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  1. ???: Ohh. Didn’t see you there. Sorry that I bumped into you like that. Stranger: It’s alright. ???: I’m preparing myself to go to 1 of the most dangerous regions in this world. The Reborn Region. Stranger: Really? ???: I know. Crazy that anyone would actually want to go there. But I just want to really test myself and my team. I know people say that it’s a horrible place but it can’t be that bad… Can it? Stranger: Well from what I’ve heard, it’s gotten way worse. ???: Well anyways, I’m out and about getting stuff ready for my journey there. I actually leave in 2 days. A girl named Ame is supposed to come here and then ride back with me on the train. She’s the official of the league. Stranger: What does that even mean? ???: I guess that means that she owns it or is in charge of it or something like that. I’m excited but also nervous. I just don’t know what to expect. Whoops. I’ve been kind of rambling there haven’t I? Sorry. I’ll just… Stranger: Actually, why don’t you tell me a little more about yourself? I’ve got nothing better to do. ???: Ohh. You wanna know more about me? Well… Sure. Why not? This might actually help me relax a bit. I guess I should say hi first. Although, I’ve been talking to you for so long that it might be long overdue for that but whatever. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Stranger: Same to you. ???: You know, I never really met anyone that’s interested to know stuff about me. I mean, to be honest, there’s nothing special about me. Stranger: Ahh come on. Don’t be like that. I’m sure there’s something special about you. ???: I guess I should start with the basics. I have long hair, natural color. I got a beard. Blue eyes. And as you can see I like to eat. Haha. Stranger: Haha. Yea. Hmm? What’s that on your arm? ???: Ohh yea. This is actually a tattoo I got when I was 16 years old. But I am now 18. And yes. I have been on a Pokemon journey before but I didn’t get into it so I just… Stopped. Stranger: You just stopped? How? Why? Where did you even start? ???: Well, right here in fact. In the Kalos Region. I live in this city as a matter of fact. I suppose if you want the short version of beginning to end of my journey, I went to the Professor’s lab, got my starter, traveled up to my 1st gym, beat them and then I don’t know. I just didn’t feel like I was having fun. So, I just went back home and told my parents that I wasn’t going to continue on my journey. Stranger: Well gee. That sure is kind of disappointing. How did your starter feel about that? ???: It was angry at 1st. Ohh yes. I chose a Froakie. Anyways, after a while of relaxing at home with my parents, it got used to it. It’s more like my parent’s Pokemon now more than mine. I still love it but you know. They just really grew to like it and vice versa. Stranger: I can see that happening. So I guess that’s the end of your story about you then huh? ???: Well… Almost. Stranger: Well what is it? ???: I have this… Umm… I guess you could say 2nd personality. Stranger: A 2nd personality? Does it come out at random times? ???: No. It really only comes out when I feel like my life is threatened. So the only way you would be able to see it is if you or someone else made me feel like I was going to be dead right then and here. Stranger: Well wait wait. How do you know? I mean I’m not a doctor or anything but don’t most people not really know about their other personality or personalities? ???: Possibly but when it 1st happened, my parents were with me. They have no reason to lie. Plus, I feel myself get more… Crazy. Stranger: So this 2nd personality of yours is crazy and only comes out when you feel like your life is threatened. I don’t know if that’s a good thing. I mean what if that just escalates things and you do end up dead? ???: I’m not sure. But apparently, it does a good job at making the other people run away. Or even making me braver in a dire situation. I mean, I’m still here right? Haha. Stranger: True. But when did that happen? ???: Remember a couple of years ago when that Team Flare was here? Stranger: Who could forget. Their leader wanted to blow up this whole region. Crime even went up thanks to them as well. Crazy stuff ???: Well… -FLASHBACK- My parents and I planned to walk from Lumiose City to Laverre City. We were going to the PokeBall Factory to see the PokeBalls being made. Mom: Hey Froakie. You wanna come with us? Froakie: Froakie! Mom: Well come on then. We’re leaving. ???: I can’t wait to see how the PokeBalls are made. Dad: It is quite exciting to see. Are we all ready to leave? ???: Yes! Mom: Yes dear. Froakie: Froakie! Dad: Good. Let’s get going. We left the house and walked up to route 14. When we got there, everyone put on their rain coats except for me. I just put my hoodie over my hair. I didn’t want it to get wet. That bothers me. As we walked through the wet route, we heard something running in the water. We all turned around and there standing in front of us was a young man but he had something covering most of his face. All we could see was his eyes. My mom and dad put themselves in front of me as Froakie jumped in front ready to protect us. Robber: Gimme your money! Dad: No! Leave us alone! Robber: I didn’t ask. I’m DEMANDING! Give me your money! Dad: I said no! Now go. We won’t report anything to the police. Just go. Robber: Guess we gotta do this the hard way. The robber went into his pocket and slowly pulled out a knife. This made me