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  1. Yo that was my exact first impression of her, too! ngl I had the biggest crush on her when LoK came out
  2. Excited that this game has returned I got questions for each of you three: 1) Caz: Do any non-Pokemon games influence your story & game design philosophies? I feel a bit of Final Fantasy (6,7, and 10 especially) in the plot, and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion in the guild quests. I could see tidbits of Legend of Zelda in some dungeon designs, too. 2) Ruby: What/who are some of your biggest artistic influences? I adore how you draw eyes & eyelashes especially! Oh, and I checked your IG page and this Nezuko drawing is really adorable: 3) Posty: Have you ever dabbled in Smogon, VGC, or competitive battling? If not no worries but if yes, which tiers/gen? Looking forward to seeing your rebalancing of Desolation (and taking notes for my own fangame lol)
  3. 1) What qualifications are you looking for in beta testers? 2) Any changes to the starter options? Personally, I think Salandit and Rockruff would be awesome choices.
  4. Awesome, keep up the good work! Since you mentioned balancing, perhaps you guys could consider adjusting the level curve? Level 60 after 5 badges might be pretty high for a 16-badge game (as someone who is also working on a 16-badge game). A hard cap like what Rejuvenation has might help here - not sure how Jan's team did it, but I modified the "maxexp = pbGetExpInternal(MAXLEVEL,growth)" in PBExperience to get the same result. DM me if you'd like any assistance with this. Also, Ruby's art is amazing - I especially like the Demon Slayer/Kimetsu no Yaiba art pieces
  5. Ayee it's really happening! Are you retconning any content from the previous episodes? (similar to what Jan often does with Rejuvenation) I'd like to know if I should start a new playthrough or continue my old one.
  6. Ayee keep up the good work, Rejuv dev team! Looking forward to version 13 w/gen 8 & possibly the MKXP engine. Also wishing Jan a speedy recovery if he's still recovering
  7. I hadn't checked for any updates here in a long time, so I gotta say: the new trainer cards look incredible! I'm using the Sapphire & Amethyst versions as the male & female trainer cards in my own fangame (though I'll have to modify the badge section since my game only goes up to 16 badges) You're already listed in my credits section, too
  8. I'm loving the new character artwork, it's amazing Also, Zetta's full body artwork reminds me a bit of Wes from Pokemon Colosseum lol
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