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  1. probably didn't give you a dragon fang because it would make rose even more op by having it even though you got it through luck in the first place edit some of your images don't seem to be working for me wonder if its just me I wonder if jan even sees this nuzlocke you should send him a message in the rejuvenation forum about the faults of the game at one point or another
  2. derogatory why do you have to remind me of that nightmare battle
  3. it was someone that said we would be meeting soon or something like that and then leaving I don't remember them having a name it all happened so quickly it was in one of the apartments
  4. some one recognized me in one of the buildings is that what you are referring to I don't recall what it was about
  5. do we know what story elements were changed I don't want to do a whole new run outside of doing new game for half a second to see the updated intro
  6. funny story I didn't get to/find the pokemon center right away when I got in grand dream city and a random kicked me all the way back to a healing station in the middle of the first blackstar area(I think I totally butchered the name) XD
  7. nightmare city if you leave after beating the first boss there to heal a cut scene retriggers causing you later when you return to that area to have to face the boss again edit might not be a bug but the tm for smack down appears twice once where you first encounter bladestar and again in grand dream city
  8. not a bug but the tm smack down can be found in both grand dream city and the bladestar hideout...
  9. question my game seems to be stuck on sped up mode any way to fix that edit seems to be fixed now wonder what happened most likely it was the space bar speeding it up
  10. hold on the mediafire link is not working for me anyone else have this problem did jan say whether or not we will get a rift dex similar to the pulse dex of reborn
  11. couldn't have said it any better myself field effects are amazing
  12. even though its rotated dragon priest still seems pretty strong also I'm glad that we can finally do quests against friends permanently also yeah deck sharing is a thing
  13. rip my free time tomorrow cant wait to play it edit wait there is a new thing in the opening of the game I hear why you have to do this jan
  14. this thread needs more love that it used to have really bummed that I missed that event fairfamily I know its that not competive but I'm just been love with spiral phantom recently.
  15. Happy Birthday :D, i hope you will have a fun day ^^

    1. nepeta100


      thanks although its tomorrow XD it means a lot to me since I wouldn't think anyone would do that because I'm not that active  in the forums most of the time

    2. LykosHand


      Ah okay xD; well what i assure you is that i've seen you're not so inactive, and as long as you're still active i will send you birthday wishes ;), anyway you're welcome ^^