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  1. "Oh. So, you don't actually know, him," Marina reeled back against her seat, slightly disappointed for whatever reason. "But hey! Your intuition seems to be working fine!" It was... a compliment? Let's go with that, a compliment. "Well these 'card emperors' had a bunch of mononoke guard that flying fortress, which happened to hold that card over theeeer-" Marina pointed to the epithet card, but hesitated halfway through when Chise just, assimilated it before everyone, and then turned into... the handsome cover person you'd see on CD albums? Damn was it cool. Maybe she should get everyone to try out the card too to see everyone's transformation, she thought.
  2. Caph took his position without hesitation, and, on the count of three, he took Chespin's Pokeball swiftly and held it up to his face with both of his hands. His eyes gleamed at the Pokeball, as he took five steps backwards slowly. He pondered for a good while, before finally, he flung it out of his hands and watched intently as the ball fell to the ground. ... Well, nothing happened. "Oh right! The button!" Caph snapped back to his senses, picking the ball up again hastily and making sure to do it right by actually giving the button a press. Luminous white energy burst out of the ball, materializing into a tiny figure, barely reaching his knees. A short, glittery flash followed the Chespin's entrance, and the glow died down. Something was off... The Chespin's skin seemed to be a shade darker than what was shown on the screen, and the shell was a reddish brown rather than a soft green. But other than that, everything seemed to be right. He squatted down to greet his new friend. "Hello... Cheshire!" His smile widened as he put a hand forward. The little Chespin nodded, and put her hand forward as well.
  3. Emmanuel muttered something beneath his breath, as he finished up his meal. He felt like he was dreaming. Maybe it was because of the food, which tasted like heaven. Or maybe it was because he couldn't believe everything else he was seeing, especially Uno, who apparently got healthy again all the sudden. "Uno, you look fine again. What happened?" He asked, curious about her condition.
  4. Vepr-12 put her face up close to the "display box", while her hands slid down the squeaky-clean glass pane and rested upon the buttons. The glowing orbs' oscillating motion was as mesmerizing as the flashing LED lights on claw machines, grabbing hold of her attention. Luckily for her, this machine didn't seem to be asking for an arcade credit. She gave the buttons a look. Two of the buttons were clearly for clockwise and counterclockwise rotation, but the other two were a bit more mysterious. One of the two unmarked ones would have to be some sort of an unload button, but what could the other one be? Disposal? She tapped the rotating buttons once each, making sure that they worked. And then, she gave the two other buttons a go.
  5. Everyone Nemesis' three bullets dug into the Iron Titan's chest, stopping his advance, though the armor seemed to have absorbed a decent chunk of the impact. He wasn't expecting the shady cowboy of all people to surrender anyway, and so he steeled his heart and readied himself to fire at Nemesis. Eleanor followed, trying to score a shot on the man's trigger, though she missed her mark in the end. Meanwhile, Richard proved to be the most civilized person on the train again by punching a hole in the wall and flying out of it, getting away from both Tohl and Henrietta's line of fire. But then, Julianne sprung right out of the cabin in front of Tohl, along with the unraveling belt shining as it waved past a window in the hallway, alerting him to the new threat. But her moves were not only flashy but also deadly nimble, so much so that he had no way to mount a counterattack before the girl delivered a roundhouse kick to the improvised cloth spear, sending it right in his direction. In just a blink of an eye, the belt scored a critical hit... He intentionally lowered his upper body to let his shoulder take the blow instead! He let out a grunt, reeling one step backwards. His left arm reached for the deceptively powerful belt, tugging it down just when Julianne was reeling it back. With his strength on top of his sheer weight, he proved to be able to tug with the acrobat. And he wasn't about to let her get away scot-free. With a new target in his sight, he smashed that trigger right away, trading his right shoulder for her right elbow. A slug drilled right through Julianne's elbow, blowing it up clean. Her forearm snapped and fell on the floor, along with the scimitar it was holding. The slug went on to fly by Nemesis and Eleanor, before making a small dent on Henrietta's armor. Julianne wasn't about to get pinned down, though, and with another click, she was already reeling back through the window she came in from, knocking the poor gentleman's silverware all over the place once again. And that left the ex-general with just a useless belt. And Henrietta, with her guns primed and rolling. A merciless deluge of bullets washed the hallway clean, brutally drilling through the Iron Titan's armor. He began to laugh, pressing through the deadly storm despite taking massive damage. "I've eaten worse than any of you scums! COME ON!" Three seconds was just enough for him to make it to the door of the cabin Julianne was in, yet it was also enough for his frontal armor to be nearly completely eroded. And to make matters worse for Tohl, the roof suddenly came down on him, with Richard dunking it