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  • Crest Suggestions! (CLOSED)


    Have a Pokemon you love, but they're underperforming? Have a Crest idea you're dying to have in game?

    Look no further! This is the thread for you!


    Like last time, I'd like to open suggestions for possible Crest ideas! There are a few rules, though.


    • Crest ideas with just base stat buffs will not be considered. Get creative!
    • Pokemon that are considered good can be suggested, but only if it offers a different style of play.
    • Avoid Pokemon that already have a Crest in game.
    • No Crest that allows for Ash-Greninja or anything similar :]

    That's it! I look forward to your suggestions. This thread will close when we've gotten enough suggestions we like. A warning will be given out before that is done.


    Edit: Gen 8 Pokemon are included in this! Give me your Gen 8 ideas!

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    Banette Crest: This pokemon uses its attack stat when using special moves. Grants oblivious (ability). Attacks used by this pokemon cannot be resisted and instead deal super effective damage to those who would resist it.


    Oblivious prevents taunts (trick room) and intimidate from activating.


    Examples: Gunk shot hits steel types for x2 damage. Klefki takes x4 damage. Ghost moves deal super effective damage to normal types and dark types. Sucker punch deals x4 damage to fighting/dark pokemon (this may be a bit too much)


    Edit: Felt like what I suggested was too weak so I tweaked it a bit.

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    It's ya boi BarfFE666, back at it again with some more suggestions. I'm just going to fire off a list, so yeah. Here goes nothing:


    Zoroark Crest-Gives 1.5x boost to both defenses and a 1.3x boost to Night Daze when Illusion is active


    Emboar Crest-Gives Rock Head effect (no recoil) and Speed is calculated off Attack


    Speed is calculated based off HP lost (-1 HP = +1 Speed in addition to original speed stat)


    Samurott Crest-First attack on entry is always a Critical Hit and slashing/piercing moves (Razor Shell, Slash, Megahorn, Sacred Sword, Fury Cutter, Aerial Ace, False Swipe, X-Scissor, Smart Strike, Night Slash) gain a 1.3x boost to base power.


    Serperior Crest-Adds Dragon type and the ability to learn Draco Meteor while holding the Crest


    Speed always calculates off Special Attack (including stat boosts)


    Simisear Crest-Gives Solar Power effect and doubles beneficial stat boosts in Sun (basically one-way Simple)


    Simipour Crest-Gives Hydro Power (Solar Power clone) effect and doubles beneficial stat boosts in Rain (one-way Simple)


    Simisage Crest-Gives Broccoli Power (Solar Power clone) effect and doubles beneficial stat boosts in Grassy Terrain (one-way SImple, again)


    Unfeazant Crest-All Special attacks are calculated off Attack


    Electervire Crest-Adds Fighting typing and grants Iron Fist effect


    Magmortar Crest-Adds Fighting typing and calculates Attack off Special Attack


    Delcatty Crest-All Normal-type moves become ??? Type (hits everything neutrally) and all stats besides HP are calculated off Speed (Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Attack, so everything become at least base 90)


    Froslass Crest-Destiny Bond activates on switch-in


    Miltank Crest-Adds Serene effect and Milk Drink heals allies by 25% when used


    Victreebell Crest-absorbs switch-out moves (U-turn, Volt Switch, Flip Turn) and applies Wrap effect; in addition, any trapping moves apply a Leech Seed effect on to the opponent


    Vileplume Crest-All physical moves calculate off Special Attack (Drain Punch in particular) and draining moves heal 50% additional HP


    Shiinotic Crest-Any opponent that wakes up from sleep when Shiinotic is on the field becomes confused


    Turtonator Crest-Swaps Defense with Sp. Atk and Sp. Def. with Speed; Shell Trap becomes a Protect clone (like KIng's Shield/Baneful Bunker) that deals scaling Fire-type damage based on typing (i.e. if a Water-type hits Turt, they take 3% of their HP as damage, but if a Bug-type hits Turt, they take 12% because they are weak to Fire, and a Bug/Grass Type would take 24%) that starts at base 6% damage ONLY if the opponent makes direct contact (so Long Reach/Protective Pads/any non-contact move can ignore the effect)


    Sawsbuck Crest-Changes typing based on the seasonal form, and grants a unique Pixalate-esque ability for each new typing:


