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  1. Yours Truly

    Pokemon Memeborn: Public Version

    Since I am a complete madman I am going to download this and then die halfway through the Bug mono since why the fuck not, will post my progress here prolly if no one minds.
  2. Yours Truly

    [IC] TotMV:G2: The Ballroom (Travel Phase)

    "It becomes a real masher of a gun...well alright then, I give in! I'll fork over the lance, since I don't think that Mar would actually mind now that I think about it, especially if it can still hold a candle to the old Orcish Mercy." Mot slowly but surely unhooked the massive whopper of the alleged lance as he slowly lifted it up in one hand, and took a couple of steps towards the pot and Dackly herself.
  3. Yours Truly

    Pokemon in Space [IC Chapter #03]

    Radovan's expression shifted a little while he stopped to consider his options, before he shifted to rest his hand on Jenny's shoulder in a hopefully reassuring manner as he said "Why don't we wait for Miss Rubia to come back first? Even if Sena is wandering about looking for us in the festival it doesn't mean that we should just rush out and scour the Nexus to look for him, especially since we might get separated or get lost too..."
  4. Yours Truly

    [IC] TotMV:G2: The Ballroom (Travel Phase)

    Mot had a look of visible discomfort on his face as the gorgon lady brazenly invaded his personal space and poured some weird liquid inside of his holster faster than he could say, "Now just hold your horses there missy," and in fact he only managed to say that after the liquid she poured started to solidify inside of his holster in the form of a black and white Autorevolver. He hesitantly moved his hand down to touch the brand new gun, slowly raising it up to his eyes to stare at it for a moment before he asked, "...huh? How did you just make an entire pistol with that pot of yours?"
  5. Yours Truly

    [IC] Trespassers LF: The Teleglitch Incident

    Hirata stopped and put a hand to scratch her mask's chin as she considered something and said, "Well, if we had a cloning machine I could use it to make some sort of powerful cyberdemon...although it might be better if I use a stronger demon as a basis..."
  6. Yours Truly

    [IC] TotMV:G2: The Ballroom (Travel Phase)

    Mot slowly but surely moved his hand down to his Mateba Autorevolver, making sure to turn to face an empty side of the ballroom before he swiftly pulled it out and casually twirled it around for a bit on one finger as he said, "Revolvers, they're the first kind of gun I learned to appreciate, this particular gun is the Mateba Autorevolver, it's a bit clunky, and it's not as fast as a proper semi automatic, but it's a lot more reliable."
  7. Yours Truly

    [IC] TotMV:G2: The Ballroom (Travel Phase)

    "Well I don't know...a really good friend of mine did make it for me, and I'm not really sure if I should melt it down, even if it is too long for me to use properly," Mot said as he raised an eyebrow at the pair while they did their work.
  8. Yours Truly

    [IC] TotMV:G2: The Ballroom (Travel Phase)

    "Not even the titanic greatsword over there? Because I reckon that's enough to start an entire roadside attraction with, 'specially with the way it shines in the light just so...of course it's not as ridiculous as the lance I've got, but it don't take much to entertain regular folk," Mot said as he slowly but surely took off his helmet.
  9. Yours Truly

    [IC] Trespassers LF: The Teleglitch Incident

    Hirata let out a slight sigh as her creation's ungraceful hands pried open the scientist's head a little bit harder than intended, shattering most of the now useless electronics contained inside of their head, she'd have to work on that later. "Oh hey! Those are cute, in an ugly cute kind of way, what are they called? And what do you usually use them for~?"
  10. Alan uses Assuming Direct Control against the Sectopod in A3 to try and disable it with an opposed 1d20+Int v 1d20+Int check, with his Heavily Modified Sony CTY-360 granting him a +20% to his Intelligence for the purposes of that check. Maybe with some sort of bonus from having hacked one before The moment Frigus moves Runner 1 to B2, Alan will order it to move over to B1 and Detonate if possible, hopefully wrecking the rail cannon with it's AC4 charge. He will then tell his brand new tank to fire it's heavy magnetic gun at the Gatekeeper at B2 to soften it up, dealing 4d6+Syn damage to it if it hits. Loadout Drones
  11. Yours Truly

