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  1. Don't interfere with my shopping.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. SilverAngelus


      oh noes, did I spoil it for Senpai? 🙀

      I'm sorry...

    3. seki108


      Once I saw the video title, I didn't watch it, so you didn't spoil me yet.  

    4. SilverAngelus


      That's a relief. Thank you for letting me know 💜

  2. Herenya-sama! 😺

    Happy Birthday~ 💜

    I hope all's well in your PhD career. Stay smart and vigilant~

    I hope you can have cake~ 🎂

    And I hope you visit your dentist afterwards~ 😅

  3. Henlo Wolfy~

    Happy Birthday~ 💜

    I hope that cake you bake is delicious~ 😋 🎂

    I also hope you visit your dentist afterwards~ 😅

  4. That makes a lot of sense; I totally forgot about the circus! xD But, if the MC catches Blacephalon, how would Blacephalon stay to perform in the circus?
  5. Love the design! Those look very cool~ If Blacephalon were in Reborn region, where do you think it would be located?
  6. Happy Birthday~ 💜

    Make sure to eat cake if you can~ 🎂

    And then be sure to visit your dentist~ 😅

  7. This should be in the Pokemon Rejuvenation section. A Reaper Cloth is in the area north of Wispy Tower, however, you'll need Strength to get to it.
  8. SilverAngelus


    Henlo there Mr. Bear~
  9. What.

    Why can't I see anything on my profile?

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    2. DreamblitzX


      It's usually a manual fix not something that comes right after a while. 

      it also causes ame great pain

    3. andracass


      we're going to have a collective aneurysm, probably.

    4. SilverAngelus


      Ame, if you're reading this, I'm sorry. ._.

  10. Paraboom! Welcome to Reborn, Ez~ Yup, Reborn Ball is the equivalent of a Master Ball in this game! I think. One tip I have for you is that you'll need more than 6 Pokemon for you team. You can only accomplish this by keeping a rotation of team members in your box. Switch out for what Pokemon are strong for a specific gym battle. Also, the shiny rate is better in this game~ Have fun~
  11. SilverAngelus

    New girl~

    Ahh I should mention advertising isn't allowed on the forums. (I think you're fine for now since I asked you about your work.) Perhaps I'll check out these visual novels sometime
  12. SilverAngelus

    New girl~

    Welcome to Reborn, Kokoro~ If you love Reborn, then you'll just love Rejuvenation as well ^^ (No worries, I won't talk any spoilers) Also, you mentioned you develop visual novels and RPGs: What have you made so far?
  13. Maqqy! Dawn! Platinum Berlitz! 

    Happy Birthday~ 💜 💜 💜

    Here's to hoping you'll have a fun day~ 🎉

    Make sure to eat cake if you can~ 🎂

    And then go visit your dentist 😅


    Image result for happy birthday piplup


    1. Maqqy


      Ahhhhhh I love it 🥰 Thank you silver the literal angel 😁 have a fun day too!!

    2. Candy


      Happy birthday from a smol candy too~ 🍭

    3. Maqqy


      Thank you Candyy now give me a thousand gummy bears 😋

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