terrified. It scared my mom a little bit too but my dad remained calm. Dad: Froakie! Get ready! Froakie: Froak! Froakie! Robber: You have a Pokemon there huh? That shouldn’t be a problem. Go Scyther! The robber threw out the PokeBall and out came the Scyther. Froakie stayed in place, not moving an inch. Not showing any fear. Dad: Froakie! Water Pulse! Froakie did as it was told and used Water Pulse on the Scyther. A direct hit but the Scyther seemed unfazed. ???: That… That did nothing to it. Robber: Hahaha! That’s supposed to hurt my Scyther? Scyther! Wing Attack that little frog! With great speed, the Scyther obeyed its trainers command and landed a powerful looking Wing Attack on the Froakie. It landed behind me, fainted. The robber grinned knowing he had gotten rid of the only threat in his way. Robber: Now, as I said, hand over your money! Dad: Grrr! Why you-! My dad lunged at the robber and tried to punch him. Unfortunately, he missed and the robber swung the knife in my father’s direction, slicing his arm. My mom ran over to him and knelt down to make sure he was ok. Mom: Oh my Arcues! Are you ok hun? Dad: Yea. He only got my arm. Robber: Try that again and I swear to Arcues, it’ll be your neck! The robber looked towards me. He grinned, looked back at my parents and then ran over to me and held the knife to my neck. At this point, I was petrified. Robber: Well what do you plan to do now? Mom: No! Please don’t hurt him! Dad: If you hurt him, I’ll… I’ll… Robber: Grieve? Because you try anything else and I’m slitting this kids throat. As this all was going on, I suddenly felt like my consciousness was going away. But I knew I was still standing. And that’s when it happened. I started to feel more free. More brave. But also, a bit more crazy. My body went limp for about a second or 2 which angered the robber. Robber: Hey! Keep on your feet kid or you’ll end up in a body bag! At that moment, my eyes flung wide open and I smiled a weird, big smile. Crazy ???: OoOoOoOoOhHhHhHhH EXCELLENT! Please introduce me to the bag of which you speak of. Yeeeeees. The robber looked at me and must have been freaked out with my facial expression and what I said because he let go of me and jumped back. Robber: Wha-… Stop that or else kid! Mom: What’s going on? Dad: Son? Crazy ???: Me stop? OoOoOoOo. But it is you who should stop before something OUT OF THIS WORLD happens to you guy that is bad. Robber: What is WRONG with your kid?! Crazy ???: I have laid dormant in this vessel for years. Ever since this beings journey of being created through the rituals of said mother and father! I have promised myself to protect this being for as long as I can. Which means people like you are not allowed to destroy him! Do I make myself clear? Everyone was stunned. Mom and dad didn’t know what to make of their son talking crazy and the robber was just scared out of his mind. Robber: Yo-You… I’ll be… Stay back! Crazy ???: -crazy laugh- You still wield the object that is intended to cut one’s throat. If that is the case, then be prepared to be DELETED! Mwahahahahahaha! I then started to walk towards the robber while swaying my arm in a slashing motion while chanting “DELETE!” to him. Robber: What the… Fuck this! I’m getting out of here! You can keep your money! Your son is a freak! Return Scyther! The robber returned his Pokemon back to his PokeBall and then ran away from us. I walked up to my parents, who were still on the ground, and looked the way the robber had run off. Crazy ???: WONDERFUL! I looked down to my parents. My dad was still holding his arm, which was bleeding less, and my mom was holding him up but they both stared at me with confusion but also with fear. Crazy ???: Do not worry father and mother of this vessel. I shall only emerge out when this being’s life feels threatened. Perhaps I shall see you both soon. -laughs loudly- As soon as I was done laughing, my body went limp and I fell to the floor. My mom ran over to me and lifted my body off of the floor. My dad returned Froakie to its PokeBall and helped mom to carry me back home where they laid me on the couch. -FLASHBACK END- Stranger: Wow. That’s an intense but exciting story. Is your dad ok? ???: Ohh yea. They went to the hospital after they brought me home and he got stitches. It’s all better now. Stranger: Well that’s good at least. Do you ever remember anything when you’re in your “crazy” mode? ???: I remember bits and pieces. But a lot of it is usually a blur. But I usually get filled in. Stranger: Ahh. So it has happened more than just that 1 time. ???: Yes. Several times actually. Stranger: Well at least it only seems to go after the bad guys. ???: Yea. That’s true. And I’m grateful for that. Ohh geez. It’s getting late. I didn’t know it was that dark already. Stranger: Haha. Well it was nice talking to you. Definitely made my day more interesting. ???: Haha. Well I’m glad I could help with your day. Stranger: Haha. Yea. Thanks. ???: Hey. You gonna be around here tomorrow? I leave the next day and I figured you’d want to see my team before I leave. Stranger: You already own a full team of Pokemon? ???: Yea. I’ll tell you tomorrow how I met them all. Stranger: That sounds great. I’d love that. ???: Well great. I’ll see you tomorrow then. Stranger: Sweet. Ohh wait. You know, we’ve been talking for so long and I never got your name. Haha. ???: Wait. We’ve been talking this whole time and I never gave you my name? Stranger: Nope. Matthew: My apologies for that. My name is Matthew.
