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  2. Have you downloaded the latest version? This was fixed in the last reupload
  3. The game is crashing at the speed dating minigame. I go to Speedy's Restaurant, interact with the npcs, get the heart scale(s), but as soon as the Alomomola interacts with me again the game closes itself, no error messages. The dialogue options I pick don't seem to change that outcome. Game.rxdata
  4. The penthouse sidequest eventually ties in Case 3's main plot, you can just begin it early
  5. An out of context spoiler is still a spoiler, I guess? Hidden just in case
  6. Hello, I'm kinda stuck, I'm still in the section near your office, before case 2. I'm trying to complete the penthouse ghost side mission, but seem to be having issues. I talked to both the ghost and women and gotten their testimonies, which don't show up in the sidequest Clues folder. So when I went to confront the scientist I had no evidence despite seeing multiple photo albums and having two testimonies. Am I just not able to complete this yet? Or am I missing something else?
  7. I went to the lounge and talked to everyone but I still dont know how to progress
  8. I dont know what to do to progress the story after chapter 4 where Sylvester talks to the chief in Spadinas, can someone help me?
  9. Thanks. I could swear I had already explored that part of the map but turns out I didnt. oops
  10. Uh, you just go up to where the gate is, right at the top border of the map
  11. Ok, I give up. I couldn't find the Amontillado Factory. It says on the walkthrough that I have to go to the Amontillado Creek, so I went to the Amontillado Alley and then ????? I'm pretty sure it's right under my nose but I have the attention span of a Slowpoke. Thanks in advance!
  12. Just finished the the current version, and oh my god this game is amazing. One of the best Pokémon fan games I've ever played! Only problem I had with the game is that sometimes had no idea where to go, but with the Walkthrough that comes with the game that's not really an issue. There's so much effort put into the game, and it really shows with the beautiful graphics, new interesting mechanics and systems (clues, mods, etc.) the interesting story and characters... I could go on and on. I had so much fun playing this game, and I can't wait to see what the future updates of Ashen Frost holds!
  13. Where is Patterson again edit: nvm i found it
  14. This was an oversight on my part - there should be two of the same tilesets in the folder - one is a PNG and the other is a PDN file - delete the PDN file and replace the PNG with this.
  15. I guess Luciano choses to live in darkness. Either he closed the lights, or the map/overworld background didn't load right. Funny enough, this didn't happen the first time I got to his apartment. Only after Mordecai's breakout.
  16. Just a little question : where is Sylvan already ? ( case 6 ) I forgot xD
  17. sweet! really appreciate the effort you put into this game!
  18. I've been looking into this error all day and finally found the problem - the Map Positions for every area wasn't defined which made it so the Duraludon would never show up - I've now reuploaded this to fix this dumb error. The Lafayette now gives out an item that also tells you where it is at any given point.
  19. I was just wondering how rare the roaming Duraludon is. I have been running around in the tall grass of all 3 areas for a really long time, and haven't seen it once
  20. Yeah, that's a visual error that as far as I can tell is unfixable - it'll only affect the current fight you're in though and then go away after the battle.
  21. Ok so I'm playing the second case. Challenged the "Weak Lowlife" dude at the Duchamp gardens. As soon as I switched my pokemon the font became tiny. As soon as I finished the battle the font went back to normal, and it didn't happen during the next battle. Edit: actually happened again during the double battle. Oops

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