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  1. Julianne || Kaagan Hunting Guild Although that much was true, the soldiers here had the primary purpose of intimidating the Kaleiga Monolith's forces just across the pass. As such, they were mostly armed with standard rifles. Taking more time to observe the soldiers, however, Julianne would notice that a small minority also had chainsaws slung over their backs, somewhat like Eleanor's weapon. That particular minority also bore a lot of similarities with the local hunters, or perhaps it was the other way around. In any case, taking down treants seemed to be the job of an elite minority. The rest of the soldiers simply had to wait for them to deliver the finished products. Henrietta || Kaagan Nexus Fidelis looked at Henrietta, perplexed. What could she do, anyway? She's barely five feet, she couldn't hurt a fly! And besides... To him, his god was Meracus Carone, the man who gave him a new life under his banner. Unlike in Imera, he could actually live under a roof here, and it was all thanks to him. What did Bramada give him anyway? Nothing but misery! Deep breaths. Deep breaths. He had done this before. This wasn't the first time he had to deal with Ierospolis' inquisitors, and it wouldn't be the last. What was this harmless dwarf going to do against the fastest draw in Meracus? She was definitely all bark and no bite! "... And so must I see my Lord's will done." Though he was old, he still retained the muscle memory from his glorious past. He bolted up from his seat, drawing his handgun and firing away with amazing precision. One shot to rule them all - a bullet to the heart! *Tink* Oh. Oh... Nemesis & Eleanor || Kaagan Hunting Guild "That would be illegal, unfortunately," the merchant frowned. "See, they don't want to get rid of the treants. They want to farm their cores to prop up their soldiers. Using toxins would work against that." He paced to the back of the shop as he spoke, "and besides, there's no one left in this town still interested in researching toxins. Including me." Shuffling through his wares, he took out a dusty axe with one hand. "Well, you seem to value your blade a lot. A tailor-made chainsaw would be fairly expensive, so may I introduce to you a lesser, but cheaper alternative?" He grabbed a blue rag on his way back to the storefront, and tidied the axe up swiftly. "We don't really use these anymore, but they can still serve their purpose." He moved one hand to the halfway point of the handle, and the other to the far end. Then, he held down a button and twisted the handle from below, revealing a retractable section. "It can also be thrown like this. How effective it'll be will be up to your strength, though."
  2. Vepr-12 swung to the crew quarters right away, and, being the first to get there, she took the bed closest to the exit and tossed her duffel bag on there. She was wholly uninterested in the operations of the spaceship, especially since that there were others in the group already familiar with how they work. What she needed to care about, was this- She took out a cleaning kit from her bag and sat down on the bed. She needed her shotgun to be in top condition at all times, so that she could go as rough as she'd like. Humming a Serbian tune, she carefully disassembled her weapon and began to clean its tubes thoroughly. A faint blush faded into her face, as she reminisced the previous high.
  3. Henrietta || Kaagan Nexus "The old men in Ierospolis hold no power here," the head priest spoke up, unfazed by the inquisitor's words. "And that's why we've pledged loyalty to the Monolith. It's a matter of practicality, dear Sister." A sharp glare struck Henrietta. "You're not allowed to be involved in this. Do leave while you still can, for I cannot guarantee that the Monolith will tolerate your hostility..." Slowly, he moved away from his desk, though he was still seated. Julianne || Kaagan Hunting Guild Visiting the marketplace around the hunting guild, Julianne was able to sell the bandits' junk for some quick money. The shopkeepers didn't seem to mind at all - in fact, from their enthusiasm, they were likely glad that the bastards finally got hit by karma. In the end, the money was more than enough to cover the cost of a hat and weapon. Nemesis & Eleanor || Kaagan Hunting Guild The merchant laughed lightly, "Well, just remember that you can't get any uglier than the Chimeras of Kaleiga. Those walking atrocities are what you get from overloading a Manavi with bio-augs." He then addressed the questions. "Anyway, ranged options don't really work well unless you're throwing circular saws. Their bark's nearly seamless normally, with only a small hole leading to the heart. It's an instant-kill if you can hit it, but it can take an expert at least a minute to locate that hole up close, so it's honestly not practical. Though, on the off chance that you end up fighting an overgrown treant, more holes would open up leading to its heart, making it easier to hit, though it would take a few more shots to do the trick." "That's probably the only positive thing about the overgrown treants, though. Everything else is a nightmare about them. Their bark becomes black like charcoal, yet it's even harder than before. They'll also become even more aggressive, taking control of the lesser treants around them and causing ground-splitting tremors just to corner you. Of course, having bio-augs extracted from treants would also leave you in their control, and that's why the Monolith's troops are so afraid of them."
  4. Emmanuel instinctively reached to protect Nicaea from further attacks, but it seemed that Ember's attack had worked. He gave his A-Comm a quick look, and stood up firmly. The situation was perfect - the weakened Gyarados was within KO range! "It's time for us to fight back, Nicaea!" The boy pointed toward the wounded Gyarados, and declared his attack. "Acid!" Nicaea then broke into a sprint and hurled a barrage of acidic bubbles at the target, finally getting to attack for the first time in the battle. Action: Nicaea uses Acid (9082 SpA Value) on Gyarados #4.
  5. Hey, have you heard of this magical thing called a White Terror? It's the same thing without the religious element.
  6. Vepr-12 stumbled as she jolted upwards from getting ejected from the Neoshadow's grasps, and fell on her fours. She was just having the time of her life getting up close and personal with the Neoshadow, spilling rounds like a preschool kid torturing her doll, and laughing as if that kid was smashing a piñata. The feeling was absolutely euphoric, launching a feedback loop in her mindmap. Standing upright again, she felt a wave of emptiness as the high dissipated. "Good grief," the T-doll trudged her steps in the shadowy puddle. Maybe if there were another person to share the joy of killing with, the high could've lasted longer. Darn, she was missing her comrades already. Quietly, she left for the ship.
  7. TIL the reason why they only let you input three letters in arcade high scores is because those are for your initials.

