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  1. Gen 1: Arcanine Gen 2: Crobat Gen 3: Camerupt Gen 4: Mamoswine Gen 5: Stoutland Gen 6: Delphox Gen 7: Dhelmise Gen 8: Flapple (Just by its looks, have not played this gen)
  2. Is it me, or does Eldegoss look like some roselia-like Galar variant. I honestly thought that it would be a Galarian Roselia instead of a new pokemon when I first saw it.
  3. I want to mention to the people arguing that Grookey must be normal because so are the music/sound based attacks, it could also be a possibility that Grookey gains a hidden ability a la Primarina's Liquid Voice. It might just be that Grookey gets a hidden ability that changes sound based moves into grass type. I am also on team grass-rock (just a feeling I can't explain), and it would be cool to have some more special-based rock moves. Might be possible someone else mentioned this before, but I did not read that (I didn't read everything), but felt like pointing it out.
  4. I think the level-balance idea for big fights is a cool idea, but for me it feels weird when Faye has lv. 42 pokemon while she does not have the second gym badge yet and you need to fight her for the second gym. Other than that, I like the game so far. I am now before the 2nd gym, and this game hasn't bored me or anything. So keep up the good work!
  5. I just downloaded this game. I notice there is also an update that fixes some bugs, but is that also included in de game-download or do I need to download the update too?
  6. Medicham can be great if you can land High Jump Kicks. Medicham can kick Cryogonal and Vanilluxe out of the game easily if those hits land (perhaps even Glaceon if you're lucky). But be aware of her field, since Serra uses it to raise her evasiveness/reduce your evasiveness. Fighting moves are also great against Aurorus, because of the 4x effective. If your Gigalith has stealth rock, then use this in the beginning of the battle. Since those rocks will hurt Serra pokemon decent.
  7. @Buttulon, you could try to use Mamoswine to destroy her field with earthquake at the beginning. But you'll lose some reputation points there with Serra. Otherwise, i'd suggest swapping Venusaur for Gigalith. Gigalith is rock and thus has an advantage on ice, while Venasaur is weak to it. Instead of using mamoswine, you could also choose to level up that lampent. Fire is also great against ice, and lampent is a pretty fast guy. I don't know if this is the best strategy, but you could also use Ampharos to just change the field with electric terrain and make sure Serra isn't going to use her field against you. I suggest to keep using Camerupt because he has a good advantage with Lava Plume. And btw, don't you have a fighting type? They can be pretty useful too.
  8. I am just gonna ask if you'd like to say where exactly, because I am kinda lazy to find out myself...
  9. Oh, btw, does anyone know if it's possible to evolve magneton already?
  10. Got the same thing with Coreys Skuntank, tried to interact with Nidorina, but nothing happened. Thanks in advance Game.rxdata
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