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  1. Image #1: Desert Roses (29/06/2020) Both the young woman and her Pokemon have strong ties to the past. But while the Pokemon cares not for whence it came from, the woman cannot help but let times long gone weigh heavy upon her chest. However, even if she herself is unwilling to show love, that privilege should not for that reason be taken from her as well. And so, cheers to you, Flobot.
  2. I've noticed Copycat is being treated as Mirror Move on the Mirror Arena field, applying Atk/SpA/Acc buffs to user on use. I've also noticed Copycat seems to only be copying moves targeting the user, whilst failing to copy moves such as Aqua Ring and Aurora Veil, which is should be able to copy. A different thread has already been posted here saying that Copycat is copying moves it shouldn't be able to. I believe the issue is in that Copycat is, for all intents and purposes, simply a reskin of Mirror Move in this game, likely running on the same code as Mirror Move. The two moves are normally fundamentally different though.
  3. #04 CLIFF CATHODE, EMM, JOY & JAY *Uno, Omega, Cadets* "E-emmanuel? Cathode?" Uno seems surprised to see you here already. Her cheeks redden as she looks down, appearing embarrassed. "H-how much did you hear?" She asks worriedly, but her thoughts are interrupted by Joy smashing the car into Omega's downed body. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" Omega shrieks as the car runs her over, passing over her whole body like she was roadkill. "O-oh my..." Uno says in response, holding a hand to her lips. She then looks down, her expression saddening. "Emmanuel, Cathode, I'm so sorry... This, this is indeed all my fault... And now I no longer... I can no longer even stand..." She drops to her knees, her body feeling feebler than ever. Whatever she was doing to stop Omega must've exhausted whatever strength she had. "She won't go down that easily, please stop her in my stead, I must sit for a moment..." And just on cue, Omega stood up. Her arm was twisted unnaturally and her body was scrapped and tattered all over after having been run over. However, this doesn't stop her from cracking a smile. "You four again? You'll stand in my way? Guess I have no choice... With Uno refusing me, I will just have to take this future for myself! It's not complete but shit, can't be picky right now. Now, my Pixie Shard, resonate with the life from below the sea and awaken my true potential as the manifestation of the Splash Core!" She shouts, her voice resonating far and wide across the open sea. Suddenly, the pink lights from the sea emerge again and intensify stronger than ever. The entire sea is overcome by a pink glow as shining particles seemingly emanating the glow all start flying in a giant tornado-like swirl towards Omega. Her body glows a mixture of pink and blue, their colors twisting as if broken by the water's surface. Her laugh echoes as her arms begin convulsing and twisting unnaturally, her skin ripping apart to reveal giant stone claws. Translucent blue crystals begin sprouting from her back and knees as her outfit transforms. She grows larger before your very eyes, standing at least 3 meters tall now. Before you stands the new Omega. Primal Omega, the being of the end. "MUFAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!! Do you still dare fight me or will you let me tear apart both the stone and my other self!?!?" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #04 DUNGEON RADOVAN & SENA *+Zeta, Betani, Rita* As the group travels back towards the gates, suddenly, the world around them starts being irradiated by a powerful pink glow. Those life particles start floating upwards from literally across the city as Radovan and Sena notice that they're floating out of them too, as well as from Betani, Zeta, Rita and all of their Pokemon! These particles weren't just being sucked out of the Claydol and Baltoy anymore, they were being sucked out of everyone underwater! "Guys this isn't good!" Betani exclaims and you are inclined to agree, as your motions grow more sluggish by the minute and your thoughts start to blur. You can fight this feeling off for now, but not for long. Around you, you see people falling on all fours, life being drained from them. "Let's hurry, I don't think we can go past these gates at this time! Hell, we don't really have time right now!!" "W-we should go, the evil Uno has to be using everyone's lives to make her wish come true! I don't like this feeling..."
  4. #04 BEACH CATHODE, EMM, JOY & JAY *two meddling Cadets* "H-hey don't push us-uh!" Joy and Mr Cuddles could easily overpower the duo, pushing them out of the car. "W-we need some credit too, we got our asses thoroughly handed to us back in the town!" "Y-yeah, we do! And we did!" "Don't confirm that we got beaten up!" "B-but-" Ray spoke up through your A-Comms. "All set in the car? Just follow my directions!" --- #04 CLIFF CATHODE, EMM, JOY & JAY *Uno, Omega, Cadets* Following Ray's directions took your through the woods and through dirt backside roads alike. However, she made sure to lead you down the fastest route, even if it was a bit bumpy and uncomfortable. Once you arrived at the cliff on the other side of the island, where the final stone stood, you rushed out of the car and towards a familiar figure in the distance. Actually, two figures who looked exactly alike, though one's body was extremely thin and sickly. Yet, she stood proudly, her back straightened and her feet spread out in a stance ready for a fight. Next to her stood her Chinchou, Lampy. Yes, Uno was standing between Omega and her goal-the stone. Several unconscious Cadets laid around them together with their Pokemon, likely having been defeated by Omega's reincarnation. "Get out of my way-!" Omega hissed at Uno. It was surreal, watching two versions of the same person contrasted in such opposition. "No. I will not move for you, nor for anyone, ever again." "Chou, chou!" "TSK! You won't move for yourself either?? I'm your future, make path and accept me! You've wanted this, right? A new body, one that could dance? One that could do what you wanted it to do? One that was taken from you!!!" Uno looked down for a moment, but then closed her eyes. When she raised them again, her gaze was a confident stare directed at Omega's own eyes, maddeningly red. "It is true, I once desired only that and at any cost. I felt helpless and, in my helplessness, I felt the only thing I could do was lash out against the people I held responsible. That was my wish and my reason for being. But, not anymore. You wouldn't understand, since you must be a version of me that never experienced friendship in the same sense that I have. Radovan, Sena, Cathode, Zeta and Emmanuel... They never stopped believing in me! They never thought of me as inferior! They only ever wanted me good! And thanks to them, I now have only one wish! And it's not becoming you! I will forge a new future for myself, by my own hand and my own feet! The one thing I want is this:" It was as if air itself became still as Uno took a deep breath, raising her sleeved arms and slowly spinning in the spot, taking up what would appear to be a dancing position after making a 360 degree rotation. Her feet were joined at the heel while her arms raised diagonally. She stood with fierce determination despite her broken body. The strain was apparent on her face. She was giving it her all! Music: "My only wish is this one dance!" This display seemed to anger Omega, whose expression changed to a barely controllable rage. "FINE, I'll just do it by force! You cannot stop me, your body is nothing compared to mine and your dancing moves are out of practice! I'll