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Found 3 results

  1. Chapter #00 - Graduation gone wrong!? (prologue) Nexus #00 - Aether City (12:00 pm - Noon) HQ building/floor 13399 - Space Aether Employee Cadets' Graduation Ceremony (players at the scene: 0; NPCs at the scene: Heather, Mason) "Welcome, welcome, everyone!" A chirpy voice greets the crowd gathering on this special occassion. Mothers, fathers, professors and others have all come here to commemorate the graduation of yet another fine batch of Cadets, first one in 20 years that's been larger than 2 graduates! So exciting~ "..." The man next to the President stood still as the woman ran from one person to the other to personally shake their hands, her towering hair wiggling as she moved. He glanced at her with stern eyes for a moment before bringing a fist to his lips and coughing audibly. "Huh?" The woman looked at him in confusion. "You should probably get that checked out later at Rob's office, Mason~" She delighted and chuckled, apparently unaware of the man's furrowing brow. She waited for a couple of seconds before addressing him again. "I know, I know, but if you're gonna repeat how none of our actual graduates are here, then you don't have to bother, I am perfectly aware of that fact." She stuck her tongue out at him, winked and continued with her business. Meanwhile, Vise President Mason grew even more frustrated because he knew it was the woman's doing. Like. Every. Single. Goddamn. Time. "I am giving them a window of 30 minutes. If your little game doesn't end by then, I'll personally be revoking their Cadet status." He sighed and grumped one last time, rubbing his temples before putting both hands behind his back and marching away towards the conference hall. Heather remained unfazed and continued greeting the guests... ...she could hardly wait for the Security Chief to let her know it was all ready. She had a super grand scheme on her mind this year~ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Nexus #00 - Aether City (12:00 pm - noon) HQ building/floor B99988 - Secret Labs + Testing Site (players at the scene: everybody; NPCs at the scene: Weird Floating Duck) After naively following the information given out by the anonimous Security Chief over your A-Comms about the sudden change of the floor your graduation ceremony was gonna be held at, you find yourself in...well...you can't really tell. You know you've gone at least a couple dozen thousand floors below the lobby in the Headquarters building, and then walked into some black rectangular thing as per instructions...but after that, all you can tell is that there is some really weird basic-colored duck (looking kinda like Porygon, but not fully) floating in front of you and that everything around you seems to be made out of strings upon strings of text. You can still stand on the nothingess filled with jibber-jabber, though, and as you stand, the area around you clears of text before three question marks are spelled out on the floor around your feet and a circle forms around your position with a silent *ping*. The circle and the marks move as you move. You've never seen anything like this. The space around you seems to extend into infinity. It passes your mind this has got to be some sort of Nexus, but it couldn't be since you were just at #00 moments ago and you've never heard of a Nexus inside a Nexus. Also, it looks kinda technological. ":::::::::::" The duck says nothing. It keeps staring at you... Could it be dangerous? What do you do? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (OoC note: everyone (including those that haven't signed up for the test battle) can put up an reaction at this point; the rp will proceed as soon as everyone has posted; you can post only once for now; also, LeonVermilion will join once their character is approved, presumably within 24 hours; those of you who already have Pokemon [Kalva and Emmanuel], you have given them to the Aether officials for chipping and transfering into an Aether ball so you don't have them with you)
