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My Awesome Pokemon Adventure

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???: Ohh. Didn’t see you there. Sorry that I bumped into you like that.

Stranger: It’s alright.

???: I’m preparing myself to go to 1 of the most dangerous regions in this world. The Reborn Region.

Stranger: Really?

???: I know. Crazy that anyone would actually want to go there. But I just want to really test myself and my team. I know people say that it’s a horrible place but it can’t be that bad… Can it?

Stranger: Well from what I’ve heard, it’s gotten way worse.

???: Well anyways, I’m out and about getting stuff ready for my journey there. I actually leave in 2 days. A girl named Ame is supposed to come here and then ride back with me on the train. She’s the official of the league.

Stranger: What does that even mean?

???: I guess that means that she owns it or is in charge of it or something like that. I’m excited but also nervous. I just don’t know what to expect. Whoops. I’ve been kind of rambling there haven’t I? Sorry. I’ll just…

Stranger: Actually, why don’t you tell me a little more about yourself? I’ve got nothing better to do.

???: Ohh. You wanna know more about me? Well… Sure. Why not? This might actually help me relax a bit. I guess I should say hi first. Although, I’ve been talking to you for so long that it might be long overdue for that but whatever. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

Stranger: Same to you.

???: You know, I never really met anyone that’s interested to know stuff about me. I mean, to be honest, there’s nothing special about me.

Stranger: Ahh come on. Don’t be like that. I’m sure there’s something special about you.

???: I guess I should start with the basics. I have long hair, natural color. I got a beard. Blue eyes. And as you can see I like to eat. Haha.

Stranger: Haha. Yea. Hmm? What’s that on your arm?

???: Ohh yea. This is actually a tattoo I got when I was 16 years old. But I am now 18. And yes. I have been on a Pokemon journey before but I didn’t get into it so I just… Stopped.

Stranger: You just stopped? How? Why? Where did you even start?

???: Well, right here in fact. In the Kalos Region. I live in this city as a matter of fact. I suppose if you want the short version of beginning to end of my journey, I went to the Professor’s lab, got my starter, traveled up to my 1st gym, beat them and then I don’t know. I just didn’t feel like I was having fun. So, I just went back home and told my parents that I wasn’t going to continue on my journey.

Stranger: Well gee. That sure is kind of disappointing. How did your starter feel about that?

???: It was angry at 1st. Ohh yes. I chose a Froakie. Anyways, after a while of relaxing at home with my parents, it got used to it. It’s more like my parent’s Pokemon now more than mine. I still love it but you know. They just really grew to like it and vice versa.

Stranger: I can see that happening. So I guess that’s the end of your story about you then huh?

???: Well… Almost.

Stranger: Well what is it?

???: I have this… Umm… I guess you could say 2nd personality.

Stranger: A 2nd personality? Does it come out at random times?

???: No. It really only comes out when I feel like my life is threatened. So the only way you would be able to see it is if you or someone else made me feel like I was going to be dead right then and here.

Stranger: Well wait wait. How do you know? I mean I’m not a doctor or anything but don’t most people not really know about their other personality or personalities?

???: Possibly but when it 1st happened, my parents were with me. They have no reason to lie. Plus, I feel myself get more… Crazy.

Stranger: So this 2nd personality of yours is crazy and only comes out when you feel like your life is threatened. I don’t know if that’s a good thing. I mean what if that just escalates things and you do end up dead?

???: I’m not sure. But apparently, it does a good job at making the other people run away. Or even making me braver in a dire situation. I mean, I’m still here right? Haha.

Stranger: True. But when did that happen?

???: Remember a couple of years ago when that Team Flare was here?

Stranger: Who could forget. Their leader wanted to blow up this whole region. Crime even went up thanks to them as well. Crazy stuff

???: Well…




My parents and I planned to walk from Lumiose City to Laverre City. We were going to the PokeBall Factory to see the PokeBalls being made.


Mom: Hey Froakie. You wanna come with us?

Froakie: Froakie!

Mom: Well come on then. We’re leaving.

???: I can’t wait to see how the PokeBalls are made.

Dad: It is quite exciting to see. Are we all ready to leave?

???: Yes!

Mom: Yes dear.

Froakie: Froakie!

Dad: Good. Let’s get going.


We left the house and walked up to route 14. When we got there, everyone put on their rain coats except for me. I just put my hoodie over my hair. I didn’t want it to get wet. That bothers me. As we walked through the wet route, we heard something running in the water. We all turned around and there standing in front of us was a young man but he had something covering most of his face. All we could see was his eyes. My mom and dad put themselves in front of me as Froakie jumped in front ready to protect us.


Robber: Gimme your money!

Dad: No! Leave us alone!

Robber: I didn’t ask. I’m DEMANDING! Give me your money!

Dad: I said no! Now go. We won’t report anything to the police. Just go.

Robber: Guess we gotta do this the hard way.


The robber went into his pocket and slowly pulled out a knife. This made me terrified. It scared my mom a little bit too but my dad remained calm.


Dad: Froakie! Get ready!

Froakie: Froak! Froakie!

Robber: You have a Pokemon there huh? That shouldn’t be a problem. Go Scyther!


The robber threw out the PokeBall and out came the Scyther. Froakie stayed in place, not moving an inch. Not showing any fear.


Dad: Froakie! Water Pulse!


Froakie did as it was told and used Water Pulse on the Scyther. A direct hit but the Scyther seemed unfazed.


???: That… That did nothing to it.

Robber: Hahaha! That’s supposed to hurt my Scyther? Scyther! Wing Attack that little frog!


With great speed, the Scyther obeyed its trainers command and landed a powerful looking Wing Attack on the Froakie. It landed behind me, fainted. The robber grinned knowing he had gotten rid of the only threat in his way.


Robber: Now, as I said, hand over your money!

Dad: Grrr! Why you-!


My dad lunged at the robber and tried to punch him. Unfortunately, he missed and the robber swung the knife in my father’s direction, slicing his arm. My mom ran over to him and knelt down to make sure he was ok.


Mom: Oh my Arcues! Are you ok hun?

Dad: Yea. He only got my arm.

Robber: Try that again and I swear to Arcues, it’ll be your neck!


The robber looked towards me. He grinned, looked back at my parents and then ran over to me and held the knife to my neck. At this point, I was petrified.


Robber: Well what do you plan to do now?

Mom: No! Please don’t hurt him!

Dad: If you hurt him, I’ll… I’ll…

Robber: Grieve? Because you try anything else and I’m slitting this kids throat.


As this all was going on, I suddenly felt like my consciousness was going away. But I knew I was still standing. And that’s when it happened. I started to feel more free. More brave. But also, a bit more crazy. My body went limp for about a second or 2 which angered the robber.


Robber: Hey! Keep on your feet kid or you’ll end up in a body bag!


At that moment, my eyes flung wide open and I smiled a weird, big smile.


Crazy ???: OoOoOoOoOhHhHhHhH EXCELLENT! Please introduce me to the bag of which you speak of. Yeeeeees.


The robber looked at me and must have been freaked out with my facial expression and what I said because he let go of me and jumped back.


Robber: Wha-… Stop that or else kid!

Mom: What’s going on?

Dad: Son?

Crazy ???: Me stop? OoOoOoOo. But it is you who should stop before something OUT OF THIS WORLD happens to you guy that is bad.

Robber: What is WRONG with your kid?!

Crazy ???: I have laid dormant in this vessel for years. Ever since this beings journey of being created through the rituals of said mother and father! I have promised myself to protect this being for as long as I can. Which means people like you are not allowed to destroy him! Do I make myself clear?


Everyone was stunned. Mom and dad didn’t know what to make of their son talking crazy and the robber was just scared out of his mind.


Robber: Yo-You… I’ll be… Stay back!

Crazy ???: -crazy laugh- You still wield the object that is intended to cut one’s throat. If that is the case, then be prepared to be DELETED! Mwahahahahahaha!


I then started to walk towards the robber while swaying my arm in a slashing motion while chanting “DELETE!” to him.


Robber: What the… Fuck this! I’m getting out of here! You can keep your money! Your son is a freak! Return Scyther!


The robber returned his Pokemon back to his PokeBall and then ran away from us. I walked up to my parents, who were still on the ground, and looked the way the robber had run off.


Crazy ???: WONDERFUL!


I looked down to my parents. My dad was still holding his arm, which was bleeding less, and my mom was holding him up but they both stared at me with confusion but also with fear.


Crazy ???: Do not worry father and mother of this vessel. I shall only emerge out when this being’s life feels threatened. Perhaps I shall see you both soon. -laughs loudly-


As soon as I was done laughing, my body went limp and I fell to the floor. My mom ran over to me and lifted my body off of the floor. My dad returned Froakie to its PokeBall and helped mom to carry me back home where they laid me on the couch.




Stranger: Wow. That’s an intense but exciting story. Is your dad ok?

???: Ohh yea. They went to the hospital after they brought me home and he got stitches. It’s all better now.

Stranger: Well that’s good at least. Do you ever remember anything when you’re in your “crazy” mode?

???: I remember bits and pieces. But a lot of it is usually a blur. But I usually get filled in.

Stranger: Ahh. So it has happened more than just that 1 time.

???: Yes. Several times actually.

Stranger: Well at least it only seems to go after the bad guys.

???: Yea. That’s true. And I’m grateful for that. Ohh geez. It’s getting late. I didn’t know it was that dark already.

Stranger: Haha. Well it was nice talking to you. Definitely made my day more interesting.

???: Haha. Well I’m glad I could help with your day.

Stranger: Haha. Yea. Thanks.

???: Hey. You gonna be around here tomorrow? I leave the next day and I figured you’d want to see my team before I leave.

Stranger: You already own a full team of Pokemon?

???: Yea. I’ll tell you tomorrow how I met them all.

Stranger: That sounds great. I’d love that.

???: Well great. I’ll see you tomorrow then.

Stranger: Sweet. Ohh wait. You know, we’ve been talking for so long and I never got your name. Haha.

???: Wait. We’ve been talking this whole time and I never gave you my name?

Stranger: Nope.

Matthew: My apologies for that. My name is Matthew.

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4 hours ago, J-Awesome_One said:

Robber: Gimme your money!

Dad: No! Leave us alone!

Robber: I didn’t ask. I’m DEMANDING! Give me your money!

Dad: I said no! Now go. We won’t report anything to the police. Just go.

Robber: Guess we gotta do this the hard way.

I remember that there is a trainer in Reborn called Street Rat Craig, which says "Gimme yo money!" when he asks to battle you. I wonder if this robber's name is Craig... :D


Also, I see that you're doing a hard work writing your run and it's looking amazing! Good luck in your run, and good job! :)

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5 hours ago, Mr. Finn said:

I remember that there is a trainer in Reborn called Street Rat Craig, which says "Gimme yo money!" when he asks to battle you. I wonder if this robber's name is Craig... :D


Also, I see that you're doing a hard work writing your run and it's looking amazing! Good luck in your run, and good job! :)

Lol. It's just a random robber. xD And thanks. This took me 2 days to write. It kinda feels awkward revealing my own name but I find it cool I did it this way. :D

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The next day had come. I had woken up and got ready for the day. I remembered yesterday and talking to that stranger about me. Today, I had promised him that I’d show him my team. I grabbed the PokeBalls and hooked them onto the belt of my shorts. I walked down the stairs and was about to go out the door but then my mom called my name.


Mom: Matt?

Matthew: Yea mom?

Mom: Going out today?

Matthew: Yea. I promised this 1 person that I’d show him my Pokemon.

Mom: Ahh. Made a friend ehh?

Matthew: I suppose you can say that. Yea.

Mom: Well have fun. Ohh yea. 1 more thing.

Matthew: Yes mom?

Mom: Can we talk tonight? As in me, you and dad? We never really understood how you found out about this Reborn Region or even why you wanted to go.

Matthew: Ohh yea sure. That’ll be no problem.

Mom: Alright. Good. See you later then.

Matthew: Bye mom.


I walked out of the house and locked the door behind me. I then started to walk towards the place where I met the person yesterday. It was a bright and sunny day. While not my favorite kind of weather, it beats being all rainy and wet. It didn’t take too long for me to get to my destination. I sat down and waited. In about 15 minutes, the person came around the corner and saw me. I waved him over and he sat down.


Stranger: Hey. Take it you’re doing well.

Matthew: Indeed I am.

Stranger: I really can’t wait to see what your team is gonna look like.

Matthew: I can’t wait to show them off to you.

Stranger: By the way, do they have nicknames.

Matthew: But of course. It’s rare for me to not give nicknames to Pokemon.

Stranger: Great!

Matthew: Alright. Get ready. Come on out everyone!


I threw the PokeBalls up into the air and they popped open with my teammates landing near my feet and some floating around my head. The person seemed impressed.


Stranger: Wow. You don’t see Pokemon like these on teams everyday. Ekans, Goomy, Gligar, Clauncher, Rowlet and Koffing. Very nice. Which would you say is your ace.

Matthew: Well I love all of them equally but honestly, if I had to say, it’d be these 2 right here?

Stranger: Wait? Those 2? Why not just 1 or the other?

Matthew: Well when I caught these 2… I don’t know. It just have a connection with those 2.

Stranger: Speaking of which, how did you meet all of your teammates?

Matthew: Well with these 2…






It’s my 15th birthday and my parents decided to throw me a birthday party. It was actually pretty fun. Near the end of it, my dad took me upstairs to talk to me privately.


Matthew: Uhhh… Did I do something wrong?

Dad: Haha. No. Your mom doesn’t even know this but here. Take these.


Dad held out his hands and in them were 6 empty PokeBalls. I was a little confused as to why he was giving them to me.


Matthew: Thanks Dad. But why?

Dad: Son, you gave up on your Pokemon journey 3 years ago. I can somewhat understand why. But I want you to at least catch some Pokemon for yourself, Even if you never go on an adventure again, you’ll at least feel the satisfaction of having a full team of Pokemon.

Matthew: Well… I have been itching to catch some Pokemon lately. Thanks Dad.

Dad: You’re welcome son.

Matthew: I think I might try to go out and catch some Pokemon now.

Dad: Alright. But be careful!

Matthew: I will. Don’t worry Dad.


I raced downstairs and quickly ran out the door. Luckily, most of the guests had left so I didn’t have to explain why I was leaving. I ran up to route 14 and started to search around for Pokemon I wanted. There were a lot of Pokemon in there but none of them interested me. After a while, I started to get tired. I found a tree with some shade around it and decided to take a nap underneath it. About a half hour into my nap, I was woken up to what sounded like 2 Pokemon fighting each other. I groggily opened my eyes and witnessed an Ekans and Goomy fighting each other but in a very vicious way. I stood up and watched them continue to fight. 5 minutes after witnessing their fight, they seemed too tired to continue fighting. Plus, they seemed to be in bad shape. I decided I’d take them to the Pokemon Center. I don’t know how I was able to keep them in my grips. They were both so slippery thanks to their bodies being covered in their slime. I brought them into the PokeCenter and put them on the counter in front of Nurse Joy.


Nurse Joy: Oh my! What happened to these 2?

Matthew: I saw them fighting each other and then they just collapsed. Prob took too much damage from each other.

Nurse Joy: Well don’t worry. We’ll help them. Chansey, I need 2 beds over here.

Chansey: Chan-sey!~


The Chansey pushed over 2 beds and Nurse Joy placed the hurt Ekans & Goomy onto each 1. She, along with her helper, then wheeled them off to the back. I stayed there for a couple of hours because I was actually really worried about them. Finally, Nurse Joy came back to me with the Ekans and Goomy, now fully awake and recovered, on a rolling table.


Nurse Joy: I’m happy to report that both of these 2 are fully recovered from their injuries. Although… They seem to really hate each other.

Matthew: I know. I’m gonna have to work on that. Thanks though.

Nurse Joy: No problem. Bye!


Me, the Ekans & Goomy all left and went to the entrance of Route 14. As soon as they were there, they were giving each other a stare down, as if they were going to go at it again.


Matthew: You 2 seriously need to stop it. I don’t know what happened to both of you but it isn’t worth killing each other over.


They looked at me and then looked back at each other once more.


Matthew: Oy. This is gonna be more difficult than I thought it would be.

???: Carrrrnivine.


I heard the sound and when I looked up, there standing in front of us was a big Carnivine. It looked at me but then looked at the 2 little Pokemon. It started to launch a Bullet Seed attack on them.


Matthew: Ohh brother. This is probably gonna hurt a lot.


I jumped in front of the 2 Pokemon and took the Bullet Seed attack. The Ekans & Goomy looked on in shock as they saw a stranger take an attack that was intended for them. Carnivine stopped its attack and I fell to my knees in pain.


Matthew: Yep… That was definitely painful. Ugh.