    Spring-Grass/Fairy w/ Pixilate
    Summer-Grass/Fire w/ Incinerate (working name)
    Fall-Grass/Ground w/ Terriate 
    Winter-Grass/Ice w/ Refrigerate


    Kingdra Crest-boosts Special Attack and Special Defense by 15%, and gives a 1.3x boost to Flying-type attacks


    Credit to my friend Truth for helping


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    You thought I was done? Haha. no. I've literally been going through the entire Pokedex with my buddy to come with these cool Crest ideas. So, without further ado, I present my 3rd batch of Crest concepts:


    Golisopod Crest-negates Emergency Exit and gives it to the opponent, replacing their ability


    Rotom Crest-Forces any Rotom form to be Electric/Ghost typing


    Hitmonchan Crest-All punching moves become 50 base power and always hit twice (does not apply to Focus Punch, cuz that’d be wack)


    Hitmonlee Crest-Dependent upon the ability, this Crest has a different effect:


    Unburden: Activates Unburden upon switch-in and grants +1 accuracy

    Limber: Paralyzes Hitmonlee, but it has no effect (pseudo-status immunity) and grants +1 accuracy

    Reckless: Does not take recoil (Rock Head + Hi/Jump Kick misses) and grants +1 accuracy


    Hitmontop Crest: Calculates Defense off Special Defense and takes neutral damage from Flying, Psychic, and Fairy-type attacks (cuz balance, I guess)


    Jynx Crest-Swaps Defense and Speed, all kissing moves bypass the accuracy check (Lovely Kiss, Sweet Kiss, Draining Kiss), and upgrades Draining Kiss to 80 base power.


    Golduck Crest-Adds Psychic typing (long overdue) and grants a passive 1.3x boost to all moves’ base power.


    Wigglytuff Crest-Special Attack and Speed are calculated off HP, and any damage dealt decreases all 3 stats accordingly.


    Dewgong Crest-Grants 1.5x (STAB) bonus to piercing moves (Icicle Spear, Megahorn, Drill Run) and doubles Speed in Rain and Hail


    Electrode Crest-Explosion/Self-Destruct calculate damage off Speed and halves the target’s respective defensive stat (like it was pre-Gen 5).


    Licklylicky Crest-Licklylicky mirrors the typing of any Terrain, and its Normal-type attacks gain a Pixilate-esque effect that matches the respective Terrain. Also, Lick gains a guaranteed paralysis chance.


    Delibird Crest-All attacks bypass the accuracy check; ,Present becomes a 90 base power Ice-type move with 100% accuracy and a 30% chance to flinch. Also, in Double Battles, when Present is used on an ally, it heals 50% of their maximum HP (Ala Pollen Puff).


    Noctowl Crest-Replaces Normal-typing with the Ghost type and grants a Ghost-type Pixilate for Normal-type moves.


    Lanturn Crest-When Lanturn in on the field, all attacks are redirected to it + Volt Absorb AND Water Absorb are always active; Charge raises Special Attack along with its other effects


    Bellossom Crest-Grants Fairy typing and boosts Special Attack + Special Defense in Sun (Ala Flower Gift but better)


    Sunflora Crest-Gains an additional Fire typing, learns Weather Ball upon holding the Crest, and Speed is calculated off of Special Attack in Sun


    Jumpluff Crest-raises accuracy of moves by 10%, and any opponent affected by a Spore/Powder move receive -1 to their speed


    Quagsire Crest-gains status immunity and grants Battle Armor effect (can’t be crit)


    Dunsparce Crest-Whenever Dunsparce lands a move’s additional effect or a critical hit, its defenses are raised by +1.


    Girafarig Crest-Gains Parental Bond effect ONLY on Special Attack, and any lowered stats results in +1 to Special Attack


    Wailord Crest-Grants a passive 1.5x (STAB) boost that scales down depending on the amount of HP remaining and gains Aqua Ring in switch-in


    Solrock Crest-Replaces Psychic-typing with the Fire-type and Cosmic Power gives +1 to Attack, Defense, and Speed (replaces the defensive buffs)


    Lunatone Crest-Replaces Psychic-typing with the Fairy-type and Cosmic Power gives +1 to Attack, Special Defense, and Speed (replaces the defensive buffs)


    Drapion Crest-Grants guaranteed crits on Bug-Type moves


    Probopass-Grants Levitate effect and boosts all Electric-types by 1.5x (STAB)