destroy the stone in no time and without harming you either!" "..." Uno stood silent, which seemed to aggravate Omega even further. "RRRAGGH!" Omega screamed as flames erupted from her feet, projecting her upwards like a missile. She made a frontflip mid air as her trajectory formed an arc above Uno, landing straight at the stone. However, incredibly, Uno's feet seemed to move with unnatural speed and accuracy as she reached the stone herself in a mere single step. Her soft step landed her on the stone before Omega and she met Omega's attack head on. Omega's face turned to one of absolute befuddlement. Uno spun and grabbed Omega's foot before it could reach the stone. She spun further, tossing Omega to the other side and back the way she came from. The monstrous dancer landed barely on her feet as Uno gazed upon her from her higher position at the stone, framed by the Moon. Uno had stopped the full brunt of Omega's attack with a graceful dance move. It was simply astounding. Uno's legs began glowing a blue and red hue respectively. "No. No way!?" Omega screamed as her own right leg glowed blue. She charged at Uno and the stone head on, raising Precipice Blades in her path and launching them to her front to smash both Uno and the stone. Uno herself charged forward, evading the Precipice Blades and clashing directly with Omega. However, Uno moved with such grace that as her elbow smashed itself into Omega's stomach, it didn't seem to bother her at all. Immediately, she spun in such a manner that released any energy that could've broken her body further, using it to her own advantage to launch Omega into the air. Having lost her touch with the soil, the Precipice Blades themselves halted before they could reach the stone. Uno ran up one of the Blades, jumping to meet Omega head on once more. Omega tried to summon flames to protect herself, but Uno seemed to have predicted all of it, sliding between the arcing flames so that they only burned at her clothes before they could coalesce upon her frame. She grabbed Omega's arm and threw her downwards, smashing her into the ground as she herself slid down a different Blade, landing with utmost grace. "I-I will dance until my friends get here and-and then... Then I'll dance together with them, on this festival night! You listen!? This is my own, my only desire, my driving force. Even if it breaks my body, I will protect this place until they get here and still have enough in me to dance another dance with them!" At that moment you noticed just how much out of breath Uno looked. Her body couldn't handle this strong desire building up in her heart much longer. Now that Omega was down for the moment, it was your time to rush to Uno's side!!! [Will you help Uno?] 1) Yes 2) Yes 3) No -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #04 DUNGEON RADOVAN & SENA *+Zeta, Betani, Rita* Woobat leads you chasing Sableye all the way to the very edge of the dome and the city. You find yourselves at wooden docks abruptly ending upon having been broken down by the giant glass dome that was placed around the city. Beyond the dome you see the ocean floor, yet, unlike this city, the ocean outside seems desolate and more like a desert than anything else. You cannot see far off into the distance as the only light source is the city you're in right now, but you can see sand. Sand. Sand. And old ruins, covered in sand. "W-what happened here?" Zeta asks in a worried tone. But none of you have the answer. The only thing you can do is grab Sableye, who's reached a dead end running away from you. After all, not even it would be willing to exit the dome here. "Maybe Sableye wanted us to see this?" The green haired girl continues, prompting Sableye to cock its head to the side. Zeta continues intently staring outside. Her expression is largely unreadable, but you catch a glimpse of nostalgia beyond her worried gaze. "Whatever, this is the bottom of the sea. So what if there's nothing there? It's a Nexus, so we can't even say for sure what any of this means. It could simply be a random occurence for all we now, based on millions of possibilities that may have existed." Betani scoffs, turning at her heel. "And the Sableye doesn't seem to be running anymore, so call it back and let's go find a way up. We won't be finding anything here." [Continue Dungeon Traversal]
  5. #04 DUNGEON RADOVAN & SENA *+Zeta, Betani, Rita* Zeta perks up while watching the video Sena shows them. "Oh, oh-! I know, I know! It's like the Tree of Life was back in my home!" She says excitedly, causing Betani to turn towards her. "Huh, smart kiddo. She's probably right, you know. This might be this Nexus' Core." Her calm demeanor contrasts Zeta's excited one. Zeta looks up at Betani with a big smile regardless. "The glow reminded me of the crystals back home too." "Still, you say these lights remind you of Alpha and Omega, there might be a connection. You guys found a Shard when you defeated Alpha for the first time, right? So it's possible they might be using the power of Shards and, consequently, the Core of this Nexus as well." Betani remarks as you continue through the city. The city remains unpopulated as ever. You catch glimpses of people in the alleys or streets, mostly looking despondent. Some are running aimlessly. Yet around the whole city, pink lights seem to be rising up towards the surface. Life energy. In such large quantities, it was probably being used for something grand. As you follow the map towards Sableye's location, you start to notice you're straying away from the center of the city and reaching the edges, towards the dome's walls. You reach a clearing with only a few family houses around. The building have been growing thinner as you neared the edge, replaced by wide streets adorned with beautiful tall greenery you've never seen. It reminds you a bit of a Tropical Exeggutor. "Wooooow! These are so cool!" At the center of the clearing seems to be like a small shrine of sorts, an iron fence around it, in the middle of a roundabout. "Old pagan legends, huh." Betani remarks. There, you see Sableye. "It's here! Yay! Sableye, come here to us!" Zeta starts waving towards Sableye with a smile on her face. She runs towards it, but Sableye just sticks its tongue out and slithers away using its shadows before you have a chance to call it back. It slithers further towards the edge of the city, towards Interest Point 7. "Great, we're actually doing this, huh?" "Yeah, we're playing with Sableye~!" "Stop, we've got more important things to do. Like getting back to the surface and saving the Nexus. You're so happy, you nearly died earlier. Grow a brain." "H-huh..?" Betani sighs. "Let's just go grab Sableye. If necessary we'll beat it down." ------------------------------------------- #04 BEACH CATHODE, EMM, JOY & JAY ** "HUH!?" Ray sounds surprised for a moment, the line being silent. She does, however, quickly start talking again. "Relaying the data to other Cadets and arranging for a car to be brought over to you ASAP! We're calling for Cadets to get to the location for interception, we can't let the last Stone be destroyed." She says, her usual demeanor replaced by a serious tone. "Ah, so that must be the stream of energy we've been detecting coming from the ocean." She continues, talking more to herself or someone else in the dispatch room with her rather than to the party. "Car is arriving with some supplies. We'll keep in touch. Hurry." The line cuts just in time as you see a land rover-like vehicle pull up in front of you. The car doors open, revealing the thick and thin jerkass Cadets that Emmanuel encountered the day prior. "Get in." "Yeah, get in." "We're not letting you get all the credit." "We're not."