  2. "Mumble mumble mumble" Hmm? Ohh. A camera! Well... a camera app on my laptop but a camera nonetheless! Hi everyone! It's me! J-Awesome-One! You all ready to have some fun? I know I am! Let's just hope murder doesn't happen in this series!… Wow… I brought down the mood with that didn't I? Ohh well. Cue the music for this 1st chapter of the 1st season as well as the title card! Despite this only being an introduction and not really diving into the game yet and also not relating to anything in this... It still sounds epic. Shut up! So as I've said before, I'm J-Awesome-One and I'm... I'm... What the fuck...? Umm... Ahh yes. Now I remember. Those 1st 3 pics I took were over my parents house. And right now, I'm over my gramps house. And I also took a shower... You all believe that right? Ok. Good. So expect good lighting in some of these and the others... Horrible lighting. So I'll be doing a normal run of Pokemon Full Moon. Except now you'll be seeing a lot more lovely pics of this beautiful face. It's cute, right?... Right?... RIGHT?! Jesus Christ. That even scared me. I don't think that's a good thing though. Anyways, back on topic. Normal playthrough of Pokemon Full Moon with reaction pics. Now I have played this game before but it's been so long since the last time, it's basically a blind... Semi-blind... a "I somewhat know where to go and what to do but I don't remember what people say in this game" run. But in this game, you don't play as yourself. You play as a teenaged girl named Luna. No. Not from Reborn. So, I'd like to introduce you all to LUNA! Hey there Luna. How are you doing today? Yep! And I'm excited for it. Aren't you?! Fucking bitchy ass cu- Nothing! Nothing! I was about to say nothing! Holy moly you're loud as fuck! I'm glad you wanna know. So 1st of all, I'm gonna be in control of your actions and- Well I'm gonna control where you run to, who you talk to, whether to do good things or bad things. You know? Stuff like that. It's happening whether you like it or not. So shush! Anyways, as I was going to say before being SO rudely interrupted, I will also decide what she uses on her team. And unlike all my other runs, I'll prob have more than a 6 mon team going on he- Don't care. But anyways, that's really all I have to tell you on how this whole adventure is gonna go. Any questions from you Luna? Bye Luna! See you soon! Can't wait to be best buddies! Well, that was all I really had planned for this little intro thing. Ohh. I would like to say this though. With how many times I had to take and also retake pics of me took a lot of time but it was worth it. I had fun. But I am just saying this as a warning. This is probably not gonna be an everyday thing. I'll try to aim for at least once a week thing. Probably multiple if I feel like it. Umm... I think that's all I needed to say. I hope you all enjoy this when I officially start it sometime this week. Hell. I might stay up later than usual to at least have a new 1 up tonight. But anyways... Bye everyone! See you all next time! Phew. I'm glad that's over with. Man my back's killing me. I gotta stretch. Ummm... What are you all still doing here? Didn't I say like bye and all that? What? You want more right now still? But I already told you all what I was doing? What more can I do right now? Ugh... Fiiiiiine. I'll go for a little more. I suppose I can talk about how this run came to mind. And it's all thanks to this glorious bastard right here. @DerogatoryTrainer This dude is so freaking funny with his Reborn and Rejuvenation Reactionlockes. (FYI, mine is not gonna be a nuzlocke.) I swear to Arceus though that he's so funny that he made me cough up all 3 of my lungs. The doctors were also surprised I had 3 lungs but they were successful in putting them back into their original places. Although, now I owe the hospital $300. And yes. That is a surprisingly cheap bill for something so life threatening. But I am also cheap and also don't think that it was my fault so Mr. DerogatoryTrainer... Pay up the $300 soon... Naw. I'm just kidding. But he's really good at what he does. I'll even put a link down to his stuff so you all can get there faster. I know. I'm such a nice guy for doing that. But anyways, that'll be the end of this post for now. Bye everyone! DerogatoryTrainer - Pokemon Reborn - The Terribly Titled Reaction-Locke http://s7.zetaboards.com/Nuzlocke_Forum/single/?p=9378681&t=9249876 Derogatory Trainer - Pokemon Rejuvenation - A Terribly Titled Nuzlocke http://s7.zetaboards.com/Nuzlocke_Forum/single/?p=9482386&t=9293069
  3. Hello everybody! I just joined this community and I like to write stories, so I decided to make my run a story of my character, who is called Kaida. Forgive me, I may change certain events or battles to make it more interesting, but all the Pokemon used will be Pokemon I actually used! Enjoy! Chapter 1: Born of flame