    Seismitoad Crest-Grants a Poison-type Water Absorb and a 1.5x (STAB) boost to Poison-type attacks. Toxic also bypasses the accuracy check (like it does for a Poison type)


    Crustle Crest-Absorbs Ground and Rock-type attacks and gain +1 to both defenses (kinda like a defensive Storm Drain); when Crustle uses Shell Smash, all defensive boosts are converted to increased stages of Speed (+1 to Defense and Special Defense * Shell Smash = +2 Speed)


    Druddigon Crest-Grants Tough Claws effect and merges defensive stats while also swapping them with Speed (Speedà90, Def + Sp. Def à48)


    Pangoro Crest-Grants +1 priority to Parting Shot


    Malamar Crest-inverts weaknesses and resistances


    Trevenant Crest-When Trevenant falls below 50% of its maximum HP, it activates a “rage” effect. This includes locking both Trevenant in with Ingrain and the opponent who knocked it into “rage” mode in with “ensnaring roots” (Wrap clone) for 4-5 turns. Trevenant is then given +1 to Attack, Defense, and Special Defense while also inflicting the opponent with Forest’s Curse.


    Gourgeist Crest-When Gourgeist is hit by a super-effective attack, it starts wailing in an eerie tone. These anguished wails cause the opponent to be trapped in, and they being to be pulled into the afterlife. This causes Perish Song to be set up, and Gourgeist will continue its cry until it is fainted or switches out. This has no effect on other Ghost types or Soundproof Pokemon.


    Ribombee Crest-Boosts Special Attack by 1.3x in clear weather/Hail/Sand and 1.5x in Sun. Pollen Puff becomes a 120 base power move that also heals Ribombee for 25% HP whenever it lands successfully. However, if it starts to rain Ribombee is forced to switch out (ala Emergency Exit), and it takes 2x damage from Water-type attacks. If Pollen Puff is used on a partner with the Crest active, it heals 75% of their maximum HP. If Ribombee is forced to be on the field in Rain since it is the last Pokemon, all of Pollen Puff’s changed attributes are undone and it loses the boost to Special Attack

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    One just came to mind and I think its kinda good


    Eelectross:Pure power but for speed and its spatk uses its atk (kinda how claydol works accept its atk instead of defense)

    or if thats to broken add on the swift swim effect so that its speed still doubles but only in rain

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    Last submissions? Lets go!


    Poliwrath crest: sheer force and can hit water pokemon always neutral

    Politoed crest: drizzle is now Primordial Sea, but only as long as Politoed is in the fight


    (H)Linoone/Mightyena Crest: Paralyse Linoone/Mightyene and when defeating a pokemon its attack rises +1 (moxie), and can not be paralysed. Losing/Changing or switching neutral typings against Linoone/Mightyena would be awasome aswell


    Bojilin crest: Ice moves have priority and water attacks have +10% chance of flinching


    Kapardor Crest: Splash has a 1% Chance of one hit K.O.


    Jan Crest: Grains Abillity locking through 300+ Comments without looking like zombie afterwards.

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    In the case of legendary pokemon (in future versions, of course) :

    Kantonian Articuno : Summons Icy Field permanently, raises Speed stats by two stages every turn.

    Kantonian Zapdos : Gives a permanent Electric Surge and Lightning Rod effect, raises Defense by one stage and uses Charge move automatically every turn.

    Kantonian Moltres : Summons Burning Field permanently, applies Fire Spin to the user on first turn when entering the battle and raises Attack, Sp Attack and Speed by one stage every turn.

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    Reuniclus: Summons Trick Room when switching in.

    Qwilfish: Gains an additional rough skin effect.

    Crawdaunt: speed doubles in rain(basically swift swim)

    Drampa: Summons Holy Field upon switching in

    Hawlucha: Ability changes to Iron Fist and boost physical attack stat by 10.

    Honchkrow: automatically applies taunt on the opponent when switching in and moxie gives +2 instead of +1

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    Tropius crest: Nullifies its Grass type weaknesses, increases its Attack stat by 50%.


    Serperior crest: Grants it Dragon type, makes it resist Ice type and Flying type.


    Emboar crest: Grants it Rock Head, raises its speed by one stage every time it uses a Fire type physical move. (If it uses Flame Charge, its speed will raise by two stages.)