  8. Henrietta || Kaagan Nexus The male priest's eyebrows twitched. "I-Is that so," slamming his hands together before his chest, he matched Henrietta's smile with one of his own, arguably just as forced. "Okay then. Follow me. For your own good, I hope you're aware of the customs here." With an offhanded remark, he paced to the right side of the church and knocked the door exactly four times. "Father Fidelis, a Sister has come from faraway lands to talk with you." A deeper voice came from behind the door. "She may come in." With that, he quickly paced away from Henrietta. The room the head priest resided in was fairly small. Bookshelves were situated in the back, with his desk at the front. As for the head priest himself, even though he was in his robes, he still gave off the feeling of a retired soldier. Perhaps it was because of that scar on his left cheek. He put down the book in his hands and waited for Henrietta to speak. Julianne || Kaagan Nexus "The fucker cheated!" A soldier slammed the repair furnace he was using with one hand. He had the other hand inside the furnace. "Yeah, yeah. They're not hearing your excuses, buddy." Another soldier spoke up, he was sitting next to the wounded one. He seemed to be just accompanying a friend, as he didn't seem to be visibly damaged. "I swear to God, he snared me! It's, it's like treants! Like how they'd fuck with you in the forest by tripping you, he did the same shit in the ring! And bio-augs are banned in the club!" "Woah now, hothead. The floor was made of planks. Even if he wanted to cheat, you can't make a seed sprout on a plank." "Yeah but have you considered how there's soil beneath the planks? He probably pulled up a plank or two during maintenance day and planted seeds in there!" "Right, right. If you're so sure, how about you show it to them? You have the bio-aug, too." "The asshole would just say that someone else put it there, it wouldn't work!" "... Then... You'll just have to get good. Seriously, you can't keep falling for Teras-tier tricks." A sigh followed. The wounded soldier stood up, having finished his repairs. The two then took the stairs and left the Foundry. Nemesis & Eleanor || Kaagan Hunting Guild The merchant pointed to Eleanor - more specifically, her sword. "Something like the madam's chainsaw over there. Just cut them by the trunk, and they won't be able to fight back anymore. This also works when they're overgrown, to some extent. Though... This isn't how the Monolith's soldiers do it. They got their bio-augs from those treants, and they'd use the power to make them wither. It takes virtually no skill, and I hate it!" He thumped against the table before him, perhaps angered about the degrading value of huntsmanship. With a sigh, he continued, "if you're planning on using that accursed bio-aug this town's known for, though, just stay away from an overgrown treant... or you'll never leave the forest." "In any case! Since you're just traveling, you should try getting around their territories if possible. Cutting into a treant really wears down a normal sword fast. Chainsaws should fare better, but still. I wouldn't want to ruin a good sword."
  9. My favorite pastime is watching people play video games that I either don't own or don't play.