  6. #04 DUNGEON RADOVAN & SENA *+Zeta, Betani, Rita* Zeromaru's Water Pulse knocks the Claydol out, making it collapse onto the pavement and dissipate into pink energy that flies up and out of the dome. [Battle Phase Over] Woobat gains 110 Exp. Level up! Zeromaru gains 30 Exp. Radovan earns 5 EP. Sena earns 10 EP. "Huh, stealing the kill." Betani scoffs at Sena, but she also lets Nee jump into her embrace, like a baby. "You did well." She whispers, headpatting the Steenee, trying to make it so no one else hears her. But everyone else hears her. [Continue Dungeon Traversal] Points of Interest: ----------------------------------------------------- #04 BEACH CATHODE, EMM, JOY & JAY *+ Omega* Mr Cuddles' Chip Away (15,628 Atk Value) deflects Omega's Precipice Blades Precipise Blades' Atk Value drops to 0 Mr Cuddles successfully defends himself against the attack, while the others confronted Omega straight on. With quick thinking, Emmanuel allows Nicaea to evade the attack. However, Emmanuel himself feels the scorching blaze singing the back of his right leg, burning through his pants and leaving a painful mark on it, despite not making direct contact. The strength of the fire was just that overwhelming. Nicaea proceeds to launch her own attack at Omega, with Emm's help. Nicaea's Mega Drain (7,405 SpA Value) on Omega crit: 4,61 crit! It's Super Effective! It's a critical hit! Omega takes 792 damage! "W-what, a sneak attack, by a shitty Gloom of all things!?!?" Omega screams, noticing the Gloom flying up to meet her. Her eyes widen as she's unable to react in time, having been too focused on crashing into Terry, and owing to Emmanuel's tactical skills. Nicaea's attack connects directly and painfully, enveloping Omega in green vines made of energy being sapped from her body. The spikes forming around her legs break off as she lets out a monstrous shriek, a furious pink light emanating from the cracks forming on her body from the attack. Jay and Ember fly into the fray as well, intercepting Omega's trajectory with a well-timed Double Kick, allowing for Terry to easily catch her cracking body in his jaws. [Ω Battle Phase Over Ω] Solosis gains 100 Exp. Level up! Nicaea gains 100 Exp. Level up! Terry gains 100 Exp. Level up! Mr Cuddles gains 100 Exp. Level up! Ember gains 100 Exp. Level up! Emmanuel earns 70 EP! Cathode earns 50 EP! Jay earns 50 EP! Joy earns 50 EP! Sapphire Shard x1 received and transferred to joined account. --- Omega's body, cracking in places, lay limply in Terry's jaws, like a ragdoll. Her face is a frustrated scowl momentarily, but she twists it into a sick grin afterwards. "Ha...hahahaha... YOU THINK YOU'VE BEATEN ME!?!?!? DON'T MAKE ME LAUGH! I am immortal, after all!!! So long as I exist as a potential future for that girl, nothing will change! HAHAHAHAAHAHA" A pink liquid drools from her body and onto the sand. She doesn't appear to be capable of motion, her arms and legs tattered and slowly turning to dust-to soil. Music: Utopia Her face twists further into a self-satisfied, cocky grin, showing off her teeth. "You can't kill me!" For some reason, standing there, a chill runs down your spines. The island was in disarray and your friends were deep underwater. Dozens of people must've died in Omega's rampage. You beat her but she speaks of immortality... Could it be the same as when you defeated the other one? Alpha came back, after all. What if Omega could too? Pondering that, you fail to notice Omega's expression change back to a softer one. An expression familiar to you from just earlier that day-Uno's expression, worried and tender, caring and assured. "Emmanuel... Thank you... Through this body, I heard your words. I saw your fight. You...you all think of me as a friend. As someone worth saving. Me-who was so selfish... so selfish to have caused all this.... Just because... Just because I wanted my body back. I wanted my dancing back!" Tears stream down her face, leaving muddy trails in her earthen skin. "What she said is true, she will return... If she pushed herself, she may already be reforming from the ground of this island, using the people underwater as fuel, their wishes and sadness, grief and loss, as sustenance... I've decided. I'm going to meet her at the last remaining stone protecting this island. I will hold her back until you've arrived." She forces a quivering smile on this broken face. "I will be fine. I know in my heart. My wish has changed, I may be able to hold her back, no matter how tremendous in power she grows, but not for long. Lampy and I have helped defeat the Claydol, but two stones have already been destroyed. Please, I'll be waiting for you. Help me fix my mistake..." Omega's eyes grow cloudy and her body falls apart into fine grains of sand and dirt. A blue Shard drops next to Terry and Cathode, much like the red one you found after defeating Alpha. On the maps displayed on your A-Comms, you can see the location of the final stone. It's on the far off edge of the island. How will you reach it in time? If Omega is already coming back to destroy it, then! Your A-Comms start buzzing. It's Ray. "G-guys you've destroyed the energy signature? And without my support!??! Good job, good job! And we've defeated the Claydol, so it's over now! One of the stones we needed to protect is still standing so we're clear! Oh, but we still have to evacuate the citizens here, so go to the town." "Huh, guys? Something wrong?" [What will you do?]
  7. #04 DUNGEON RADOVAN & SENA *+Zeta, Betani, Rita* Radovan and Woobat attempt to break through the onslaught of two Ancient Power attacks headed their way by blocking Claydol's! However, Baltoy's Ancient Power is still headed Woobat's way and may as well take it out! But Nee once again throws herself to take the blow! Baltoy's Ancient Power (3,750 SpA Value) on Nee crit: 46,568 no crit Nee takes 53 damage! effect: 97,702 no effect Nee is thrown to the side by the rocks slamming into her. Meanwhile Woobat and Claydol clash! Woobat's Gust (6,336 SpA Value) deflecting Claydol's Ancient Power (6,048 SpA Value) Gust drops to 288 SpA Value Ancient Power drops to 0 SpA Value Woobat's gust of wind breaks through the stones levitated by Claydol. It continues and blows the Claydol. Woobat's Gust (288 SpA Value) on Claydol crit: 84,480 no crit Claydol takes 1 damage. "DON'T you DARE say a word!" Betani grunts at Radovan. "Nee, DESTROY that Baltoy." Nee's Magical Leaf (5,771 SpA Value) on Baltoy crit: 1,906 crit! It's Super Effective! Baltoy takes 159 damage. It's a Critical Hit! Baltoy fainted. Woobat gains 40 exp. Radovan gains 5 EP. Zeta and Murki stand in front of Nee and Betani to guard them just in case. [Sena can interrupt the battle now] Claydol, Lv: 20 HP (66/132) #################### ATK: 84 DEF VALUE: 151 (-2) SP.ATK: 84 SPD VALUE: 172 SPE: 90 Nature: - Ability: Levitate EP: - Moves: Ancient Power (6,048 SpA Value), --- Baltoy, Lv: 25 HP (0/90) #################### ATK: 50 DEF VALUE: 85 SP.ATK: 50 SPD VALUE: 108 SPE: 68 Nature: - Ability: Levitate EP: - Moves: Ancient Power (3,750 SpA Value), --- Player Pokemon Zeta - Murki (129/129); Betani - Nee (150/153); Radovan - Woobat (136/136); +1 SpA ----------------------------------------------------- #04 BEACH CATHODE, EMM, JOY & JAY *+ Omega* "Pathetic, pathetic! OH how my heart aches, I thought we were gonna have way more fun!" Terry's Leer on Omega Omega's Defense drops 1 stage! Nicaea's Mega Drain (7,405 SpA Value) on Omega Seeing Nicaea's attack, Omega smiles. As she flaps her arms, flames rise from around her, shaping a pillar that easily dissipates Nicaea's attack. [Omega's 4th Aspect: Solo Dancer activates] Fiery Dance's ??? and ??? are ???! Omega's Def and SpD drop 1 stage! Omega can ??? ??? ???! Omega's Fiery Dance (50,688 SpA Value) deflects Nicaea's Mega Drain (7,405 SpA Value) Fiery Dance drops to 43,283 SpA Value Mega Drain drops to 0 SpA Value The pillar of flame grows in size, surrounding Omega completely and cutting any and all visual the party has of her. A stream of fire like an exploding sideways pillar of lava launches towards Nicaea, threatening to obliterate her in one hit! She might be able to dodge with Emmanuel's help, though! Omega's Fiery Dance (43,283 SpA Value) on Nicaea Omega jumps up from the dissipating pillar, leaping at least 10 meters in the air. As the fire clears, you can see a stone spike protruding from the sand where she stood moments ago. Smaller spikes begin rising from the sand around the main spike, slamming straight into Mr Cuddles who'd been running at Omega. Omega's Precipice Blades (13,024 Atk Value) deflecting Mr Cuddles' Lick (2,403 Atk Value) Precipice Blades drops to 10,621 Atk Value Lick drops to 0 Atk Value Omega's