    Samurott crest: Swaps its Special Attack and Speed stats, slash move (Razor Shell, Sacred Sword, X-Scissor, Fury Cutter, Night Slash, Slash and Burn, Cut, Slash, Air Slash) boosted in power by 50%.


    Miltank crest: Grants it Serene Grace, Milk Drink can be used on its ally and party Pokemon in battle.


    Ninjask crest: Attack scales with Speed.


    Shedinja crest: Grants it Disguise (Gen 7 version) and Magic Guard.


    Phione crest: Its base stats scale with Manaphy when Manaphy is in the party. Replaces its ability with Storm Drain.


    Pangoro crest: Its base Attack and base Speed increase based on the amount of Fighting type and Dark type Pokemon in the party. Each Fighting type increases 5 base Attack stats. (max: 25) Each Dark type increases 10 base Speed stats. (max: 50) This does not include Pangoro itself.

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    I don't know if this counts, but i always found cofagrigus Crest too bland, only stats enhanchements so what if you give it an extra abillity.

    Cofagrigus: gains the abillity Perish Body


    Runerigus: Moves that don't deal damage gain priority, Swap hp with special defence


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    So some ideas i guess (and in spectacular poor english as well) :

     Tauros crest: Summons gen 1 field or whatever it's called (it works as desolate land were when he is in the field its activated and it imeadiatly disappears when he exits)  as well as a slight power buff- as one of the main heads of gen 1 this guy has really fall of since then, but i think this would be really interesting for him as gives him a really spammable move in hyper beam as well as a usable special attack, this would also help it a lott in doubles as he would enable completely different stratagies.

      Slaking crest: Truant only activates when using a attacking move- this way it would be much harder to predict around as well as making it possible for  it to setup if badly predicted, but not smiply sweep as slaking is still very prone to simply being protected on as well as not being the fastest thing and still having no resists making it hard to switchin without abusing shift mode.

       Sceptile crest: Reverses offencive resists by weaknesses and vice-versa, also unburden activates if under 33% health- i know you're probably not gonna give crests to pokemon that already have megas but it always bugged how sceptile was a offensive mon in a typing with a ton of offensive resists and almost no offensive weaknesses so i thought  if you inverted it it would already be a massive buff.

       Falinks crest: If under 33%  doubles no retreat stat changes- this mon has such an interesting move, however it generally will have to take a hit and even if it survives after a buff its still not fast enough to outspeed a lot of targets and any priority finishes it, a complete double in stats would make it a really scary mon if it manges to set up.

       Wigglytuff crest: The lower the hp the higher the speed, the attack and the sp.attack- This mon is normally atrocious its slow weak and even frail, the only was to buff this is abusing its weird bulk to make that the lower the hp the higher ist everything else, i think it should cap at 200% when under 25% 

      Now i had this idea for a passive crest; like tha one for Silvally, were when activated any pre-evolved mon would gain the characteritics of the evolved forms, like stats and movepool and even typing and of course would make eviolite have no effect, they would also have to had pass trough the needed process of evolution even if they didnt evolve , this way anyone could use the pre-evolved form if they prefered it.

      Also could you buff slightly magcargo's crest i think its interesting but it's still to weak and not fast enough, and with that bulk its never getting a shell smash off i think if you just gave it a 20% buff instead of 10 it would just be enough, or even giving it sturdy

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    I've considered suggesting Crests that are inspired by Rift/Pulse Pokemons and/or Crests for Pokemon that had Pulse/Rift Forms. I'm unable to translate some, but it was worth a try. So...


    Both Muks: The Pokemon gains the ability Libero.

    Tangrowth/Avalugg: Pokemon only takes 50% damage unless this Pokemon's HP is less than 50%

    Rotom: At the beginning of equipped Pokemon's battle and at every 2 turns, Hex will automatically be used that is delayed by 2 turns.

    Ferrothorn: Sets DEF and SDEF to 54 and ATK/SATK/SPD to 131.

