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  1. I am sorry for your loss and you have my honest condolences, but I think that your current behavior is somewhat masochistic and harmful to yourself. Its as if you are trying to desperately cling to him instead of letting him go. Stop looking at pictures of him and stop reading the poems he wrote to you for a while, because otherwise you will only be tormenting yourself. For now, you need to realize and accept the truth that he is gone. Remember the time you spent with him and the experiences you shared (good and bad) and be grateful for it, but dont get stuck in the past. And stop feeling guilty for things that weren't your fault, like being unable to attend his funeral. (He wasn't there anyways) The problem with depression and sorrow is, that people who are suffering from it always think that they are simply "being honest" when they say that they dont believe they will ever be happy again, despite the fact that its not true. You were probably already suffering from bad depression long before he died, which led you to idealize him and cling to him for strength, making your already weakened mental health overly dependent on him in a pathological way. And now that he is gone you feel lost and cant imagine that you still have a future. But you do. You will be loved again and your life still has meaning, no matter how old you are. True, we all die someday. But first we live. And while there is life, there is hope.
  2. Josef

    Lin's Identity

    I believe the real Lin is trapped inside the ancient ruin where we found Adrienne and is actually somehow controlling a copy of hers from afar.
  3. Josef

    PR Easter Mystery Egg Giveaway!

    I fell for it. Damn. Happy April Fools day!
  4. Josef

    PR Easter Mystery Egg Giveaway!

    How can I participate? How does this work?
  5. Josef


  6. Given how hard it is for us to find and battle some of the Gym leaders in Reborn, how is it possible that all the trainers we meet have Pokemon at a Level thats about equal to ours? Wouldn't they all require the gym badges as well in order for their Pokemon to listen to them? 

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    2. DreamblitzX


      It's one of those necessary immersion for gameplay tradeoffs, like levels themselves

    3. Commander


      If you want to get into that, then you'd have to acknowledge the fact that the trainer levels are...ludicrous. All trainers miraculously are all similar leveled to you when people are free to explore and move around. It's a gameplay mechanic merely designed to premote variety in Pokemon teams and a means to grind.

    4. Josef


      It would have been more logical to establish it as some form of actual law in the Pokemon world like: "Those who challenge the league have the obligation to keep their Pokemon underneath a certain level for fairness, otherwise their Pokegear will detect it and emit an ultra sonic noise only to be heard by the over-leveled Pokemon which will cause the Pokemon to go frenzy and disobey. Those who dont challenge the league are free to train their Pokemon to whichever level they like." In my opinion, something like this would make a little more sense, as it would also explain why veteran trainers such as Victoria who choose to challenge the league have to begin from a low level again, while other trainers who dont try to earn the badges such as the Elite 4 can have Pokemon at maximum level if they want to.

  7. Happy Birthday :D, i hope that you will have a fun day ^^

  8. If any of you like Detective Conan and haven't heard about this yet: Anokatas identity was finally revealed. 

  9. Josef

    X% Hype!!! [E18 Dev Discussion Thread]

    I think that we will battle more Pulses than just the stationary ones which are hinted at in the Pulse dex, as Team Meteor was clearly working on mobile ones as well.
  10. Seems like this is the time of the year, where almost everyone on the community (including myself) is struggling with a nearing mental breakdown. I hope the rest of the year will be better. Life kinda seems to be throwing everything it has at us right now. Whoever and wherever you are: Stay strong. You are not alone in all of this mess.