Precipice Blades (10,621 Atk Value) on Mr Cuddles miss: 28,384 no miss crit: 37,199 no crit The spikes grow in number, surrounding Mr Cuddles. Unless he responded in some manner, he would take a large brunt of the attack's force. [Ω Turn 2 End Ω] Ember's Speed goes up 1 stage [Ω Turn 3 Start Ω] Omega, still mid-air, aims at Terry. Her feet and legs deform, intertwining to form a violent spike of rock, glowing with heat. It was if her body itself was earth. Despite the attack being Ground-type, if it smashed straight into Terry like this, he would still take the full brunt of it. "I will obliterate you all in one fell strike!" Omega screams in ecstasy, like a shooting star aimed at Terry and Cathode. Omega's Precipice Blades (13,024 Atk Value) on Terry Turn order: Ember (Jay) -> Sapphire Core Omega -> Terry (Cathode) -> Nicaea (Emmanuel) -> Mr Cuddles (Joy) Sapphire Core Omega (F), Lv: 20 HP (508/528) #################### ATK: 90 (-1) DEF VALUE: 237 (-4) -> 59 SP.ATK: 132 (+2) SPD VALUE: 86 (-2) -> 28 SPE: 108 Nature: Lax (+Def/-SpD) Ability: 4th Aspect: Solo Dancer EP: HP, Def and SpA Moves: Fiery Dance (12,672 SpA Value), Precipice Blades (19,440 Atk Value), ??? Player Pokemon Cathode - Terry (209/209); +1 SpD, Reflect (2/5) Emmanuel - Nicaea (132/132); Reflect (2/5) Joy - Mr. Cuddles (315/315); +2 Def, (Reflect (2/5) Jay - Ember (99/133); +1 Atk, +2 Spe, Reflect (2/5)
  8. #04 DUNGEON RADOVAN *+Zeta, Betani, Rita* Woobat's Gust (6,336 SpA Value) on Baltoy crit: 48,285 no crit Baltoy takes 58 damage. Radovan's Woobat's Gust pushes the Baltoy away but it continues spinning upright. It looks at Woobat before levitating a couple rocks, launching them at Woobat. Baltoy's Ancient Power (3,750 SpA Value) on Woobat [What will Radovan do in response?] [TURN 1 END] [TURN 2 START; COMBAT PHASE CONTINUES] "Weaken the big one if you can!" Betani orders Zeta, who nods. "U-use Screech on the Claydol!" Zeta tells Murki, who flies up before releasing an earwrenching cry, aimed at the Claydol. Murki's Screech (85% Acc) on Claydol miss: 65,756 hit Claydol's Defense drops 2 stages! Claydol is Confused 16,463 Claydol snapped out of its confusion! Claydol seems to shake off its confusion. It looks at Woobat, readying another Ancient Power. Claydol's Ancient Power (6,048 SpA Value) on Woobat [What will Radovan do in response?] "I'll take it down while it's preoccupied! Nee, use Stomp, full power!" Betani's [Technician Lv1] Nee's Stomp gains priority! Nee's Stomp (4,954 Atk Value) on Claydol crit: 13,078 no crit flinch: 53,174 no flinch Claydol takes 66 damage! Nee jumps straight at the Claydol before it can make its move. She kicks its head from a sommersault, hitting extremely hard after the support provided by Murki and Zeta. However, the attack fails to flinch the Claydol, so its Ancient Power will regardless aim at Woobat. Turn order: Murki (Zeta) -> Claydol -> Nee (Betani) -> Woobat (Radovan) -> Baltoy Claydol, Lv: 20 [Confused] HP (66/132) #################### ATK: 84 DEF VALUE: 151 (-2) SP.ATK: 84 SPD VALUE: 172 SPE: 90 Nature: - Ability: Levitate EP: - Moves: Ancient Power (6,048 SpA Value), --- Baltoy, Lv: 25 HP (32/90) #################### ATK: 50 DEF VALUE: 85 SP.ATK: 50 SPD VALUE: 108 SPE: 68 Nature: - Ability: Levitate EP: - Moves: Ancient Power (3,750 SpA Value), --- Player Pokemon Zeta - Murki (129/129); Betani - Nee (150/153); Radovan - Woobat (136/136); +1 SpA ---------------------------------------------------------------- #04 DUNGEON SENA *+Dolly* Verna flies off with Sena's A-Comm. Meanwhile, Sena inspects the door. It's more of a gate than a door, being metallic and dark in color. It looks old and distinguished, with decorated brass knobs and pointed spikes at the top to prevent anyone from climbing over. It also seems over 4 meters tall so yeah. It gives off a vibe that beyond the gate lies, or lay in the past, a wealthy estate, possibly an important town building, like the Aether HQ in #00. However, the area beyond the gate is overgrown and Sena cannot learn anything more on his own, since the gate won't budge. There is a keyhole in the gate though, but no key in sight. Meanwhile, Verna returns with the A-Comm. By reviewing the footage, Sena can see that the entire area is overgrown in a forest. However, a distinct blue and red glow emanates from the center of the forest. The same red glow Alpha's leg emanated. However, the source of the glow seems to be larger than a human. It's obstructed by thick foliage so Verna couldn't approach on her own.
  9. #04 DUNGEON RADOVAN *+Zeta, Betani, Rita* Zeta and Betani follow Radovan. Sena goes the other way on his own, as Rita is unconscious. However, Dolly follows him as protection. Radovan and the two others start following the eastern route, turning left after exiting the square. At the next turn though, they encounter a pair of faceless people. An adult and a teenager. Parts of their bodies seem to be slowly disintegrating into pink particles. They notice you and their bodies start shifting shapes. Radovan's Woobat flaps back over to his side. He worriedly points out in the opposite direction, indicating a similiar situation would've ensued had they taken the other turn. "Stay back." Betani growls upon seeing the faceless people, holding an arm in front of Zeta to protect her. Zeta pushes it away and steps forward. "No, Murki and I can help too!" She says. "Besides, these Pokemon need help. They're in pain..." "Whatever. They're right in our way and we probably won't be able to talk to them either way, so let's just beat them up." The two people have now transformed into a Claydol and a Baltoy. "Let's do it, Nee, go!" Music: Grasping for Air (Base) [COMBAT PHASE INITIATED] Turn 1 Start "Murki! We'll distract the big one!" Zeta raises her arm, gesturing for her Murkrow to fly up. Murki nods before flapping her wings towards the Claydol. A flickering orb of light flies directly towards it. Murki's Confuse Ray on Claydol Claydol is now confused, it might hit itself! The lights flicker around Claydol, surrounding it. It spins its body around, eyes overcome by the lights, becoming disoriented. "Good job Murki!" Zeta exclaims happily, clapping her hands together, while Murki flies up, letting out a prideful squawk. Claydol is confused. Confusion: 78,59 no effect Managing to regain its composure, the Claydol directs its attention to Betani's Steenee. It uses its psychic powers to raise up some of the tiles from the pavement, imbuing them with energy. It shoots the pavement straight at Nee Claydol's Ancient Power (6,048 SpA Value) on Nee "Not so fast. Nee, use Magical Leaf!" Betani commands and Nee jumps towards the Claydol, shaking her plant hair to form multicolored leaves in the air around herself. She shoots the leaves to counter the Ancient Power attack. Nee's Magical Leaf (5,771 SpA Value) deflecting Claydol's Ancient Power (6,048 SpA Value) Nee's Magical Leaf drops to 0 SpA Value. Claydol's Ancient Power drops to 277 SpA Value. The leaves clash with the brunt of the rocks but cannot divert all of them. Claydol's Ancient Power (277 SpA Value) on Nee Nee takes 3 damage. added effect: 82,379 no effect Turn order: Murki (Zeta) -> Claydol -> Nee (Betani) -> Woobat (Radovan) -> Baltoy Claydol, Lv: 20 [Confused] HP (132/132) #################### ATK: 84 DEF VALUE: 151 SP.ATK: 84 SPD VALUE: 172 SPE: 90 Nature: - Ability: Levitate EP: - Moves: Ancient Power (6,048 SpA Value), --- Baltoy, Lv: 25 HP (90/90) #################### ATK: 50 DEF VALUE: 85 SP.ATK: 50 SPD VALUE: 108 SPE: 68 Nature: - Ability: Levitate EP: - Moves: --- Player Pokemon Zeta - Murki (129/129); Betani - Nee (150/153); Radovan - Woobat (136/136); ---------------------------------------------------------------- #04 DUNGEON SENA *+Dolly* Once the others have gone the other way, Sena is left alone with Dolly and Zeromaru. He makes his way towards a certain point of interest, but as he follows the map, he is stopped at Point 3: a locked gate around what appears to be like a forest of some sort. Maybe a big park in the middle of the town? But the trees seem to be wild grown and Sena cannot see a man made path leading through the forest, so it doesn't look like a park. Either way, the gate is too tall to climb over and Verna is too small to carry Sena over it. Verna herself can, of course, go check out the other side of the gate if she wants. Sena only sees a relatively dense forest of trees with bluish leaves. What could be hidden there and how could he open the door? Using a key would be one way but there was no key. Another way would be smashing through. However, none of his current Pokemon have any moves that could destroy an object like a metal barred gate. [What will Sena do?]
