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  1. Heya guys, sorry for the long hiatus on this series, a lot of things had happened during october and some of the stuff that happened aren't exactly the best thing that has ever happened so i was depressed for a while and was really unmotivated to continue the run but i've completed tier 4 & 5 because the total amounts to almost one and a half hour, and i'll probably take a break for a while before continuing , but i'll try to make the next video uploaded before the next year.. probably. These footages are taken at least more than 2 weeks ago, so i'm sorry if this video was a bit too late. In any case, these were quite difficult but i will write my opinions on certain battles that i found notable (yes i still remember them despite it being more than 2 weeks has passed since i recorded them), and i hope you'd enjoy the video. As usual, these were Deathless. Opinions on Certain Battles:
  2. Heya it's me, Postgame has been a blast for most of the time, and i'd like to share that with you! So here it goes, as usual no deaths or any use of seeds. Also sorry for the abrupt cut between Sandy & John i hope i won't be making mistakes like this again Opinions on Certain battles:
  3. Much thanks! Tbh, i'm kinda interested to see if i could do a no deaths in early parts of the game since i started to do this rule right after i beat ciel which is starting from part 4, but i think some battles might be impossible to do due to the limited options looking at you Florinia & Shelly , but doing it all over again from the beginning feels like a hassle, which is why i don't add "no death" or "no casualty" in the title since part 1-3 doesn't have this rule. And... i actually bought eject buttons like around 50-ish every visit though i'll probably just buy 99 next time i need to since i'm currently in the middle of postgame and i haven't had the need to buy any other item other than focus sashes and eject buttons.
  4. Hey, it's been a while. I've been working on Part 5 and oh boy it's an experience i suppose. I hope anyone who watches it will enjoy it! Remember when i say part 4 was a Masterpiece? Well, this is an even bigger masterpiece where i managed to win every battle without losing a single mon, it does require some time and my sanity. As always i will provide description to certain battles that i'd like to mention. But first i'd like to add that i'm battling the Wandering Spirits in their level which is 95, and this is a bit annoying as i need to use Common Candies everytime my mon gets to level 96, but at least they're cheap and it's not that difficult to bring them back to level 95, what's cumbersome is that i had to go reteach my mon certain moves to beat certain Spirits which takes some time. But i had a blast beating most of the spirits. Opinions on certain battles: This is the video, so i hope you guys would enjoy it!
  5. Heya, it's been a while, i've been busy in irl, but now i have made part 4! I consider this part my masterpiece as in every battle in this video, not a single of my mon has fainted, that's right, everything is a 6-0! I've started to strive for this in the middle of creating this, and my future parts/runs will be trying to do as less loss/fainted mons as possible or a 6-0 if possible. I do will have certain comments on certain battles that i thought i should have did in my previous parts. I'd also like to mention that i'm only going to show Amaria's Gym Battle only in Reshiram Route because her Zekrom Route team is nearly identical and i don't feel like showing 4 different parts that are similar to its counterpart. -The Lumberjacks in the beginning of Sandy Quest : is a contender for the most difficult fight in this run so far, next to Florinia, doing this fight has drained me so much, i can't even find a consistent strategy to beat this fight even without trying to do this deathless, but i eventually did it! Unfortunately i win with only Acupressure Drapion, and i have changed a lot of my mon's moveset for this fight so changing their moveset back is a hassle. I'd also like to mention that even though this fight was done after i beat Amaria, which means this is my last restoration project, i used common candies to reduce my mon's levels to 80 to match the levels of my mons right after beating Adrienn because all restoration projects are equally available after beating Adrienn. -Corin Rouge : Klefki lead means a recipe for a DD Scrafty sweep and i'm sure some people might think that has happened way too much so i beat him with Houndoom. -Reshiram : I had to EV train Pangoro to max out its HP/SpD and changed it's nature to Careful, used a Calm Mint on Houndoom, and used an Adamant Mint on Scrafty. -Titania : This took much shorter than reshi lol, i only need to use the Timid Mint to change back Houndoom's nature. -Amaria Singles : I had to use the EV Tuner on Pangoro back to HP/Atk and changing its nature back to Adamant, and i bred a special attacking Cacturne with Nasty Plot -Amaria Doubles : Changed Greninja's HP type to Electric (also in singles), changed it back to Fire after this fight. -Hardy : I had to specifically breed a Scrafty with Quick Guard to block out Lycanroc-Dusk's Accelerock, due to immune to fake out thanks to its Def Boost with its Seed, not a single Dark-Type had access to Quick Guard outside of breeding so i kinda need to do it. I think that's all i needed to say so i hope you guys would enjoy this!