  2. Oh! You've overcome Death itself. Congratulations, brave ones. However, many more obstacles stand in your way. I wonder how you'll fare in this spaceless existence... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Greetings everyone, and welcome to the official Out of Character thread for the roleplay titled "Pokemon in Space". I am Bfroger6, your host, and it will be my job and my responsibility to guide you through the many wonders I have prepared in this world of my creation. There will be fun, there will be difficulty, but I know you'll be able to prevail over it all and seize what you must seek. What that is, however, is still up for debate... Without further ado (as there have been many changes done to the original Pokemon system in order to accomodate it to a fair and judgeable rp system), let's get the techicalities out of the way before introducing the world itself, shall we~? !!!The first post of this thread will deal with the system used in this rp. The subsequent post will regard the setting and character creation!!! !!!The third post will contain all accepted character data!!! *SYSTEM* /technical aspects introduced to the rp in an attempt to allow for fair judgement during both combat and out-of-combat situations/ The system might look scary, but I'm sure everyone will get used to it eventually through playing the rp. There's one other aspect of the system that needs addressing, however. ...but before even that... NOTE: DECIMALS ALWAYS ROUND DOWN ON EVERY STEP IN EVERY CALCULATION. WHEN YOU SEE A DECIMAL, ROUND IT DOWN QUICK. (i.e. if your Nature is Brave and your SPE is 99, you'll only deduct 9 from it, not 9.9) ...let's move on... *DUNGEON CRAWLING* /the short & sweet explanation/
  3. Space - the final frontier... ...the only frontier left... Okay, that might've come off a bit too edgy. Anyways, yeah, welcome to a world where space no longer exists and humans and Pokemon have long abandonded planet Pokearth before it got obliterated by an unseen force like the rest of universe. Nothing exists anymore except the mighty Space Aether Foundation with the technology to create new mini-worlds for humans to inhabit. These mini-worlds are known as Nexuses and they look like spheres from the outside, but when entered they have the sky and water and everything else one might need to survive. Nobody really knows how they're made, but eh, nobody cares. Basically, Nexuses are worlds freely created by the Foundation to serve as a replacement for Pokearth. There's a lot of them, btw, because it's apparently easier to sustain many small ones than one big one. Pokemon are inadvertedly treated as tools in this spacey society, only used by Space Aether Employees. Usually they're placed in any one of the 1,076,999 different containment facilities around the general perimeter of the Space Aether HQ. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a story of a group of young Space Aether Employee Cadets starting off their service to the Foundation. This is a story of trust and friendship and space without space!!! This is... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello hello, and welcome to my lovely little Interest Check thread. My name is Froger and I am here with a tale I want to tell. It is about Pokemon, and space, but not space, and a lot of other stuff thrown all together in a single batch! So how did I come to the idea of hosting an rp? Well, Pokemon Sun & Moon came out and I finished my version of Sun. I don't have to explain it got me back into a pretty Pokemoney mood, right? Oh, but this wasn't just a sudden decision. Nonono, I was actually planning this for a while. So don't worry, I actually put some thought into this. Not to keep you waiting for too long, lemme start preaching my rp idea to you. ***STORY*** This rp is going to be set in a post-apocalyptic universe where all the stars and planets have vanished during what is known as the Great Catastrophe. Of course though, this knowledge has long been lost to the nether-drifting humanity, so you don't know anything about how life used to be. You're used to living in your little Nexus, going to your little Space Aether Academy and now being a happy-go-lucky Space Aether Employee Cadet preparing for your first Space Mission in Anti-Space. Anti-Space is lack of space, duh, because space disappeared. All Nexuses are constantly traveling through Anti-Space and the goal of humanity's journey is to reach the one lone star which still shines in the distant nothingess in hopes of recreating the universe. However, unauthorized Nexuses have begun popping up en route on your journey and it's the Space Aether's job to neutralize them before they start posing a serious threat to the society. I'll reveal more in the OoC. Moving on... ***MECHANICS*** To make things more fair and easier to manage, I'll be involving stats in this roleplay. First off, no, don't worry, battles are not gonna be turn based. You'll be able to freely roleplay your battles. With a couple of restrictions, as I've already said. -> Stats: Important stats in Pokemon are, as well all know: Hit Points, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense and Speed. For the purposes of this rp, it won't be necessary to calculate your Pokemon's stats by level, EVs and IVs. We're only gonna need the Pokemon's Base Stats and level to be able to calculate the stats important for this rp. To illustrate, I'll be taking Arceus as an example (because it's flat 120 across the board). ***Arceus's base stats*** HP - 120 Atk - 120 Def - 120 Sp.Atk - 120 Sp.Def - 120 Spe - 120 Above I've presented Arceus's base stats. In my rp, these stats would only be applicable on a level 0 Arceus. Why? Because I'm gonna be calculating stats by multiplying the base stats with the value of x1.00 + 0.01 per level. So a lvl 1 Arceus is already going to have its base stats multiplied by 1.01, bringing them up by 1, up to 121 across the board. On level 100 our Arceus would have its stats multiplied by 2.00, so basically, they'd be doubled. For every 20 points in either Atk or Sp.Atk, a Pokemon's according attack power raises by 10. For every 20 points in Def or Sp.Def, a Pokemon takes 10 less damage. Max HP is calculated by multiplying base HP by 2.00 after multiplying it with the level value. So a lvl 100 Blissey would have 255 * 2.00 * 3.00 = 1530 HP. Pokemon with higher Speed can both move faster and act quicker in battle. Generally, two Pokemon with Speed stats differing by less than 20 can move equally as fast, but the Speedier Pokemon will still act first in the turn order. Pretty simple, right? Let's see how it applies in battle. -> Battle system/Moves: The turn order refers to the order in which players will be able to post during combat. When initiating combat, the first post is usually going to be you and your opponent throwing your Pokemon out. After combat is initiated, I'll compare the Speeds of all Pokemon involved and post the turn order. More importantly... For the purposes of this demonstration, we'll be taking a look at our dear Arceus again. Battle are going to be freely roleplayed, so you can use your Pokemon's moves however you'd like. Heck, use an offensive move supportivly! Creativity is always welcome. But I am going to be complicating this system to remove any problems with vagueness about how or when or why your opponent's Pokemon is still standing after you've blasted it with a direct Hyper Beam. So let's have a level 100 Arceus use a Hyper Beam. A level 100 Arceus has 240 Sp.Atk and Hyper Beam has a power of 150. For every 20 points of Sp.Atk, Hyper Beam's power goes up by 10. In Arceus's case, it goes up by 120 and then up by *1.50 because of the Same Type Attack Bonus. The final power of Hyper Beam is (150 + 120)*1.5 = 405. Arceus is attacking a lvl 100 Blissey using this Hyper Beam. A Blissey has 135 base Sp.Def, on level 100 it grows up to 270. And it has 1530 HP. For every 20 points in Sp.Def, it is going to take 10 less damage from Arceus's attack if it fails to evade it. Since it has 270 Sp.Def, Hyper Beam is going to do 405 - 130 = 275 damage, bringing it down to 1255/1530 HP. Items which raise stats or attack power work exactly how you'd imagine them to work, so a Silk Scarf-wearing Arceus's Hyper Beam would grow by an additional *1.10 after calcing the final power, upping it to 445, while an Assault Vest Blissey's Sp.Def would go up by *1.50, up to 405. Oh, and all decimal numbers are rounded down. I forgot to mention that. Damage cannot be lowered under 1, so even a lvl 1 Caterpie is gonna be able to damage a lvl 100 Arceus. But only slightly. Another new aspect of battling is going to be clashing moves. Physical moves clash with physical moves and special moves clash with special moves. A move can clash another move if its resulting power is equal to or greater than the opponent's move's resulting power. If it's greater, the move will be able to clash through the opponent's move. Status moves cannot be clashed but can be avoided by smart usage of another move. If a move has a secondary effect, I will randomize whether or not the effect applies. You're gonna have to trust me not to cheat. Why the heck would I even wanna cheat? I'm the god of this world-less world. >:] You'll be able to learn new moves after returning to HQ and talking to one of the NPCs. You'll have the ability to choose any move in your Pokemon's moveset under its current level. So like a Move Relearner, only free. Because Heart Scales don't exist anymore. Rip. Got all of that? Good! I worked really hard to try and implement a battle system into my Pokemon rp. Of course, I'm open to suggestions and/or questions regarding it, because