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  1. I come back to reborn getting episode 16 and now desolation is back woot
  2. of course I would recommend it :3
  3. yeah the hiker guy is missing for me too hopefully it gets fixed also the lady from spinal town is gone so i cant get her sticker rip getting to the upper floors for now edit oh windy for the lady to apeear it seems
  4. same with me hiker dude is gone too
  5. what does WTC mean
  6. my first post on the new site I'm so hyped to play the next episode and the new site looks amazing
  7. oh theres 29 then i guess theres 3 more unique ones neato :3
  8. 3 starter z moves 1 tapu z move 1 eevee z move 1 Pikachu z move 1 snorlax z move so only one unique z move has not been revealed although many of the non unique ones have yet to be shown also so you have that to look forward to I guess
  9. im also in the shofu camp lol
  10. aololan dugtrio's new ability is worse than arena trap who here agrees with me
  11. i love these new z moves and I'm also im glad I'm haven't been spoiled much I only vaguly know one non official evolution from the full game leaks and that's it
  12. i dont play overwatch but yeah that is pretty broken also another thing I saw you didn't include is mercys heal on a stealth sombra cant be seen
  13. pokemon lover and wants to work in sega and Nintendo as a game designer and wants to do stuff with youtube you and I will get along very well
  14. something was revealed in the pokemon tcg so its not really a spoiler but should I talk about it in here or datamine section