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  1. Golduck learns wonder room by levelling, re-using wonder room when there's an active wonder room will cancel the existing wonder room effect. Therefore, if you use the wonder room move during your first turn against Saki, you technically disabled wonder room for good during the remainder of the battle. I don't recall wonder room being renewed after it is disabled. Also, I doubt one can stall the wonder room effect during that particular battle, so disabling it is the key to neutralize her crazy offense and defense. The battle gets easier for me once I turned wonder room off and I managed to be
  2. One tip I have discovered that's super crippling for Saki is that you get a pokemon that knows wonder room and uses it on the first turn to cancel the wonder room effect. The combo of glitch field and wonder room is the one that's making Saki's pokemon seemingly unbeatable and hurts so much despite her pokemon having mediocre sp.atk stats. I got a Golduck and trained to lv85, then use it for wonder room (that's just it, I don't have any use for it anymore), then proceed to beat her with my remaining 5 pokemon with a lot ease than before. Her pokemon's special moves are pretty much neutralized
  3. Try going in Gearan Lab, save, and try to load in V13, it worked for me.
  4. I have an issue where when I full screen (alt+enter, or through settings), the screen goes black entirely, it appears I can only play/see when the screen is M (default). I am currently using patch 13.0.1 and the issue still persists. Would appreciate some light on this issue. Thanks very much. EDIT: I would also like to note that despite the screen being black (when full screen), one can actually play the game and buttons still work, just that all is done in total darkness.
  5. Weird, I didn't do this puzzle at all and managed to reach and defeat Saki. Or is this puzzle unrelated to reaching and battling her?
  6. I had extreme trouble with Saki compared to every other battles in V13 and I have to do research on the field and everything. I discovered that Wonder Room is activated at start of battle and discovered that it is extremely broken when paired with glitch field. Wonder Room allows defense to be swapped with special defense and then for the glitch field, the higher value of special defense or attack will count as special attack, which is why you see pokemons like Aggron and Bronzong kick ass with those special moves when their special attack stats aren't high (because their ridiculou
  7. Is it just me or I can't fullscreen the client without getting black screen once I do so.
  8. A few ideas for Weezing Crest (my favorite pokemon), can mix and match between them: - Explosion/Self-destruct damages Weezing equal to 1/2 of his maximum hp. Damage to opponent is unaffected. - Explosion/Self-destruct applies poison-type damage to opponents that it does not affect. - Base sp.atk and sp. def increased by 1.2x A few ideas for Electrode Crest: - Befitting of its nature, explodes every turn, dealing normal-type damage of 80 base physical power to the opponent then damages itself as well for 1/8 of its maximum hp. (Not that OP since Electrode has te
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