I may have missed a point or two. -> Leveling Pokemon level up by winning battles. I'm still thinking about how to implement this. Maybe say that you need to defeat two Pokemon of a similiar level and same evolution tier to level up, or one Pokemon >10 levels higher than you. Or four Pokemon 5 levels lower than you. Or one Pokemon of a similiar level but higher in an evolution chain. Maybe get two levels out of an evolved Pokemon >10 levels higher than you. Or two levels out of a Pokemon two tiers above you. Generally, Legendaries always fall in a special category. They may not even earn you levels, instead earning you something even better! Yes, I think I'll be going with something like this. I'm very open to suggestion about leveling. -> Dungeon Crawling Have I mentioned Nexuses are going to be this rp's main dungeons and that you're going to be exploring them? No? Whoops~ Well, you are. At the start of a mission I'll be posting up a map of the Nexus Dungeon with a marked goal you need to reach and enemies or wild Pokemon standing in your way. While traversing a dungeon, you'll be able to move to any point of interest within a post, no matter the distance. This will be to minimize the dungeon crawling and make the experience more enjoyable. If an obstacle stand in the way to your point of interest, you're going to be stopped when you reach it and will need to remove it before you can advance. Special Cadet Skills will help you with this. ***MAKING YOUR CHARACTER*** Name: Age: Appearance: Personality: Backstory: Starter: Special Skill: -> Name Knock yourselves out. Future is spiffy. -> Age Anywhere between 11 and 25. Youngest Space Aether Employee Cadets start their cadetship at the age of 11 after finishing the Space Aether Academy. The regular populace usually starts the Academy at age 11 and finishes the 3 grades somewhere at age 17 after failing each year at least once. If you have the money, you can try again until you're 25. If you don't have money, you become a Space Aether Janitor. If you fail after turning 26, you become a Space Aether Janitor. It's simple. -> Appearance Your appearance and out-of-work wardrobe. Because Space Aether has regulations and uniforms. You can choose between a jumpsuit and a regular shirt and pants kind of uniform here for guys and a jumpsuit or shirt + skirt for girls. -> Personality Again, knock yourselves out. Anything goes, pretty much. There's no limit to how much you write in here. -> Backstory You'll be able to write this better when the actual OoC comes up if people show interest and I post stuff about the world. No paragraph limit once again. I won't be accepting your char if you only write one sentence though. -> Starter You've all requested a Pokemon from the Space Aether Foundation when you were given your jobs. This can be any Pokemon which is first in its evolutionary chain. Pokemon that don't evolve can't be requested. You'll be able to catch any Pokemon during Nexus Dungeons and every Nexus Dungeon is going to have its own unique ecosystem and obtainable Pokemon. -> Special Skill You will be able to pick one skill out of a set of skills when making your character. I will be posting these skills in the OoC, because I haven't made them all up yet, but they'll be useful both in and out of battle. Some examples I can give are these: Resourceful | Allows the user to see special points of interest during Dungeon Crawling or during battle. These can turn the tide in your favor if investigated or made proper use of. | Poke-Pro | Once during battle, the user can choose to use this skill to boost a stat of their choosing of their active Pokemon for the duration of the battle. | Ninja | You move first in the turn order unless another character with Ninja has greater Speed than you. | ***Conclusion*** I'm inexperienced at hosting, but I want to try. This is a story I've had in mind for some time now and I want to share it with the world and have the world enjoy being a part of it. Roleplaying is an awesome medium and it's already given me a lot of fun times. What I want in this rp is people doing just that-having fun. I'm already making artworks for NPC, but I still have no clue how to properly draw dungeon maps. I'll try my best, of course. Also, I'm open and will appreciate any help if you see something wrong with my systems, because god knows how many mistakes I tend to make while making up all my ideas. Feel free to ask questions. This is basically just a draft. I'm far from making an actual OoC. Enjoy! Froger out~
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