with his meteor hammer. He was so close to a safe cover, but the Creator had stopped giving him mercy a long time ago. Henrietta stopped firing upon seeing the wreck Richard had made, avoiding friendly fire. Yet another flawless victory. So much for the name, Iron Titan. The henchmen in the back could only watch with incredible fear. Even the Iron Titan was no match for the ragtag team of deadly fighters. They wavered, their legs trembled. ... Something smelled funny. Like, something was burning. And it smelled like... a womb, a foundry. Suddenly, a hand made of magma burst out of the scrap metal beneath Richard, along with a wave of flames. It reached for his calves, but he managed to jump away in time, though he still got quite the burn from the flames. "IS THIS WHAT THE CREATOR HAS IN STORE FOR ME, AFTER ALL THESE YEARS?" More flames began to erupt out of the piece of roof Richard had torn, now melting. Something that looked more like a mythical demon than a Manavi emerged from the debris, but the shape was still vaguely similar. Tohl had melted into a titan of magma. Fire began to rise from the embers flying out of his body. He began to step toward Richard, and, by extension, the rest of the party. He was walking at a snail's pace, though. Something of note was that he was actually not melting through the floor. It seemed that he had intentionally left a fairly thick layer of metal beneath his feet untouched. -- In meantime, the goons behind Henrietta finally snapped back to their senses, and decided to actually help out their only hope. As Henrietta was busy dealing with Tohl, a birdhead jumped at her, trying to wrestle control out of her machine gun, and another tried to cut her by the neck, though unfortunately his scimitar couldn't cut through her armor effectively. -- Julianne would be rightfully alarmed by all the flames and smoke rising from down below, but something else was perhaps even more pressing. An awfully pink figure was on the roof as well, on far end of the train, and she was approaching fast from the engine room. She stopped right before the car everyone else was on. Up close, she got a better look at her. She dressed terribly Eastern, with a pink kimono wrapped up to be more suited for fighting, and she even had a brown bun on her head. Though, she was unarmed as far as you could tell. "Aww... You're making this hard for us," she said, faking a jarring cutesy tone. "But I should thank you for putting up such a resistance, forcing Tohl to reveal his trump card. This is my first time seeing it, after all~" "Anyway. I'm here to make sure that you all don't get away. My boss has a reputation to keep, unfortunately. Let's get to work, shall we?" She began to run toward you, jumping over the wrecked roof easily, and suddenly, sharp metal claws grew out of her hands, flashing under the sunlight. "Presenting, Tokai Yasha Ken!" -- The train left the spice fields and began to ramp up along some hills. A decently long bridge was up ahead, going over a river with some boats on it.
  6. "Hahaha... You sure are eager to get your Pokemon as well, Nami," Caph meekly laughed away the rude girl's words, before seeing the twin off. At least, everyone shared the sentiment today; having common grounds was certainly nice. He chuckled at Mina trying to smell them, wondering if she'd remember checking their smell later as well. He walked into the lab briskly, paying the cookie jars a visit as per tradition, before approaching the table with the Pokeballs. His eyes turned slowly as he checked the touchscreens. It seemed that Nami had chosen Turtwig. What a relief. "Since we've already discussed our choices, I say we all reach for our Pokemon at the same time," Caph suggested, "like how we're starting our journey together. What do you guys think?"
  7. Caph had been savoring the very last chicken wing in his bucket, exhausting the little cup of ranch dressing that came with his order. Delicious as it may be, the taste was souring from the fact that he would be leaving Coldstone for a long time. He'd miss his younger brothers and sisters, and he'd miss his parents too. His eyes lingered on the familiar cityscape, but in particular that path he and his friends always took to eat some Blazing Chicken. And then, Aia's belch pulled his attention back to the table, putting his mind at ease again. He still had his friends, and he might be able to see some of his older siblings working outside, too. He's had all the help a boy could ever ask for, he thought, and this would be the final stretch on the runway before he could soar into the skies and truly stand for himself. It was a path that he never had to walk alone, and for that, he was thankful for his friends and family. He cleaned up the last bits of meat on his chicken wing, before dropping it in his bucket and cleaning his mouth and hands with some wet wipes. "I'm all set!" He declared with a hearty grin on his face.
  8. Seeing that the area seemed to be safe, Vepr-12 made her way into the lab, following behind the dangerous goddess. She just had to be quiet about it and nothing would happen, she thought. All the whiteness around her made her wonder if this place was actually a renovated solitary torture chamber. She gave the locked door a curious look, but decided against tearing it down on her own. After all, the goddess in the room definitely had more firepower than she did. She went around a lab table, before stopping before a strange machine located in a corner. She took her time to examine the machine, looking for anything that might suggest its purpose.
