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  1. Some shiny Pokemon got redesigned, as far as I know. Another two Pokemon that got their shiny versions remodeled I can think of off the top of my mind are Charizard and Mismagius~
  2. The type match-ups have been changed a bit! Please refer to the Clockwork website:
  3. Corviknight's HA doesn't suck. It's pretty good since their stats won't lower...
  4. Happy Birthday! I hope you eat lots of yummy cake and enjoy the day! 🎂

  5. If you don't mind me asking, how did you get Togepi to evolve so quickly?
  6. Sin, these are amazing! Would you draw more characters? If so, how about Amaria and Titania next?!
  7. This is my favorite Pokemon villain theme ever:



    *credit to respective owner

    Wonder why no one remixed it...

    1. Chimpnology


      likely because rangers not THAT very well known compared to other mons titles


      i also believe guardian signs was overall less popular than its two predecessors (in sales) so theres that as well.


      also the sinis trio theme is best

  8. Maybe you two are correct. Just wishful thinking on my behalf The eyes of our little buddy do resemble the eyes of a Rotom
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