I collapsed to the ground in pain but didn’t lose consciousness. After a couple of seconds, the Ekans & Goomy looked at each other as if they came to a conclusion. I couldn’t tell all that too well but it seemed as if the Ekans fired a Poison Sting attack as the Goomy launched a Dragon Pulse towards the Carnivine and landed a direct hit. It was obviously in pain but still had enough energy to get back up and try to hit both of them with its Vine Whip attack. They both dodged and then charged forward at the Carnivine and hit a Tackle/Poison Tail combo which sent the Carnivine flying into the air and out of sight. Afterwards, they both looked at each other and then looked away. But they both came over towards me to make sure I was alright.


Matthew: Urgh… I can’t… believe that you 2… stopped fighting each other… to help me… Thank you both. Man that was a strong Bullet Seed attack though. Urmg.

Ekans: Ekans?

Goomy: Goooomy?

Matthew: Don’t worry you 2. I’ll be fine. Hey… I don’t know what happened between you 2 but would you both wanna be my Pokemon?


They both looked at each other in, what seemed to be, disgust. They turned their heads away from each other but then opened their eyes looking at each other and slightly smiling. They looked up at me and shook their heads yes.


Matthew: Sweet. I was only planning on getting 1 Pokemon today but this is even better. What a birthday.


I took out 2 PokeBalls and touched both of them with separate ones and they both went in. The 2 PokeBalls shook a couple of times but then stopped, which had meant I successfully caught them. I slowly got up and started to make my way home.




Stranger: Wow. What a way to meet those 2. But they seem to be good with each other now.

Matthew: I know. Actually, they are like best friends now and barely leave each others sides.

Stranger: That’s amazing. So what do you call those 2?

Matthew: Well Goomy is Godra Goodra and the Ekans is called Jessie.

Stranger: Wait. Jessie?

Matthew: Yea. You remember Team Rocket from the Kanto Region?

Stranger: Yea.

Matthew: Well there was a Team Rocket Member named Jessie and her ace was an Ekans. I’ll admit. I would never join Team Rocket but she did seem cool as well as her Ekans.

Stranger: Hehehe. Well that’s interesting. Hey. Your Gligar has been kind of clumsily flying into things for the past couple of minutes. And why does it have its tongue out?

Matthew: Haha. Well I don’t know why it does that but it adds to its personality. Its nickname is actually TongueClumsy or TC for short.

Stranger: That is hilarious but really fits your Gligar. How did you 2 meet?

Matthew: Well I…






My mom and I decided we would go take a walk through Route 13 and just look at the desert-like area. We talked while walking there.


Mom: You’re doing a good job with your Ekans and Goomy dear. It’s like you replaced them with nicer ones.

Matthew: Yea. I have no idea why they hated each other but now, they seem to be really good friends. I just hope nothing makes them hate each other as they did before.

Mom: Me too. I was surprised when you came home with 2 new Pokemon. And with bruises all over your body. You had to stay in bed for a whole wee to recover from that attack from Carnivine.

Matthew: Haha. Yea. Maybe I shouldn’t have jumped in front of those 2 to take the attack but it didn’t feel right now helping out you know?

Mom: It’s ok sweetheart. It’s understandable.

Matthew: Hey look! We’re almost there.

Mom: Yes we are. I hope this will be a relaxing walk.


We walked through the little gateway entrance and were finally in route 13. It was really hot but thankfully, I had on my tank top and shorts on. We started walking through the desert like area. Even though there wasn’t much to see, it still looked really awesome. After about an hour of walking, we decided to sit on some rocks and rest. In a distance, we watched as a wild Dugtrio, Trapinch and Gible were playing with each other. It seemed like they were having a good time. Then my mom turned my attention to the sky.


Mom: Hey Matt. Do you see that up there?

Matthew: Yea I do.

Mom: What is it?

Matthew: I’m not sure.


The figure came down closer and closer and eventually came down near the other playing wild Pokemon. It looked like it wanted to join in but just as it was going to, it fell and landed right on top of the others. They threw it off of them and walked off away from whatever that thing was. It seemed like it was gonna cry but then it noticed us. It sucked up its tears and flew over to us in a happily way. Although, my mom didn’t see it that way.


Mom: Oh my Arceus! We have to go! It’s gonna attack us!

Matthew: Wait mom. Hold on.


As it flew closer to us, I could figure out what it was.


Matthew: Hey. That’s a Gligar! Those things are cool.

Mom: A Gligar? Are you sure?

Matthew: Yea. And it doesn’t seem violent at all.


The Gligar got closer and closer and was just a few feet away from us. I opened up my arms preparing for contact.


Matthew: Well hey there buddy. How you- Whoa! Ow.

Mom: Oh my. Are you alright hun?

Matthew: Yea. The ground broke my fall. Too bad it wasn’t like an inflatable mattress or something like that though. Oof. You ok buddy?

Gligar: Glig. Gligar!


The Gligar hopped off of me and stood on top of the rock I was just sitting on. I got up slowly and my mom came over to me to make sure I was really ok. The Gligar seemed upset that it had clumsily knocked me off and started to fly away.


Matthew: Hey. Why you going away? I’m not mad at you.

Gligar: Gligar?

Matthew: You’re just a bit clumsy. There’s nothing wrong with that. You can hang out with us if you’d like.

Gligar: Gligar? Gar Gligar!

Mom: Well that definitely changed its mood.


We all hung out for a while. Just chatting about. Playing catch with some rocks. It was a really good time.


Mom: This has been a great day but it’s starting to get late. I think we should return home hun.

Matthew: Yea. You’re right. Plus, I’m a bit hungry. Hey buddy. We’re gonna go home. Hopefully we see each other again someday. Later buddy.


We started to leave for Lumiose City. But as we walked towards the gateway entrance, we could always hear something walking behind us but whenever we looked back, we could never see anything there. After a couple of times of this happening, I paused and turned around.


Matthew: Hey! Whoever it is or whatever it is, please stop messing with us! Show yourself or leave us alone!


A couple of seconds went by. Then the Gligar me and my mom were playing with that day emerged from behind a rock.


Matthew: You? Hey look. We had a blast today but we have to get home. Don’t you have a home to go to?

Gligar: Gligar…

Mom: Hmmm. Hun, I think this Gligar likes hanging around with you. You put up with its clumsiness and spent time with it. I think you should take it home with us.

Matthew: Really? You think that’s true?

Mom: Of course! Plus, I had a good day with it too.

Matthew: Hmm. Hey Gligar. Would you wanna come home with us and be my Pokemon?


The Gligar looked at me with big eyes and a huge smile with its tongue coming out. It then started to fly towards me with surprisingly good speed.


Matthew: Ok. Ok. Whoa whoa. I know you’re happy but don’t- Ow! Run into me. Ohh boy.


The Gligar had crashed into me which also made me fall to the ground again.


Matthew: I guess I’m gonna have to get used to this huh?

Gligar: Glig! Gligar! Gligar!

Matthew: Haha. Here.


I then took out a PokeBall and tapped the Gligar’s forehead with it. It went in and started to shake. Within a few seconds, it stops shaking which indicates that it has been officially been caught.


Mom: You know, I think you made a forever friend with that 1.

Matthew: You’re probably right mom. But I think I’m gonna have to wear something for my back. Haha.


Me and my mom then started our walk back home.




Stranger: Aww. Well I’m glad you 2 are together.

Matthew: Yea. But I still need to find something to place on my back whenever it decides to crash into me. Haha.

Stranger: That’s funny. Haha. Umm… Hey. What’s up with your Clauncher here? It looks like it really wants to fight.

Matthew: Naw. Ole Pistol Pete here is just relaxing but in a serious way. Actually, its probably the only serious Pokemon on my team.

Stranger: Does it get along with the others then?

Matthew: Sometimes. But mostly, it’ll just hang out by itself. I’m still glad it’s mine though. I assume it’s been like that its whole life. Then again, I don’t think it would have decided to agree to come with me if I didn’t help it master Water Pulse.

Stranger: What do you mean by that?

Matthew: Well, it all started with…






My dad needed to go to Coumarine City to get some things for home. I decided to go with him.


Dad: Now son. You realize that we might have to stay overnight at Coumarine City right?

Matthew: Yea. I know. I wanna come though.

Dad: Well alright. There’s a beach not too far from there. If you want, you can go there while I get what I need for the house alright?

Matthew: Sounds pretty nice to me.

Dad: Alright. Let’s get going then.


We started our long trek. We had to go through Route 13 which would take us to the lower part of Coumarine City. But what my father needed to get was in the northern section of the city. So we bought 2 train tickets and boarded the train and traveled to the upper part of Coumarine City. This part of the city was more like a place for fisherman. The other part of the city was for people who wanted to challenge the Gym Leader. We got to the middle of the city and then talked about our plans.


Dad: Alright. I’m gonna go get what we need for the house. What are you gonna do?

Matthew: I’m gonna go to the beach in Route 12. Maybe I’ll catch another Pokemon there. But I’ll definitely be relaxing.

Dad: Sounds nice. I’ll come get you when we it’s time to find a motel for us to stay in for the night.

Matthew: Alright. See you later then.


My dad went to the right as I went to the left. In about 15 minutes, I made it to the beach area in route 12. I took off my shoes and walked through the sand and decided to sit. I looked out to the ocean. It was a beautiful sight. I would never go into it though but it was a nice visual. It sure beat having to be on my feet all day trying to help my dad find what he needed to get. But then again, he probably already knew that which is why he told me about the beach. Which if that was the case, I thanked him in my mind. After about 30 minutes sitting in the sand, I started to hear something off in the distance. I looked all over and found the source of the noise. A Clauncher was on top of a rock and seemed like it was trying to fire off an attack but wasn’t able to do it. I decided to go over and investigate. As I got closer, the Clauncher noticed me and pointed its bigger claw at me. I put my hands up.


Matthew: Hey. I didn’t mean to disturb you. I was just wondering what you were doing?


The Clauncher said nothing. Instead, it fired off a pretty powerful Water Gun attack into my face. It was enough force to knock me off my face but not enough to hurt me. I got back up and wiped the water off my face.


Matthew: Hey. That wasn’t a bad Water Gun attack. Must have been training that a lot huh?


Again, the Clauncher didn’t say anything. It seemed like it was trying to launch another attack. I closed my eyes fearing what it might do. But all I felt was a ring of water splashing my face and it wasn’t any bigger than the size of my nose. I opened my eyes back up and witnessed the Clauncher act upset. It seemed it couldn’t successfully pull off whatever attack it was trying to do.


Matther: Hey. I’m sorry your attack didn’t work.

Clauncher:… Claunch.

Matthew: Umm… Is there anyway you’d be willing for me to help you?


It looked at me fiercely. It seemed to be studying my body for whatever reason. After staring at me, it shook its head yes.


Matthew: Sweet. I promise I’ll try my hardest to help you.

Clauncher:… Claunch. Clauncher.

Matthew: But 1st, I gotta figure out what move you’re trying to use.


I closed my eyes and thought about it. The attack apparently had some kind of ring of water. I also remembered that Clauncher’s only ability is Mega Launcher. It took a few minutes but it finally clicked.


Matthew: Are you trying to use Water Pulse?

Clauncher: Clauncher.

Matthew: Alright. Let’s help you learn how to use that move.

Clauncher: Claunch.


It took hours and hours and hours. The ring of water was definitely getting bigger but it wasn’t perfected yet. I didn’t realize how late it was and heard my dad calling for me. I waved him over.


Dad: Hey son. I got everything I needed. We can go to the motel and rest now. What have you been doing?

Matthew: I’ve been trying to help this Clauncher perfect its Water Pulse attack.

Dad: Any luck?

Matthew: Well it’s getting bigger but it’s deff not perfected.

Dad: Well that sucks.


My dad looked at me into my eyes. He could tell that I really wanted to help the Clauncher. He also saw the Clauncher gazing up at the bright moon. Then, I heard my dad sigh and saw a grin come across his face.


Dad: I suppose sleeping on a beach would be an interesting experience. Keep doing what you’re doing Matt and go to sleep when you feel like it.

Matthew: Haha. Thanks dad!


He went away to get a tent and a couple of sleeping bags and pillows. I continued helping with Clauncher with perfecting its Water Pulse attack. I saw my dad come back, out up the tent and go inside and go to sleep. I stayed up all night with Clauncher to help it. We were nearing perfecting the move. I began to see Clauncher to get tired.


Matthew: Hey Clauncher. Get some sleep. I’ll wake you up when I’m done with getting everything ready.


The Clauncher looked confused but it couldn’t stay awake any longer. So it went to sleep. I decided that it needed some kind of target. So I started making some sand castles. Some little ones and big ones and 1 giant 1. This took me about 2 hours. The sun was rising when I was done. My dad woke up and came out of the tent and saw what I had done.


Dad: Hey son. What’s all of this?

Matthew: It’s something for Clauncher to hit. We were just trying to get him to use it before but maybe having an actual target will help it perfect the move.

Dad: Well you did a good job. Did you even go to sleep though?

Matthew: Not yet.

Dad: You’re going to be really tired.

Matthew: I know.


Everything was set. I ran over to Clauncher and woke it up.


Matthew: Hey Clauncher. Wake up.

Clauncher: Claunch? Clauncher.

Matthew: It’s good to see you awake. Look. I made some targets for you to use Water Pulse on.


I went back over and stood next to the giant sand castle I had made last.


Matthew: Alright Clauncher! Use Water Pulse on the small ones 1st!


Clauncher did as it was told and fired off a Water Pulse. It was a decent sized 1 and enough to destroy those but I knew it wasn’t there just yet.


Matthew: Alright! That was good but you’re gonna need more power to knock over the next couple of ones! Do it again!


Clauncher focused in more and fired off a couple of Water Pulses onto the bigger ones. Those seemed to have more power behind it but still wasn’t all the way there.


Matthew: You’re doing good Clauncher! Now you’re really gonna have to try for this 1! Use Water Pulse!


Clauncher whipped up the larger of its claws and fired off and big Water Pulse. It was perfect. It had succeeded in perfecting it but I totally forgot I was right next to the giant sand castle and was thrown to the ground when it hit. My dad came rushing over to me.


Dad: Oh my Arceus! Are you alright Matt?!

Matthew: Yea. I’m fine. Just sand in places that it shouldn’t be you know.


We looked over to the Clauncher. It walked off of the rock and walked over to us. It came close to my face and shook its head yes. I took that as a way of it for saying thanks. I sat up and looked over to the side of me and saw 1 of my empty PokeBalls was lying on the sand. The Clauncher also noticed and walked over to it, touched the button and went inside. It shook for a couple of seconds and then stopped. I was confused as to what had just happened.


Matthew: Umm… Why did it do that?

Dad: You stayed up all night to help it perfect its move. I think you proved that you can be a serious trainer and so it decided to join you.

Matthew: Hmm. That’s interesting. Well, I got a new friend. Haha.

Dad: Congratulations son. I’m proud of you.

Matthew: Thanks dad. Umm… You think I can nap here for a couple of hours before we go back home?

Dad: I figured you would ask that. But considering that we’re at the beach, sure. I might as well go for a swim.

Matthew: Alright. Thanks. Have a good time.


My dad then got ready to go into the water as I crawled into the tent and fell right to sleep as soon as I laid my head on the pillow.




Stranger: Ahh. Makes sense why Clauncher stayed with you then.

Matthew: Yea. Maybe not the friendliest but nothing wrong with being serious sometimes as well.

Stranger: Now that Rowlet. Isn’t that native to the Alola Region?

Matthew: Yes. Yes it is. I did get it from Alola. Although, it was by accident.

Stranger: How was it by accident?

Matthew: Well, as I call it, Link here was actually in the process of being picked by a rookie trainer when I happened to have gotten it.

Stranger: That sounds like it would be an awkward situation.

Matthew: Well it was at 1st but let me start from the beginning. See, me and my family…






Matthew: It’s boring here.

Mom: Normally, I’d disagree with you but you’re right.

Dad: Yea. Not a lot to do right now.

Matthew: You know, I wonder how Uncle Kukui is doing in Alola.

Mom: Probably really good. I know it’s a nice place there.


We all looked at each other with a big smile on our faces.


Dad: You 2 thinking what I’m thinking?

Matthew: You mean visiting Uncle Kukui in Alola?

Mom: And vacationing there?

Dad: Exactly!

Mom: Hold on! Let me call him up.


My mom got the phone and called him up. The call didn’t last very long. She hung out the phone and had a big smile on her face.


Mom: Guess who’s going on vacation?~

Matthew: Alright! I’m going to go pack!

Dad: Me too! Come on hun!

Mom: Right behind you sweetie!


We all went upstairs to pack our stuff. The next day, we hopped on a plane and flew off to Alola. Uncle Kukui agreed to let us sleep with him in his “lab.” When we arrived, we were greeted by him.


Uncle Kukui: Hey there everyone! How was the trip, yeah?

