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  1. CainReborn

    Jeminra Cave help

    Thank you, I'll go do that! I couldn't find anything on this field effect.
  2. CainReborn

    Jeminra Cave help

    Hello, how do you change the corrupted field in jeminra cave? Am I missing something? Pic: This is from the route 5 entrance btw. thanks in advance!
  3. CainReborn

    Refresh my "Memory"

    I still couldn't find it, but that's fine, I'll move on for now, thanks. EDIT: Finally found it.
  4. CainReborn

    Refresh my "Memory"

    I'll give it another look, thank you! This is devon and not the separate building related to it where pulse magnezone was right?
  5. CainReborn

    Refresh my "Memory"

    Where is electric exactly? At the top of Devon is just the guy, an fist plate, devon scope model, and some other item. Do you need to do something to get it?
  6. CainReborn

    Pokemon Generations

    Not a bad episode. Felt really fast compared to others. It wasn't to bad though. Cynthia was cool to see. They way Cyrus was depicted was great as well. Really liked his character in it.
  7. CainReborn

    Pokemon Desolation v4.1.1

    If you still need a water stone, the swimmer in the route two house has it. To get it, go to the next city and tell Jared to come visit him, then go back and you get the stone.
  8. CainReborn

    Welcome to the New World

    Oh my this is frightening but also amazing!
  9. I really liked today's news! The final starter forms look great and have solid typings. Really liked seeing cosmog as well. The battle tree seems awesome as well. Red and Blue look really nice with updated models and you can how much older they are.
  10. How'd you do that? You don't get EXP in the catching contest and there's no pokeballs outside of that as far as I know.
  11. The best part of the demo was the music and graphics to me. Everything is really nice looking and has a great fell! Team Skull were funny to and I liked the events in it, even if short. And don't forget, the first timed event is today! You get free stuff from the guy outside the Pokemon Center.
  12. It seems to be aiming towards a world wide release atm. Which if that's the case, it will be live everywhere at 12pm EST as that's when the Eshop updates in the states. Don't know the other times for different timezones off the top of my head though.
  13. CainReborn

    Showdown Replays

    I've been getting into some fun matches lately. Here's two of the replays I have: http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/randombattle-456457501 Reggigias is fun! http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/uususpecttest-448804534 Conkeldurr is OP.
  14. CainReborn

    Once upon a Field...

    OH my! This will be a fun but frustrating field. It's got awesome ideas though. The fghts on it (most likely with Titania) are going to be tough. Looking forward to the challenge though.