    Galvantula: Calculates DEF and SDEF with SPD stat


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    this is super last minute, hope its not too late, but a couple Ideas for my favs
    Corviknight Crest - Defense is used to calculate its physical attacks, and grants an ability akin to stamina, where getting hit by physical (maybe contact moves only since corviknights already pretty solid) boosts defense by 1 stage
    edit note for corviknight crest: to keep it balanced so people dont just run 252 hp 252 def and start obliterating everything while also nearly never dying, every time its def is raised (even through its own buffs like iron defense) its special defense and speed lower by the same amount, but split the stat lower between the two (ex: the stamina boost would lower both by 1 stage, since it cant go half, but using iron defense would ALSO only lower them both by 1 stage, and if it theoretically gained 3 or 4 defense boosts, then both stats would be lowered by 2, rounding up from 1.5 for a 3 def boost gain, since they cant lose half a boost)
    Manectric Crest - this ones simple, but nice enough to give people incentive to use the crest over mega, electric type attacks always land a crit/are boosted by a certain amount (not both of these probably, think regieleki's ability for second electric type attack idea) , and fire type moves gain STAB bonus

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    rethinking for balance
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    So, I'm here for one last hurrah prior to the closing of this thread. I came up with one more batch of Crest ideas, so here they are:


    Mudsdale Crest-All of Mudsdale's contact moves receive a 1.2x boost to their base power, and Mudsadale gains 
    when hit by a non-contact move (Special Attacks, and non-contact physical moves)
    Wishiwashi Crest-Forces Wishiwashi to stay in School Form even when knocked below 25% of its maximum health
    Palossand Crest-When knocked below 50% HP, Palossand grows desparate and traps the opponent in sand while 
    simultanesouly sucking their life force (Sand Tomb + Leech Seed combo; Palossand heals for the amount of HP that is
    dealt by Sand Tomb to the opponent ala Leech Seed). This fails vs. Flying-type and Levitating Pokemon
    Gumshoos Crest-Patiently waiting for its target to attack, Gumshoos always goes last. However, given the chance to 
    carefully study its opponents' movements, it can evade a single attack if it deems it dangerous enough (always avoids a single move that
    would OHKO it per battle). Also, having anaylzed how its opponent will strike, it can defend the blow better (gains 1.3x to its respective defensive stat depending on if it's 
    a physical/special attack). Finally, after letting the opponent strike first, Gumshoos attacks wil great ferocity afterwards,
    armed with the knowledge of where exactly they are most vulnerable (1.3x boost to Gumshoos' attack, ala Analytic).
    Passimian Crest-Whenever Passimian lands the finish blow on an opponent, any beneficial stat changes they had are given to 
    Passimian after the opponent faints
    Oranguru Crest-any Status move used by Oranguru gains +1 Priority (besides Trick Room). Fails if the target is an
    opposing Dark-type
    Crabominable Crest-Grants a 1.5x (STAB) boost to Water-type attacks (haha Crabhammmer go brrrr) and all punching moves
    gain +1 priority (it can apparently punch very fast) 
    Crabonminable fires off attacks without much thought, but it also hits very hard. Whenever Crabguy uses a physical move, 
    it gains double the power (i.e. Ice Punch becomes 150 base power, Close Combat becomes 240 base power). but its moves become less accurate (They become 0.8x 
    accurate, like Hustle).
    Minior Crest-When outside of its shell, Minior cannot survive for long. However, while its life is on a timer, it makes sure
    to leave a mark. Upon holding this Crest using this Crest and using the move Shell Smash, Minior becomes permanently 
    trapped and cannot be phazed out (no Whirlwind, Roar, or Red Card). Also, it can only stay alive for 3 turns (ala Perish Song).
    In turn, though, Minior sheds its Meteor form and becomes the Core form. After shedding its casing, Minior gains +4 to Attack
    Special Attack, and Speed with no drops to Defense or Special Defense. The move Acrobatics will act as if an item has been
    consumed after Shell Smash, increasing its base power from 55 to 110
    Komala Crest-Upon entering battle with this Crest, Komala acts as normal for 2 turns. However, at the end the 2 initial turns, it
    will "wake up" and become very powerful. Its Speed stat is doubled, and its Attack stat increases by 2.5x (not stat boosts, but instead multipliers
    calculated outside of stat changes), but its defenses are cut in half as well. This form last until Komala is withdrawn, faints, or it uses the move Rest (which returns Komala 