  9. Everyone Shotgun shells grazed past Richard's legs as he jumped right through the ceiling, punching a hole in its as he soared into the skies, soaking the dry air with steam pouring out of his body. While they recoiled backwards to get ready to catch him as he predictably landed, Nemesis had just wrapped up the mess inside. With a bit of consideration towards Richard's trajectory, he took out three gunmen that Richard would miss with deadly precision - a bullet to the heart for each, just in time for the tailor in question to crash through the roof again and crush the other bunch of gunmen. More robbers came from the end away from the engine room, but they couldn't advance much further as Henrietta sent them scurrying back into the cabins after taking out two of their cronies with a deluge of bullets. They couldn't hide for long, though. Bellos was visibly content with the party's performance, giving his applause. -- Some more robbers were coming toward the party's cabin from the end closer to the engine room, but they all stopped before the connecting section of the cars, terrified by the massacre at hand. "You can't beat them." Someone shouted from the back of the crowd, a deep voice that carried a lifetime of burdens. "Leave this to me." [Music] The robbers began to make way for the person who spoke. A towering figure emerged from the crowd with heavy footsteps, standing in a whopping 7 foot. His gray face was chiseled like an ancient statue, and his yellow eyes were so ferocious that they seemed to pierce your souls with lightning bolts. His long, spiky black hair ran down his back, like a ferocious dragon flying along a cliff. His brown jacket barely covered his upper body, revealing a cross-shaped scar on top of gray muscles. One thing was for sure - this guy was nowhere near as frail as the other goons. His appearance had already given away his identity to Richard and Nemesis, and maybe Julianne too once she saw him. He was none other than the Iron Titan of Meracus, one of the many "success stories" in Gaea - A mere miner from the Kingdom of Fornax in the old world, turned into a mighty general in the new world. But right now, he was none of that. He was just Tohl. Tohl Ashman. A troubled man who had fallen out of the Meracus Monolith's favor due to rising cyborg competitions. "Get. Off. My. Train." Light shined through the windows in the hallways, casting off the sharp saw blades on his large shotgun. He could fire it at any second, and it would definitely not be good news for any of you. He resumed his steps, stepping closer and closer to the party's cabin. Bellos heard the voice of the Iron Titan, and frowned ever so slightly. "What a shame," he blurted out, though only Eleanor heard it. With one more sigh, he said to her, "They'll need your help too. Don't worry about me." -- Meanwhile, Julianne broke into a neighboring cabin through the windows, and landed on a table full of pottery. On the chairs were a fine gentleman in a brown suit and his lady. Or so you thought, because on the second glance you realized that it was in fact a life-sized doll in a white dress. He said to the intruder in an incredibly passive and calm tone, "You're bothering us. Please leave us alone." The door was wide open, and you could see the robbers' corpses right at the doorsteps. -- Right now, Tohl was standing a few feet away from the cabin Julianne got in. Then it was Nemesis, standing outside the party's cabin. Finally it was Richard, standing on top of a pile of corpses, and Henrietta, who was the furthest away.
  10. Wataten is great. Will recommend.

  11. Emmanuel hastily ran to Poochy's aid, recalling her back into her ball. A bit stunned and a bit startled, he watched wordlessly as Sena ran back up from where the Ghost Girl had come from. He had but a sigh. "Same here," he uttered to Sena. Everyone had their own priorities, after all. And so he hurried down the aquarium hill, rushing to a nearby center to treat Poochy's wounds. "I'll need a moment for Poochy. See you later," was what he told Cathode.
  12. Everyone Eleanor's bullet tore through the man's arrogant words and burrowed into his head. His pupils shrunk, him struggling to comprehend what had just happened, as he stumbled backwards and fell flat on the floor. His accomplices had but a brief moment to take in the sudden counterattack, which was then followed by a flying piece of premium wood and the massive man that threw it. The wood knocked one guy right back into the hallway, while the other two were torn apart by Richard's fists and reduced to a pile of metal parts. The sole survivor, finally realizing what to do against the impossible odds, shouted "THEY'RE FIGHTING BACK, HEL-" before he too was brutally executed by the tailor. In mere seconds, the robbers from the neighboring cabins emerged, and they did not like what they see. At all. But was it even possible to run from Death himself? Three men on both ends of the hallway, shouting their war cries as they smashed their shotguns' triggers in a desperate attempt to take down Richard. -- Meanwhile, inside the cabin the party was in, the first guy's body twitched on and on. With his head gone, he had little control over his limbs and was practically incapacitated, and so the natural reaction was to struggle like a fish on dry land. If someone were merciful enough, they'd take his body to a foundry where he could get a new head again, or they'd end his pitiful existence now by destroying his heart, so that he wouldn't have to die a long and arduous death as he ran out of power.