  10. #04 BEACH CATHODE, EMM, JOY & JAY *+ Omega* [Ω COMBAT PHASE CONTINUES Ω] The two pillars of flame converge upon Terry, who breaks straight through them. Omega's Fiery Dance (25,344 SpA Value) on Terry crit: 44,229 no crit SpA increase: 24,311 It's not very effective! Terry takes 57 damage. Omega's Special Attack goes up 2 stages! The flames erupt upon colliding with Terry, who shrugs the brunt of the blow with his hard scales. The excess fire energy lingers in the air around Omega, empowering her for her next blow. Upon seeing Terry lunging at her, Omega's lips twist into a wicked grin. She rushes to meet Terry's blow, throwing herself backwards while supporting her sommersault with her hands. A rock pillar sprouts from her heel as she throws her feet into the air while doing the flip, aimed towards deflecting Terry's Bite attack. Terry's Bite (10,962 Atk Value) on Omega Omega's Precipice Blades (13,024 Atk Value) deflecting Terry's Bite miss: 28,379 no miss Terry's Bite's Atk Value drops to 0. Omega's Precipice Blades Atk Value drops to 2,062. The spike on her heel erupts, breaking apart upon clashing with Terry's powerful jaw. However, Terry's attack has been successfully parried and Omega lands on her feet, shaking the ground with the power of her movement. Spikes of sand erupt from her aimed at the slow Munchlax running in her direction trying to Lick her. Omega's Precipice Blades (2,062 Atk Value) deflecting Mr Cuddles' Lick (4,465 Atk Value) miss: 53,444 no miss Omega's Precipice Blades' Atk Value drops to 0. Mr Cuddles' Lick's Atk Value drops to 2,403. Although the spikes hit Mr Cuddles, he manages to push through them with the power of his iron tongue and iron will. Mr Cuddles lunges at Omega, attempting to Lick her. She meets his tongue with an expression of disgust. Mr Cuddles' Lick (2,403 Atk Value) on Omega paralysis: 63,900 no paralysis Omega takes 20 damage. Mr Cuddles Licks Omega's face and, while it clearly disgusts her, she doesn't seem to have suffered any additional aftereffects of the attack. She pushes Mr Cuddles away from herself with her arms, using the sleeve of the other to clean the drool off her face. Mr Cuddles is too slow to react and gets pushed back 2 meters. "Tsk... That Gyarados' presence has weakened me. I had expected to impale the furball with my attack." Omega scowls. "Fine, come at me!" [Ω Turn 1 End Ω] Ember's Speed goes up 1 stage [Ω Turn 2 Start Ω] Sapphire Core Omega (F), Lv: 20 HP (508/528) #################### ATK: 90 (-1) DEF VALUE: 237 (-2) -> 118 SP.ATK: 132 (+2) SPD VALUE: 86 (-1) -> 57 SPE: 108 Nature: Lax (+Def/-SpD) Ability: 4th Aspect: Solo Dancer EP: HP, Def and SpA Moves: Fiery Dance (12,672 SpA Value), Precipice Blades (19,440 Atk Value), ??? Player Pokemon Cathode - Terry (209/209); +1 SpD, Reflect (2/5) Emmanuel - Nicaea (132/132); Reflect (2/5) Joy - Mr. Cuddles (315/315); +2 Def, (Reflect (2/5) Jay - Ember (99/133); +1 Atk, +1 Spe, Reflect (2/5)
  11. #04 DUNGEON RADOVAN & SENA *+Zeta, Betani, Rita* "Huuuuuh! But it wasn't you, then what happened to the Claydol?" Betani retorts, confusedly, but quickly shakes her head and crosses her arms. "Not that I'm surprised you dimwits couldn't have done something like that. Anyways, what, you wanna contact the surface?" She looks over at Sena. "You do realize the only one who could do that is currently over there being carried like a bag of Oran Berries by Radovan?" She scoffs. "Seriously, these new Cadets..." She mutters as she begins walking after Radovan. Radovan, meanwhile, checks his A-Comm to look for Sableye. The mapping system seems to have captured most of the map of the city while you were walking around, so at least there was a silver lining to this all. Motor's face is still a sad frown, but it nods at Sena. The most you can do now is follow the map. Music: Drowned City and Breathless Audience [Move by choosing a point of interest numbered below.] Points of Interest:
  12. #04 DUNGEON ALPHA She awoke at the fountain as she always did. There was no killing her. There was no denying the past. She stands up as water forms her new body around the shard she carries in her leg. The Ruby Shard... Just as Omega holds the Sapphire Shard. She looks around. Peace. Quiet. Screaming... Right, the people scrambled during their fight with Radovan... She felt nothing regarding being defeated by Betani, yet there was a distinct sense of unease building up in her chest. She... didn't want this anymore. She was always fundamentally different from Omega as she held Uno's past while Omega held her future. She was Uno from before her body was ever broken... She knew so little while Omega knew so much... She didn't want this. These people... she wanted to help them! She thought Omega wanted to help them too! But Omega's wishes are different. She too, was once compelled by Uno's wish. But that wish no longer compelled her forward. It was as if that wish disappeared, faded... So now what was she to do? Radovan... When she spoke with him, his words made her want to cry. She didn't know why, but she wanted to talk to him more. And try... try to do something... anything... --------------------------------------------- #04 DUNGEON RADOVAN & SENA *+Zeta, Betani, Rita* Radovan, Zeta and Betani arrive at the ruined building. Sena is there, conscious and fine. But Rita is unconscious. Her Shuppet is frantically hovering over her, obviously worried. Motor has popped out of the A-Comm as well, looking worriedly at Rita. Betani steps forward. "Radovan, pick the girl up, you're the big boy in this group." She smirks condescendingly. "Sena, you can walk, right? Then we should make our way towards the fou- WAHT TEH-" "SEEEEEnAnANNNnanaNANANANAN" Sena's Claydol Mom flies down towards you. None of you have time to react as she charges her Hyper Beam........................... Betani covers her face, shrieking like a girly girl... And then disappears into pink light that hovers upwards and disappears outside the dome surrounding the city. "OK what the hell!" Betani screams, stomping her foot. "Stupid ugly monstrous things! So which one of you destroyed it? I didn't see any attacks, you guys must be good! Well not as good as me. I was just caught off guard." Betani blushes, having realized she'd complimented you by accident. She still expects an answer though. You, however, have no idea what caused the Claydol to disappear. Though you can see more pink light-like particles flying out of the dome from around the city. [Will you proceed to the fountain and try to seek a way up?] --------------------------------------------- #04 BEACH CATHODE, EMM, JOY & JAY *+ Omega* Jay's [Attacker lv1] Ember's Atk goes up 1 stage Job'y [Defender lv1] Mr Cuddles's Def goes up 1 stage Mr Cuddles's Defense Curl Mr Cuddles's Def goes up 1 stage Solosis's Reflect A protective barrier surrounds the party Pokemon. As Solosis erects the barrier, a faint apparition of a barrier field can be visible around each of the party Pokemon. "Haha...hahahahahhaa!" Omega runs a hand through her hair after Cathode addresses her. "Yes it's always the humans' fault. It was their