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  1. Oh right postgame, and I'm sure that'll be pretty big.
  2. I'm thinking we get it by August too and even then with so much being done then maybe we get a non-public release before then.That'd be awesome.
  3. Very nice to see more progress recently!Reborn is one of my favorite fangames. :}
  4. Oh boy!More difficulty?Bring it on!
  5. I'm pretty interested in this!I have a thing for good fakemon. :]
  6. Aromatiss because it's ugly and had the potential to be a cool plague doctor instead of a fat bird
  7. It moved!I was sure the team was in need of a break so I didn't mind the no updates for awhile.
  8. Slready got 1%,I'm very excited to see its starting!
  9. Are you guys gonna add Zeraora to the game one day?The list of added pokemon stops at Marshadow.Or is that already on your USUM add list?I really love this game.So so much.
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