    back to normal). While in its awoken state, all effects of Comatos eare suppressed. If an opponent uses Yawn on Komala while awakened, it will instantly 
    fall back asleep and return to normal. It will then take another 2 turns to "wake up" again
    Theivul Crest-Upon entering battle, Theivul detects and reveals what items(s) its opponents(s) are holding. If the item can be stolen, it will immdediatly swipe it
    and either discard or comsume it. Also, Theivul is hghly alert and will be ready to "snatch" any setup moves away from the opponent (Dragon Dance, Swords Dance, 
    Belly Drum, Tailwind, etc.) at the beginning of every turn (literally just a Snatch effect). If Theivul's ability is Unburden, it is automaticaly activated upon switch-in
    and stays on even when switched out
    Eldegoss Crest-Grants a paasive 1/16 health recovery (Leftovers) and absorbs Flying-type attcks. Upon absorbtion, the damage dealt is nullified and the attacker
    will recieve a Leech Seed effect that heals Eldegoss (like dandelions spreading their seeds in the wind)
    Grappoloct Crest-This Pokemon receives an additional Water-typing to go along with its Fighting typing. Also, Octolock becomes a 40 base power move that traps the 
    opponent and instantly drops their defenses by 2 stages (-2 to both Defense and Special Defense)
    Boltund Crest-When hit by an Electric-type attack, Boltund will nullify the damage and gain +1 Speed instead. In Doubles, this will redirect any Electric-type attack away
    like Lightning Rod
    Mr. Rime Crest-Being a tap dancer and a mime (of sorts), Mr. Rime is adept at copying others' dance routines. When another Pokemon on the field performs a dancing move
    (Quiver Dance, Teeter Dance, Fiery Dance, etc.), Mr. Rime will "mimic" them and perform the move as well (Dancer ability clone). Also, Mr. Rime can imbue its cane with 
    Psychic power, allowing it to make its physical attacks enhanced by its psychic power (physical attacks become special and calculate off Special Attack).
    Dubwool Crest-50% of damage taken from physical contact moves is "bounced back" at the opponent, and Dubwool lowers the opponent's speed by -1 if they or it
    make contact with each other 
    Sirfetch'd Crest-This knightly Pokemon prides itself in its Leek; when this Crest is held, the Leek is enhanced, and Sirfetch'd becomes pumped up (+1 to crit rate). Also,
    Sirfeth'd's shield is toughened up by the Crest's power, allowing it to block any bullet-like attack with it (Bulletproof clone). Also, Meteor Assault gains the added effect of
    breaking through the toughest of defenses, allowing Sirfetch'd's teammates to capitalize on this and strike at full power (breaks Protect/Detect/King's Shield, etc.)
    Cursola Crest-If an opponent makes physical contact with Cursola's ectoplasmic casing, they find themselves unable to move, frozen in fear (paralysis). Also, Cursola's ectoplasm solidifies
    further, giving it added resistance to physical attacks and outer hazards (takes 0.75x from contact moves + immunity to entry hazards, weather damage, and powder moves).
    Cramorant Crest-Cramorant doesn't really care what happens around it, and the power of the Crest makes it even "worse." With it, Cramorant can completely ignore
    an opponent's attempts to set up puny Dragon Dances and Belly Drums, cuz this bird doesn't give a F*** (Unaware effect). In addition, Cramorant just decides it doesn't
    care about pointy stones, sappy seeds, or the odd sandstorm; the only to make Cramorant pay attention is to attack it directly (Magic Guard effect). And finally, Cramorant
    somehow found a way to catch prey even with going underwater; without any scientific explantion, an Arrokuda or a Pikachu magically appears inside its mouth at the end of every
    turn (always turns into respective Gulping Form at the end of each turn, if not already). Maybe Cramorant is so oblivious that it can even ignore the fundamental rules of the universe. 
    Who know. At any rate, Cramorant's Gulp Missile will act as normal except in cases where it gets hit by an Electric-type attack with a Pikachu in its mouth. 
    If this is the case, the Electric-type attack will simply get diverted away by Pikachu's Lightning Rod ability, nullifying the attack completely. 
    What an oddly convenient coincidence.
    Perrserker Crest-When Perrserker falls below 50% of its maximum HP, it enters a "berserk" mode. It gains +1 to Attack,+2 Speed, and all 3 of its abilities (Tough Claws, Steely Spirit, and Battle Armor) kick into effect no matter what its base ability was
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    Oh sh*t Crest suggestions are still open and will close today and I failed to notice this. yesterday

    Here's mine:


    Golisopod: Instead of switching out, Emergency Exit doubles speed instead.