Mom: It was lovely. I can’t wait to relax and have fun here.

Matthew: Me too.

Uncle Kukui: Yeah, little Matt! You surely aren’t little anymore! You’ve grown since the last time I saw you yeah!

Dad: He certainly has. He’s been starting to catch Pokemon too.

Uncle Kukui: Is that so? Maybe you’ll catch a Pokemon here yeah?

Matthew: Maybe. It’d be pretty cool.

Uncle Kukui: Indeed it would. Well, let’s take you all back to the lab huh?

Mom: Let’s go!


We all got into Kukui’s vehicle and he drove us as close to his lab as he could. We had to walk the rest of the way there but it didn’t bother us. It was right next to the ocean. It was a beautiful sight.


Uncle Kukui: Now, go get settled and then go have fun.

Mom: Don’t have to tell me that. Come on hunny! Let’s go!

Dad: Whoa whoa. Wait for me hunny!


Mom and dad ran out, presumably to go shopping. I stayed in the lab with Kukui.


Uncle Kukui: What are you going to do today cousin yeah?

Matthew: I’m not sure. I guess I didn’t think that far.

Uncle Kukui: Why not go outside and look for some Pokemon. You might catch something.

Matthew: You’re right. I’ll be back in a bit Kukui.

Uncle Kukui: Alright! And remember! Have fun yeah!


I left and visited the cave that was near the lab. While there were a lot of Pokemon in there, none of them caught my eye. I went back out and looked in the grass around the lab. Again, a lot of Pokemon but none that I found interesting. I decided to go inside and rest for a bit. I opened the door and saw Kukui with 3 other Pokemon out in front of him. I walked up to them.


Matthew: Hey Kukui. What are you doing?

Uncle Kukui: Hey cousin. I’m making sure these 3 starters are well and healthy for tomorrow.

Matthew: What’s going on tomorrow?

Uncle Kukui: We have 2 new trainers that are gonna be starting their journey and they’re going to pick their starter, which includes these 3. The Water Type Pokemon, Popplio. The Fire Type Pokemon, Litten. The Grass Type Pokemon, Rowlet.

Matthew: Wow. They look so cool.

Uncle Kukui: Indeed. If you were to start a journey here, you’d be able to select 1 of these 3 to be yours.

Matthew: Wow.


The Rowlet looked at me curiously and flew over to me. It looked at me more thoroughly and then nuzzled its head against mine.


Uncle Kukui: It seems that that Rowlet has taken a liking to you.

Matthew: It seems like it. Haha.

Uncle Kukui: That’s a good thing. It means you’re a really good person yeah.

Matthew: Really? Interesting. Hey. Would it be ok if I went and watched the 2 trainers pick their Pokemon tomorrow?

Uncle Kukui: Sure cousin.

Matthew: Great! I can’t wait.


I spent most of the day lazing around the lab. Later into the day, mom and dad came back from their adventures in the malls and restaurants of Alola. We all went to sleep. The next day, I woke up with excitement. I was ready to watch the 2 new trainers pick their Pokemon. I came upstairs and saw Kukui with the starters out in front. Again, the Rowlet flew over and perched itself onto my head.


Matthew: Haha. Hello there Rowlet. So Uncle Kukui, when do we leave?

Uncle Kukui: Very soon cousin. It should be an eventful morning.

Matthew: Great!


Mom and Dad came upstairs as well all dressed.


Matthew: What are you 2 doing today?

Mom: We’re actually gonna go see the Pokemon being picked by the 2 new trainers today. And then relax by the beach.

Dad: I always wanted to see how they do it here.

Matthew: Looks like we’re all going together then.


In a couple of minutes, we all left with Kukui to go to Iki Town. Unlike most other regions, here, everyone goes to Iki Town to pick their starters instead of going to the labs. We arrived there and stood by the wooden stage. We saw a heavyset man come up and talk to Kukui. We then saw 2 young trainers come up and stand by the wooden stage as well. Kukui gives the heavyset man 3 PokeBalls.


Uncle Kukui: Are you ready Island Kahuna Hala?

Island Kahuna Hala: Yes. Let’s get this started.


The 2 young trainers stood in front of Hala and Kukui and were listening to how things went down here. Then Hala threw the PokeBalls up in the air and the 3 Pokemon popped out of their PokeBalls and landed onto the wooden stage.


Island Kahuna Hala: These are the 3 Pokemon you may choose from. Please choose wisely.


The 2 trainers were looking at the 3 Pokemon. Me, mom and dad were watching as well trying to guess who would be picked. The Rowlet was looking around and then it noticed me. It smiled and ran over to me and nuzzled its forehead onto mine and then jumped up on top of my head. I grabbed the Rowlet off my head and brought it back to the others.


Matthew: I’m so so sorry. I didn’t mean for that to happen.

New Trainer #1: Is this a 3rd new trainer?

New Trainer #2: I thought it was just the 2 of us?

Matthew: No no. This Rowlet just really likes me and went over to me. Now Rowlet, you stay here alright? I’m sorry Hala.

Island Kahuna Hala: It’s quite alright.


I went back over to my parents who were laughing about the situation. 5 minutes later, the trainers had picked their Pokemon. 1 chose Popplio and the other chose Litten. Then they left the town to begin their adventures. We went over to Kukui who was talking with Hala.


Uncle Kukui: Well, seems like they made their choice.

Island Kahuna Hala: Indeed my friend. Make sure this little 1 finds a good home.

Mom: Hi. I’m sorry for interrupting but that was fun to watch Kukui.

Dad: Yea. I never saw anything like it.

Uncle Kukui: Well I’m glad you both enjoyed it yeah. How about you cousin?

Matthew: I found it entertaining. Although, I am sorry I made the Rowlet distracted.

Island Kahuna Hala: It’s quite alright. This Rowlet does seem like it has taken a liking to you though.

Matthew: Yea. I don’t know why though.

Uncle Kukui: You know Hala. It always takes a long time to try to find a good home for the starter that didn’t get chosen. Do you think that…

Island Kahuna Hala: Hmm.


Hala stared at me. I didn’t know why. I was starting to get uneasy there.


Matthew: Uhhh… Is there something on me?

Island Kahuna Hala: Hahaha. You will do fine. Kukui, if you’d please.

Uncle Kukui: Alright! Cousin, we would like you to keep the Rowlet?

Matthew: Wait what?

Mom: Are you sure?

Island Kahuna Hala: We usually give someone the other starter that wasn’t chosen. But this Rowlet here seems to have already chosen its trainer. The question is, does he want to accept Rowlet as his Pokemon?


Everyone stared at me. The Rowlet smiled, flew out of Hala’s hands and perched itself on top of my head. I grinned and looked up at my new friend.


Matthew: How can I say no to this? I guess you’re coming with me Rowlet.

Rowlet: Rowlet!

Dad: Haha. I guess I got to experience my son get a starter Pokemon after all.

Mom: This vacation was definitely a good idea.

Matthew: You said it mom. And it’s gonna even get better right Rowlet?

Rowlet: Rowlet Rowlet!


I took out an empty PokeBall and bopped its head with it making it go inside and shake for a couple of seconds before it stopped, officially making it mine.


Island Kahuna Hala: Please take good care of it.

Uncle Kukui: You don’t have to worry about a thing Hala. He’ll be a good trainer to it, right cousin?

Matthew: You know it Kukui.


We all the left back to the lab and enjoyed the rest of our vacation.




Stranger: Haha. Well might have been awkward, but the Island Kahuna gave you the Pokemon. That’s feel cool.

Matthew: It was. You have no idea how awesome that felt.

Stranger: I can only imagine. Now, the only that’s left is this Koffing.

Matthew: Ahh yes. This Koffing was actually causing havoc around here believe it or not.

Stranger: Yea. Wasn’t there something a couple of years ago about a part of Lumiose City smelling really bad thanks to a Koffing?

Matthew: Yea. And this is that same Koffing.

Stranger: What? Are you serious?

Matthew: Very serious.

Stranger: How did you catch it? And how did you get the smell to go away?

Matthew: Well, I actually…






I had to go get some food for home. As I started to walk towards the grocery store, I could overhear some people talking about something.


Random Man: Yea. It smells really bad there.

Random Woman: Someone needs to do something so that awful smell goes away.

Random Man: Anytime anyone tries to stop the smell, they can never get close enough and they just give up.

Random Woman: Well someone needs to do something about this.


I had no idea what they were talking about. I decided I’d walk the long way around when I was done getting food. After a half hour of grocery shopping, I left the store and started my long way walk back home. So far, I couldn’t smell anything bad.


Matthew: Maybe they were talking about a different city? I don’t smell anything.


But something wasn’t right. The more I kept walking, the more I realized there were less and less people walking around me. And soon enough, I couldn’t see any people walking anywhere near me. Around this time, I started to smell something that wasn’t too good.


Matthew: Ew yuck! What in the world is that smell!?


I put my tank top over my nose and mouth so I couldn’t smell it or possibly taste it. As I continued to walk the way I was, the smell was getting worse and worse and worse. It was almost unbearable but I kept going. I was determined to see what was causing this smell. As I got to an alleyway, the smell was horribly bad. The smell must have been that way. Despite the smell, I decided to walk into the alleyway and see if I could find the source of the putrid smell. I almost gave up but then I started to see something purple and round floating up in the middle of the air. I got closer and closer and I saw it. It was a Koffing! I was prepared to battle it but then I realized something. The Koffing had a sad look upon its face. It spotted me and somewhat moved away from me. I tried to motion to it that I wasn’t there to hurt it. But the smell was just too much. The Koffing then slowly floated down towards me to where it was in front of my face. I almost couldn’t breath and it could tell that. Suddenly, the air surrounding me started to smell less awful. I could finally breath again. The Koffing was making sure I was ok. I gave it a thumbs up. In a matter of minutes, the awful smell was almost completely gone. I was able to let my shirt go and breath normally. I then looked back at the Koffing. I was curious as to why it did that.


Matthew: Hey. Are you ok Koffing?

Koffing: Koffing…


I could tell that the Koffing was feeling sad. Why it was feeling like that though, I had no idea.


Matthew: I take it you didn’t mean to do that.

Koffing: Koffing! Koffing!


It shook its head no fast and in a desperate way. Something told me that it didn’t want to be in trouble.


Matthew: Don’t worry. I ain’t mad at you. I was just wondering. I saw that you were sad before so you couldn’t have been doing this on purpose.


The Koffing shook its head yes and floated towards my chest. I didn’t get it at 1st but then I realized that no 1 wanted this Koffing and that it just wanted to feel wanted.


Matthew: Koffing, was that smell coming from you because you were feeling lonely?


The Koffing looked up at me and shook its head yes. That got me sad as well and I hugged it. Although I couldn’t see it, I could feel the Koffing smiling and feeling better. I let it go and it floated in front of me smiling. I took out an empty PokeBall and held it in front of it.


Matthew: I know you don’t wanna feel lonely. So why don’t you become part of my team and become wanted forever?


The Koffing beamed with glee and shook its head yes. It then headbutted the PokeBall and went inside. It shook for a couple of seconds and then stopped, securing the capture.


Matthew: Don’t worry Koffing. I’ll always want you.


I then left the alleyway and went home.




Stranger: Wow… I feel so bad for it. But I’m glad you found it. Seems really happy with you.

Matthew: Ohh yes. It hasn’t ever smelled that bad ever since then. But I don’t call it Koffing. I call it-

Stranger: Wait. Let me guess. James right?

Matthew: How did you know?

Stranger: Well Ekans is nicknamed Jessie from Team Rocket. So I figured it was the same thing for your Koffing.

Matthew: Haha. You’re pretty smart.

Stranger: I try.

Matthew: Well, it’s getting pretty late and I promised my parents I’d talk to them before tomorrow happens. So I should probably get going.

Stranger: Alrighty. Well good luck in Reborn.

Matthew: Thanks.


The stranger got up and left. I returned my Pokemon to their PokeBalls and sat in the chair for a little bit longer looking up to the sky. I wondered what kind of place the Reborn Region would be like once I got there. I then got up and started to walk towards my home.

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Woah! How much time did you take to make just this part of the story? Because I love it, it's too long and very good! :)

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22 minutes ago, Mr. Finn said:

Woah! How much time did you take to make just this part of the story? Because I love it, it's too long and very good! :)

I started it at like 10 at night and finished at like 4:30 in the morning. That's including making the mini title cards for each of the flashbacks as well. Thank you though I think. I'm not sure if it being too long is good or not. xD Haha.

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By the time I got home, it was almost nighttime. I walked in and saw my parents sitting by each other watching tv with the Froakie sitting on a dresser. They heard the door close and turned around.


Mom: Hi hunny. Did you have a good day?

Matthew: Yea. It was pretty fun.

Dad: Well good. Now let’s have that chat shall we? We’re glad you got that vibe back on going out on a journey with your Pokemon but… How did you pick Reborn? How did you even know about that place?

Mom: We did some asking around and research about that place and… we’re just really worried. It doesn’t sound like the safest of places.


I sighed and went to the other side of the table and sat down.




Matthew: Well dad, I’ve been itching to get back into going on a journey for a while now. Actually, it’s when you gave me those 6 PokeBalls on my 15th birthday when I got the urge to do it.

Dad: But why then? I mean you got Froakie when you were younger and went on an adventure but then just stopped because you weren’t having fun.

Mom: Yea. How do you know it won’t happen again?

Matthew: I think it was because I didn’t want to just do a regular normal journey through this region. I mean a lot of people have gotten through the gyms here easily. Hell. I beat the 1st Gym Leader with Froakie alone. I want a challenge. A real challenge. And I feel like Reborn is that kind of challenge for me.

Mom: Well ok. We can understand that but… Reborn is not safe. We talked to a few people and looked some stuff on the computer. It’s just not safe.

Dad: How in the world did you even find out about Reborn?

Matthew: I was by the Lumiose Train Station and I guess someone just returned from Reborn and…




There was nothing to do today. So I decided to go to the Lumiose Train Station and just watch the trains come in and out of the station. I walked out of my house and went down to the station. I went inside and sat on a bench and just watched the trains come in and out of the station. About a half hour into this, I saw a person walking out of a train looking all relieved and hugged a person that was there to pick them up. They were close enough for me to hear the conversation they were having.


Relieved Young Man: Ohh thank Arceus. I’m so thankful that I’m out of that region and back home.

Young Woman: Are you alright? You seem like you went through a lot.

Relieved Young Man: It was horrible there. I tried to get through all the Wards but it was just too tough. Plus, there were a lot of bad people there.

Young Woman: Wow. I can’t believe you went there in the 1st place.

Relieved Young Man: I thought it would be fun and challenging but… I was totally wrong. I’m just so glad that I’m back.

Young Woman: Me too dear.


This peeked my interest and I went over to the 2 and started to talk to them.


Matthew: Hey. I’m sorry. I couldn’t help but hear that you came back from a place called Reborn? What was it like?

Relieved Young Man: It was horrible. The people there were trying to rob me. The buildings were in shambles. The water was all toxic.

Young Woman: My goodness. I didn’t know all of that.

Relieved Young Man: Plus, the Gym Leaders there were really hard to beat. I only beat 1 Gym Leader and I barely made it past her.

Matthew: That sounds interesting.

Relieved Young Man: I thought so too. Until I got there. The only good thing about that place was the official of the Reborn League. Her name is Ame. She tried to help me with some stuff but ultimately, I just couldn’t handle it. So I quit my journey and decided to come back here. I don’t regret it though.

Young Woman: Well I’m glad to have you back. Let’s get you home.

Matthew: Wait! Before you go, can you tell me anything else about that place.

Relieved Young Man: If you really wanna know, it looked like an apocalypse hit there and not too long ago too. If you want to no more, here.


The man took out a piece of paper and wrote down something. When he was finished, he handed it to me.


Relieved Young Man: If you want to learn more about it, that’s where I went to. You’ll probably find Ame’s email there too.

Matthew: Thanks. I’m sorry if I held you up.

Young Woman: It’s no trouble but we really must be going now. Bye.


They both left the station. I looked down at the note.




Matthew: I need to find out more info about this. I have a feeling I found my 1st real adventure here.


I rushed out of the station and back home into my room. I quickly typed up the site name and up it came. I was intrigued by everything that was on it. I found Ame’s email address and then went into my email and started writing my email to her.


 Dear Ame,

    Hello. My name is Matthew. I recently discovered about the Reborn Region. I’m very interested in having my 1st Pokemon adventure be there. I understand that it’s not all good there though. But that doesn’t bother me. If you have any information for me about it and also how to register for the league there, I’d appreciate it.





