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  1. I don't think I've lost to 🔥 Charlotte 🔥 this much before. 

    Oh wait, yes I have.

  2. Wow, everyone wants le CANDY Including me~
  3. Oh? I don't remember Sigmund capturing Anna and Noel at Charlotte's mansion...

    I don't understand how Laura couldn't fend off Sigmund. She's part of the elite, so her Pokemon should've beaten Sigmund's. Unless he played dirty in some way.

    EDIT: Yup, he had his Pokemon attack her directly. Shameful.

    1. DreamblitzX


      I think based on whether you go upstairs or downstairs at both Yureyu and the house can create 4 different routes where different people are captured?

    2. Wolfox


      yeah, the path you have there is, I believe, the "best" one as non of the children are now in danger while they had the great idea to capture Saphira, the Killer with the Dragons...

  4. One CANDY a day brings the doctor away towards you. Alistair, are you there?
  5. And that was the first time I swept Shade all on my first try~

    Froslass + Ominous Wind (Powered up! (once)) = Shade's defeat

  6. Look for a big yellow machine in the area. That allows you to change the weather in the area. I believe you have to pay. If you're wondering what the logic is behind a weather-changing contraption, then know that GDC is under a giant dome where everything is controlled. EDIT: So close! I got ninja'd by 1.454545 seconds ._.
  7. I like Speaking of it, I'm now thinking of Vulpix. Come back Q-Jei!
  8. Are you talking about the signature Pokemon of other characters in Rejuvenation? Not sure if this is out there anywhere, but I can provide a quick list off the top of my head:
  9. 1 hour ago, Starry Knight said: Mewtwo! I want Seki for as long as I can remember lol
  10. I wanna see Fire/Fairy! A rumor once claimed Scorbunny turns into a Fire/Fairy Pokemon, and I wanna see that But it's just a rumor, so I'm not really expecting that
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