  4. HELLO EVERYONE AND WELCOME TO THE MANLYLOCKE CHALLENGE REBORN RUN! Yes that's right! I, Awesome_One, am starting a new run! Now don't worry. I'm sure a lot of you that know me are worried about my other runs. They are not cancelled. 1 is on hold and the other 2 aren't started due to the sprites not being done yet. But I decided to do this run because someone I've been watching for like a week on Twitch has been doing a LadyLocke Challenge. Which basically means he's only using Female Only Pokémon. Btw, quick shout out to him, his name is @Mechathulhu and he streams his challenge every other day. Which means he'll be doing it tomorrow. I will leave a link to a thread he has made which he uses to tell when he's gonna start to stream at the end of this announcement. So yea. He's doing a LadyLocke and I'm doing a ManlyLocke. I'm sure you guessed what that means by now but just in case, I will be using Male Only Pokémon. And unlike my other runs, this isn't gonna be a story. Just gonna be talking about the events and stuff. And if any of you want to ask me a question about my favorite thing in this game or how I feel about a certain situation on here, PLEASE feel free to leave a question and I will try to answer it as soon as possible. Ahh yes. Before I forget, I am using the Sandbox Mode and yes. I'm going to be getting all the Male Only Pokémon at the beginning of the game. But I will still make it a little difficult on myself. For instance, I already planned all the moves I want my Pokémon to have. But if the TM is already accessible in the game, I will wait until I am able to retrieve it to use it. But if it's not, don't worry. I'm still gonna limit myself. After every 3 major plots have been passed, I will use a Random Number Generator to see which Pokémon I will be putting a move on and will put 1 move on it. But I won't start this til after I have required the 1st badge from Julia. Sooo yea. I think I went over everything. Hope you all enjoy this run! See you all in the 1st Chapter!
  5. I totally forgot to upload the Insurgence videos I already put up on YouTube sooo… I'm gonna put them here now. And any new ones I put up will be put onto here as well. Because I promised you all.
  6. Hello everyone Stompa here to bring you a mono run using Ghost types as voted for by you guys. Here is the first part everything up to and including Julia. Spoiler tag for 'special battle' time stamps Next time I take on PULSE tangrowth and try to take out Florina. Next time I will make the individual episodes shorter and upload several at once rather than one massive episode but I didn't realise how long this had gotten until I finished. If you want me to just upload the shorter episodes on their own just let me know. EDIT 1:for people that missed the poll I am using sandbox mode. It can be found in 2 coments down
  7. Hey there, It's been a while since I've played Pokemon Reborn for the last time. I would like to start a new monotype run but I can't decide which type to use, so I made a poll to let you decide ! I'd like to do a very challenging run which will make me struggle and think, but more importantly it has to be FUN ! I just can't decide which type to use considering that, so if you can tell my what type would you choose and why, that'd be much appreciated ! Thanks
  8. Ladies and gentlemen! I hereby present you the thread to my newest run - one themed a nostalgia run. Like probably most of us, I grew up during the early generations of Pokemon, my first games being the blue version and the gold version. On the latter, I reached my first milestones, the most notable being getting my first Pokemon to level 100. It was my old friend Typhlosion. Now going into the details of every milestone and all the fun I had during the first two generations of Pokemon would be too much to cover in this post. I was still heavily involved when Pokemon Ruby came around, and that was probably the first game where I really got into trying to complete that Pokedex as far as possible, trading the get what was exclusive to Sapphire or Fire Red/Leaf Green. And I did it. (As far as it was possible without cheating) After that, things got a bit slow, and while I still enjoyed Diamond and Pearl and played the 5th generation as well, those and the following ones just weren't the same. (Actually, I haven't played S/M or US/UM at all) And I'm not really a fan of Arceus and all the hype around it (#TeamMew - although Lugia is my favorite legendary) And as the nostalgia hit me some time ago, I decided that I was gonna do a run on Reborn to