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  1. Think I was a little off on this, also took a while for me to realize I was using a bugged itemradar mod.
  2. Yeah, I went ahead and changed the font to plain Arial and tossed the backgrounds. Functionality over form any time. To be honest, I even had a hard time reading it myself, but I was probably too tired when I finished up to realize. I'm sure that eventually I can find a way to make it look much nicer without making everyone's eyes bleed when trying to read it. I'm not too worried about E19 changes when it comes to the maps. I have all the PSD files, it wouldn't take much to edit in minor tweaks here and there. I'll see what I can do about that. Organizing them all in one topic would probably be really nice that way people could find them easily if they're searching for them.
  3. I noticed recently that there were a quite a few people having trouble with Seventh Street here and on reddit, so I threw this together. Let me know what you think and if I missed anything. Also a couple of notes- I didn't include a lot of hidden items since the map already felt incredibly cluttered as is. The one rare candy I put on there is many since you get one opportunity to grab it. I didn't add the final spot for Bennett since I figure that the cutscene after entering the watering hole should make it clear where to go next.
  4. It's a little bit past a story incident there, but it's around that point. I wouldn't panic or worry, there's no way you can miss it.
  5. Try this- It's updated as of E18 too.
  6. Vinnie

    Deerling forms

    You can find Sawsbuck in it's winter form on Route 4 where you have to rock climb. You'd just have to breed that down I assume. Maybe you can find the autumn form in the non-snowy areas as well, I'm not sure. Again, you'd have to breed that down as well.
  7. Thank you, glad you enjoy and appreciate the support
  8. That's odd, since it should learn it via the move relearner(it's not really an egg move). Anyways, maybe you could try with a mod that allows the move relearner to teach egg moves as well. It's part of this mod pack here-
  9. Exactly this. They just haven't updated his text to agree with that.
  10. Another lengthy vid, I really just wanted to rush through the Manor portion of the story.
  11. Loyalty to Mike, I like it. Also don't forget his birthday is tomorrow.
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