I haven't really kept up on the news on what's happening with showdown. When the national dex issue was first announced, there was a lot of discussion about not moving showdown forward into Gen 8. From what I hear, now the discussion is more towards hosting multiple formats of Gen 8 battle sets. Basically, there would a format for Gen 8 battles as they are, and then a format for Gen 8 battles including every single Pokemon. Normally I wouldn't worry because we have so many different formats on Showdown already, but this has already brought up the point: "What about a Gen 8 format without dyna/gigamax with Z-moves and Megas instead?" or "How are you going to manage all the Pokemon that are left out. They'll be left behind update wise when it comes to new moves, abilities, and stat updates." To make matters worse, there's the potential of a completely separate tiering on Smogon itself which almost makes it official. It's a bit nerve wracking because you can see the community being split up with this.
  10. Yeah that could work. Sorry, last couple of days have been busy.
  11. Ah, no that's not really the issue. It's mainly just that the desert is enormous. I don't want the map to be too large and messy. For reference this is just part of the desert showing where the mirage locations may spawn Just straight up stitching the map pieces from RPG maker would make an enormous map that would require scrolling, and I kind want something more user friendly. There's also a lot of information I'm not sure about how to display on the map yet, little details such as the TM that's in the spot of the Mirage tower when the tower isn't actually there. I'm just not too sure about how to go about it yet.
  12. There's about 6 or 7 TM's in the desert if I remember correctly. I usually have a map ready for myself or write really quick weird notes on it, so I don't even have that good of a description for the locations. The desert and it's dungeons, towers, and caves are also massive with odd layouts so it's kinda difficult to make an accurate map of them.
  13. Eventually yes, along with completing the Dex. I'm waiting for E19 though since I want those to be as accurate as possible. They'll be some of the last videos to come out but I do want to put those out as some sort of easy search and find index.
  14. I'm excited to be so close to the current end-game. Each step further on screen is a bit of a shock because at the beginning I didn't really think this was going to go as far as it has.
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