remember and honor that time. Obviously, there are rules to this run: I believe I have covered the essentials. At this point, this run is still in the "set-up" phase. Uni is very time-intensive right now and I want to make this an experience all of you can follow and enjoy with me properly, therefore it will take some time to get things started. However, there is something you can do to take part in this before the run has even started. Initially I had planned on choosing Cyndaquil as my starter (for obvious reasons) and just going from there. Things changed a bit when I just managed to breed a shiny Cyndaquil - the first shiny I've EVER bred. Even though I'm not sure what I think about shiny Typhlosion yet (mainly because the pictures I found of it don't match the sprite it has now - I believe it's shiny form was changed at least one or two times), I will use that one. That being said, I will still have to choose a starter at the beginning of the game, therefore I have created a poll for you to vote. Yours truly, MRC (also, I apologise for any mistakes in advance as English isn't my mother tongue)
  9. So this is my first time doing this Ok so this will be a story of a boy named Kevin who trains only ghost types for a specific reason I will do the story and this run is actually inspired from a part of candy's (or vanilla) "from everland to reborn" run check it out it's so amazing Btw I'm a noob at posting stuff and I'm going to be asking a lot of questions Let's start with our protagonist Name : Kevin Age : same age as every reborn protagonist Home region : Kalos Starter : Honedge named Excallibur (Kevin calls him X for short) So first question will be the pictures problem if anyone know anyway to upoload them without being stumped by the size prob it will ne appreciated And the first chapter will be uploaded tomorrow
  10. Hello guys/girls ! Probably you guys remember me from my eevolutions run on reborn hardcore CoM , another version of reborn made by @Commander , which i particularly enjoyed. First because i loved the new challenge on the game , and secondly because this mod allowed me to start my first trade topic giveaway. So a big thank you to you Commander. Today i'm going to do a similar run with the redux mod , another one created by Commander , which you can find here : http://www.rebornevo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/30578-pokemon-reborn-redux-moddemo-released/ This mod is very similar to reborn CoM ( more challenging and more fun ) , so it will be with pleasure that i will discover with you those new challenges ( yes it will be the first time i will restart the game from the beginning since gen7 has appeared ). Here is my currently team , which i could bring from my trades topics and from nices persons such as @Sayia ( for the a-vulpix ) : ( i'm right before Julia ) Yes , i wanted to build my own team for the run , so i choosed gible as my starter ( garchomp is one of my favorite dragon ). BUT , there is a counterpart to this : Indeed , CoM offered the possibility to challenge gyms leaders : or with theirs regular teams , or with theirs alternatives teams ( single or double battles ). Redux offer a third option : the Master challenge , which i guess it gonna be a true nightmare. So you guessed it right , i will have to beat every gym leaders on Master challenge mod , so... it gonna probably take a while , considering i'm a total noob ( as Fern would say ). I hope this run will be as good as my eevolution one , and hope you guys/girls will enjoy it ! See you on the battlefield edit 07/02/2018 : considering that redux is currently on demon , i will continue the run on normal reborn. I will do another run on redux when the mod will be finished
  11. Hello everyone! Tis I, J-Awesome_One! And yes. I'm doing another normal playthrough of Pokémon Full Moon. Some of you may know that I did something like this sometime last year but I realized that doing screenshots and saying something long about a segment of that part of the game just wasn't for me. So I'm scrapping that 1 and going to do a new 1 on this thread but this time with videos! And under the videos, I will make bulleted points about some of the events that happen in the video. Anything from the looks of the areas I've been to the dialogues to the looks of the characters, etc etc. Aaannnddd I guess I was lying about this being a normal playthrough. I'm gonna use Pokémon that I think the main character would use. Btw, anyone that knows this game that remembers where certain Pokémon are, help would be really appreciated. Just let me know if you want/can help and I'll tell you the mons and blah blah blah. So are you guys ready? I sure am! Let's go on Luna's adventure!
