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  1. I forgot! Been a while since I visited the Darchlight Woods. Thanks for the tip!
  2. I'm currently doing the Forest Restoration quest and I need gather 7 tiny mushrooms. I know Paras/Parasect spawn somewhere in East/Western Gearen respectively, according to the Pokedex, but I don't know the exact location. Where is the exact spot I need to go to to farm them and are there better locations? I know Parasect can spawn in the safari but that's not the best place to farm.
  3. I struggled on this section too. The trick is to bait Heracross to the South-East side of the map and bypass the sticks by walking in the grass next to it.
  4. It's intended. If I recall correctly somewhere in the V13 discussion topic someone on the dev team said they wanted to nerf Grooky's hidden ability so it didn't easily bypass and invalidate a boss' field. I'm about to start fighting Souta myself so I can't give you tips yet but this might help you out.
  5. FYI: There is a shortcut to your save files in your Rejuvenation game folder too. So you don't have click through C:/Users/YourUserName/Saved Games/Pokemon Rejuvenation
  6. You need an item called Xen Waste. You get it by grinding up 15,000 red essence and dump them into the rift den in the Sheridan Wetlands. You also get a shadow beldum by doing this. If I recall correctly there is a strength Boulder blocking the entrance too. So accessesing this den and the waste is for late game.
  7. The toilet paper Venam left in the mansion also had the same bug. Though that was a key item.
  8. As of V13 she doesn't have the amulet coin anymore.
  9. I updated my game today and it recognized and loaded my latest save automatically. Here's a link to the Rejuvenation website. The patches already included in the game download. https://www.rejuvenationgame.com/downloads
  10. Essentially your save data and where the game is located are in different places. If you delete your game your computer will still carry your save file. If you open your Rejuvenation Game folder you can see a shortcut to the save files. You can copy and paste your recent save file to the desktop just to be safe if you're worried about losing you data.
  11. FYI the devs recommended replaying the game from the start rather than continuing an existing playthrough due to early game rewrites and changes through out the game. I'm currently on chapter 9 atm and seeing what changed from V12 has kept me engaged and I think you would enjoy it too. IDK if you already started playing but the third patch for the game came out yesterday so make sure you have the latest version (13.0.3) If you want a plot summary this walkthrough might help you. It's main goal isn't to summarize the plot but it does skim on some plot details that might jog your memory. (Also it's not up to date with 13.0.3 which apparently added some useful items across the world)
  12. Well crap. Guess I'll put Zumi's quest on hold. I'm not familiar with using Debug mode and I'm a bit warry of using it since it could potentially break the game. Anything else I'll be missing out from Zumi?
  13. So I encountered a bug with the Kristiline Help Center were the game thought I did all the Help Quests after doing the mission "???" even though I had one remaining (Lighthouse). I could still do the lighthouse mission but I couldn't claim my reward because the clerk would just say "Thanks for helping out our town!" and would assume I already did everything. I already sent my bug report through the proper channels but I'm still without a Mareep and Zumi's questline is now asking to me show her one. I know there is an Aevium Mareep in V13, I wanna know if the Aevium Mareep was supposed to be my quest reward or is it somewhere else in the game?
  14. Progress the story and the book will become a relevant plot point. I don't think anything immediately changes by picking the book up.
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