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  1. So I entered the earlydratini password and I already beat Pulse Abra. I thought i was able to get dratini by interacting with a wall tile in Tanzan Depths but I can't find it. Is that tile randomly generated or something? if so, do you guys have any tip to get it? Edit: typo
  2. Ok, ty so much. I actually just beat him with that strat and some parahax and thunder spam from my alolan raichu and rocks.
  3. So currently I'm trying to fight Souta and he always gives me a lot of trouble; so one tactic I usually go to beat him if using an offensive team around electric terrain to counter his OP Sky Field. However (and I don't know if it is a bug or they actually nerfed terrain moves) when I use electric terrain with my Togedemaru it doesn`t remove the Sky Field. I still get the bonuses from it but the Sky Terrain is still there. Is this intended? If this is intended how the hell to you beat this guy in ep13?! Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Doesn't that make her really good?! or am i tripping, surely shes slow af but with heal order she may be very good
  5. I just got the Vespiquen crest but I'm kinda confused about its effects. The wiki says that every time I use Attack or Defense Order I gain a 50% bonus to attack or defense, I can understand that but i don't get the part where it says that it switches... Is the effect similar to aegislash stance swap? I'd appreciate any info, thanks in advance.
  6. So... I just caught that awesome new custom Paras but I can't fin info about how can i evolve him? any ideas?
  7. Hi I started a new run because of the new episode and I wanted to know if it is possible to change the keybind of Speed Up from "M" to "Z". I've tried with the F1 function but it doesn't appear over there, is there any solution? Thanks in advance
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