  13. Tai Tai flinched at Chronos' appearance, and then at its sudden change of attitude, but the jarring feeling subsided as quickly as it had appeared. Tejfidh's words seemed to echo with what Chronos had said before, despite all the difference between the two. He resumed his steps, accepting its guidance. What was his responsibility? Chronos told him, his responsibility was to contribute to Cardinal's defeat, and it became his the moment he chose to join the tournament. Whether he believed it was actually his responsibility or not, he ultimately ended up fulfilling it. It wasn't intentional, and it wasn't something to be proud of, but he, one way or another, caused Cardinal to die. Any responsibility that had come with the naive decision to join the tournament should be no more. With the Tenth God gone, there wasn't a tournament to go back to. It was all over. Yet, nothing had changed for him, because he had made another decision, perhaps even more naive than the one before it. And he gave up on the responsibility that came with it as well. The true meaning of his power suddenly became clear to him. Every bit of Favor he gained in the thirty days before the tournament was not actually in the name of sports, but a different responsibility. It might have been to defeat Cardinal at one point, but the moment he decided to let her into his mind, it became her instead. Yet he believed in neither. He never believed that he was actually responsible for either, and so his power lost meaning. With power gone, there was nothing to be passionate about the fights in the tournament, no reason for an unyielding spirit to thrive, and no way to believe in what he was doing. And in a way, it was too late. With one responsibility fulfilled and another failed for good, his power would forever be without meaning. The biggest regret was neither joining the tournament nor accepting Cardinal's request, but rather failing to believe in the responsibilities that came with his decisions. Tejfidh's words snapped him back to reality. "Thank you." A mental response, welling with gratitude. "But it is too late now. That responsibility can no longer be fulfilled."
  14. Henrietta Henrietta displayed the kind of grace that echoed the Creator's code, offering light to a Manavi who had found himself bound by the primitive desires that drive the Teras, only to receive a frivolous laughter. The bird-masked man had dropped his act entirely. "Okay that's enough. Y'all are playing dumb, and frankly I don't like it. I'm not on the grandest train in all of Gaea to be lectured by a nun. You seem to be new here, eh? Well, news flash! The rules in the old world don't apply here! Now this, is what goes here!" He shouted back at the party, but more specifically, Henrietta, as he pointed the barrel of his shotgun directly at her.
  15. Tai Tai fell into silence. Perhaps quieter than he had ever been. Passion... doused twice, shattering what he had believed in the sport - sportsmanship. Cardinal's intervention in his match against Temperance, and Hellfire Knight's open assassination attempt in the middle of the arena in order to reveal Cardinal. Spirit... crushed by the tournament overall. The only positive experience was the fight with the Slumbering Giant, even though that ended in his defeat. That was the only time he smiled in the tournament. Everything else was but more mental baggage on his soul. Confidence... destroyed by disastrous defeats. The Revenant came out practically unscathed in his fight against him, even though he was also running a melee build. Hellfire Knight proved that he was but a relic of the old meta, forcing him to fold after a long and desperate struggle. And finally, Ice Gryffin put the nail to the coffin swiftly, ending it all before he could even mount a resistance. Fun... "Maybe you play with fire. . ." "But that's why you're going to lose!" "Because I don't play games!" She was right. He was playing games. He was the only person who was playing games in the tournament. He was the only person who actually believed that he was still having a friendly competition, where both pilots wish each other the best and fight with enjoyment in mind. The prize, as amazing as godhood is, was never his true priority. And so he lost. And so everyone else stayed. Could he ever fight like how he did before the tournament ever again? Was this truly something that could be forgotten after a good night's sleep? He looked at the direction he was walking towards. It was the city he was all too familiar with, but he wasn't sure what he was walking towards exactly. Was it even the same city anymore? The silence seemed to have last forever before it broke again. "It does. The tournament has changed me." "I want to be passionate about a sport I've loved since I was a child, but I can't anymore. I want to be a happy person who can leave behind his losses after a meal, but I can't anymore. I want to be a confident pilot who believes in his abilities on the battlefield, but I can't anymore." "I want to have fun, but I can't anymore." All these problems... couldn't be fixed by divine intervention after all. He was the only person who would be allowed to help himself, yet he didn't have the power to do so. He wasn't asking for help, and neither was he expecting a magical solution from the ancient who had saved his life. He was just, venting, to a person who was willing to listen. He had already run out of tears. What was left was a dry and sore feeling in his eyes.
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