fault back then too as it is now. Keeping Magikarp so close... depending on loose security measures to keep them from evolving and destroying the island... Is this clinging to tradition not hubris? This Festival in itself is dangerous. People should just let go... So I'll force them to let go!" Terry's Leer at Omega Omega's Def drops 1 stage She seems to back down a bit upon Terry glaring at her. Her expression is a scowl as she looks back up at the party, but she twists it into a smile. "I'll let you see a bit of my power. I'll pull a bit of the energy we've gathered." She spreads her arms as a pink glow emanating from the ocean gathers around her. The life energy arches down and into her body, which begins glowing a faint shade of blue. There's a distinct blue glowing spot on her right thigh, visible even through her dress. Music: Core Struggles (Wish) !!!DANGER!!! [CORE SIGNATURE DETECTED...] [ANALYSIS...WATER...] [SAPPHIRE CORE DETECTED...] !!!DANGER!!! [Omega's Dancer ability changes...] "Now watch...my dance!" Omega announces as she steps forward then spins, fire catching onto the edges of her clothing. She spins with the fire, creating a vortex of flame around her. She smiles as she she steps back, extending her arms forward, sending with them a wave of fire directly at Terry. Two pillars of flame, extending upwards to double Terry's coiled height, come rushing towards the giant snake, burning the sand beneath them into glass. [Omega's 4th Aspect: Solo Dancer activates] Fiery Dance's ??? and ??? are ???! Omega's Def and SpD drop 1 stage! Omega's Fiery Dance (25,344 SpA Value) at Terry Turn order: Sapphire Core Omega -> Terry (Cathode) -> Ember (Jay) -> Solosis (Emmanuel) -> Mr Cuddles (Joy) "Burn burn burn! Disappear with this world!" Sapphire Core Omega (F), Lv: 20 HP (528/528) #################### ATK: 90 DEF VALUE: 237 (-2) -> 118 SP.ATK: 132 SPD VALUE: 86 (-1) -> 57 SPE: 108 Nature: Lax (+Def/-SpD) Ability: 4th Aspect: Solo Dancer EP: HP, Def and SpA Moves: Fiery Dance (12,672 SpA Value), ??? Player Pokemon Cathode - Terry (209/209); Reflect (1/5) Emmanuel - Solosis (104/104); Reflect (1/5) Joy - Mr. Cuddles (315/315); +2 Def, (Reflect (1/5) Jay - Ember (99/133); +1 Atk, Reflect (1/5)
  13. #04 DUNGEON RADOVAN *+Zeta, Betani* "A-ah I'm sorry, I didn't mean..." Zeta looks down when Radovan makes his sarcastic? remark. Meanwhile, Radovan throws an Aether Ball at the Claydol, but it breaks free with ease, even as injured as it is. It keeps producing groaning noises similiar to a human voice... "EW gross!" Betani responds to its groans. "Nee, this is probably like the other ones. Just destroy it, it's not even a Pokemon." Her Stenee nods, jumps up, landing her foot into the Claydol's eye, smashing through its mud body. "SeeNanAnNAnAA i WilL mISs yOU" is the last sounds that leaves its body before it crumbles away. "Huh? Sena? Don't tell me this thing was pretending to be someone he knew that died? Ugh, even grosser." Betani grimaces in disgust, gesturing for Nee to come over. "We'll wash you over when we get back home. This is just wrong." The Stenee nods again. "I'll help! Murki and I'll help!" Zeta yelps as she follows Radovan. Right about then, they hear an overbearing crashing sound as the entire building where Sena is collapses- ---------------------------------------------- #04 DUNGEON SENA *+Rita* Zeromaru and Sena burst through the Claydol's Psychic, crushing their Water Pulse into it and leaving it dazed the same as what happened with the one posing as his father. Rita pushes herself up to her feet, Motor and Dolly flying around her. She looks at Motor and nods, running to Sena. "No way, this place is actually great! Ok, Motor, we might be able to do this- Sena hold them off!" She starts rapidly typing for a moment before putting the A-Comm on her ear. ... ... ... Her eyes brighten with joy and victory all of a sudden and she starts talking right away. "H-hello! Y-yes, I made it through! Take that, inferior Space Aether comm frequencies!!! Akh wait right, I gotta hurry, can't maintain the connection for long and I'm in the middle of a fight, but I gotta tell you guys your lady friend turned into some evil chick dressed in all brown and red and she's going to the surface with two Claydol to destroy some shards or something! Oh and your Uno friend is still somewhere on the surface! You gotta find her, the crazy red one is gonna like, do something with her once she destroys the shards! Sena and I are fi- Ah! Sena-!!!!!!!" A large explosion resounds, washing Sena's vision in red and then white. He can feel Rita hugging him tight and then the both of them losing solid footing. Zeromaru, Rita and him were all falling down together with the rubble of the building that was falling apart around them, some parts on fire. "IIFFFFFF IIIICAN'T HAVEYOU NOONE CCAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN" Claydol #3's Self Destruct The burning silhuette of a Claydol breaks apart around you, covering the sky with dust and ash. Sena falls hard on his back, Rita laying unconcious over his body... Verna and Zeromaru look alright though. And Dolly of course. --------------------------------------------- #04 BEACH CATHODE, EMM, JOY & JAY *+ Omega* Emmanuel's A-Comm is flooded with emergency messages when he opens it. He attempts to contact Ray but to no avail. The entire HQ must be busy above their heads trying to handle this situation. However, one of the emergency messages lists several locations on the island where Cadets should converge. One of them matches your own location. The Cadets should probably be aware of the situation and at least guarding the shards. Omega just shrugs. "I know nothing of any Claydol~ Also, you really don't get it, Cathy. Uno IS me. Well technically. So it'll still be her dancing~ kind of." She grins. Music: Boundary of Human Desire Omega raises an eyebrow at Emmanuel, nonschalantly resting her arms on her hips. "Oh, yes, I kinda just left your friends fine and dandy down there. Oh, except Radovan. Last time I saw him, we were patching him up after I've accidentally spilled his guts!" She slides her hand over her face, starting to laugh into her open palm. A maddened sight. She was definitely enjoying herself. "But that's neither here nor there. We'll keep him alive for a while longer." She continues sizing Emmanuel and Cathode up. The two of them were the ones she gave a shit about, unlike those other two random Cadets accompanying them. And the nonsense they spouted...hilarious. She seems to want to laugh some more, when suddenly Cathode's Magikarp-Terry-gets enveloped in bright light. Cathode is forced to drop him to the ground as he grows rapidly, becoming too heavy for her to hold. His body lengthens and grows serpentine... and soon enough a blue sea serpent protectively coils around Cathode and the party, looking down upon Omega. Terry evolved. Omega looks up at the Gyarados then bites her lip, jumping backwards a few meters to make some distance between herself and the party. Her expression twists into one of anger as she glares at Emmanuel and Cathode. Music: Faced