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  1. SilverHelio

    Predict the Next Person to Post

    Not this time Candy-sama, you there?
  2. Maybe Shelly and Cal tag team against Blake? owo
  3. "I licked it, it's mine."

    ~Qrow Branwen, RWBY Chibi

    1. J-Awesome_One


      I feel like a lot of people say that about other people they have licked. o.O

  4. SilverHelio

    Predict the Next Person to Post

    Yes senpai, I'm here! Hmmmmm Q-jei?
  5. They weren't trying to move the door but break it. Let's say the door was sturdy enough to take hits on one side but if hit simultaneously it won't resist and instead will crack. That's the point of hitting it on both sides. If Salamence cared for Heather at all, they would try their very best to get her out regardless of her mindset. I'm not saying that like Salamence doesn't care for her, I'm just pointing it out. xD Look at us, going all philosophical about a door.
  6. I went into the kitchen for hot cocoa. How the heck did I end up leaving the kitchen with ice cream on my hands?

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    2. Candy


      you know what cocoa and ice cream have in common?

      they're both sweet 🍭 so that's all your soul needed~

    3. Autumn Zephyr

      Autumn Zephyr

      Who knows, maybe there was a witch involved in your predicament?

    4. Maqqy
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it that in the game Heather couldn't break the door with Salamence because the door had to be attacked on both sides in order to be broken? And xD good point Consider that it's just a door All that matters is that Flamethrower provided the necessary heat and Rock Blast brought the force needed to break the door. I stand by your side Prince Candy-sama!
  8. SilverHelio

    Pokemon Word Chain

  9. OwO Shelly kawaii levels to the maximum! I like how you incorporated the fire-ice-break technique into this instead of the game's usual way. Teamwork~ What if Vanilla didn't have Elsa with her? Would she just have thrown snow on the door?
  10. SilverHelio

    Crawli Gym Help V11

    I suggest flying type Pokemon (or Pokemon with levitate) to avoid getting your Pokemon's speed lowered by his special move. For example, Crobat with Brave Bird. After you beat Galvantula, summon Crobat and sweep his team while protecting Crobat! Talonflame w/ Gale Wings + No items + Acrobatics definitely helps too!
  11. SilverHelio


    Hi Xave and welcome to Reborn~ I hope you have a wonderful time here~ And good luck with your fangame~
  12. SilverHelio

    Pokemon Word Chain

  13. SilverHelio


  14. SilverHelio

    Pokemon Word Chain