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    On 10/31/2020 at 7:41 AM, Gengar768 said:

    One just came to mind and I think its kinda good


    Eelectross:Pure power but for speed and its spatk uses its atk (kinda how claydol works accept its atk instead of defense)

    or if thats to broken add on the swift swim effect so that its speed still doubles but only in rain

    one more

    Delcatty: make all of its moves super effective and boost its special attack by 2x

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    Falinks crest: Intrepid Sword + Parental Bond but hits 5 times totally not an biased crest
    Regirock: D-Shield but for SpDef
    Regice: D-Shield
    Registeel: Intrepid Sword or Summons Trick Room on switch in
    Regieleki: gives it hidden power ice Boosts allies speed by 50%
    Regidrago: Swaps Atk/SpAtk with Def/SpDef respectively
    Regigigigigigigigigigigigigigas: gives it Neutralizing Gas so it nullifies Slow Start


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    If it's still open, might as well suggest one for my favorite 8G mon.


    Falinks Crest: Give Steel type (making it Steel/Fighting) and Parental Bond.

    Fighting/Steel feels like a really cool type and overall just a straight improvement from its base pure fighting type. Plus look at them, they're in armor, why aren't they steel type in the first place? Anyway, this type should help the boys fill a niche by being the only available Fighting/Steel mons. and having a second stab. The numerous resistances should help them get that sweet No Retreat more easily.

    Parental Bond is just a classic offensive boost, but it gives some flavor, as Falinks is multiple mons in one.

    I considered having them recover some HP each turn to help them stay longer once boosted, but ultimately the effects that made it felt more relevant to Falinks.

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    Hello again. I have got other ideas for crests


    Aggron : special attack is based on his defense. Has a 1in 5 chance to move first in a turn (essentially a quick claw)


    Rillaboom : grassy terrain lasts for 8 turns. Grass type attacks get a 1.1 damage boost


    Cinderace : Ball moves deals additional fire damage


    Inteleon : Shooting moves gets a 1.5 damage boost and a boosted crit ratio (making snipe shot having a +2 crit change)


    Moltres : once per fight, survives a K.O with 1 hp and fully recovers his hp.


    Zapdos : His spiky feathers causes his opponents to receive damage equal 1/8 of their max health


    Articuno : Upon switch-in, this pokemon is immune to entry hazards and clears them out ( using defog)


    Ditto : Those effects applies upon transforming


    Ditto speed = transformed pokemon speed× stat boost + 0.5 (-0.5 under trick room).( this effect is made so that ditto will always be faster than the pokemon is copying, even under trick room)

    Gains unaware.


    Falinks : moves with 60 or lower base power will hit 6 times each. Power of those moves are decreased by 20% upon each hit.


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    oh good i didnt miss a chance to add something else

    greninja crest-grants the effects of battle bond( no stats boosts, just the water shurdiken boost)

    delphox crest- harness the power of delpha, grants the type, ability, and stats of delpha

    these where last sec and im glad i got them in

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    Wow. This is still open. I thought it would've been closed by now. Well, since I have the chance and had some ideas, I may as well give some final Crest suggestions given this may be my last opportunity. There won't be as many this time, but I felt like I glossed over some 'mons before, so here we go:


    Mr. MIme Crest-Only for Kantonian Mr. Mime-Being the master of mimicry, Mr. Mime is able to perfectly replicate any attack. At the beginning of every turn before any Pokemon attacks, Mr, Mime will copy whatever the last move used by the opponent last turn (Copycat, only for the opponent's move). Also, Mimic becomes a Protect clone that creates an invisible barrier that reflects 25% of the damage back at the opponent (says that it can create barriers with its hands, and Mimic is a pretty useless move, so I gave it a use).


    Persian Crest-Alolan and Kantonian forms-Attack and Special Attack calculates off Speed


    Musharna Crest-When Musharna is put to sleep or uses Rest, Trick Room and Misty Terrain are set up automatically. Guarantees wakeup after 1 turn of sleep


    Archeops Crest-(you already saw this coming)-Nullifies the effects of Defeatist and grants Early Bird effect (haha get it cuz its a prehistoric, hence early, bird?)


    Frostmoth Crest-grants Levitate effect and immunity to entry hazards


    And that's about it! This was loads of fun, and I spent many hours racking my brain to come up with ideas. Thanks to my friend Truth for helping with brainstorming, and thanks to Jan for the fantastic opportunity to give input on Crests! This is something I always thought would be cool, and it became a reality. So, with all of that said, I will now exit stage left. Goodbye for now!

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    This is now closed for further comments

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