Dear Matthew,

   Hello there Matthew. This is Ame. I’m very happy to hear that you’re interested in registering for our league here in Reborn. It’s interesting that this would be your 1st Pokemon adventure though. But I won’t try to discourage you from that. Yes. I will admit that things here aren’t the best that they can be but we’re trying to change that. And I believe that having new trainers coming here taking on the league will help with that. And you have the option of how you want to register for the league. You can either do it in person in Reborn or we can do it over the computer. I look forward to hearing back from you.





Dear Ame,

   I appreciate the fast response. And I think I’d rather do the registration over there in Reborn. But I have no idea how to get there or when would be a good time to go there. I would appreciate it if you would tell me how and when would be a good time to do it.





Dear Matthew,

   I actually will be going on a train to pick up all the trainers that wish to register for the Reborn League. All I need to know is where you’re from and I will be there to escort you to the Reborn Region, along with the other trainers. I will have a 1-on-1 with you when we do the registration. All I need to know is what region your from and where you live.





Dear Ame,

   I live in the Kalos Region and I live in Lumiose City. There’s actually a train station here in the city so getting there won’t take too long. And that’s great.





Dear Matthew,

   That’s great! That’ll be perfect. So I shall be there next week on Sunday around noon. Be sure to be there a little before then so I can see you. Alright. I’ll see you next week Matthew. Bye!





I turned off the computer and sat in the chair. I couldn’t believe it. I was going to go on a Pokemon Adventure. And I felt excited about it.


Matthew: Wow… I’ll be leaving for the Reborn Region in 1 week. I hope my parents will take this well. But this should be exciting. I better go to sleep now. I’ll tell them tomorrow.


I got ready for bed, turned off the lights and went to sleep.




Mom: And then that’s when you told us.

Matthew: Mhm.

Dad: Well… We’re glad you found excitement in this.

Matthew: Come on. I’m 18 years old. You can’t stop me from going on an adventure, even if it might be dangerous.

Mom: We weren’t going to. We just want you to be safe.

Matthew: Ohh…

Dad: We’re proud of you son. Just when you leave, be careful out there.

Matthew: Don’t worry. I will. The next time you see me, I’ll be the Champion of Reborn!

Mom: Haha. Well whether you come back a Champion or not, we’ll always love you hun.

Dad: Couldn’t have said it better myself dear.

Matthew: Well hey. I should go to bed. I go to be up tomorrow for noon to go to the Lumiose Train Station.

Mom: Alright son. Good night.

Dad: Night Matt. We love you.

Matthew: Love you too mom and dad. Good night.


I walked passed them and went upstairs into my room. I was getting ready for bed and was about to put down my PokeBalls but then stopped for a couple of seconds. I looked at the PokeBalls that contained my teammates.


Matthew: Guys… Tomorrow we leave to go to a faraway place. It could be dangerous. Maybe even deadly. But we’ll have fun and become strong. Rest well my friends. Tomorrow is the 1st day of our journey.


I smiled and put down the PokeBalls onto my table. I climbed into bed and went to sleep, dreaming of all the possibilities that Reborn would have for us.

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I woke up the next day. It was 9:00 in the morning. I groggily got out of bed and started to get ready for the big day. I put on a new tank top and a new pair of shorts that I got a couple of days ago for this journey. I looked in the mirror when I was all done.


Matthew: Damn I look awesome.


I got everything I needed. Then, I took the PokeBalls, 3 in each hand, and shouted:


Matthew: Come out everyone! We need to talk quickly!


They all popped out of their PokeBalls and landed all around me. They looked up to me eagerly.


Matthew: Alright. As you all know, today is the day we leave for Reborn. We don’t know what to expect there but I know 1 thing. I wouldn’t wanna go there with any other team besides you all. I know we’re gonna do great there. I believe in all of you. Alright now. Back into your PokeBalls.


Holding out their PokeBalls, they all returned back inside. I clipped them onto my belt and then proceeded to head downstairs. As I approached the bottom, I saw my parents near the door going outside.


Matthew: Uhh… You 2 ain’t gonna try to block the door so I don’t leave are ya?

Mom: Hahaha. No hun.

Dad: We just wanted to wish you luck and see you on your way out.

Mom: We wanted to see you 1 last time before you left us.

Matthew: Ohh come on mom. I’ll be back.

Mom: I know. I’m just gonna miss you.

Matthew: I’ll miss you too mom. And you as well dad.

Dad: I’ll miss you too son. Now go along. You’ll be late if you stay here any longer.

Matthew: Yea. Well so long everyone.


I was about to leave but then Froakie hopped up onto a little table near the door.


Matthew: Ohh Froakie. My 1st Pokemon. I almost forgot to say good bye to you. Now you make sure to help mom and dad around here, alright buddy?

Froakie: Froakie Froak!


I walked out the door and walked a little bit out. I turned around and watched as my parents and Froakie smiled at me and then closed the door. I turned back around and started walking towards the Lumiose Train Station. I could feel myself getting all giddy and excited. I made it to the train station and went inside. I looked for the clock. It was 11:30 A.M. A little bit early from noon. That’s what Ame said to do. So I decided to go to the ticket booth and get my ticket for Reborn City.


Matthew: Hello there. May I have a ticket for Reborn City?

Ticket Person: Reborn City? You sure that’s the place you wanna go to?

Matthew: I’ve heard that it’s a bad place but I think it’ll be challenging. Maybe I could help the town get better.

Ticket Person: Well keep dreaming good things kids. A miracle would have to happen for that to happen. Anyways, what’s your name?

Matthew: Matthew.

Ticket Person: M-A-T-T-H-E-W. Alright. Now, what gender are you?

Matthew: Really dude? You can’t tell I’m male?

Ticket Person: I’m sorry but I’ve been told by higher ups that I have to ask that now. Anyways, male. Don’t worry about the rest. I’ll take care of it.


The ticket person only took a couple of seconds to punch up the rest of the stuff. He handed me the ticket as I handed him the money.


Ticket Person: Alright. You’re all set now.

Matthew: Thanks.

Ticket Person: No problem. Although, I still don’t understand why anyone still wants to go there. Seems like a lost cause to me. Anyways, the train should be here any minute.


I walked away and sat down on a bench. I looked at the ticket. 



Matthew: Grandview Station? That must be the name of the train station in the Reborn Region somewhere.


I sat there for about 10 minutes. A train came in and I saw a woman with long white hair come out. She went over to the Ticket Person I was at before. He pointed over in my direction. She looked over at me.


???: Is that you Matthew?

Matthew: Yes? Who are you?

Ame: It’s me. Ame.

Matthew: Ohh. Well it’s a pleasure to meet you.

Ame: Likewise. Come on. Let’s go over back to the train. We should get on.

Matthew: Ok.


I followed Ame to the train that she came out of. I went into 1 of the coaches where there were a few people sitting. I found an empty seat and sat down. Ame came over to me.


Ame: I’ll be with you in a while. I’m going to talk with the rest of the trainers in this coach. Just sit tight ok?

Matthew: Alrighty.


She went up to a person and started talking to them. I decided I would just look out the window and enjoy the view. I watched as the city landscapes changed to fields and then the fields changed to water. I must have dozed off or something because when I looked out the window again, it was like we were in a desert. I sat up and look outside. I had never seen anything like that before. I looked over to the other seat and saw Ame talking with another trainer. In a couple of seconds, she got up, came over to my side and sat opposite of me.



Ame: Your turn now Matthew. I’m so sorry for the wait. I didn’t know introductions would take this long.

Matthew: It’s alright. I caught a few Z’s while I was waiting. Wow. Everything outside is so… Desert like. Is Reborn like that?

Ame: Not really but the Wards aren’t any better.

Matthew: Wards?

Ame: It’s basically the same thing as cities and towns but they’re represented by elected councilor or councilors.

Matthew: So I’m assuming Gym Leaders would be the councilors?

Ame: You catch on quickly. Yes. Typically Gym Leaders are the councilors of their Ward.

Matthew: But if the region is as bad as some people are saying, they must not be doing such a good job huh? Haha.


I laughed but when I looked over to Ame, she seemed upset. My joke must have sounded more mean or something than I intended.


Matthew: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that. Sometimes I just say stuff without thinking.

Ame: It’s ok. You’re not COMPLETELY wrong but I would say a lot of our Gym Leaders are trying their best.

Matthew: I would hope so.

Ame: Anyways, I’m glad you’re registering for our league! We just started to get stuff off of the ground again.

Matthew: What happened here that made this region be almost abandoned?

Ame: I can’t really get into it but an incident occurred a few years ago and ever since then, the whole region was almost completely abandoned… Even by the Pokemon.

Matthew: Something really bad must have happened if the Pokemon almost left the place.

Ame: That is correct. I’m just glad everything is starting to go in the right direction. I think you’ll find the Reborn Region will be like no other region you’ve ever seen before!

Matthew: I can already see that. And I don’t know about the other trainers but this is getting me pretty excited.

Ame: Well that’s a great thing! We’re almost to Grandview Station. When we get there, we’ll disembark and then you’ll follow me to the Grand Hall and I’ll register you, along with the other trainers here, into the league. And then we’ll give you a start Pokemon and your adventure could really begin. Sound good?


I felt a little nervous. I wanted to tell her that I already have Pokemon with me but I didn’t know if I should tell her that. She might become upset or something. I looked back up to her but she seemed frightened a little and looking behind me.



I looked back but I didn’t see anything there.


Ame: Matthew… Something isn’t right here.

Matthew: What do you mean?

Ame: We should be decelerating right now but it doesn’t feel like that.

Matthew: You’re right. It actually feels like we’re… speeding up.


Then, we heard a noise that sounded like was coming from outside o the train. I saw Ame’s eyes widen.


Matthew: What’s wrong?!

Ame: Move!


She rushed over to my side. I have no idea how she did but she pushed me and herself out of the window. I have no idea what happened next.



Ame: Are you ok?! Matthew?! Come on! Wake up!


I was groggy and sore all over when I gained back my consciousness.


Matthew: Whoa… Ugh. Ow. I’m sore all over. What happened?

Ame: Ohh thank god! You’re still alive! The train. It exploded as soon as we got into the station…


I stood up and looked at the station.



It was in shambles. Smoke was coming from inside. I could see some policemen looking over the debris. I looked out to the water. It looked brown and not blue from what I was used to at home.


Matthew: Did that blast do something to the water?

Ame: No. It’s been like that for a while now.


I looked back to the station. Then, a thought came to my mind.


Matthew: Ame… What happened to the other trainers that were in that train?

Ame:… I was only able to save you Matthew. Everyone else. They…


She didn’t have to finish that sentenced. I knew what she was going to say. They were gone. Dead. Thanks to that bombing. I fell to my knees and started to sob. This was not how I wanted to start my Pokemon adventure. Ame came over and knelt down beside me and put her arm around me.


Matthew: I-I didn’t think this place would be this bad.

Ame: No. This is new. This has never happened before.

Matthew: Why?… Why did this have to happen?

Ame: I don’t know Matt. I don’t know. I mean who would even-

???: AME! HI!


A loud girly voice was heard. We both looked up. A green haired woman in, what appeared to be, a cheerleader outfit came running up to us.



She looked at the destruction of the station and seemed impressed by it. This confused me.


Matthew: Ho-How could you seem happy about th-this?

???: Hmmm. Ohh! Hi there! I didn’t see you there stranger!

Ame: Don’t be angry at her Matthew. She’s a good person. A little too obsessed with blowing stuff up but she is a good person. Julia, do you have any idea what happened?

Julia: I have no idea. I was at my gym-gym and then all of a sudden I heard BOOM! So I came running down here. You know I gotta see what happened when I hear an explosion!

Ame: Yea. I know all to well Julia.


I stood back up again but I was still sobbing. The 3 of us looked towards the wrecked station.


Ame: Whoever did this rigged the train so it would explode when it got to Grandview Station.

Julia: By the looks of it, they did a great job at it!


I looked at her in confusion. I can understand liking something but to like it so much that you don’t seem to care that something around your home just got destroyed? That didn’t sit right with me.


Matthew: You’re… You’re not right in the head Julia.

Julia: Just a combination of boomies and lots and LOTS of coffee!

Ame: Matt, she’s really a nice person. While her fascination with explosions is a little worrying, she is a good person.


I looked back at Julia. She smiled a huge smile and waved at me. I waved back but only just so she didn’t do anything weird in case I didn’t. She then came skipping over to me.


Julia: Hey person!

Matthew: The name is Matthew.

Julia: Hi Matthew!

Matthew: Yea. Hi.

Julia: Pop quiz! Are you planning to take on the Reborn League?


Why in the world would she ask me that at a time like this? I decided to answer her truthfully so that she’d hopefully leave me alone.


Matthew: Yes. I am.

Julia: Awesome! Then I’ll be your 1st opponent! I’m the Electric Gym Leader here.


My jaw dropped. She was the Electric Gym Leader here? There was no way that could be true. I walked over to Ame, who was talking on some sort of PokeGear, and asked her.


Matthew: Hey Ame. Is Julia really a Gym Leader here?

Ame: Yes. I know. Crazy but she was qualified for it. So we gave it to her.


She went back talking on the phone. I couldn’t believe that this girl was a Gym Leader. And an Electric Type Gym Leader of all types. Ame closed up her PokeGear walked over to me and Julia.


Ame: Alright. I called the authorities. This place is gonna be on lockdown. Maybe whoever did this will be caught. Hopefully sooner than later.

Matthew: Well that’s good. Ugh. Arceus I’m sore.

Ame: Alright. I’m gonna go take Matthew to the Grand Hall and have him rest there. Julia, I want you to stay here til the police come. If you see anyone suspicious, try to hold them until the police arrive alright?

Julia: You got it Ame! Detective Boomy is on the case.

Ame: Right. Come on Matt. The Grand Hall isn’t that far.


Ame put my arm over her shoulder and helped me walk over to the Grand Hall. As we walked, I looked at the ground, the places. Everything. A lot of the buildings were cracked as well as the ground. The air was toxic. Didn’t smell good at all. The water looked all brown. But apparently, that’s been like that for a while. This place was in shambles. I wasn’t expecting the Grand Hall to look impressive at all but shockingly, it did. In fact, this place look like it was untouched by everything that happened in this place. I don’t know how but this place was fantastic. Ame brought me over to a couch and helped me sit on it.


Ame: I’ll be right back. I’m gonna see if we have any extra beds here and get you some painkillers.

Matthew: Alright Ame.


Ame left in search for the items she told me she was looking for. In a couple of minutes, I saw her walking over here with a pill and cup of water as well as a bed. She placed the bed in front of the PokeCenter station they had in front of the Grand Hall. She handed me the pill and water and I hastily took it, hoping the pain would go away.


Ame: Alright. The Nurse Joy we have here also can help with human injuries. That’s why I have the bed here. So if anything happens to you overnight, she can be right there to help you.

Matthew: Alright. Thanks Ame.


I laid down in the bed under the covers. Ame walked over to me with a sad look on her face.



Ame: I am so so so SO sorry that this happened today.

Matthew: You couldn’t have known about it Ame.

Ame: But-

Matthew: Really. It’s ok. I mean… The deaths are gonna be hard to forget but… You didn’t do anything wrong.

Ame: Well thanks Matt… I appreciate you saying that to me.

Matthew: I gotta ask you something though.

Ame: What is it?

Matthew: This region… The buildings, the ground, the air, the water… Is it really like that all over this place.

Ame: In some places it’s more dangerous than this and in some, there’s not. But Reborn is a whole. So if 1 part of it is suffering, all the parts will suffer with it.

Matthew: Wow… I’m sorry for whatever happened to the region.

Ame: Thanks Matt.

Matthew: I think I have a new objective in my journey.

Ame: And what’s that?

Matthew: To make this place better than it is now. Maybe even better than it was before.

Ame: Haha. Well, I appreciate you saying that. Anything you try to do will be appreciated. Now I have to go and take care of some stuff. You try to have a good sleep. I’m sorry it’s kind of noisy in here.

Matthew: It’s alright. I actually sleep better with noise.

Ame: Well ok then. We’ll sign you up tomorrow when you’re awake. Night Matt.

Matthew: Night Ame.


She left to go do her duties as the manager of the Reborn League as I fell fast asleep.




Ame (10/10) - She seems like she's trying her best to make this league work again like it did in the past. She might make some weird decisions (AKA make a person who is obsessed with "boomies" an Electric Type Gym Leader) but I trust her judgment.


Julia (3/10) - She seems to like all the destruction that's happened to the station despite the fact that she lives around that area. She should be more sad or scared or something instead of impressed. AND she's the Electric Gym Leader? She's deff a person to keep an eye on so she doesn't blow something up.


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I woke up the next day. I sat up in bed. I couldn’t feel any pain from the previous events of yesterday. I still remembered about the deaths of the other trainers but I had to try my best to let go of that. This region needed help and it needed help badly. I wanted to be the 1 to help it. Nurse Joy noticed I was up.