  12. NOTE: This is not a shiny run, in this run I trade the shinies I find to people. Hello I'm on my 3rd playthrough of this awesome game and I decided to mix things up a little. Generally I would wonder trade any interesting pokemon I find in my runs to introduce some variety but this time I am putting an arbitrary rule to only trade any shiny pokemon I find. I would like to use the pokemon I get from this in at least a couple gym battles each but getting like 3 bidoofs in a row by wonder trading wouldnt be fun so I decided to make this thread insead. So to get to the point, if you have any interesting pokemon you would like me to have and use for my run, trade them to me and in return you will get some shiny I happen to have at the time. Keep in mind I am experiened with this game and pokemon games in general so I would like a small challenge but please no bidoofs and these kinds of filler pokemon cause that would not be interesting at all. Something unusual/rare would be perfect or even your favourite Pokemon so surprise me! EDIT: I should clarify that I want pokemon the lowest level possible and I would prefer eggs, it's fun for me to raise pokemon form babies lol EDIT 2: I had an idea to name the pokemon I get by the trader's name just as a memorial to who sent what to me, but you could suggest another nickname for your pokemon if you want. Shinies for trade (always up to date): None ATM. Trade History:
  13. Hello guys I'm back. I think. I'm looking to do a Mono Run. But this time I want to know what type you guys want to see. Now I haven't included Rock or Ice because there aren't any of them right at the start of the game and I want it to be a full playthrough without having to cheat something in or trade. Other than that pick away and if you chose a type that has multiple starters I am leaving it to you guys to decide what starter you want me to use. (Yes I will do it even if you try to mess with me (Looking at you Meganium)) 1 last thing is the final rule I will impose on myself (if possible for some types its not) I must always keep my starter on me. And pokemon will get names once they have earned them. ~Stompa Edit: I probably won't be starting until after Christmas
  14. Ok, i'm planning to use these mons for my E17 run a.k.a my new run [ and this set up will be used until the end of the main story ], so feel free to rate my team and give some suggestions and o yeah, all of my breeded mons for E17 have pokerus My main team : Rotation : Rotation [ Unreleased Mons ] : Feel free to judge my team .
  15. Basically, pick your favorite Pokémon for the whole list there. I plan to start a Pokémon Anime Character Run in like the next week or 2. Not going to spoil who it is but I ain't gonna be mad at people that guess. Haha. The person I'm using will not be using any Pokémon they used in the Anime EXCEPT for 2, possibly 3 mons. So get to voting and I can't wait to see what you guys pick. Just a reminder too. When the actual run starts, I'll be making a new post that's not on this one. Just so you all know. Now go vote!
  16. Ash is now ready to take on REBORN. With all of your's help and a overview of Reborn, Ash is ready for his adventure with life-long buddy PIKACHU and other precious team members. So, finally it begins... Special thanks to @LykosHand @Awesome_One @Zarc @Zellorea @Wolfox @Alphagar @The Drunken Dragonite @S.paul
  17. Back at this!... Again!... For the 3rd time! So as many of you know, I've tried to do go through Rejuvenation in a Cuteness Run (only using Pokémon I find cute) but the save got corrupted or I lost the save file. Can't remember which. The 2nd time I tried to go through Rejuvenation was basically Main Characters Pokémon Anime Kanto run. (God that's a long name. Prob had a shorter name but that's not the point right now.) My 3rd time, I will be doing a Primary Run. What is that you may ask yourself? Well, for starters, I will be catching 18 different Pokémon. And all 18 types. Now I know a lot of Pokémon have a secondary typing. So let me use an example. I decide I want to use and catch the Electric Type Pokémon Mareep. Mareep's Primary Typing is Electric. Which means I can't use another Electric Type with that being it's Primary Typing. Now say I wanted to catch a Water Type and that would be Chinchou. I would be able to use it because it's Primary Typing is Water while its secondary typing is Electric. So hopefully, you all understand what a Primary run is now. But I will also tell you all this. Just like my previous 2 attempts at this, it's not gonna be like me trying to make a story out of it. I will be stopping at points and trying to tell you all how I feel about a character or place or plot or whatever happened between point a and point b. There maybe screenshots. There may not be screenshots. This is a long ass game and Idk if I can handle that many screen shots. Haha. I know there are a lot of people out there that will be able to/are deff better than me at trying to explain something or give great details but I will do my best to express how I feel about whatever is happening at that current time. Hope you all enjoy!