    1. Autumn Zephyr

      Autumn Zephyr

      That was pretty much my only past time for a couple years, so I kinda know that feel... 😅

    2. Abyssreaper99


      Yup, I enjoy doing that sometimes. Been watching a RE3 lp recently.

  10. Emmanuel stumbled as the Gyarados began to rush toward him and Nicaea. For some reasons, it looked much, much scarier up close. He was just about to recall Nicaea to protect her from harm as the Gyarados neared, but then Ember charged against it from the side in an attempt to break its assault. "Th-Thanks!" Emmanuel shouted, readjusting his position. "Now send that jerk back to sleep!" As if angered, Nicaea hissed at the Gyarados attacking her and hurled another cloud of Sleep Powder in return. Action: Nicaea uses Sleep Powder (75% Accuracy) on Gyarados #2.
  11. That was hardly enough to sate Vepr-12's bloodlust. She stomped the ground one more time, and turned to the Maroon Dirge with a glare as if she were looking at a pile of leftovers blocking an alleyway. Frenzy (Flaw): Every four damaging attacks Vepr-12 use (including counters) will cause her to get reckless and send her into a momentary Frenzy for two turns, during which attacks against her will have their base damage increased by 20%. Every four damaging attacks made during a Frenzy will further increase the duration by one turn. The count is reset once the status is cured or has run out. [Frenzy Count: 3/4, extend duration by one turn if count hits 4.] [Passive] Critical Cover: Every turn, Vepr-12 will cover the first ally who has equal or less than half of their maximum HP and is about to take damage from an enemy, redirecting the damage to herself with +4 General DR. She will then cover that ally for the rest of the turn. - Base: Redirects all damage from the first ally who has <= 50% MHP and is about to take damage from an enemy until the turn ends. - Level 2: +2 General DR when taking damage for an ally. (No DR boost if the attack goes for Vepr-12 directly) - Level 3: +4 General DR when taking damage for an ally instead. (No DR boost if the attack goes for Vepr-12 directly) [Perk] SG - Valkyrie of Belgrade: Counter with ASST-Bound Molot Vepr-12 (2d6+7+0 high velocity damage, lower target's damage by 20% for one turn). Action 1: Vepr-12 uses Survival Instincts, increasing DR by 8 for one turn. Action 2: Vepr-12 fires slugs from her shotgun, dealing 2d6+7+0 high velocity damage to the Taskmaster and lowering its damage by 20% for one turn.
  12. Astra vs. Supernova Defying all expectations, Astra revealed the final trick up in his sleeves. Just when one thinks they've accounted for every possibility, their opponent shatters the calculated construct inside their brain, and sends them in awe. That's the beauty of fighting; never will there be a truly predictable fight, even with all the information one could get his hands on. The uppercut burrowed into a fading afterimage, catching Supernova by complete surprise. Simultaneously, Astra had reappeared behind Supernova, with his hands clipped into the back of his mech. And then, it was inertia, sending the two spinning in place. With the jets offline, Supernova couldn't apply a counterforce to negate the spin, and he would lose much of his ability to negate a fall. All that was left was for his opponent to overcome the sheer heat of his mech. But... Would it be enough? The cracking and popping sounds of his opponent melting signaled the grand finale. A crisp snap, and the two broke apart. The star plummeted to the ground, leaving cosmic debris in its wake. Supernova had to break his fall with a traditional method, spreading his limbs to maximize drag, before meeting the ground with a fist to break even. Of course, it was easier said than done. His own speed was used against him, after all. What was left in the end was a magnificent crater, with him standing on a leg and an arm, the other leg limped against the floor. He looked up into the sky, seeing the scattered remains of his opponent falling one by one. A breathtaking meteor shower, from a man who had, truly, given his all. He thought about answering, but it didn't really matter. Surely, Astra had already known that, he had fun as well. The battle was over, and the underlying drama around the battle was going to take over soon. But before all that... He crawled a few steps forward, sat down, and prepared to catch the body that fell out of the mech. Fun... Tai gave the unconscious body in his arms another look. Not agony, but rather satisfaction. If only, he had been able to send the message to all the other competitors back then in their respective battles. Perhaps, things would've been different. He turned his eyes up to the clear skies above again. Hopefully, the Gods watching could feel something too.