Nurse Joy: Well good morning Matthew. You seem better than yesterday.

Matthew: Yea. I feel tons better. Thanks for keeping an eye on me through the night. I’m gonna head to the receptionist desk now to register for the league.

Nurse Joy: Alrighty. Good luck Matthew!


I jumped out of bed and walked up to the receptionist desk where Ame was. She didn’t seem like she got any sleep.


Matthew: Hey Ame. You doing ok?

Ame: Yea. Just had to work a lot last night. Not much sleep. But that’s what the manager of the Reborn League has to go through in order to keep the region up.

Matthew: I can only imagine. So should we start the registry?

Ame: Sure.

???: Hey Ame. Busy right now?


I turned around and saw a girl with darkish gray hair wearing what looked to be a robe with the yinyang symbol on it. She came up beside me.



Victoria: Ohh sorry. Didn’t see you there. My name’s Victoria.

Matthew: It’s alright. My name’s Matthew. I just got here yesterday.

Victoria: Yesterday? Wait. Were you involved with the exploding train?

Matthew: Well… I was inside of it. So in a way, yes.

Victoria: Ohh… I’m sorry if I made you remember things you wanted to forget.

Matthew: It’s ok. I just gotta try my best to get through all of that.

Ame: Ohh yea. Speaking of that, we actually caught the guy responsible for the bombing.

Matthew & Victoria: You did?

Ame: Yea. He was trying to escape but Julia stopped him… Although, she could have done it in a more gentle way.

Victoria: What did she do?

Ame: She sent out her Electrode and had it roll in front of the guy and explode.

Matthew (thinking to myself): I guess she is trustworthy if she did that… Although I don’t know if doing it that way was the right way but I suppose the guy got karma.

Victoria: Whoa! Is he ok?

Ame: Yea. It just knocked him unconscious. He should probably be conscious right now actually. So after we get you settled in Matthew, I’m gonna have to interrogate him. There maybe more people.

Matthew: You think there are more people?

Ame: Wouldn’t shock me. Anyways, what did you need Victoria?

Victoria: Well my sensai it would be good for me if I started my own Pokemon journey. Would it be possible if I could register for the league?

Ame: Well under normal circumstances, I would decline. But for Kiki, I guess I can make an exception this once.

Victoria: Great! Thank you!

Ame: But Matthew gets the 1st choice on picking the starter.

Victoria: That’s no problem.


I stood there with a worried look on my face. Ame and Victoria noticed it and grew concerned.


Ame: Is there something the matter Matthew?

Matthew: Well… truth is, I already have a full team of Pokemon on me. So I don’t really need to pick a starter.

Ame: Ahh. So that’s it. Well, while that’s good and all, but we urge everyone to at least have a starter so-

Matthew: Wait. Is that the only issue? Starting with a starter? No problem then. Come out Link!


I pulled out a PokeBall and Link came out. As usual, it flew onto the top of my head and sat there, all smiley.



Victoria and Ame looked at it. The Rowlet looked back at them still smiling.


Ame: Well, if that’s the case then I suppose I can take Victoria upstairs to have her pick her starter.

Matthew: Sure. Have fun picking your starter Victoria!

Victoria: Thanks Matt! I’ll see you in a bit.


Ame opened up the doors and led Victoria upstairs to the room I presumed the starters were. As I waited there, with Rowlet still perched on my head, I watched as a boy with purple hair, dressed all in purple clothing with fishnets on walk up to the receptionist desk. He looked around and then looked at me. He gave that look someone gives when they’re interested in somebody. He then walked over to me.



???: Heeeey. You’re cute.~

Matthew: Umm… Thanks I guess…

???: Hey, do you know where Ame is?

Matthew: She’s with another trainer.

Cain: Ahh. Ok.~ My name is Cain. What’s yours?

Matthew: It’s Matthew.

Cain: Oooo~ Such a pretty name for a handsome dude.

Matthew (nervous laugh): Thanks…


I was getting uncomfortable. Not because he was gay or anything but I never got hit on by a dude. I didn’t want to be rude. So I just let him continue talking.


Cain: So, you look like a new trainer. Did you get your 1st Pokemon?

Matthew: Well technically, I brought my team from home. This is 1 of them right here. I call him Link.

Rowlet: Rowlet!

Cain: Aww~ That’s such a cute little Pokemon.

Matthew: Thanks. I got it while vacationing in Alola.

Cain: That sounds like paradise!

Matthew: Ohh it was.

Cain: So, I take it you’re here to register for the Reborn League?

Matthew: Yep. This will actually be my 1st real Pokemon adventure.

Cain: Here in Reborn? Wow. You sure didn’t choose the easy way for a 1st adventure didn’t you? Haha. Well, I’m also here to register for the league.

Matthew: Another trainer trying to take my spotlight away from me? Haha. I’m just joking.

Cain: Haha. Well, I’m not exactly a new trainer but… Well, let’s just say that I had to leave everything behind due to circumstances.


I looked at Cain’s face. It went from all smiley to being sad and down.


Matthew: Umm… Are you ok Cain?

Cain: Hmm? Ohh yea. Sorry. Just thinking about… stuff.

Matthew: Well hey. Since we’re both starting off on a new adventure, how about we have our 1st battle against each other right here right now! I’ll even use my Rowlet.

Cain: Haha. Alright! But don’t think you’ll get an easy victory from me!~




Cain: Wow. Your Rowlet is tough.

Matthew: Yea. And that was its 1st battle as well.

Cain: Well it did good for its 1st time. I was told that once before as well. Hehehe~

Matthew: Umm… Right…

Cain: Come on. Let’s go heal up our Pokemon.


Cain and I walked to the PokeCenter part of the Grand Hall. Nurse Joy healed our Pokemon and gave them back to us. She gave us back our Pokemon and in a matter of seconds, Victoria and Ame came walking to us.



Victoria: There you are Matthew.

Cain: Sorry~ I stole Matthew for a bit.

Ame: Ohh yes Cain. I forgot you were coming by. My job just never seems to end.

Cain: It’s ok Ame. When you were gone, me and Matthew had some fun~

Matthew: Wait. What?

Victoria: Had some fun? I didn’t know you were like that Matthew.

Matthew: No no! We battled. That’s what he meant.

Cain: Or did I? Hehehe~

Matthew: Cain!

Cain: I’m just playing Matthew. Yes, we battled.

Victoria: Ohh hey! You think you can go up against me Matt?

Ame: It’s fine with me. I’ll register Cain into the league and then when you 2 finish up, I’ll register you as well Matthew. Come on Cain.

Cain: Ohh YES Master~

Ame: Master?

Cain: Nooooooothing~

Ame: Riiiight. Come on.


Cain left with Ame to go get registered for the Reborn League. I sighed in relief as I now didn’t have to listen to him for some time now.


Matthew: Ohh my ears. Finally a break. Although, he’s not a bad kid. Annoying and uncomfortable but not bad.

Victoria: Hehe. Alright. Let’s go Matthew!



Victoria: Wow. You beat me and with a Pokemon with a type disadvantage. You’re no ordinary trainer are you?

Matthew: Well I don’t know about that. But hey. Let’s go see if we can FINALLY get registered for the league now.

Victoria: Ohh right.


We left the PokeCenter of the Grand Hall back to the receptionist desk where Ame was.


Victoria: Hey. Where did Cain go?

Ame: He left to start his journey already.

Matthew: Good. My ears need a break.

Victoria: So are you ready to register us in?

Ame: I already did it. I figured I’d do it myself so you 2 didn’t have to waste anymore of your time to just sign up.

Matthew: That’s great!

Ame: Now, to give you 2 a few things.


Ame went underneath the desk and came back up with 2 items in her hand. A Pokedex and a PokeGear.


Ame: Here are your Pokedexes and PokeGears.

Matthew & Victoria: Thanks Ame.

Ame: You’re welcome you 2. Now go out there and try to have some fun. I have to go do some interrogating right now. See you both later.

Victoria: Good luck Ame.

Matthew: What she said!


Ame went down some stairs and disappeared. Victoria looked at me with a kind heartened smile


Victoria: Well Matthew, it’s bee a pleasure meeting you. I have to go back to Kiki and tell her that I’m going to start my journey.

Matthew: Who is this Kiki person?

Victoria: She’s my teacher at Apophyll Academy. I’m also her apprentice. That’s located in the Azurine Region of Reborn. I can’t wait for you to meet her 1 day!

Matthew: No offense but why would I want to meet her?

Victoria: She’s not only a teacher there but she’s also Reborn’s own Fighting Type Gym Leader.

Matthew: Ohh. Then I am excited to meet her as well.

Victoria: Haha. Well, anyways I should get going. You should explore this Ward then and then go challenge the Gym Leader of Peridot Ward.

Matthew: You mean Julia?

Victoria: Yep.
Matthew: Fantastic.

Victoria: See you later Matthew.


Victoria then left the Grand Hall. I stood there for a couple of seconds, I was getting psyched up for everything that was about to happen. I walked towards the door, walked outside and felt water hitting my head. I looked up and noticed that it was raining, thundering and lightning.


Matthew (annoyed): Great. I got to walk around in the damn rain. Ugh! I hate it when my hair gets wet.


Although it was annoying, I walked down the stairs and went to walk up the other stairs. However, a trainer stopped me.



Trainer: Hey whoa whoa. You want to continue this way? You need to have some Pokemon before you continue this way.

Matthew: I do have Pokemon. Just let me through.

Trainer: Battle me then!


Matthew: There. I battled you. You happy now?

Trainer: You got lucky. But you can go through.

Matthew (under my breath): Heh. Yeah. Lucky my butt. I wiped the floor with you and more.

Trainer: What was that?

Matthew: Nothing. Later!


I fast walked past the trainer. I battled a couple more nicer trainers that were on top of the bridge. As I was walking towards the corner of the bridge, I saw a couple of people standing over a little Zigzagoon. As I walked over, I could hear them talking.


Boy #1: You like living little Pokemon?

Zigzagoon: Zig?

Boy #2: You better do as we say then or else you are gonna go over the bridge and into the toxic water.


I ran over there but another boy tried to stop me.


Boy #3: Hey. Get out of here. This ain’t any of your business.

Matthew: Move or I’ll… do something.

Boy #3: Ooo. I’m so scared. Haha. I’ve heard bigger threats from a Caterpie.

Matthew: I don’t have time for this.


I grabbed the boy’s shirt and threw him to the side. The 2 other boys noticed and came over to me.



Boy #1: What do you think you’re doing? You wanna mess with us?

Boy #2: That’s a big mistake.

Matthew: Grrr. Don’t worry Zigzagoon. I’ll save you!


I entered in a double battle but in the end, I came out on top. I withdrew my Pokemon.


Matthew: Now leave this Zigzagoon alone!

Boy #1: Tch. Whatever. Come on boys. Lets go somewhere else.


They left. I knelt down next to the Zigzagoon and petted its fur.



Matthew: You ok?

Zigzagoon: (shaking its head yes): Zigzagoon!

Matthew: Good. Now go out there and try to stay safe ok?

Zigzagoon (shaking its head in agreement): Zig! Zigzagoon!


I watched as the little Pokemon ran off into the distance. I smiled at helping it. It was odd for me to be so brave but it happens every once in a while. Since I battled everyone on the bridge, I decided I’d go back to Peridot Ward and explore there while also training my Pokemon. There indeed were a lot of trainers there to battle which helped make my Pokemon stronger. I was having the time of my life battling other people. I went into 1 house where a fisherman was guarding another entrance to somewhere else. I was about to walk out until the fisherman yelled out to me.



Fisherman: You can’t go this way! This is the only place in this entire Ward that has fish that people can catch.

Matthew: Whoa dude. I was literally walking out.

Fisherman: That’s it. Battle me!

Matthew: Wait. What? I said I’m leaving. Look. I’m literally walking out the door.

Fisherman: Go Goldeen!

Matthew: Oh my- Fine.


After the battle, the fisherman seemed to have calmed down.


Fisherman: Hmm. You seem to be a trustworthy person. Fine. You’re allowed to enter.

Matthew: Umm… Thanks I think.


I decided to go inside and check it since he allowed me too. It was cool seeing all the Goldeen and Finneon swimming around in the little pool but I didn’t want any of them. But there was a cool Sea Incense in there. So I decided to give it to Pistol Pete to power up its Water Type Attacks. The next place I went to was what appeared to be an apartment building. A man was standing in the way of another door. I went up to him and started to talk to him.



Matthew: Hey. What’s behind the door there?

Old Man: Nothing that’ll interest you. Now get away from my garden!

Matthew: Ok. Ok. I’ll go. I’m sorry.

Old Man: No. No you can’t leave now. You’ll bring more people over here and try to disrespect my garden!

Matthew: What? No! I would never do that! I just-

Old Man: Go PokeBall!

Matthew: Again? Fine.


Old Man Seacrest: I’m sorry for being mean to you like that. It’s just this garden is the only thing I have left in this ward and I want to keep it looking how it does.

Matthew: It’s ok. I understand.

Old Man Seacrest: I give you permission to go in there anytime you want.

Matthew: Thank you very much.


I decided to take a look at the garden. Although it was little, I can see why this old man wanted to keep it neat and tidy. It looked so beautiful compared to the other parts of the ward. I left there and started aimlessly walking around. I walked past a big yellow building.


Matthew (in my mind): Big and yellow. Something tells me this is Julia’s Gym. It’d be foolish of me to try to take her on now though. I’ll finish exploring the rest of the city and then I’ll go challenge her.


I continued on walking. While all the buildings looked run down and were cracked and broken, I kind of liked how all of them looked. Not to say I didn’t want them to be fixed and whatnot but they really intrigued me with the way they looked. As I continued walking around, someone called me over.



Alleyway Person: Pst. Hey. Come over here bud.

Matthew: Umm… What you want?

Alleyway Person: You think you got what it takes to hang with us?

Matthew: Listen. I don’t do any drugs so I’m sorry but-

Alleyway Person: You don’t have to be. Just battle me.

Matthew: O-Ok.


I was a little frightened he’d do something if I didn’t oblige. So I just accepted and battled him. It didn’t take long to beat him though. He smiled at me which seemed like he was impressed with me.


Alleyway Person: You seem cool dude. Come with me in here.

Matthew: Ok.


I waited until he walked in and then I ran for it. I didn’t know what was going down in that alleyway and I didn’t intend to find out. After I got to a safe spot, I stopped and went back to walking. I continued to battle more trainers and making my team more stronger. I walked into a house and there were 2 people, female and male, all in black standing there with their back towards me.



Person In Black Male: We need to move quick. She might move from Reborn any day now.

Person In Black Female: You’re right. We should do it today.

Matthew: Umm…


The 2 swiftly turned around and looked at me with hateful eyes. I froze up and just stood there looking at the 2.



Person In Black Male: Who are you?!

Matthew: I uhh…

Person In Black Female: It doesn’t matter what they heard. They can’t know where we’re headed to.

Person In Black Male: Listen you. Stay out of Team Meteor’s way if you know what’s good for you.


The 2 then bolted out the door. I was stunned. I didn’t know what to make of that. I stayed there for a couple of minutes not knowing if I was gonna be jumped or not. I opened the door carefully and looked both ways. I didn’t see anyone so I just casually walked out of the house. I continued exploring the norther parts of Peridot Ward while also taking on trainers. My Pokemon were definitely getting stronger. I could tell. As I walked past a house, I could hear a woman screaming.


Woman: Please don’t take my Pokemon!


I didn’t know if I should just mind my own business and continue just walking or help her. I figured if the roles were in reverse, I would want her to come to my rescue. So despite me being scared, I decided to go and see what was going on. I quietly opened the door and walked in. I saw a woman with an Igglybuff cowering in front of 2 people in black. I recognized them from the 2 people before.


Team Meteor Male Grunt: Give us the Pokemon and we’ll leave without hurting you!

Team Meteor Female Grunt: Or else we’ll be left with no other choice but to hurt you!

Woman: Please don’t take it!


The woman then saw me there.


Woman: You! Please help me!



Team Meteor Male Grunt (turning around to face me): You again?!

Team Meteor Female Grunt: It seems you did know where to find us. Fine then. We’ll deal with you now.

Matthew: I won’t let you hur-


To eliminate this infestation!

To restore the are of God’s own nation!

To break apart the world above!

To find what lies beneath truth and love!

Team Meteor!

Resonating with the eternal light!

Run away now, don’t try to fight!

For justice! That’s right!


I stood there with a confused look on my face. This totally got me remembering of Team Rocket’s motto.


Matthew: Are you associated with Team Rocket?

Team Meteor Male Grunt: No! We are FAR beyond greater than they could ever hope to be!

Matthew: But you both just did a motto like they did.

Team Meteor Female Grunt: So? What does it matter?

Matthew: You’re copying Team Rocket doing that.