  6. Part 3 is up! It's basically the entire Agate segment of the story, i've put the sets i used in the description, and unfortunately i won't be able to upload or update the run not until some time soon due to irl reasons. I also decided that i won't be adding subtitles/captions into my videos anymore so i'm sorry if there are any people who look forward to it. Hope you guys enjoy it! My Personal Favorite battle in this video could perhaps be Terra or Blake.
  7. Part 2 is up and now i can start working towards Agate! Making these subtitles really take some time, perhaps i should shorten then next time. Hope you guys enjoy it! Part 2: Aster & Eclipse 3 - Luna
  8. Heya, i'd like to share my Playthrough of my Mono-Dark run with a twist that the opponent will have PULSE2 stat. If you have played E19 , you probably know that PULSE2 mons means that they have 252 EVs in every stat breaking the EV limit of what usual mons would have, an in addition having perfect 31 IVs in all of their stat if they didn't have perfect IVs before. Unfortunately, starting with Part 3 i won't be submitting subtitles anymore as it takes some time to do so, and i don't particularly enjoy doing the subtitles anyway. Hope you guys would enjoy it! Edit: I've just finished Main-game so i hope anyone who's interested in this run would look forward for the postgame content! But i'll probably gonna take a break before continuing this run, doing part 5 has drained me a lot, mainly due to me trying to win with no casualties at all, but i did it. I've also made a Tier List for all the obtainable Dark-Types in Reborn , which i'll be putting in down below and these are based on my experiences so i'm sorry if the tier list is a bit too biased. This tier list is also for Main-Game only, i might make another one if i managed to finish Postgame. The Rules: 1. I can only use Dark-Type Pokémon or one that will turn into a Dark-Type upon evolving. For Mega Evolutions that turn into a Dark-Type (In this run’s case, Mega-Gyarados) , on the turn i bring the Pokémon, i cannot switch and have to Mega-Evolve the turn i bring the Pokémon out. 2. Due to the PULSE2 password, all opposing trainers will always have a team of Pokémons with 252 EVs in each stats, breaking the 508 EV limit which each Pokémon are supposed to have. In addition to that, they also have perfect 31 IVs in each stats. 3. Battle mode is always on ‘set’ and i can’t use any items in battle. 4. There will be a Hard Level Cap that i activate through the use of a Password. 5. (Soft Rule) If i cannot get pass through certain battle by any means, i will use more than one Pokémon of the same species on those battles. 6. I will allow the use of Silvally, however Silvally must always hold into its corresponding Memory Passwords used: -monodark -rejuvcap -notmxneeded -pulse2 -nodamageroll -fullivs (used after defeating Florinia) -unrealtime Playlist Part 1: Fern 1 - Kiki Part 2: Aster & Eclipse 3 - Luna Part 3: Alistasia - Ciel Part 4: Adrienn - Hardy Part 5: Zero - Lin Part 6: Postgame Tier 0 - Tier 3 Part 7: Postgame Tier 4 - Tier 5
  9. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  10. I agree with this decision, as a person who doesn't have much time to play in a day, intense mode has been slowly draining , and i didn't have much fun , i even feel a bit more stressed when i'm supposed to relax and chill, i reverted my save file to normal mode as i realize i would get less time to play rejuv , i did defeat melia on ch15 and that was as far as i can get in intense mode. I don't really have a problem for intense mode, it's just that it's a bit more time consuming to just defeat certain boss fights, but eventually it did get more and more stacked against you as you progress through the game, and it started from being a bit unfair to even breaking the rules, such as exceeding the EV limit of 510, having two megas, said megas holding items, and even negative EVs against a Boss that utilizes Trick Room, not to mention the field as well. It does take time to think what the right strategy to defeat certain boss fights, and it does limit the teambuilding, like we need to use certain mons to defeat certain bosses, eventually part of me wanted to revert to normal mode because i wanted to use mons that i like. That said, i actually enjoy seeing people cheese their way through intense mode though, you discover some stuff that you'd never thought could be possible. I do wonder if there would be changes to opponent's teams in the normal mode in the future? Because i really like some of the teams that are in Intense Mode, some examples include: But, Regardless of what goes into Development, i will respect it. Hopefully with this change, Jan & the development team could take their time and breathe easier into developing future versions.
  11. Thanks for the reply! I quickly played to beat Keta and it is after the 2nd Gym, she doesn't appear after Melia's dissappearance, it's after you got the 2nd badge, she'll be at the Magnolia Library.
