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    Theme teams...? Is that the Nightclub?
  2. Oh, thanks so much for the answers! I'll be sending a messege, yes. I've heard about debug mode, but I don't have RPG Maker installed, so that would be a better option. >< Thanks again for being so nice
  3. Um... Hi guys. Is it true that there is only one single Balm Mushroom in the game? I checked some guides, and not even Pickup grants you a chance for it. What should I do? I really needed the Leftovers for my Mismagius strategy...
  4. ... Now more days have passed, and she still won't let him groom his Pokémon. The game is acting like its the same day forever. Weather effects have disappeared...
  5. Hello there~ Thanks for replying. I've contacted him, and he says it still doesn't work. :c The girl just keeps saying "please come back tomorrow"
  6. My friend can't get the Obsidia Salon lady to keep grooming his Pokémon even after chaging date in his computer. The game acts like it's still the same day, and she won't let him. What is happening? Mine worked when I saved outside (via quit game), change date, and came back to the game. Sorry if its something silly. Please help.
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