Team Meteor Male Grunt: Did you not hear us kid? We are far more greater than they could ever hope to be.

Matthew: Riiiiiiight. Could we just get to the battling already? That motto kind of knocked the scare out of me and I’m just getting bored now.

Team Meteor Female Grunt: Why you- Fine! But you’re gonna regret saying that!


We sent out our Pokemon and the battle began. But it became quite obvious that I was stronger than the pair of them together. They recalled their Pokemon back to their PokeBalls.


Team Meteor Male Grunt: Tch! He’s stronger than we thought he’d be!

Team Meteor Female Grunt: We must retreat for now!


The female grunt ran out of the house. Before the male 1 followed, he stopped and looked at me.


Team Meteor Male Grunt: You’ve made a powerful enemy today.


He then left. I went over to the woman to make sure that she and her Igglybuff were both fine.



Woman: Ohh thank you so much! I thought my Igglybuffy would have definitely been stolen.

Matthew: It’s ok. Just try to be more careful from now. They maybe be back.

Woman: I will be. Have a fun journey!


I walked out of the house feeling pretty great about myself. But I knew I had to be careful of this Team Meteor now. I continued to walk around the northern part of the Peridot Ward. I walked over to a factory looking building and saw a green haired dude standing there. He was also wearing all green.


???: Well here I am but no 1 else is here. Ugh. Where are they? They told me to meet them at the factory. But maybe they met the other factory. How idiotic of them to not tell me that.


I was just about to walk away until he saw me and started to yell towards me.



???: Whoa whoa. What were you doing huh?

Matthew: I was- I was just-

???: Do you know who I am?

Matthew: No?

Fern: The name is Fern. I am a cool cat and top dog. Learn it and remember it.

Matthew: Alrighty then.

Fern: I think you’re asking for trouble. It’s time to battle scrub. Let’s go.



This Fern person was the 1st trainer that put up a fight. Although I didn’t lose a Pokemon in the battle, it was the longest battle I had been in since I’ve been here. I returned my Pokemon and smiled cockily at him.


Matthew: I suppose I am now the cool cat and top dog now huh? Haha.

Fern (angrily): You got lucky scrub! But there’s 1 thing I know I’m better at than you.

Matthew: And what’s that?


He curled his fingers up into a fist and threw a punch at my face. It connected to my cheek and caused me to fall to the ground, holding my cheek in pain. I looked up at him and he smiled cockily back at me.


Fern: Now that’s winning. Later loser.


With that, Fern walked away. I slowly got back up and slowly went back to the closest Pokemon Center. My cheek was really sore. I hated that I let him get away with that but I wasn’t a fighter. I never fought back when challenged. Unless it was a Pokemon battle but that was different from regular fighting. I made it to the Pokemon Center and sat there for a while for my cheek to feel better.





Ekans (Jessie)/Female/Level 13

Nature: Naïve/Ability: Intimidate

Held Item: None

Moveset: Poison Fang/Bite/Poison Tail/Glare



Goomy (Godra Goodra)/Female/Level 13

Nature: Gentle/Ability: Gooey

Held Item: None

Moveset: Dragon Pulse/Bubble/Tackle/Protect



Gligar (TongueClumsy)/Male/Level 13

Nature: Naughty/Ability: Immunity

Held Item: None

Moveset: Wing Attack/Knock Off/Metal Claw/Swords Dance



Clauncher (Pistol Pete)/Male/Level 13

Nature: Mild/Ability: Mega Launcher

Held Item: Sea Incense

Moveset: Water Pulse/Aqua Jet/Bubble/Vicegrip



Rowlet (Link)/Male/Level 13

Nature: Gentle/Ability: Long Reach

Held Item: Rose Incense

Moveset: Leafage/Tackle/Peck/Astonish



Koffing (James)/Male/Level 13

Nature: Rash/Ability: Levitate

Held Item: None

Moveset: Psybeam/Destiny Bond/Assurance/Poison Gas




Ame (10/10 NO CHANGE!) - Has been extremely helpful despite being horribly busy.


Julia (4/10) - Proved to be at least somewhat useful capturing the person responsible for the bombing. Although, I'm not too thrilled with how she did it.


Victoria (10/10) - Really respectful and pretty cool to talk to. Learned a lot from just talking to her. Can't wait to see more of her in the future.


Cain (6/10) - Made me feel too awkward when he was hitting on me but I feel bad that something might have happened to him. Still a little annoying but not a bad kid.


Fern (1/10) - Complete douchebag. Punching me in the face just because I beat him in a battle. What a sore loser. The only good thing about him is that he gave me my toughest battle in this region so far.


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Noice choice of battle music :D

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1 minute ago, Candy said:

Noice choice of battle music :D

Thanks! The only annoying thing about this is that I have to restart the game when it's time to change the music for the other rivals. Haha. :P

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1 hour ago, J-Awesome_One said:

Thanks! The only annoying thing about this is that I have to restart the game when it's time to change the music for the other rivals. Haha. :P

Ooo I thought you were just editing the sound after recording the video lol
(because that what I do for my run, since I record with sound off)

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11 minutes ago, Candy said:

Ooo I thought you were just editing the sound after recording the video lol
(because that what I do for my run, since I record with sound off)

Lol. Nope. I replace the in game music. :P Feels easier somehow. Haha.

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I sat in the PokeCenter for a couple of hours. My cheek felt better when I left. It was really late when I left but I decided to go over to Julia’s Gym to see if she’d be up for a Gym Challenge and if she wasn’t, I’d just wait until tomorrow. I walked up to the door of her gym and just when I was about to grab the handle, the door flung open, smashing me in the cheek Fern had punched earlier.


Matthew (thinking to myself): Oh my Arceus. My cheek will never feel better.

Julia: Oops! I’m sorry. Here. Let me help you up.


Julia grabbed my arm and helped me back up to my feet.



Matthew: Thanks. But where you going this time of night?

Julia: So Ame gave me reports of the person who bombed the Grandview Station. Turns out there’s a whole team of them. And they were planning to blow up the power plant. MY gym! I hate it when other people boom stuff up! Especially if it’s MY stuff! So me and my friend are gonna go over and try to stop them.

Matthew: Ohh. Well… Don’t get hurt.


I may not agree with her obsession with blowing up stuff but I still didn’t want harm to come to her. As she was walking away, she stopped and turned back to me.


Julia: Hey. Matthew right? Why don’t you come and help out? It’d be more quick aaaannnddd we can boom their faces off.


I thought about it. It wasn’t like me to take on someone dangerous, let alone a dangerous group. I’m not all that brave to be honest. But there was gonna be more than 1 of us there which meant there would be help.


Matthew: Yea. Sure. I’ll help.

Julia: Great! I’ll meet you at the Mosswater Factory. It’s right by the train tracks.


Julia skipped along to the destination. I started to walk over too. I remembered earlier in the day about what Fern had said about being at the wrong factory. Then a thought rushed into my head.


Matthew (thinking to myself): Ohh no. Please be talking about someone else. Please be talking about someone else.


I made it to Mosswater Factory and saw Julia standing near the entrance. I walked up to her.



Matthew: So how do we get it? The entrance seems sealed up tight.

Julia: When there’s no other way, you boom your way in! Yay!

Matthew: Of course.


I backed up as Julia took bombs out of her pom-poms and placed it in front of the door.


Matthew: Wait. You keep bombs in your pom-poms? Why? Wait. Why did you even bring your po-


She ignited the bomb and exploded. When the dust cleared and the debris stopped falling, we could see that a hole had appeared in the entrance. Just then, 2 people came walking up to us and my theory before was correct. It was Fern and the other almost looked like his clone but had lady parts.



Julia: That was fun! Make things go boom and acquire friends!

Matthew: Sure. “Friends.”

Julia: So this is Florinia. Me and her have been friends since our days in school. We were also roommates. Aaannnddd this is Fern. Hi Fern. Anyways, let’s go!

Fern: Ha! No respect but whatever. Me and this dude already met before.

Matthew: Yea. My cheek still remembers.

Fern: Ohh chill out. I was just messing with you.


Fern tried to playfully punch my arm but I moved out of the way. This obviously got him upset but he tried to keep his cool.


Matthew: I’d rather you not playfully punch me again.

Florinia: Time is being wasted. Let us proceed with the mission.

Fern: Yo bro. Don’t mind my sister. She’s really weird.

Matthew: Why do you say that?

Fern: Because of the way she talks. She sounds like a robot. Or “Flobot” as most people call her. Me included.

Julia: Well I don’t because she isn’t a robot. She’s Rini to me! Now focusies people! The guy who bombed Grandview Station is with this group called Team Meteor and this is supposedly her base.

Matthew: Wait wait. Did you say Team Meteor?

Julia: Yea. Why?

Matthew: I took care a couple of their grunts earlier today. They were trying to steal this woman’s Igglybuff but I stopped them.

Florinia: Do you know anything else about them?

Matthew: Only that I apparently made a huge enemy out of them.

Fern: Not much help there. But then again, you prob might not be any help at all here.

Julia: ANYWAYS, we need to go in there a boom their faces off. If we don’t, they will boom everything here! Something I’d normally approve of but not like this. CHARGE!

Matthew: Well, at least she’s got SOMETHING in her brain.

Fern: You give her too much credit man. I’m going in.

Florinia: Let us proceed in.


Julia, Fern and Florinia went inside the factory. I stayed outside for a couple of seconds to gather my thoughts.


Matthew (thinking to myself): So I’m teamed up with a douche, a bomb maniac and a human robot and we’re supposed to take on this dangerous group… I need a miracle here tonight.


I sighed and then walked into the factory. The bad smell was very overwhelming. The group were up by a railing which appeared to look over a very small portion of the lake’s water.



Julia: Yuck! This smell is terribadtastic!

Matthew: Normally, I’d scoff at a remark like that from you but… You’re not wrong. It smells horrible in here.

Florinia: The wine hue indicates high levels of pollutants. Estimated toxicity: 90+%

Matthew: Umm… Wha-

Julia: And this is all being dumped into Azurine Lake!

Matthew: That’s probably why it looks so poisonous.

Fern: Ohh Arceus. Enough with this. Can we just start already?

Florinia: Well our objective, I would have to say, is to find a way to stop this factory from harming the lake any longer.

Julia: Yea! Team Meteor obviously doesn’t care about it or the well-being of the city!

Matthew: Well… There’s 2 ways to go. Which way do we go?

Florinia: The solution is simple. The most efficient course of motion for facilitation of thorough investigation and reclamation of this property is a similar bisection of the party.

Matthew: My head hurts.

Fern: It pains me to say it but I agree with him. Can you just say what you mean in English please?

Julia: She said let’s split up. Duh! Can’t you 2 pay attention?

Matthew: You got that from what she said?

Julia: Yep! I call Rini! Try not to let Fern get to you Matthew!


Julia rushed to the path on the right before giving Fern any time for a retort. Florinia turned towards me.



Florinia: Proceed with caution.

Fern: I always do sis. Don’t worry about it.

Florinia: That wasn’t meant for you. Permission for you to be life-endangeringly reckless: Granted.

Matthew (under my breath): He is gonna need a burn heal for that.


Florinia proceeded in the direction Julia had went. Fern stood in disgust.


Fern: Well she didn’t get enough hugs growing up. Let’s get this over with and don’t get in my way.

Matthew: Yea yea. Whatever.

Fern: Do you want another knuckle sandwich?

Matthew: I’m going. I’m going. Ok?


Me and Fern proceeded to the other path. There were a lot of Team Meteor Grunts but luckily, our combined strength was enough for us to keep pushing through them. I wouldn’t ever admit it to him but if it was just me, I don’t know if I would have been able to do it alone. We pressed the switch for the next room and started walking towards there.


Fern: Well, I suppose you’re doing ok. Although, it’s getting tiring that I’m carrying the both of us here.

Matthew: Yea. Because I’m just doing absolutely nothing here.

Fern: You aren’t! It’s me doing all the work!

Matthew: Whatever man. Let’s just get this over with.


We entered the next room and found Florinia and Julia standing there. In front of them was a steel grate with a computer next to them.



Matthew: Alright. So how do we get passed this?

Florinia: Meteor Headquarters are confirmed to be beyond this gate.

Julia: Now we just gotta get it open!

Fern: And just how are we gonna do that?

Matthew: Well… There’s some kind of computer near the gate there. Maybe you can use that somehow?


Florinia walked over to the computer and started to press the buttons as if she knew what she was doing.


Matthew: You think she can hack into it and get that thing open?

Julia: She’s smart but I don’t know how long that will take. I would blast it open but I used the last of my boomies to blast open the entrance.

Fern: Well now we’re gonna be here for a while now and I gotta be stuck with scrubs. Great!


I thought about what else we could do to possibly get through the metal door besides wait for Florinia to get in. Then an idea popped into my head. But it was a Julia inspired idea.


Matthew: I have an idea.

Julia: Goodie!

Matthew: Well they were planning to do demolitions right?

Fern: What’s your point noob?

Matthew: Wouldn’t they have some kind of explosions stashed away in this place? We can find some and blow the door open.

Julia: That’s an AWESOME idea Matthew! Quick! To the boom-mobile!

Fern: Right. Let’s just go find some bombs or missiles or whatever.


Me and Fern went south to find some explosives. I was shocked I actually thought about that idea. Is she rubbing off on me? Well it didn’t matter. We took care a couple of Team Meteor Grunts and finally found some explosives.



Fern: Great. Let’s get these back to the explosive freak so she can have her fun and we can be closer to finishing this ordeal.

Matthew: For once, I’m with you on this Fern.


We each picked up the explosives and brought them back to the room where Julia and Florinia were. Florinia was still trying to hack her way into the system as Julia’s face lit up when she saw all the explosive items me and Fern held in our hands.


Matthew: I don’t agree with this but hey… Have a ball with this stuff Jules.

Julia: Yay! Time to make stuff go BOOM!


Julia was just about to place the explosives by the grate when it disappeared into the ceiling. We all looked over to Florinia.



Florinia: Access granted. Our operation can proceed.


Florinia continued into the now opened path. The rest of us stood there dumbfounded.


Julia: But Rini… The booms… I wanted the… And… RINI!


Julia ran into the room. Fern stood behind me ready to go. But for some reason, I felt really scared to go in there for some reason. This was it. Whatever was in there had to be dangerous whoever or whatever it was. Fern was getting impatient with me and started shoving me forward.


Fern: Come on ya coward! Just go already!

Matthew: Wait! I’m not ready yet! Just give me a couple of sec- Ahh!


All of a sudden, I could feel something changing inside me. I could feel myself losing control. It was happening. That other personality. That… thing was coming out again. Somehow, I managed to get into the other room still standing but my face was obviously looking weird. However, I was still able to notice to Team Meteor Grunts and what looked to be their boss.


Julia: Are you in charge?!

???: And if I am?

Julia: We’re gonna blow your face off! Especially for what you did to Grandview Station!

???: Hahaha. Tell me, what power do you think you have to do so?

Julia: Who are you people anyways?!

???: You already know who we are. We are Team Meteor. And we do not relent. If you thought you got through this place on your own ability, then you are more foolish than you seem. This may sound shocking to all of you but we had no intention of defeating you. But we had to let you in. You need to witness… A demonstration if you will.

Julia: Demonstration of what?!

???: And if you thought you hacked into our security, you are sadly mistaken. I ordered everyone here to simply slow you down. We needed to delete all of the mission critical data from our systems. Do not underestimate us. We know who all of you are. Julia of the Peridot Ward. Florinia and Fern of the Obsidia Ward and yes. Even you Matthew of the Kalos Region. We know of you as well.


Hearing that finally made it come out. I went limp but only for a second. The other me was now in control. Everyone looked at me as my body almost dropped to the ground.


Crazy Matthew: YeEeEeEeEeEeAaAaAaAaAa OoOoOoOoOoO AaAaAaAhahHhH! I have returned back to make sure that this vessel’s life is protected! Yeeees!


Everyone looked at me in confusion, except for Florinia who instead seemed more intrigued by my transformation.


???: What is the meaning of this crazy outburst?

Crazy Matthew: Ahh yes. You with the patch that covers thy eye. I have laid dormant in this vessel known as Matthew for years ever since his birth. But I have been around this world for thousands of years!

Fern: Wow. He is a loser and a nut case.

Crazy Matthew: When the issue with these individuals are through, you will be the 1 I deal with next, boy who is named after a plant.

Julia: Whoa. This is so… Cool.

Crazy Matthew: Now, you may have freaked Matthew out by knowing about him and where he is from but what you don’t know is that I have the ability to know everyone’s name.

???: You are nothing more than a mere chi-

Crazy Matthew: Sirius! Stifle they tongue!


The man looked at me with his eye widened. He took 1 step back. He was taken aback by how someone could have possibly known his name.


Sirius: How… How do you know my name?