by Desire "You. A Gyarados. And, and... You spout such tepid nonsense about Uno! You know not how it feels to be confined to your room, tended only by doctors as the people you've trusted with your dreams only want to keep you quiet! You don't know how it is to lose everything! The Gyarados, that stupid dance.... it was a terrible idea perpetrated by a terrible man... it was supposed to bring us closer to our roots and ancient traditions- LIKE HELL!" She screams, thrashing her arms about in a rage. "The Gyarados aren't beings to be trifled with! I learned that the hard way. UNO learned that the hard way. YOUR FRIENDS learned that the hard way. The Acquarium was destroyed. Hopes, dreams, families... And today no one even knows the cause. They think the Gyarados appeared there by some mistake. No. HE brought them here. HE let them loose, saying he believed in them, that they were trained! LIKE HELL! I will erase this island to affirm my existence in this world. I will erase HIS island and everyone on it, aside from Uno. Once she becomes me, my potential existence will be established. I will become this island, this Nexus and I will destroy every other Nexus in existence, removing any and all traces of old lore and tradition! LISTEN TO ME WELL! I AM OMEGA, I AM UNO, AND I AM YOUR RUIN!" !!!DANGER!!! [CORE SIGNATURE DETECTED...] [...] [...CORE SIGNATURE LOST] [UNIDENTIFIED] [Ω COMBAT PHASE INITIATED Ω] [CHOOSE YOUR POKEMON] "I will destroy you!" Omega screams, his body enveloping itself in blue light, emanating from her right leg. A mark can be seen glowing through her dress-a symbol Ω. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHA! I WILL TOY WITH YOU!" Omega (F), Lv: 20 HP (528/528) #################### ATK: 90 DEF VALUE: 237 SP.ATK: 132 SPD VALUE: 86 SPE: 108 Nature: Lax (+Def/-SpD) Ability: Dancer, ??? EP: HP, Def and SpA Moves: ??? [OMEGA DOES NOTHING... YOUR TURN] ...
  14. #04 BEACH CATHODE, EMM, JOY & JAY *+ Omega* Music: Boundary of Human Desire "My my aren't we rude." Omega snickers at Emmanuel and Jay. "Calling me a thing and, even worse, a fiend pretending to be Uno. Uno herself wishedto be able to dance again. This is merely the only way of repairing her body and making it so." She replies with a grin. "So I'm not using her as an excuse. She's basically using me to do her dirty work because her wretched body can barely so much as move on its own! Hahahahaha! Naive, you're so naive... Trusting someone as broken as her..." [Emmanuel picks up the A-Comm] The first thing he hears is static and someone trying to speak through the static. He cannot make out the voice but then it stabilizes. Music: Detective Sena "H-hello! Y-yes, I made it through! Take that, inferior Space Aether comm frequencies!!!" A familiar voice rings through. There's still some static but it can be heard clearly now. It's Rita. "Akh wait right, I gotta hurry, can't maintain the connection for long and I'm in the middle of a fight, but I gotta tell you guys your lady friend turned into some evil chick dressed in all brown and red and she's going to the surface with two Claydol to destroy some shards or something! Oh and your Uno friend is still somewhere on the surface! You gotta find her, the crazy red one is gonna like, do something with her once she destroys the shards! Sena and I are fi- Ah! Sena-!!!!!!!" You hear what sounds like an explosion on the other side and the line is abruptly cut. Omega raises an eyebrow. Only Emmanuel heard the transmission and now his and Cathode's A-Comms start buzzing the same as the rest of the people's, likely from an official HQ dispatch. "What was that, Emm. Care to share~?" Omega asks, tapping her foot as she crosses her hands. She sure doesn't seem to be in a rush though, so what could that be about? And the Claydol? You see no Claydol around. ---------------------------------------------------
  15. #04 BEACH CATHODE, EMM, JOY & JAY *+ Omega* Music: Boundary of Human Desire "My my, Emmanuel, despite being the glasses one, you're always the feistiest~ Put away the green blob before you get hurt, won't you?" The woman snickered at Emmanuel and Solosis. She turned to glance over Joy and Jay momentarily, disregarding them and their questions and statements, focusing instead on Cathode. "Aww Cathode, that's just a teeny misunderstanding! I wasn't intending to kill you when I sent the Gyarados to the surface. You just had to get in their way and postpone my plans. Oh but I am fully intending to kill you soon enough." She chuckled. She puts a finger over her lips before continuing. "Oh and about the island, I was just having a bit of fun rummaging through it. Especially the town! But yeah, if you knew the full extent of this reality you'd know I couldn't split the island in half on my own. It reaches so deep down, you know~ One would need a lot of energy, say, like... all the potential energy from the island's inhabitants, to even come close to splitting this island. Aaaand they'd have to be at the very core, you know. Deep down underwater. I wonder who could even accomplish something like that~? Teeheeheee!" She keeps silent only for a second, observing the party. "But I swear I am Uno. At least I'm technically the body you've been conversing with for these past few days." She runs fingers through her hair and spins, showing it off. "Look, same hair, riiiight~? Not even the other one, you know, the one dressed in all blue and purple, has the very exact same hair as me and the Uno you were so happy with. You know what I mean-the healthy Uno. That sick wretch couldn't do shit and she got smacked right down! But soon, shouldn't you be happy?? Because sooooon, that very sick frail existence will be forever molded into the beauty you see before you!" She spreads her arms and extends her head upwards towards the sky. "Uno will become me, the Ruin of Tradition, shattering her old life that bound her so! She too was overjoyed that I let her borrow my body so she could hang out with you! Remember how happy she was the last you saw her!? HAPPINESS! I'll remake her into me! After all, I am her future. It's already been decided. You cannot alter it." She starts laughing. While she's laughing, your A-Comms continue buzzing. Cathode's and Emmanuel's, however, stop buzzing for a moment and then resume. Could there be someone different trying to contact Emm and Cathode? [Will Emm and Cathode answer their A-Comms?] ----------------------------------------------------------------------- #04 DUNGEON SENA *+Rita* Zeromaru and Verna hold the upper hand in combat thanks to their speed. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" Sena's Mother unleashes her Hyper Beam, aiming at Zeromaru. The blinding beam of flashing lights and energy pushes her away as it fires at Zeromaru, but... Zeromaru's Quick Attack Zeromaru's Quick Attack allows him to dodge it easily and he rushes towards Sena's Father. Sena's Mother attempts to follow Zeromaru with her beam, but ultimately cannot keep up. However, in its wake, the Hyper Beam blasts straight through the apartment building's roof, destroying it as it follows Zeromaru, ravaging a hold in it. In her rage, she fails to notice the other Claydol. The Hyper Beam blasts through the other Claydol. