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  1. my game is ruined

    there is something really wrong with my game still it kept talking about not enough space and about script and then it would crash and now its perfectly fine again...
  2. my game is ruined

  3. game randomly crahes

    updated save which hasn't crashed really since I posted the pictures a few hours ago so it might be fine now edit I spoke too soon it crashed again when I was fighting the gym leaders seems to only be in certain areas or it could just be pure randomness with no real reason because it stopped crashing at the gym leader really hope you can fix it XD Game.rxdata
  4. game randomly crahes

    Game.rxdata I have no idea what is happening the game just randomly crashes for no reason will update this after I get a picture of it happening edit hasn't crashed for a while now weird
  5. [Resolved]black screen

    whenever I load episode 17 I just get a black screen with background music Game.rxdata edit when I load episode 16 it says failed to load script data edit fixed
  6. I'm still curious why did you decide to let liepard die instead of mothim did you just think mothim was more useful or was it some other random reason if so what
  7. pokemon desolation is on the pokemon reborn forums and it features a reputation system every major character shows green text when you do something they like and red text when you do something they don't like depending on how high or low reputation is with certain characters events can go very differently which this makes your choices in the game a lot more impactful this is a rom hack of omega ruby to be difficult I'm impressed your doing this well
  8. glad this series is back I'm glad youre continuing it even though its not as significant as reborn and rejuvenation also question have you played pokemon desolation and if so how does it compare to other pokemon fan games you played
  9. theres been a lot of clamering for shofu to play pokemon desolation on his rejuvenation videos I definitely approve of this
  10. I'm very sad that pounce died instead of mothball I wish you had a bullshit clause like you had with the garchomp in reborn but I guess I'm glad the run didn't end. Keep trucking along I'm still rooting for you to beat your two main nuzlocke series. If it wasn't for the fullrestore pounce and mothball would have lived....
  11. I saw in the replies that after your pokemon reborn and rejuvenation series you might not do nuzlockes anymore but I still hope you do reaction series to other pokemon games also does this mean the alphabet locke is over?
  12. Version 9 - The City of Mystery

    why is rorrim b's music not mirror b's theme anymore?
  13. Version 9 - The City of Mystery

    how did you notice the text with Amanda and amaria or was it something else
  14. Version 9 - The City of Mystery

    shofu is playing this game again!