  13. Julianne looted the cabins while she was still at it. A handsome number of checks were collected from the bullet-torn corpses of the birdhead goons, possibly being the money they got from "collecting donations." Certainly more than enough, though. Julianne & Henrietta || Kaagan Nexus As Julianne took her time appraising the lost jewelry, Henrietta was already on her way to challenge the local church. The priests were first surprised by the new face barging into the church, and then were surprised by the fact that it was a Bramadist sister. It could only mean one thing... A male priest stepped forward to greet Henrietta, but her inquisitive attitude quickly shut him down. He was not to be intimidated by this little girl acting tough, though, and so he affirmed his stance. "Is there a problem, sister?" The other townspeople were still mingling among themselves, not yet noticing the scene. -- As for Julianne, should she get around the church part, she'd find a fairly chill Foundry. Soldiers chatting while mending wounds. There weren't a lot of people in there, so one could assume that these were people who got roughed up in a fight club, or as they say, "I fell down some stairs." Nemesis & Eleanor || Kaagan Hunting Guild Marketplace Nemesis' presence wasn't greeted with animosity by the merchants and the blacksmiths working around the Guild. According to them, travelers tend to have far more class compared to the soldiers, and actually have an eye for their finest wares. This of course was segued into them trying to sell those wares. That aside, they were more than happy to chat while they introduced their best items, though it was awkward enough with Nemesis not being the friendliest man around the block. And that's where Eleanor came in, offering everyone a warm platform to talk over. A merchant shared his story. He was a retired hunter, using that expertise in the firearm trade. "Since you're all headed for Kaagan, let me tell you a story. A few years ago, there was this new guy in the barracks. He came over to me and told me right in the face, 'If those treants in Chloropylae are so scary, why don't we just burn the whole forest down?' That idiot stormed out of my shop after not finding any incendiary rounds, but he didn't give up there. Somehow, perhaps he found an equally stupid guy, he got his hands on a flamethrower. And then he sneaked into that forest and tried to set it on fire. And oh boy, the treants got so much fuel that they grew to the size of buildings that day. The passage was completely impassable for weeks, and the officials found his body after finally putting down the overgrown Teras. And of course us hardworking citizens have to take on all the losses that came from a clogged passage. Stupidity really helps nobody!" Meanwhile, an engineer examined Eleanor's claymore for her, repeatedly commending its craftsmanship. There were a few slightly dulled teeth but it would hardly affect its performance. He still offered to sharpen the teeth for a fairly low price, regardless.
  14. Seeing reinforcements arriving brought about a sigh of relief from Emmanuel's mouth. Cathode had just managed to capture one of the Gyarados, too. "Good job, everyone!" He cheered on. While Suzie took a beating, the other cadets had managed to distract the Gyarados successfully, relieving the pressure on the rock snake. However, one of the Gyarados was trying to run away again, and he couldn't have that happening. If it went into the water again, it might grow even stronger. "Don't let that one get away, Sleep Powder!" After missing the last one, Nicaea was quick to pick up the pace again, eager to prove something. The wind carried the greenish spores toward the Gyarados trying to run away. Action: Nicaea uses Sleep Powder (75% Accuracy) on Gyarados #5.
  15. First time being here. An idea struck me while I was wandering in and out of the forums, and so I got to work. Feedback is appreciated though it's not my primary objective here. I just wanted to write something to break a block, and I guess to share it with people too. (433 Words)
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