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" The hit Claydol screams as the Hyper Beam pushes it down through the building towards the plaza. As the beam's blast is halted, it explodes when it hits the ground of the plaza. Claydol #1's Hyper Beam (16,312 SpA Value) on Claydol #2 hit: 10.96 hit crit: 98.53 no crit Claydol #2 takes 87 damage. Claydol #1 needs to recharge. "a..Aa..AAAaaAA......" The first Claydol floats weakly in the air, twitching after having fired that powerful blast. It doesn't seem it'll be able to do anything this turn. Verna makes use of this to fly up to the third Claydol. Rita nods at Sena's request and pushes with all her might to press her hands against her ears. "SENA, DO IT!" She screams. Verna's Screech on Claydol #3 hit 79,87 hit Claydol #3's Defense drops 2 stages! Dolly's Defense drops 2 stages! Verna lets out a deafening screech and Sena can see Rita's mouth wide open as the shockwaves blast her alongside the Claydol and Dolly. The Claydol seems weakened after the screech, however and Rita gives a weak thumbs up to Sena as the Claydol's Confusion attack ends, allowing Rita and Dolly to drop unconcious to the floor. The Claydol focuses on Verna, its body glowing iridescent as it readies some form of attack. Suddenly, it releases an invisible shockwave from its body, aimed at smashing straight into Verna. Claydol #3's Psychic (15,379 SpA Value) on Verna The shockwave's radius is wide and Verna might not be able to react fast enough at such close range even with her speed! Can Zeromaru jump in to help in some way? [Turn 2 End] --- [Turn 3 Start; COMBAT PHASE CONTINUES] The second Claydol is nowhere to be found. However, with the Hyper Beam blasting the building, Sena can be sure that Alpha must've taken notice of this battle. He can only count on Betani to keep her away from him while he battles... Music: Grasping for Air (Intense)  Turn Order: Verna (Sena) -> Zeromaru (Sena) -> Claydol #1 -> Claydol #3 -> Claydol #2 Claydol #1 (), Lv: 25 [RECHARGING] HP (270/270) #################### ATK: 87 DEF VALUE: 147 SP.ATK: 87 SPD VALUE: 187 SPE: 103 Nature: Hasty (+Spe/-Def) Status: - Ability: Levitate EP: --- Moves: Hyper Beam (16,312 Spa Value), ??? Claydol #2 (), Lv: 25 [CONFUSED] HP (42/270) #################### ATK: 87 DEF VALUE: 147 SP.ATK: 96 SPD VALUE: 187 SPE: 93 Nature: Mild (+SpA/-Def) Status: Confused Ability: Levitate EP: --- Moves: ??? Claydol #3 (), Lv: 28 HP (272/272) #################### ATK: 114 DEF VALUE: 153 (-2) SP.ATK: 89 SPD VALUE: 195 SPE: 96 Nature: Lonely (+Atk/-Def) Status: - Ability: Levitate EP: 56 Atk Moves: Confusion (8544 SpA Value), Psychic (15,379 SpA Value), ??? Player Pokemon Sena - Verna (86/86), +2 Spe Sena - Zeromaru (118/118), +1 Atk, +1 SpA -------------------------------------------------------------------- #04 DUNGEON RADOVAN *+Zeta, Alpha, Betani* "..." Alpha is silent for a moment. She looks down before looking at Radovan again. "Omega can't lose against the Cadets, that much I know to be true. And when she wins, she'll destroy the shards preventing the sea from overtaking the island. We'll drown the island and shape it into a new body for Uno, using the life energy of everyone in this city. You cannot stop it. So long as Omega is the conclusion, she is unbeatable. Same as me." You recall the fact you defeated Alpha before, yet she stands before you right now all the same. Back then she disappeared into thin air after getting crushed by rocks. So is that what she's talking about? But why would they have such an ability? Regeneration or simply immortality? At that point, you hear a powerful blast from your right. One of the apartment buildings circling the plaza is being blown up by what appears to be some sort of energy beam and a Claydol is being pushed by said beam right towards you! The Claydol crashes into the stage at the plaza, blowing it up into smithereens and shards of wood and crushed stone. Alpha steps between the explosion and you, protecting you and Zeta from the blast by conjuring a watery veil with her dance moves. "Nee, use Stomp!" Music: Not only roses have thorns, you know!? You hear a voice coming from your left right before something small and green flies straight into Alpha, kicking her into her abdomen. Alpha is caught off guard and launched off her feet, just as you see Betani running up to you with a Magby and Tympole by her side. "Mo, Al, break that rock spike thing, quick!" She orders them and they run up to Radovan, the Tympole spewing bubbles while the Magby envelops itself in dark energy, smashing its tail into the spike, which collapses and Radovan falls onto his butt. His wound seems to have mostly healed, probably thanks to Alpha, but his body is still weak and hurting. It's a chore merely standing up, but Zeta runs up to him and helps him up. "Radovan, are you okay? Betani is here!" "Yes, I am." Betani stands between you and Alpha, her three Pokemon in tow. Alpha is slowly getting back up to her feet while Betani's Stenee already jumped back to her side. "Leave this tryhard to me. I can handle her solo." "...rude. I'll show you." Alpha says, water gathering around her left leg. She launches herself at Betani, doing a frontflip in order to attempt to smash her leg into Magby. "Amateur. Al." Betani seems unfazed, ordering her Tympole to move. It jumps between Magby and Alpha's attack. However, before the attack hits it, all of the water energy from around Alpha's leg seems to be drawn out of it and absorbed by the Tympole. Alpha seems shocked, being unable to stop her motion at this point. "Mo, Thunder Punch! Nee, Stomp!" Electricity gathers around Magby's hand, smashing into Alpha's abdomen again, while Nee jumps up, smashing herself into Alpha and smashing her into the ground. The tiled flooring of the plaza breaks apart as Alpha screams in pain. "Mo! Once again! Al, support him!" Magby jumps up, gathering electricity again while the Tympole follows it, ready to serve as the shield. Alpha has no time to even get back to her feet before Magby punches her again, electricity bursting from its body and launching at Alpha. She is pushed to her feet by Magby's uppercut, staggering backwards in pain. "Nee, finish it." And Betani's Stenee follows up with a well-aimed kick. "AKH, you-" "Pathetic. You'd barely serve as a warmup. Proper tactics will always beat whatever idiocy cores and shards can cook up." "Kh, this body might not hold anymore, but don't think you've won... you'll see..." Alpha succumbs to her feet, her body seemingly reforming into water as it loses shape, releasing some pink light as it vanishes. "Yeah right we'll see. Screw you." Betani pompously shakes her hair with a cocky smile. She turns towards Zeta and Radovan. "See how easy that was? Although, I am amazing so it's not surprising. Now let's go help Sena, he seems to be battling up there." She points towards where the Hyper Beam came from. [Will you go with Betani?]
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