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  1. I still can't get over Miura passing away. Why must the worst things happen to the good people.

    I just can't believe it, I always have this weird felling that it's all just a bad dream and when I wake up, everything will be alright again.

    Rest in peace Kentaro Miura. Just know that you created a masterpiece that will never be forgotten and will be praised by many fans for a very long time ❤️


    I would like to leave here a very emotional OST from anime adaptation of Berserk (1997) that I think perfectly captures my fellings right now


    1. RoyChaos


      Here’s another theme if you want :



  2. Good luck, I tried doing this exact mono run, but I just couldn't get past the fire gym and I never did :D
  3. 100% Scorbunny. I just love him so much :D What about you?
  4. Ye, sorry, I can't read anymore :D I didn't saw you mentioned Zygarde
  5. Jesus Christ what have I done :D I think I'll just stay silent next time :D
  6. It was a joke... Maybe a bad one, but a joke :D The devs should give themselfs all the time they need and I'm glad for their fantastic work on Pkmn Rejuvenation.
  7. My hype has been at maximum level for the last 2 months. I just can't wait for the masterpiece that is V13 Also, I think I'm going crazy ._.
  8. There is no exact date as of right now, but I would say we are pretty close (maybe like 3 more weeks of wait or more)
  9. Btw, we crossed 500k views on this thread!
  10. Unfortunately, nothing has been said on those evolution methods, but I believe that there will be new methods to evolve them, because we already have new methods on evolving alolan pokemon (to evolve pikachu into alolan raichu, you must feed him those pancakes you found in the resort that is located on Terajuma island), but as I said we don't know about this for sure (it could technically happen that those pokemon you are talking about won't be featured in V13 and will rather be available V14 or later versions :D). So the only thing we can do is sit and wait for V13 release. Those evolution me
  11. You're weak, I check the dev blog atleast 20 times a day :D
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