Crazy Matthew: WONDERFUL! You are the 1 who is now cowering with the fear Sirius. Now, Julia. Florinia. Take on the bad man. Fern, you shall team up with me and we’ll take on Aster & Eclipse here.


The 2 Team Meteor Grunts stumbled back hearing their names being called out by someone they have never even met and vice versa.


Sirius: Listen! I don’t know how he knows this information about us but I agree on 1 thing with him! Proceed with the battle and make sure you show them no mercy Aster & Eclipse! Especially Matthew there!

Aster & Eclipse: Yes sir!



Fern: I have to team with the freak here? Just my luck.






Crazy Matthew: YEEEEEES! Flawless victory! Ahhhh.

Eclipse: Sir, we’re sorry but-

Sirius: Couldn’t do it huh? Pathetic. I can handle 2 trainers but 4? Fine. We have no use for this place anymore. An amusing diversion at its best. Don’t think you’ve won though. We do not forget. Retreat!


Sirius and the 2 Team Meteor Grunts bolted past us and out of the factory. Florinia and Julia recalled their Pokeon back to their PokeBalls. Everyone then looked back towards me.


Crazy Matthew: Do not be afraid young ones. I am not a not a malicious entity. I only exist in this reality when this vessel is scared that his life is in danger.

Florinia: Hmmm. This is most interesting.

Julia: Oooo! 2 new friends in 1 person! AWESOME!

Fern: I think you’re just being weird. Knock it off will you?


I turned to Fern with a mad look on my face.


Crazy Matthew: Ahh yes. You. The 1 who decided to lay your hands upon this vessel.


I curled my fingers into a fist and with a powerful, swift motion, uppercutted Fern which propelled him up into the air and then falling to the ground. He looked up at me in shock. I’m guessing he didn’t expect that. He slowly got back up, holding his jaw. He went to punch me but I moved out of the way and elbowed his back, causing him to fall stomach 1st onto the ground.


Crazy Matthew: I assume you’ve had enough.

Fern: Urgh! You just got lucky you… You freak!

Crazy Matthew: Insults do not bother a being such as me. If you intend to keep trying to fight, I will have no other alternative than to DELETE you!

Fern: Whatever. I’m done with this shit.

Julia: Woooooow. That was so cool.

Crazy Matthew: My dear Julia. And little Florinia. I bid you both adieu.


Again, my body went limp for a second, but I caught myself before falling completely to the ground. I stood back up but this time, I remembered everything that my other personality had done for me. This never happened to me before. I usually only remembered bits and pieces but this time, I remembered the whole thing.


Julia: Matt? Is the regular you back?

Matthew: I… I think so.

Julia: Yay! Then I can do this!


Julia went over to the center of the room and laid down the explosives me and Fern had collected earlier.



Julia: We should start running now~

Fern: Crap. Run!


Everyone ran out of the factory. Just as we got out of it, the inside exploded. The whole building seemed to jump in the air a bit. Everything on the outside was cracked, broken and buckled. Everyone took a sigh of relief that they made it out in 1 piece.



Matthew: You could have given us a sign 1st before you just did it!

Julia: Sorries!

Fern: Whatever. Maaaan. This was a total waste of time. I’m leaving. I don’t want to be next to this freak any longer. Later scrubs!


Fern then left the area. Me and Julia were relieved that he was finally gone. Florinia came over and stared at me for a couple of seconds.



Matthew: Umm… Can I help you with something?

Florinia: You’re interesting. I cannot seem to figure out the reason this other personality has chosen to be within you. However, Obsidia requires me.

Julia: Ok!~ It was good to see you Florinia! I know you’ve been busy since graduation but it was nice to hang out with you like old times.

Florinia: And equally destructive. Now, if you will both excuse me, I will report today’s proceedings to Ame. Farewell.

Julia: Rini! RINI!



Matthew: Ow! You don’t have to shout right in my ear!

Julia: Ohh. I’m sorry. It’s just she’s never been the same since…

Matthew: Siiiiince what?

Julia: Ohh nevermind. But thank you for your help today Matthew! You were great! As well as the other you! He was funny. I liked the way he talked.

Matthew: Ohh yea… My other personality. I don’t usually remember anything that happens when he takes control but… This time I do. I wonder why?

Julia: Maybe you needed to remember this and he just allowed you to?

Matthew: That’s… an off the wall thought but it’s an idea. Which is weird coming from you.

Julia: Anyways, I’m heading off to my gym now since it won’t randomly explode now. Although, it could have been fun if it did.

Matthew:… Are you real?

Julia: See you later for the Gym Battle!


Julia skipped along the road back towards her gym. I sat there for a few minutes thinking about everything that happened. I took on a dangerous team that basically knows everything about me, my other me exposed himself to the others, the other me took care of Team Meteor for now and it got revenge for me against Fern. It was a long day today and I needed to catch some sleep. But I didn’t have anywhere to go to sleep. The Grand Hall was obviously gonna be filled up with trainers which meant there would be no beds available. But then I got an idea. I went up to the house where I saved the woman’s Igglybuff. I walked in and she greeted me with a big smile.


Woman: Well if it isn’t my hero. What can I do for you?

Matthew: I don’t know where else to go. Is it possible if I rest here for a couple of hours.

Woman: Sure! I mean all I really have are cushions but whatever I have is yours. Please, have a rest here anytime you need it.

Matthew: Thank you very much.


I took 1 of the cushions that were on the floor and placed it underneath my head. After a while of laying on the floor, I finally fell asleep.






Ekans (Jessie)/Female/Level 15

Nature: Naïve/Ability: Intimidate

Held Item: None

Moveset: Poison Fang/Bite/Poison Tail/Glare



Goomy (Godra Goodra)/Female/Level 15

Nature: Gentle/Ability: Gooey

Held Item: None

Moveset: Dragon Pulse/Bubble/Tackle/Protect



Gligar (TongueClumsy)/Male/Level 15

Nature: Naughty/Ability: Immunity

Held Item: None

Moveset: Wing Attack/Knock Off/Metal Claw/Swords Dance



Clauncher (Pistol Pete)/Male/Level 16

Nature: Mild/Ability: Mega Launcher

Held Item: Sea Incense

Moveset: Water Pulse/Aqua Jet/Bubble/Vicegrip



Rowlet (Link)/Male/Level 16

Nature: Gentle/Ability: Long Reach

Held Item: Rose Incense

Moveset: Leafage/Razor Leaf/Peck/Astonish



Koffing (James)/Male/Level 16

Nature: Rash/Ability: Levitate

Held Item: None

Moveset: Psybeam/Clear Smog/Assurance/Destiny Bond




Julia (6/10) - Proved she was useful in the raiding of Team Meteor's Hideout. Has SOMEWHAT made me appreciate her need to boom things... Kinda wish we did get to blow up that door. But still way too much talking. And she seemed to enjoy my crazy side.


Fern (1/10) - While he proved to be a decent partner taking down some of the Team Meteor Grunts, he was still a jerk to me. I am SO glad my crazy side took care of him.


Florinia (5/10) - While she didn't talk as much as Julia and also likes to not bomb every single thing in her path, she was just there. Although, I'd rather her over her brother any day. And she was useful enough to hold against the boss. But still. Just too bland.


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So I've been thinking and I think I'm gonna do some sort of a "normal me conversates with crazy me." These parts are going to obviously be shorter and are mostly going to be more talking scenes instead of "doing stuff" scenes or both. But these parts aren't going to happen a lot. I think maybe after everytime crazy me gets done existing in the outside world or a bit after that. Anyways, Just thought I'd let everyone who reads these about that. I hope you're enjoying the story! :D

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Matthew: Mmm. Mugh… What? Wh-Where am I?


I stood up and looked around. I had no idea where I was at but it definitely the woman’s house. It was a large room and fog all around me. I tried to walk to each side of the room but it just seemed to expand.


Crazy Matthew: Ahhh yeeees. It is the vessel my soul resides in. Matthew correct?

Matthew: You… You’re my other personality.

Crazy Matthew: I suppose if it’s easier to remember me that way, then please do so. But I am a real soul that resides in your body. Your body holds your soul and also mine.


I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I was talking to my crazy personality.


Matthew: Do… Do you have an actual name?

Crazy Matthew: I have been on this world for a thousand years. While I do not have a name, the vessel I have chosen to be put inside of, their name is mine but in reverse.

Matthew: So you mean instead of Matthew, it’s Wehttam.

Wehttam: You are correct young morsel.

Matthew: That’s… That’s unbelievable. Actually, all of this is!

Wehttam: Ahh yes. My apologies Matthew. I have forgotten to tell you exactly how you’ve gotten here.

Matthew: That would be helpful!

Wehttam: Well right now, you are sleeping. This is a dream, sort to speak.

Matthew: So wait. Is any of this real?

Wehttam: This place? No. But me. Yes. You haven’t taken a good look at me have you?

Matthew: Huh?


I stood back and looked at Wehttam with more focus. I jumped back in almost complete shock. He looked just like me but the clothes were in reverse. The shirt was red and the shorts were black and gray. He also had a whitish/gray streak going down some of his hair.



Matthew: You… You look just like me!

Wehttam: Correct. Wherever my soul is preserved in, I take in their appearance but in reverse. Except for the hair. That will always happen. After all, I am a thousand years old. Yeeees.

Matthew: This is all too crazy. Is there more about you?

Wehttam: Yes. I won’t remain in your body forever. Once you complete the task you were destined to complete, I will move onto another vessel and you will never deal with me again.

Matthew: That’s crazy. But wait. Complete the task I was destined to complete?

Wehttam: Mhm. You were destined to come here for some reason. Although I do not know the reason, I do know that it has to do with this place.

Matthew: This is all too much. What is going on?! Wait a minute. You’re a bit more calm. I can still hear and see some of the craziness in you but you seem a bit more stable here.

Wehttam: This is actually how I am. This is the normal me. When I take over your body, the craziness you experience, along with everyone else around, is the result of me coming through. See, when I take over a body for whatever reason, something about me has to drastically change. I could be a lot more sad or I can be some what evil or I can be over the top happy. With you, I get more crazy.

Matthew: It figures I’d get the 1 that makes me crazy. But then again, it seems to help me a lot when I feel like my life is in danger.

Wehttam: Speaking of that dear Matthew, you’re a 1st for that.

Matthew: What do you mean?

Wehttam: Over the thousand years I’ve existed, I’ve been able to take control of the body whenever I see fit. But for some reason with you, I can only take over when you feel as though your life is in danger.

Matthew: Is that bad?

Wehttam: I am not sure. I have had to get used to this but worry not. I am not angry about it. I have learned to accept it.

Matthew: Wow… So I have another soul that is residing in my body and it won’t leave until I fulfill some sort of destiny that I was destined for… That is a lot to take in.

Wehttam: Yes. I know. I would have done this earlier your in existence but now felt like the right time to do this.

Matthew: So are you saying you can only talk to me when I am sleep?

Wehttam: Yes. I can control your dreams from within your body. If you didn’t have the ability to dream, we would not be able to make any contact with each other at all.

Matthew: That’s… Troubling I suppose.

Wehttam: Listen Matthew. In the real world, it is almost daylight and I understand you plan on taking on Julia for her Gym Badge correct?

Matthew: Yea.

Wehttam: Good. Keep battling them and winning their badges. We will meet again sometime during this journey of ours.

Matthew: This feels weird that I’m kinda talking to myself in a dream but I’m glad you did. I don’t know what my destiny is but whatever it is, I hope I don’t let you down.

Wehttam: I don’t doubt that for a second. Ahh. There is 1 more thing I think I should mention.

Matthew: What’s that?

Wehttam: That Rowlet of yours. Link correct? Something special is going to happen to it sometime after the Gym Battle.

Matthew: What is it?

Wehttam: I think I’ll leave that as a surprise. Trust me. You will love it.

Matthew: Well ok. I trust you. Sooo… How do I get out of here?

Wehttam: It is simple. All you must do is to lay onto the ground and close your eyes.

Matthew: In other words, sleep?

Wehttam: Yes. Farewell Matthew. I look forward to the next time we meet again.

Matthew: Me too. Goodbye Wehttam.




Wehttam (10/10) - Wow... I have this entity inside me and he looks like me but with reverse clothing and a bit of different hair and is actually normal and just wow. This is all too much. But he seems like a nice... Soul? I trust him. He has answered most of my questions. The next time we meet, I must ask the rest but this is astounding!


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I woke up and sat right up checking out the room. I was back in the woman’s little house.


Woman: Good morning there dear. Were you having a nightmare or something?

Matthew: No. Why?

Woman: You were moving around a lot in your sleep and talking. Well… More like making random noises but it sounded like talking. I assumed you must have been really tired so I just let you go.

Matthew: Ohh. I’m sorry ma’am. I didn’t mean to disrupt your sleep.

Woman: It’s quite alright. I felt safe with you in the house so I can let it slide.

Matthew: Well I better be on my way. I take on the Gym Leader today.

Woman: Ohh. Well good luck. And you’re welcome to stay the night here anytime!

Matthew: Thanks.


I left the house and started my long walk to the factory that was Julia’s Gym. Along the way, I kept thinking about last night and the dream I had and trying to remember everything from that dream. I put my hand over my stomach.


Matthew: So… I have another soul inside of my body. This is so weird. Now that I know of Wehttam’s existence, I can somewhat feel something in there. But it feels right for some reason.


As I continued getting closer, I remembered something else he said to me. It was about my Rowlet. I took out Rowlet’s PokeBall and looked at it.


Matthew: Hmm. I wonder what could possibly happen to you after the Gym Battle. Well, I guess I’m gonna find out today.


I put it back, clipping it to my belt. I walked up to the door and stood there for a couple of minutes.



This was gonna be my 1st serious Gym Challenge. I was nervous but excited at the same time. I took a deep breath and pushed open the doors. The inside looked just like a factory. Except there were some steel grates that were down in front of each other. In a siding, I could see a Voltorb.


Matthew: I’m gonna have to use those to explode the grates to continue aren’t I?


I sighed and looked over to the computer that was by the entrance.



I went over and looked at it. There were loads of buttons on it. 1 of them said Grand Hall. Curious as to what It was, I pressed it. Ame’s face suddenly appeared on the screen. I wasn’t expecting that and it made me jump back a little.


Ame: Matthew? Is that you?

Matthew: Y-Yes.

Ame: What’d you jump back for? Am I that ugly?

Matthew: No no no! I just wasn’t expecting you to pop up on the screen when I pressed the button here in Julia’s Gym.

Ame: Ohh! You’re there! Ok. Quick learning time here. In every Gym location, there is a computer like this. Just press that button on there that says Grand Hall, like you just did, and I’ll give you some info on that Gym Leaders Gym.

Matthew: Ohh. Well that’s pretty handy. So give me some details.

Ame: Well the 1st thing you should know is that every Gym Leader has a full team.

Matthew: Wait. What?!

Ame: What? If we’re gonna be different from everyone else, we wanna be REALLY different. Anyways, you know she’s the Electric Type Gym Leader. Ummm… Ohh yes. Field effects. Hers will boost up her Electric Type attacks.

Matthew: Hmm. You know, you can prob skip over that stuff. I’m not gonna worry about it.

Ame: Ok. If that’s how you want it. Less time for me to explain stuff then. But if that’s the case, then all you need to know is that you know she likes to blow stuff up and some of her Pokemon do that. Your best bet is to bring a team that can take a hit or 2. And maybe live an explosion.

Matthew: Alright. I think I can handle that. Thanks for the info Ame. See you later.

Ame: Alright. Bye Matt!


The screen went blank and then back to what the screen was before. I looked over to the Voltorb and sighed. It was time to cause some explosions myself. I rolled the Voltorb over to the grate and had it explode, causing a hole to appear in it. I repeated this process 3 more times. I finally got to a normal door with nothing in front of it and went through it. The next room seemed like the arena for a Gym Leader Battle. On the other side of the room was Julia, who was jumping up and down waving her hand hello.



Matthew: Yea hi Julia.

Julia: Matthew! You came! Wait. Are you the regular Matthew or the other 1?

Matthew: It’s the normal 1.

Julia: Ohh goodie! I wanted to battle against you anyways.

Matthew: Well good. I’ve been looking forward to battling you actually.

Julia: Well then there’s only 1 thing to do. Well… 2 actually. 1st, I want to welcome you to the Super-Duper Ultra-Hyper Electro-Dazzle Happy Boom-Time House of Cheer!

Matthew: Umm… What does that-

Julia: Do you like the banner? I think I need to get more. Ohh! And streamers! And… Uhh… Ooooo! FIREWORKS!

Matthew: You wanna put fireworks in your gym? Isn’t that a safety hazard?

Julia: WHO CARES?! Anyways, just because you, or the other you, helped out me and the others earlier doesn’t mean I’m gonna go easy on you. I have pride to uphold! I am a former captain cheerleader of the Onyx Trainers School after all.