  18. Chapter 1 - ~What Is Love? Baby Don't Hurt Me, Don't Hurt Me, No More~ Hello everyone and welcome to my regular playthrough of Pokémon Full Moon! Nothing new happening here except for 2 things. 1. I’m gonna try to use Pokémon I don’t really use. 2. Unlike my last run of this game, I’m going to be talking about how I feel about the plot, characters, etc. You all get the drill. So, let’s get started, shall we? Let’s start with the Main Character Luna. And yes. She’s the ONLY main character you can play as. As well as her name only staying as Luna. In one way, I don’t mind it because I’m playing for the story and she’s involved with the story heavily. But in the other way, I wish there could be at least 2 main characters to choose from. But that’s honestly small nitpicking. Luna has run away from home/her school and has been living in a cave for 2 years because of her parents… Alrighty then. At least we know she can fend for herself. Then again, she has a freaking ARCANINE as her starter! But again, it’s the ONLY starter you can have no matter how many times you replay this. And since I’m not the hugest fan of Arcanine (please not murdering me for saying that), it somewhat sucks. (Btw, I may or may not use pictures sometimes so sorry if you get confused with what I say without visual presentation) So let’s take a look at our… Home? Now much really to see. Couple of rocks, a Dratini doll and a… A bed?! Where the fuck did she get a bed from?! Yes, again nitpicking but still. When you see where the cave is, you would wonder the same thing. Anyways, enough of that. Get the Arcanine, put it in its Pokeball, walk out of the cave and ohh hey. Look. Evil Villain Team Commander at the doorstep. Wonderful. He demands to know stuff and of course she doesn’t know. So it’s BATTLE TIME! Aaannnddd yea. 2 Fire Fangs later and his Seviper is down. And with that, he scurries away in defeat. Ohh yea. His name is Redi and that’s all I shall say for now. Great. He’s left. So lets go on an adven- Ohh. Hi Chan. You’re here. Apparently used to be a popular kid in school and bullied Luna cus the people he was with were forcing him to be a bully to her. Well alrighty then. And now he’s telling her he loved her and still does and wants us to go to his house. Aww. Isn’t that sweet. Well it’s time to tell him no because we’re obviously mad at him and go on our… I said no… I SAID NO! Ugh. This is the problem I have with the beginning of the game. The love angle is rushed. We just met this person and he’s already proclaiming to the main character his feelings and asking her to come with him to his house and even if you say no, she changes her mind in a line or 2. What’s the point of giving us a yes or no option if it doesn’t matter. And the funny thing is that this happens again in the matter of minutes! Anyways, he leaves and we can finally start the adventure! I obtain a single Pokeball inside the game and spend sometime looking for a specific Pokemon. AHA! We have found her at last! Gulpin AKA Cake Gulp! (FYI, I screenshotted this after I was at Chan’s house so both this and the other Pokemon I captured are at the same level thanks to some training.) After capturing that little blob, we make our way outside. Yay! The outdoors! And a beach! This is a lovely place to hide out for 2 years. After using the bird Pokemon to level up our Gulpin and taking on some of the trainers on the beach, it’s time to go with Chan and ride on his… God damn Dragonite. Well damn. Hopefully we won’t have to fight him anytime soon. As both of us are flying through the air, he asks us if we love him. So I choose for her to say no and… And… Like I said! Matter of minutes! She’ll say no but in a line or 2 AGAIN, she changes her mind and is all loveydovey with him. WHY give us an option to say yes or no if there’s no change except for a couple of lines? We make it to his place and honestly, I like the area… Although isn’t that a bit weird of a place to live. The house is surrounded by flowers, trees and a lake but… The mountains are blocking it off from antry and the only way to get there is to go through a long, freezing cave? Well whatever floats his parents boat. So we explore the area and find that 4 flowers, when activated, reveal a cave entrance. I have no clue how anyone did that but props to them for that. In the cave is just basically water and ice type Pokemon but we do in fact obtain our next team member. Say hello to Cubchoo AKA Papa Sniff! After training him some, its time to continue with the story. We ask him for a drink of water and the question the whereabouts of his parents… Ahh. They’re dead. Lets pretend I didn’t say anything about them before. Forgot about it? Good. Anyways, he informs us that his brother is trying to become a doctor and his sister is the Champion! I wonder if he’d hate us for whooping her ass for the title of Champion. Haha. Anyways, now that we’re done talking to him, time to explore the house. Lets see. Food to eat, beer to drink, dig through the trash and find Leftovers, go upst- Wait. Leftovers? Already?! THIS EARLY?!!! Well… Whatever. Go upstairs and explore the bedrooms and the library I’m guessing it is. Ooo! A journal! Lets invade other peoples privacy! It’s Chan’s little brother Nello’s journal. So turns out Chan was sick, then really sick and then he cured him. Well that’s good. And apparently, some dude told them that their parents died in an earthquake… And nothing else. Yeeeaaa. I’m with Nello on this one. I wouldn’t believe him either. And then Chan comes in and we’re busted because I guess we weren’t supposed to be here. I really don’t want to talk about this anymore! A distraction! We need a distraction! Ohh… Would you look at that. A distraction. We both go down and are greeted with 2 new characters: Kain and Dinor. They are both close friends with Chan and since they know we’re dating now, they’re cool with us. That’s good I guess? Really weird though. And then they tell us the real reason they’re here. They need help to get rid of Team Lightning from their academy! We bravely accept the challenge and run off to the academy! But this is where we stop for now. Here’s the team as of now! The love angle is shoved in our face so early and no matter what you choose, you just end up falling in love with Chan. It’s like flipping on a light switch. Also the fact that there’s just one Main Character and one “starter” Pokemon kinda sucks. The graphics look nice though. The cave, the beach, Chan’s house area, even the air looks nice. And I like the touch of different colored texts to represent other characters. Next time, we shall travel through the cave and reach our destination. The Academy!
