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  1. I despise Serena so very much,she was just some writers self insert who does not deserve to ever appear again.
  2. I heard the Navy admitted some ufo videos were the real deal and the say they kill anyone who tries to look inside Area 51 is big red flag...
  3. It'll be awhile before there's any huge progress made so don't expect much active posting.Not that people aren't hyped for it it's just that there isn't much to discuss right now besides the wait itself.I'm personally pretty excited for it.
  4. They cleaned up the postgame board a little,that looks much better.Its nice watching things move along if only a little at a time.
  5. I'm so excited!Its cool of you all to make finding legendary Pokemon more fun.
  6. We're so close to starting the postgame board watching :]
  7. Deaths?We need a sad death that'll hit home maybe Cain heroic sacrifice.Or one of the kids.
  8. Newest progress update mentiond updated graphics.What was touched up?I'd love to find out.
  9. And here I was keeping hope for September as the community test release,I know it'll be worth waiting for. :]
  10. Can't wait to start watching the post game board,the wait is killing me.I decided against playing Episode 18 after I started the beginning in order to have 2 episodes of new content.I'm feeling like I'll go far with Intimidate Litten. :]I already have played from episode 1-17 before but lost my save and started fresh when 18 came out.
  11. Looks like we're about to unlock that postgame scoreboard!Very excited to see how this continues to progress.
  12. Oh right postgame, and I'm sure that'll be pretty big.
  13. I'm thinking we get it by August too and even then with so much being done then maybe we get a non-public release before then.That'd be awesome.
  14. Very nice to see more progress recently!Reborn is one of my favorite fangames. :}
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