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  1. hey do you have a discord we could talk over? this thread is starting to be a lot longer than expected and i don't expect you to go to the forums everytime discord is a little more nice and portable for trading
  2. YES drowsee and koffing for trapinch and beldum this time you are going to send request and i am going to be on waiting, make sure you have good internet connection as i will too....let me quickly prepare koffing for you....ehh?
  3. hmmm...not sure where they are available but i certainly can hook u up with koffing....if you can tell me locations of tympole or dewweble as soon as I get out of agate circus i will give you....i have a smoochum btw if you want...it is non event.......what about drowzee? it is certainly rare (atleast for me it was)....if you want like a tympole or dewweble tell me the locations [:>
  4. i can give you any starter Pokémon in return (if you want them) since I don't think they available outside grand hall starters
  5. yeah i am availaible in about an hour btw do you have beldum (building a steel type team SO metagross is a must)
  6. hi, i want no i need a beldum as i am currently going towards samson and i need a good psychic type team so I could defeat him quite easily....does anybody have a beldum they could spare? i could give solrock or lunatone as i don't catch a lot of pokemon and these two are the only ones i caught outside my team.....along with Eevee and a few others (aprox.8)
  7. well...my game is crashing,,,,i'll get that fixed up and then we wil trade
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