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  1. Rabbna

    Depths PC

    Does anyone know where exactly is this thing? It exist at least since the relationship points is intoduced and its supposedly in tanzan depths but i cant find it anywhere.
  2. Rabbna

    Book/Novel Recommendations

    I recommend 2 of my favorite books, once you'll read it you'll love it. And both of them are New York Times best sellers too! So thats a plus.
  3. Rabbna

    Dev Blog | V11 Status Thread

    If you notice carefuly there seems to be Mosely in the background in the spectator (just under you opponent)
  4. Togepi is actually fairy type not normal.
  5. Rabbna

    Hopes For E18

    You can still do it actually. All you have to do is breed that arcanine and give the egg to him.
  6. Can anyone please help me choose what should I evolve Eevee to. If anyone's asking it has its HA. Im about to face Serra here are my current team members. Main Team: Serperior, Archeops, Dusclops, Pangoro, Granbull, Pyroar (will ditch for Magmortar as soon it's available) In rotation: Ursaring, Jynx, Floatzel (will probably end up as HM slave), Kricketune, A. Persian Will add: Electivire, Silvally, one of the Hitmons capture000.bmp
  7. Rabbna

    Simisear replacement

    After beating Shelly i just realized how useless this thing is since it didnt put much of a fight. Can someone think of something to replace this preferably something that works well with my contrary serperior. Serperior -leaf storm -giga drain -dragon pulse -leech seed/nature power/filler
  8. in order to get them you have to got e16 and load in the circus room but if you have saved in e17 you need a backup save to do so
  9. Rabbna

    Lady in Chrysolia forest not appearing?

    I think she only appear at clear days
  10. All hacks and hacking methods are banned!

  11. Unown: Fail +Good for EV training mixed attackers +Gives a decent amount of exp for grinding due to their tendencies of being high leveled -Only available after Corey -HORRIBLE base stats -An even worse movepool (only learns HP) -Is useless against Shelly and it just keeps sucking after that -Terribly outclassed by other psychics available at the same time or earlier (Grumpig, Mr. Mime, etc.)
  12. morellul is available at terajuma jungle and cutiefly in pom - pom meadow
  13. Rabbna

    Pokemon Rejuvenation v9 Randomizer

  14. Rabbna

    Pokemon Rejuvenation v9 Randomizer

    Where did you find a yungoos? Also i what will happen if use the randomizer on my current save file