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  1. response conner he said gave us more early options with poliwag i think but yeah its still pretty bad aederyn hard but I wasn't too mad Tristan suoer hard I agree with you a lot in that regard Emily i was oveall less frustrated than you rosetta yeah it was relatively easy he has said he was nerfing metal coat
  2. why are you taking a break from the forums just curious also I don't think its dead at all its just that sometimes people don't have stuff to say about the game I personally liked the v4 ending I was speechless
  3. love the new rift carnavine design
  4. thanks for letting me know about data reaper unfortunately it seems they don't have a one for ungoro yet or am I mistaken
  5. according to tempostorm tier one decks are quest warrior,quest rougue miracle rougue and pirate warrior also every class has a tier two or above deck except shaman
  6. so ungoro has been out for a week and I was curious about how peoples opinions of the expansion are?
  7. I wish you luck man you need it after the bullshit from the mewtwo last episode I hope when the time comes when you reach the next bs boss moment that you still continue because I enjoy this series too much for it to end there also this reply has my intrique i wonder what you mean by that. Not in a good way but what happens is pretty damn spectacular.
  8. I cant really defend the gym invalidation thing that much but maybe the creators have a logical explanation for it maybe ask them about it? also wanted to say that you usually get a extra reward if you complete all of a help centers requests in an area so I would highly recommend going back and completing the kecleon one when youre a stronger as well as any others you skipped I'm confused in the replies about the hate for melia can you clarify a little more it might due to the fact that the area you might be referring do was changed after I got past it and that's why I don't understand the hate as musch
  9. also in the spirit of rip pendulum a structure deck in the ocg that had some key pendulum based cards is being turned into a set in america
  10. will it/had it been explained why hardy does not have his zoroark when you fight him
  11. finally beat the ranger fight in this episode then I accidently closed the application before saving rip
  12. is it possible to get all sludge pieces I cant seem to find the last one. do we ever get the sewer key what is real and what is fake who even knows anymore
  13. omg does caz know that belch is bugged its not supposed to do damage unless they eat a berry first or was it buffed
  14. there should be one you can buy in celia city for credits as well as in a random rock near one of the entrances in the mountain range before blackview city