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  1. Pokemon Reborn Pentaop Prethread

    quick question about julias field effect doesn't it have a special interaction with sonicboom or self destruct that's one of the first major ones in the game I don't expect much deaths til then
  2. Pokemon Reborn Pentaop Prethread

    Small update there is no confirmed date for the reborn pentaop other than 2018 so we unfortunately might have to wait a while. Feel free to still talk about it on here until it does and when that happens I will create an official discussion thread for the topic. Where I will be keeping track of the deaths amongst other things
  3. he has an actual dev team? are they regulars on the reborn forums? am I reading too far into this maybe? Lol
  4. Pokemon Reborn Pentaop Prethread

    I guess youre right I will just have to be satisfied with keeping a death tracker XD
  5. Pokemon Reborn Pentaop Prethread

    oh yeah but those are rather challenging for the most part due to scaling with how far you are in the game
  6. Pokemon Reborn Pentaop Prethread

    yeah reborn doesn't have rejuvenations audino trainers the only form of trainer grinding is the agate circus clowns
  7. Pokemon Reborn Pentaop Prethread

    I'm not giving them a guide I'm telling them where the event encounters its not like telling them where event encounters are is going to break the game they probably record episodes in bulk so a comment detailing the event mons in their current area from episode to episode shouldn't break the game. The more important part of my comments is to keep an accurate record to keep track of deaths
  8. Pokemon Reborn Pentaop Prethread

    I was just about to give the timestamp XD
  9. Pokemon Reborn Pentaop Prethread

    if they even know to do that even XD the game does not really explain how helpful that is for nuzlockes
  10. Pokemon Reborn Pentaop Prethread

    I realized just now that pokemon reborn is not one episode from being done so we will have to wait multiple occasions for this series to come back more than likely
  11. Pokemon Reborn Pentaop Prethread

    My personal thoughts is that 100 percent the garchomp and arceus fight should not count for deaths those shouldn't end nuzlockes
  12. Pokemon Reborn Pentaop Prethread

    King nappy as far as I'm concerned does not like it when people question him about when new series come out so we most likely wont know a concrete date until he says so/it comes out. The other youtubers might reveal it I haven't messaged them on twitter or asked them on their twitch streams so theres still hope about that. If its not randomized I will be rather upset because the randomization ruins the reborn experience in my opinion. I also hold the belief that nappy wouldn't uptalk himself beating one of the hardest fan games to nuzlocke in the video that had the announcement if it was randomized. Field effect reactions/pulse reactions are definitely going to be up there however as of the most recent versions you have to find the data for the field effects yourself in the overworld or search the old updates of the reborn forums instead of the main field effects page which I find weird personally. Also as an extension of the randomization ruining experience if they have random teams field effects are basically meaningless for the most part XD I think it will come out soon rather regardless not toward the end of the year because it would be the perfect replacement in the upload schedule since insurgence is done today
  13. Pokemon Reborn Pentaop Prethread

    Hi and welcome to the pre-hype thread for the Pokemon Reborn Pentaop. A five player simultaneous nuzlocke of pokemon reborn featuring the following Youtubers. King Nappy Jayytgamer NumbNexus The HeatedMo Twit The reason why I made this thread is to get help from the reborn community about the various locations for event encounters so I can provide an accurate guide in the youtube comments sections so they can get every pokemon possible. As well as get feedback for ideas for what I should do with the general thread which I will release as soon as the first episode gets released At the moment there is no official confirmation from any of the youtubers about if the game is randomized or not. The first and third pentaops insurgence and light platinum were randomized while the second uranium was not. Is it currently possible to randomize pokemon reborn because I currently do not know and would wish to find out. Also feel free to provide general thoughts about expectations about how well they are going to do or special nuzlocke rulings that should be made for pokemon reborn. Example: as said in the general nuzlocke page for pokemon reborn should fights like garchomp/arceus count for deaths
  14. it is unfortunate that you weren't able to release the next update to desolation in febuary but I trust you to come through and finish eventually I understand its hard being a game developer at times when theres other stuff going on

  15. What are some theories everyone has about the ending of ver 4/what do you think will happen in the next one