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  1. I now have all 3 of Kurosawa Dia's URs on different EN/WW accounts! <3

  2. Ame-sama is one of the nicest people I have ever met. <3 

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    2. Nyaagisa The Maid

      Nyaagisa The Maid

      Maybe not any pseudolegendaries but at give us the magikarp

    3. OpalWardMusicFan


      Guys be nice. I enjoy talking to her a lot

    4. Alistair


      I wasn't being (too) sarcastic. I know firsthand that Ame is a very nice and open person. I'm glad there are people like her around. It helps during tough times.

  3. Fun Game: Anime/Game characters- Which Pokemon would they have?

    Very nice choices. I tend to try and avoid Legendaries too. OMFG Naruto! Nice choices! Here is another character I came up with a team for! Shiba Tatsuya (Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei) 1. Arceus (with ALL plates in his inventory), Tatsuya has the powers of Mahesvara aka Shiva of Indian Mythology. 2. Yveltal, Tatsuya is called The Destroyer, God of Destruction, and The Demon of Okinawa. Plus, he can REGENERATE, and basically never die. 3. Female Meowstic with Competitive Ability, Tatsuya can erase a bullet in the air after it was fired. With his HAND. 4. Luxray, as it can see through things and has immense power. 5. Mega Aerodactyl, because its VERY powerful and insanely fast. 6. Kommo-o, just watch the anime episode where he beats the living sh*t out of a tiger guy that had overwhelmed a very powerful Senpai of his. He basically nearly kills this guy in like... 3 or 4 hits. As stated before, I hate relying on Legendaries, but Tatsuya requires them.
  4. Fun Game: Anime/Game characters- Which Pokemon would they have?

    I thought that also until I watched a playthrough of FATE/Extella. How she fights in it cloaks her moves in fire, like Flame Wheel. I also had reserved psychic typing for Solgaleo. Thanks for replying!
  5. 'Where do I go now?'

    After episode 16 redownloads (my comp is being a butt, had to reinstall) I can show where I am. I am lost. May well need my game looked at.
  6. Hello, Ame-sama!! I missed you~! How have you been?

    1. Amethyst


      hi there! i've been mostly okay, aside from a few stray speedbumps, but ain't that life. how about you??

    2. OpalWardMusicFan


      Same. My life has not been easy my friend. I could do with talking to you offline or figuring out how to work Reborn on my mobile haha. I get cornered a lot and get mad. Glad you are well . ^^

  7. 'Where do I go now?'

    Okay, I am totally lost. I beat the ice chick. Now I need meds and the Mart is unreachable. NANIII? I am also grinding levels for the boss fight to protect the kids. That's all I remember. ><
  8. What I Think Each Member Sounds Like

    Okay, I took the bait lol.
  9. Hey all, if this belongs elsewhere, feel free to move it. So, a wild thought occurred to me today as I installed the Reborn update-- What Pokemon would non Pokemon related anime or video game characters have as a team? I decided to post a topic and see where it goes! I am using gifs but nobody else needs to. Lets begin with the character that started this little idea in the first place! Character: Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus Franchise: FATE Pokemon Team: 1. Roserade: 2. Volcarona: (Shiny) 3. Typhlosion: 4. Pyroar: (Male specifically) 5. Incineroar: 6. Solgaleo: Explanation: Why did I choose these Pokemon? Simple. Nero is called "The Flower of Rome" and is "The Empress of Roses". She values beauty, power, elegance, honesty, and kindness. She is also a bold, charismatic ruler who was beloved by her people in life. I will explain each choice by number. 1. Her affiliation with roses. 2. Her Noble Phantasm: Aestus Domus Aurea: Golden Theater of the Flamboyant aka Golden Theater of the Deranged. To summon it, she says in Fate/Extra: “Behold my glory... Hear the thunderous applause... Sit down and praise... My Golden Theater! Kingdom of Heaven and Hell... My heaven, reconstructed! This is where the limelight shines!” Shiny Volcarona is gold, in other words. 3. Typhlosion is straight up powerful, fast and a pure Fire-type. 4. Male Pyroar are regal and powerful. Plus, from behind, their manes look like flowers. 5. Incineroar is a showoff and would meld with her nicely. 6. She manifests as a Saber class. Steel. Solgaleo is regal, cute, and again, the mane is flower-esque from behind. Plus, Solgaleo would easily wreck armies so there's that too. Please remove the highlight effect behind Golden Theater of the Deranged up above please and thank you.
  10. Where would I post a forum game about anime/game characters and the teams of pokemon people think they would have?

    1. Ice Cream Sand Witch

      Ice Cream Sand Witch

      That sounds like it would go in either Pokemon Fan Club or the Wasteland. 

    2. OpalWardMusicFan


      Okay thanks! Will do Wasteland to be safe.

  11. I got a creepy call from what turned out to be an ESCORT SERVICE earlier, giving details of my friend's apartment, name, right down to her apartment number. They impersonated her case manager. I called her, asked about this, she called her case manager, then said she hadn't called me. They knew my name, my friend's name, etc. I know who did it, her "boyfriend". I told her this, and she defends him. What do I do?

    1. Alistair


      I'd say warn her very clearly about what you know, and keep an eye out for her, but don't act in her stead. If her bf is a toxic person, it's up to her to figure it out and sort things out with him.

      If you suspect the people who got her personal details are dangerous, gently but firmly advise her to call the police.

    2. OpalWardMusicFan


      Will do. I feel unsafe at home now tbh. Thanks.

    3. Alistair


      I hope you don't run into trouble... Stay safe Naoto.

  12. Meet the vets!

    Known as: Opal or Naoto (Persona 4) Age: 30 Gender: Female Birthday: June 18th Location: USA (which sucks) Height: 5'6" Hair Color: Brunette with blonde streaks (natural) Eye Color: Hazel Lives with: I live alone Pets: None, but I WANT ALL CATS T^T Relationship status: Happily Engaged <3 Favourite Food: Pizza Favourite Drink: Ginger Ale Favourite Color: Red Favourite kind of Music: Heavy Metal Favourite Band: Disturbed Favourite Album: Evanescence (by Evanescence) Favourite Song: Sis Puella Magica!, GravityWall (Re:Creators opening 1) Favourite Game: Pokemon, Persona 3 Portable Favourite Genre of Game: RPG Favourite Hobbies: Playing Persona, playing Pokemon, researching stuff, snuggling cats. Favourite Movies: A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. (ORIGINAL ONES, NOT remake!) Favourite Shows: NCIS, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who So, who are you?: I am a 30 year old woman, quiet and sweet to those I care for. Anything you're responsible for?: Not here no. If you had to choose one of your posts as your way to introduce yourself, which would it be? Too many to choose from. What can I talk to you about? Persona, Pokemon, anything not pervy. Closing statements? Have a nice day.
  13. Hey everyone, sorry for the extended absence, I live in a place without wifi and I feel unsafe since there are gunshots almost daily and I am surrounded by graveyards, heck, one is across the street from where I live. T_T

  14. What's odd is the SOS chain mechanic: How is anyone supposed to chain hundreds of a Pokemon when there is ZERO way to have moves last that long?

    1. Njab


      leppa berries

    2. OpalWardMusicFan


      Which take days to grow. ><

    3. Njab


      they don't, just put them in pelago

  15. Loving the snowfall effect. Alot. <3