Matthew: I mean… That’s cool and all but what does that have to do with-


Matthew:… Can we please just get to the Gym Battle please?

Julia: All right, all right, all right! I’m wired so let’s fight!

Matthew: Finally!




It was actually a tough battle but in the end, I pulled through. I guess no 1 should underestimate a nut case. Although, I guess I fall into that category now, don’t I? I looked up at Julia but instead of seeing that peppy look in her face, she almost seemed tired.


Julia: Mrrrrr.

Matthew: Uhh… Are you alright?

Julia: I’m gonna take a power nappy.

Matthew: Wait! What about my badge?

Julia: Hmm? Ohh right. Sorry. Fine. Here it is. Your uhh… Uhh… Your whatchamacolit badge. I need coffee but after I go sleepies. Night Matthew! Fun battle!


Julia then literally laid on the floor and instantly fell asleep. I stood there looking at her but I wasn’t shocked. I was starting to expect the unexpected from her.



Matthew: Hehe. Thanks Julia. Maybe we’ll meet each other again someday. Although, hopefully, you won’t be so high on coffee next time.


I then walked out of the gym looking at my new gym badge. I felt so happy with myself beating the 1st Gym Leader of the region. It certainly felt a lot more exciting than the 1st gym battle I had in the Kalos Region. As I kept walking, I noticed Victoria by the entrance.



Matthew: Is that you Victoria?

Victoria: Matthew! It’s been a while. Did you just win your 1st badge?

Matthew: Yep. See for yourself.


I took out the badge and showed it to her.


Victoria: That’s great Matthew! Nice job.

Matthew: Thanks. But what are you doing here?

Victoria: I was about to challenge Julia for her Gym Badge.

Matthew: Psh. Good luck with that. She’s sleeping right now.

Victoria: But I just heard something awful.

Matthew: What’s wrong?

Victoria: In the Obsidia Ward, plants are coming to life and attacking people!

Matthew: Wait. What!?

Victoria: Yea. I’d love to stay and wait to battle her but I know I have to try to help them out. I have to hurry over there. Bye Matthew!

Matthew: Uhh Bye!… Victoria.


I watched as Victoria zoomed away from the gym. Must have been bad over there for her to go running off like that. I figured that I should probably go over there and help as well but I knew my team was too tired out to do any battling right now. I decided I’d go to the PokeCenter and then head out to Obsidia Ward. I was about to leave when all of a sudden, Rowlet popped out of its PokeBall. This surprised me. It started to fly around my head a lot.


Matthew: What is it Link? Are you happy that we won the Gym Battle? I am too. You did a great job against her.


The Rowlet landed on the ground, looked up at me and smiled. I was about to return it back inside its PokeBall when it started to glow. This shocked me at 1st. I didn’t know what was going on until I started to realize that it was changing shape.





Matthew: Link… Are you… Evolving?


I got my answer a couple of seconds later. The shining dimmed down and standing in front of me was my newly evolved Dartrix.





I went up to it and hugged it.


Matthew (thinking to myself): So this is what Wehttam meant by that. This is great!


I looked at Dartrix as it looked at me. We both smiled at each other. It flew up and tried sitting on my head but now that it evolved, it was heavier and my head couldn’t support its weight.


Matthew: Ow. Hey Link. You can’t sit on my head since you evolved but how about you try my shoulder?


The Dartrix obeyed and stood upon my shoulder, which was much easier to carry the heavier Pokemon. I smiled at it as it stared off into the distance. I started to walk towards the PokeCenter so I could heal my team.


Pokemon Team



Ekans (Jessie)/Female/Level 17

Nature: Naïve/Ability: Intimidate

Held Item: None

Moveset: Poison Fang/Bite/Poison Tail/Glare



Goomy (Godra Goodra)/Female/Level 16

Nature: Gentle/Ability: Gooey

Held Item: None

Moveset: Dragon Pulse/Bubble/Tackle/Protect



Gligar (TongueClumsy)/Male/Level 17

Nature: Naughty/Ability: Immunity

Held Item: None

Moveset: Wing Attack/Knock Off/Metal Claw/Swords Dance



Clauncher (Pistol Pete)/Male/Level 16

Nature: Mild/Ability: Mega Launcher

Held Item: Sea Incense

Moveset: Water Pulse/Aqua Jet/Bubble/Vice Grip



Dartrix (Link)/Male/Level 17

Nature: Gentle/Ability: Long Reach

Held Item: Rose Incense

Moveset: Leafage/Razor Leaf/Peck/Astonish



Koffing (James)/Male/Level 17

Nature: Rash/Ability: Levitate

Held Item: None

Moveset: Psybeam/Clear Smog/Assurance/Destiny Bond




Ame (10/10 NO CHANGE!) - Been a while since I talked to her. Still as helpful as always.


Julia (7/10) - Finally got to battle her and despite being off her rocker, she is a tough battler and I can see why she is a Gym Leader. I won't tell anyone else this but I kinda enjoyed making the Voltorb explode to continue through her gym. BUT... She still talks to much!


Victoria (10/10 NO CHANGE!) - I've miss her. Sucks she didn't challenge Julia for the badge but I'm glad she wants to help people in Obsidia Ward. In fact, I'm going to follow her steps... As soon as my Pokemon heal at the PokeCenter that is.


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Nurse Joy: Your Pokemon are all healed up Matthew!~

Matthew: Thanks Nurse Joy.


I grabbed my PokeBalls from her, strapped them onto my belt and was about to go to the Obsidia Ward when it struck me. I had no idea where it was. I turned around back to Nurse Joy.


Matthew: Really quick Nurse Joy. Do you know how to get to the Obsidia Ward?

Nurse Joy: You’ve been to the Grand Hall right?

Matthew: Yes.

Nurse Joy: Simple then. From there, go up the bridge to your right and just keep going right. You’ll be there in a matter of seconds. Although, the police have been blocking off that place for a while now. I don’t know if you’ll be able to get in.

Matthew: Alright. Thanks again Nurse Joy!


I walked out of the PokeCenter and started to head towards the Grand Hall. I kept wondering why the Obsidia Ward would be blocked off but then I remembered everything that’s happened so far since I’ve been here. So it didn’t surprise me that much. As soon as I got to the Grand Hall, I listened to the directions Nurse Joy gave me and went up the stairs and eventually came to my destination. Unfortunately, it was blocked off by a fence and a couple of cops but my eye caught another person there talking to them.



Matthew: Florinia? Is that you?

Florinia: You are correct.

Matthew: I thought you went back to Obsidia Ward yesterday?

Florinia: When I reported what happened to Ame, it was late outside. So I had decided to stay the night there.

Matthew: Makes sense.

Florinia: However, this is pointless talk and my immediate departure is necessitated.

Matthew: Ohh. Sorry. Didn’t mean to bother you.

Florinia: Obsidia remains in a volatile condition and my attendance is needed. Farewell.


Florinia then told the officers something and they both moved out of the way. As she was walking away, I remembered what Victoria said about the plant life coming alive and assumed this is what Florinia was going to deal with as well.


Matthew: Hey Florinia! Would it be alright if I came along and tried to help?


She stopped moving and looked back at me. She stared at me for a little bit. I felt like she was analyzing me.


Matthew: Umm… Florinia?

Florinia: Is passage permissable for this person? He maybe of help with the current situation in Obsidia.

Officers: Yes Florinia ma’am.


I walked past the gate and walked up to Florinia.


Matthew: Thanks. So-

Florinia: Situation briefing: An unknown force recently begun continual engagement in the over-stimulation and manipulation of malignant flora life.

Matthew: The… What?

Florinia: Cause remains unknown, however previous incidences of this behavior have resulted in large-scale destruction.

Matthew: Well I mean that’s obvi-

Florinia: Objective: Isolate and eliminate the source of the extraneous growth immediately.

Matthew: Well I was gonna do that any-

Florinia: The target area has been narrowed to the Obsidia Park, hosting the majority of floral species in the ward.

Matthew: Wait. Hosting the wha-

Florinia: Operation assets will assemble there. Do attend shortly. Farewell.


And with that, she walked off. I stood there completely confused from what she said. Although, the headache I was having was starting to go away, so I guess that was a plus.


Matthew (thinking to myself): I’m just gonna keep going until I meet her again. I am NOT gonna hurt my brain trying to remember all of that.


I started walking through the Obsidia Ward. The buildings looked nicer than what I saw in the Peridot Ward but the streets had huge cracks in them. And there were vines wiggling up through the concrete. This was weirding me out but I kept on going. I was shocked to see a candy shop here. I started to head south. As I continued walking down, I saw someone slumped up against the wall. Getting closer and closer, I realized it was Victoria. I ran over to her.



Matthew: Victoria! Are you alright?!

Victoria: Yea. I’m fine. I just don’t know what to do.

Matthew: About what?

Victoria: Well I couldn’t go the regular way thanks to the plants destroying most of the Ward and the only other way to get to the other side is to go through the Obsidia Slums, which is further down this way. But there were a lot of people in there and they all tried to attack me!

Matthew: Are you sure you’re ok Victoria?

Victoria: Yes Matthew. They couldn’t get to me in time thankfully. I just don’t know what to do. Plus, the debris in there are somehow moving on their own.

Matthew: Well I mean it’s obviously some kind of Pokemon that’s underneath and when they move, it mo-

Victoria: Matt, do you plan on going through the Slums? They’re not safe and I don’t think you should go through them by yourself.

Matthew: Well yea. How else am I supposed to get to the other-

Victoria: Isn’t there anything I can say to stop you? It’s seriously not safe.

Matthew: I appreciate the concern Victoria but really, I can take care-

Victoria: I know! If you can beat me in a battle, then I’ll know!

Matthew: Are you even gonna give me a-

Victoria: Time to battle!

Matthew: Of course.




Matthew: There. I beat you. Can I please go through the Slums now?

Victoria: Well… I suppose you can take care of yourself. Just be careful, alright?

Matthew: I will. Don’t worry about me.

Victoria: Ok. Good luck then.


Victoria then left. I watched until I saw her disappear behind some buildings. I felt annoyed she didn’t trust in me but I guess she was just really worried about my safety. I continued to walk down and found the entrance to the Obsidia Slums. I went inside and was bombarded back to back with 2 battles. They were easy to defeat but I was starting to see why Victoria was worried for my safety in here. And I could also see the debris move but it was easy to see that it was Pokemon moving them. Although, some of the people in here weren’t all that bright to that.


Random Man #1: Box, why do do dis?!

Random Man #2: Sometimes I talk to this box. Sometimes it talks back.

Random Man #3: Did a Pokemon give birth to Pokemon?


Like I said, they weren’t smart about that kind of stuff. Although, I wasn’t sure what Pokemon was underneath all of it. I continued through the Slums. I got to a room with a Scraggy and a Scrafty. The Scraggy ran up to the Scrafty and tugged on its skin.



Matthew: Uhh… You know, I’ll just go look for another way around. I didn’t mean to-


The Scrafty turned around and glared at me. It shouted and 2 of the boxes in the room lifted up. Underneath them were 2 more Scraggy’s.



Matthew: Do we really have to fight? I mean I don’t want to-


Matthew: Ok. Ok. Well I didn’t want to have to do this but go Jessie and Link!




I returned my Pokemon back to their PokeBalls after the battle had concluded. I went over to each Scraggy and helped them up to its feet. I cautiously went over to the Scrafty and helped it up. I didn’t know if it was going to try a surprise attack on me so I kept a close eye on it. But after I helped it back on its feet, it looked at me and held out its fist.


Matthew: Do… Do you want me to fist bump you?

Scrafty (shaking its head yes): Scrafty.

Matthew: Awesome.


We fist bumped each other. I finally started to feel relieved. The Scrafty went over to a steel grate that was blocking the entrance and dismantled it, throwing it to the side. It then walked away.



I went through it and in a matter of seconds, I was out on the other side of the Obsidia Ward. I went to go up towards where I thought the danger was but couldn’t. 2 police officers were blocking the way.



Matthew: You gotta let me through. I’m helping Florinia trying to get rid of this disastrous situation.

Police Officer #1: Sorry but this way is blocked for the time being. If you wanna go somewhere, you can go to the Coral Ward til we’re done here.

Matthew: Are you serious?

Police Officer #2: Sorry but we have orders to follow.

Matthew: Ugh! Whatever. I gotta heal my Pokemon anyways.


I had no other choice but to walk down to the Coral Ward. As soon as I got there, I noticed it was all foggy. There were a couple of tall buildings and what looked like to be sheds but I just wanted to get to the PokeCenter to heal my Pokemon and to wait there til the police officers left. But 1 thing caught my eye as I was searching for the PokeCenter. I saw a crumbled looking building.



In front of it was a Gym sign. This kind of shocked me. Someone let their Gym place just crumble and not bother to try to rebuild it? I was in awe of it though. I had never seen anything like this in Reborn except for the Grandview Station when it was bombed. I continued to the PokeCenter and got my Pokemon healed. After that, I sat down in 1 of the seats and waited.


Pokemon Team



Ekans (Jessie)/Female/Level 21

Nature: Naïve/Ability: Intimidate

Held Item: None

Moveset: Poison Fang/Bite/Poison Tail/Glare



Goomy (Godra Goodra)/Female/Level 21

Nature: Gentle/Ability: Gooey

Held Item: None

Moveset: Dragon Pulse/Bubble/Dragon Breath/Protect



Gligar (TongueClumsy)/Male/Level 21

Nature: Naughty/Ability: Immunity

Held Item: None

Moveset: Wing Attack/Knock Off/Metal Claw/Swords Dance



Clauncher (Pistol Pete)/Male/Level 21

Nature: Mild/Ability: Mega Launcher

Held Item: Sea Incense

Moveset: Water Pulse/Aqua Jet/Bubble/Bubble Beam



Dartrix (Link)/Male/Level 21

Nature: Gentle/Ability: Long Reach

Held Item: Rose Incense

Moveset: Leafage/Razor Leaf/Peck/Astonish



Koffing (James)/Male/Level 21

Nature: Rash/Ability: Levitate

Held Item: None

Moveset: Psybeam/Sludge/Assurance/Destiny Bond



Florinia -1 +1 (5/10) - She helped me get into Obsidia Ward but too much talking and she kept cutting me off!


Victoria -2 +1 (9/10) - I'm glad she's safe but I can't believe she couldn't just trust that I'd be able to get through the Slums safely. Although, she was just looking out for my safety. But she too also kept cutting me off today! Today is just not my day.


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Boi Matt looks buff and mean but he good guy as hecc xD

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10 minutes ago, Candy said:

Boi Matt looks buff and mean but he good guy as hecc xD

Haha. Idk. I see it more fat than buff. And I consider the "mean" look a "determind/ready for a good battle" look. xD Btw, I'm not really crazy just in case you thought I was. Actually... Something tells me you don't know that this whole thing is based off of me and how I act in the real world. xD And if I'm wrong about that, ohh well. Lol.

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1 hour ago, J-Awesome_One said:

Haha. Idk. I see it more fat than buff. And I consider the "mean" look a "determind/ready for a good battle" look. xD Btw, I'm not really crazy just in case you thought I was. Actually... Something tells me you don't know that this whole thing is based off of me and how I act in the real world. xD And if I'm wrong about that, ohh well. Lol.

:eyes: I didn't know it was based on how you act in the real world son! Boi gets interrupted so often? And no, Matt-kun hasn't come off crazy (I mean, he rather polite and kind as I see him)

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1 minute ago, Candy said:

:eyes: I didn't know it was based on how you act in the real world son! Boi gets interrupted so often? And no, Matt-kun hasn't come off crazy (I mean, he rather polite and kind as I see him)

Lol. Btw, my name really is Matthew soooo... Yea. :P

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1 hour ago, J-Awesome_One said:

Lol. Btw, my name really is Matthew soooo... Yea. :P

Everything falling into place! Sorryto dorito if it was written somewhere because 1. I es scatterbrain and 2. I es no good reader (which is why my writing doesn't improve rip)

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3 minutes ago, Candy said:

Everything falling into place! Sorryto dorito if it was written somewhere because 1. I es scatterbrain and 2. I es no good reader (which is why my writing doesn't improve rip)

Lol. Naw. I only somewhat mentioned it in my 1st status when I started this run but I doubt anyone saw it. And you kidding me?! Your run is getting better and better!

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1 hour ago, J-Awesome_One said:

Lol. Naw. I only somewhat mentioned it in my 1st status when I started this run but I doubt anyone saw it. And you kidding me?! Your run is getting better and better!

Ooh dis smol candy prolly missed that xD Well then gud luck and enjoy the writing~

(nah boi I'm afraid I'm gonna break Vanilla's character - it hard when yaw a lucky privileged hooman writing an edgelord lel)

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