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  1. finally beat the ranger fight in this episode then I accidently closed the application before saving rip
  2. is it possible to get all sludge pieces I cant seem to find the last one. do we ever get the sewer key what is real and what is fake who even knows anymore
  3. omg does caz know that belch is bugged its not supposed to do damage unless they eat a berry first or was it buffed
  4. there should be one you can buy in celia city for credits as well as in a random rock near one of the entrances in the mountain range before blackview city
  5. whats the deal with the grand rogue quest? is there truly any bad stuff that happens by participating in either fight club. edit megas aren't yet available in this game correct did caz say when we would get mega miteyena
  6. totally forgot this was coming out this month looking forward to it :3 also I forgot he confirmed mega mityenna although megas aren't in the game yet correct?
  7. I'm aware jay knows I wont be surprised if he doesn't tell them lol finale? is up
  8. so I have been looking around at various pokemon costumes on deviant art and came across this amazing one of a person that made a very realistic costume of umbreon for their dog I'm speechless I love it so much
  9. itsa the fact that uranium pokemon are 4 times effective against dual type pokemon that make it hard. They are now past victory road and about to enter the tandoor championship little do they know they cant heal mid battle
  10. I don't really know if I should be posting this or if I am posting in the right section feel free to delete this post mods if you deem it too in appropriate but a youtube channel known as ultima almighty that was one of the bigger channels that played pokemon reborn and as well as recently having an interview with amethyst regardless of what happened since i don't know all what happened I wish him condolences and hope that it doesn't ruin his life forever
  11. glad I got some others to see it is certainly entertaining to say the least what makes this interesting that compared to other pentops is that this one isn't randomized so it going to be somewhat tougher at the later portions of the game
  12. spoilers for most recent episode
  13. A discussion forum on what is one of my favorite nuzlockes of all time Most recent episode first episode
  14. yeah its pretty dumb on a another topic it seems yugioh seems to be picking up again in some ways with both duel links and legacy I'm seeing content creators like shadypenguinn creating yugioh videos and this makes me really happy