  12. Because Jan has said that the player has met at least 6 Elite 8 members, i’m going to assume they’re Alexandra, Tesla, Dylan, Jolene, Karen, and one unknown member that the player have met, but they haven’t revealed themselves that they’re part of the Elite 8, because of that i’ve been thinking since Zumi made artworks of important characters that we’ve met in so far in the storyline/sidequest, i’m going to assume this mystery elite 8 member that we’ve met is among the people that has received received an artwork/character portrait, that are: · Not a Gym Leader, or a Reserve Leader. · Not a part of your friends’ group, this list includes the ones that went training in Sashila, in addition to that, Huey, Reina, & Nim to an extend. · Not a part of a faction that the MC is opposing, Antagonists basically. · They were introduced in v12 or beforehand. Because jan said up to v12, we’ve met 6 Elite 8 members. · And, is currently Alive, Active, and Exists in the present Timeline (obviously). Judging by these Criterias, we got: · Rorim B. : Rorim seems unlikely, although i’m not gonna be surprised if he is one, but i wouldn’t know what type he specializes in, or if the other half of the Elite 8 will specializes in a specific type or not, as for the reason why he might be part of the Elite 8 is that he is Crawli’s father, and they both are the first villagers in Kakori Village, despite his happy and cheerful attitude, i’m pretty sure he has Experience as a Trainer, and Celine might’ve seen potential in him, i wanted to believe that maybe sometime soon we might have a battle where he will be serious whether as an Elite 8, or not because we’ve battled and encountered him several times in the storyline/sidequests, because this might be the reason he’s not going the be a member, we’ve seen him several times already. · Crescent : I believed that she is strong, she is MC’s friend that survived the Nihilego attack, she has gathered Black Box(es) to bring MC back, i could believe she was getting stronger while she is colleting whatever the Black Box(es) are , i can see her defeat Clear 1v1 in a fair pokemon fight. But she lost to Clear mainly due to Beheeyem’s Illusions, as for what i think she might be a member or not, i don’t think so. Because Celine was in the Preservation Crystal, she wouldn’t be able to travel, met Crescent, and Recruit her. Unless someone tries to recruit her to be a member shortly after arriving in Aevium with MC, even then who would recruit her when Celine is still frozen? Even if she did get recruited that seems unlikely as well, because her main motivation is to make the MC happy, it seems she just wanted MC and her to not be affiliated to others and live peacefully, and for the MC to be happy. And Honestly, the things i wrote above might not even be true at all when things will be revealed later on in the next versions, as we still have many questions unanswered about her, but in short: She is strong, she might be Elite 8 material, but judging by what i’ve seen in the story so far, i don’t think she would be a part of Elite 8. · Rhodea: Highly unlikely, we actually did battle her in the Nightmare School as she was one of the people that was invited by the Puppet Master, specifically the one that kicked Saki really hard in MC’s route, and the fight against her isn’t all that difficult even in Intense mode. · Cella: Honestly, out of all of the people i mentioned, i believe she has the biggest chance to be a part of Elite 8, although that is just my opinion. And yes, just like the points stated previously, Cella has been keeping secrets from Aelita, she simply could’ve kept her secret until the (possible) revelation, but assuming the Elite 8 will keep at least one Mythical/Legendary pokemon, for Example: Karen has a Diancie, Alexandra has a Latias, it’s possible that the remainder of the Elite 8 could have at least one Legendary/Mythical Pokemon in their team. Why did i bring this up? Well, i just think there is one pokemon that might suits Cella in my opinion, and that pokemon is Celebi. Cella knew of time travelling because of our group that went to past Sheridan, and i think it’s just kinda fitting that the lady that we’ve met in the present and the past to have a Celebi, a pokemon with Time Traveling capability. She did called Celebi in our first Visit to the Spring of Purification although it doesn’t seem to be in her possession, or is that how she wants the MC and Aelita see it? And besides aren’t their name kind of... similar? Cella, Celebi? Cella could fight us in the Forest Field, where most battles in Sheridan takes place, that could mean she could specialize in Grass Types, besides similarities that’s all i could think of , at this point it’s still a conjecture, and everything i said about Cella could very well be false, another point that i wanted to make is that after the calamity striked, she and young Taelia was able to survive the storm and i believe she needed to be strong to protect and raise Taelia, as they only had each other until Kenneth came in their life. · Mosely: Highly unlikely as well, Mosely is wanted iirc because she ran away from her home. And there are many points that has been stated above that could explain why she couldn’t be, and honestly i don’t think i’d want Mosely to be a part of Elite 8, i’m really sorry to the people who wanted Mosely as a part of Elite 8, i’m only stating my opinion. That’s all i wanted to write about i think, i hope i didn’t waste your time, i apologize if i made some mistakes or baseless assumptions, i just enjoy reading these kind of stuff and kinda want to drop my thoughts.
  13. Shiny Machamp is based of Four Arms from Ben 10 Shiny Heracross' color schemes makes me think of Kamen Rider Kabuto, it even has the same eye color
  14. i quote because i got the same exact issue, after answering the phone call and gained access back to the main character, i can't move to another map and somehow can walk through walls , as a side note, i am playing at the newest patch, patch v13.0.3. Game_2.rxdata
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