  19. So after playing through Reborn a couple times, I decided I should check out other fan games, and that it would make sense to start with Rejuvination. I mean, it's right here! And as I started playing, I quickly became overwhelmed by the sheer amount of Pokemon available at the start. That's... a problem I have in most Pokemon games, really. I get so caught up in what Pokemon I want to use and trying to catch things that I kinda stress myself out. It's weird. So I figured, what better way to alleviate that stress then by doing some sort of themed run? That's where you come in. I have ideas. Lots of ideas. Altogether too many ideas of some interesting themes. Not all of them are super viable or could even get a full team for a while, so I narrowed it down to three options: Slaanesh Theme: The Chaos God of hedonism and excess, a Slaanesh theme would basically be similar to @Mechathulhu's Ladylocke theme for Reborn but with extra steps. Any Pokemon that is vaguely feminine or could be weirdly sexualized (especially by the internet) is fair game here. Aside from all female species, Gardevoir and Lopunny are shoe-ins. Nurgle Theme: Nurgle is the Chaos God of decay, disease, and sloth. He's also surprisingly nice, like Santa if every day was Christmas and all your presents were plagues. Basically a Poison Monotype with add-ons like Slaking, Snorlax, Slowbro, Parasect, Shiinotic, and many others. Ninja Theme: You might have expected Khorne or Tzeentch here, but I don't think they'd offer as interesting and varied a selection of Pokemon. Instead, the Ninja theme is largely a Poison run, with some restrictions and a little bit more leeway. Basically, if Janine, Koga, or the Ninja Boy trainer class ever used it, or if its ninja-y enough, its in. And that's basically it. I had a few other ideas (a corrosive field run, a desert run, some sort of chess theme, a halloween theme, extraterrestrial pokemon, etc.), but none of them could really give me a full team by the time I got to Venam. It goes without saying that I'll be documenting this run (likely with screenshots and stuff), and it'll be pretty blind so you'll have to excuse me But I'm looking forward to it
  20. Hello everyones , welcome to my Pokemon Insurgence run ! I saw that nobody has already did a run based on Pokemon Insurgence , so i told myself : why not ? I will try to illustrate my run as best as i can , focusing on the advices i recently received. This will be a normal run ( no randomizer , no nuzlock etc ). Sooooo , let's begin First of all , before the game begin , we ask me the question : a " light " story or a " dark " story ? Based of what i love on a pokemon game , you can easily guess what my choice is The story begin when a strange man do a speech in front of many peoples. He said that the previous protector of Torren Region ( called the Augur ) died recently , while he was fighting the differents cults organizations ( 4 cults ) , then he promised to protect the region himself now. After this speech , we wake up on a cult base. Based on theirs uniforms , it's the cult of Darkrai ( dark cult ) , and they want to torment our poor Suzaku ( code geass reference ). But , glad for us , a mysterious guest will save the day ! While i'm trying to escape the cult base , i receive an information about mew special ability : Then , while walking , we found blood on the floor , so we tried to use this ability annnndddd : Now , we are facing a human ritual sacrifice... And finally , we reached the exit. I hope you will enjoy this run , if you want to give me mores advices about it , i will do my best ! Stay tunned !
  21. So as some of you know, my computer kicked the bucket & I couldn't save the runs I've been doing on it. Which sucks. But! You all can help me choose a new run to do on a new computer I'm getting soon. So get to voting!
  22. Why hello there everyone and welcome to my restarted basically first time run through Pokemon Rejuvenation. Now, as some of you know, I was doing a Cute Type Run of this game. And yes. I said was. I decided that I should do a Cute Run of a game that I've already beaten. But that play through isn't done yet. I'm just doing a different run now. The five main characters from the Kanto Region: Ash, Misty, Brock, Jessie and James! I shall only be using the Pokemon they have or have had. So for example, Ash had a Primape but gave it up to be the WWE Champion. (Let's face it. That's what Primeape was training to be. Haha.) I will be able to use a Primeape because Ash had one. So yea. Now you all should know what this run is all about. I'm still gonna give my thoughts and ideas on the game as I play through it. But it's just a different run now. I hope you all enjoy this! And yes. That name is a combination of all five main characters. BROCK ASH MISTY JAMES JESSIE
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