    [IC] TotMV:G2: The Ballroom (Travel Phase)

    In one smooth movement; Mot gently leaned his ride to the side, and parked it on the spot as he said,"Well it's a pleasure to meet you Dackly, and you too Gozer! How long have the two of you been around these parts anyway? And what's the deal with this large pile of acquisitive? Uhh..loot I mean"
  12. Yours Truly

    [IC] TotMV:G2: The Ballroom (Travel Phase)

    Mot slowly but surely rode inside of the ballroom on his pale, gasoline fueled steed, glancing around the room a little as he approached Dackly and the treasure cache. A few moments passed as he took the time to look it up and down, a slight whistling sound audible from inside his helmet just before he turned to face the odd looking snake person inspecting a bottle to say, "Howdy! Ain't seen you around these parts before, my name's Mot, what's yours?".
  13. Yours Truly

    GoGo's Strange Journey Part 1: We're going to be friends

    Stella would rather quickly notice a black and metallic figure with a distinctively skeletal silhouette standing in the distance, with what appeared to be a silver coated musket with green and crackling lightning surrounding it in his hands, which he seemed to be in the process of slowly but surely aiming at the barricade itself. Bregovich slowly turned around with his musket in hand, his eyes widening in surprise slightly before he muttered, "Nnno, that's not possible, wwe destroyed the last production line years ago! How can they be ba-," his words were suddenly cut off by a loud and terrifying sound not unlike that of a screaming man coming from the skeleton's gun, as a green and jagged line tore through the air and fractured a part of the barricade, sending the drow tumbling behind it for cover as the musket carrying one shouts, "What the hell man? WE ALREADY SAID YOU COULD PASS!" This is where I'd like all of you to roll initiative. Alright since apparently almost every single NPC is Sonic, imma just (Position Music - Sail} Initiative Order As the party draws and prepares their various weapons to face the new threat/staring intently at the various barricade they will be getting over, the metallic monstrosity from earlier slides a bolt back from it's weapon of choice and fires a shot at Dagda while advancing! (17 v 18 AC), knocking Dagda back a little as a shot barely glances against the shield he was carrying. It continues marching forward as it slides a bolt back on it's weapon again, but it doesn't seem to be firing. (Moved 20 feet forward) The crossbow wielding woman from before peeked her head out of cover, brushing her medium length blonde hair to the side a bit as she took aim, and fired at the only person who has fired so far while yelling out, "Ronnie! I don't think your sister's working with these bastards." (22, 4 damage), her crossbow made a slight dent as it shattered itself on the chest plate of the closest enemy soldier, not like it seemed to mind this overly much. Another drow, unseen to anyone but Stella; quickly ran deeper inside of the barricaded alleyway he was guarding and disappeared behind a door she hadn't noticed before after hearing gunshots aimed at the main barricade. One of the metallic soldiers that had been hidden behind the walls of a building slowly but surely approaches Dagda's position as he takes aim, and pulls the trigger...again...and again....and again, (Natural 1), it seems that his gun was jammed at the moment, much to his chagrin if the rather violent attempts at pulling the bolt back was any indication. 'Ronnie' quickly got up from behind the barricade and completely and utterly missed the target (11), somehow managing to shoot the door of a building right across the target instead, and he let out a little curse before he ducked back behind cover and asked, "Oh yeah? Well they could have fooled me, coming in just before these black bastards started shooting at us, what are they anyway?"
  14. Yours Truly

    GoGo's Strange Journey Part 1: We're going to be friends

    By this point Bregovich had already pulled out a map as he quietly examined his options, and attempted to chart out a path towards the castle within the square that wouldn't involve breaking past a barricade or circling around the distilleries in the few moments that passed before the drow returned, and shouted out, " Alright alright you lot can pass, apparently preventing someone from breaking the ZAP by breaking past our barricade to reach their place of employment is also in itself a violation of the ZAP, so just take your weird skeleton friend and get the hell out of here as soon as possible alright? He's really creeping us out."
  15. Yours Truly

    [IC] TotMV:G2: Engineering Bay (Travel Phase)

    The engineer scratches the back of his head for a moment before he finally says, "A kettle, I want to know if it will start to boil if we fill it up with running water and shoot it a couple of times with the browning."