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  1. For blatant padding, and an arbitrary obstacle in some quests that didn't really need them, they are kinda hilarious as a concept to me.
  2. I regret not training before the Galvantula fight, because I thought "Oh well I'll have the zetta fight for exp." But then it turns out that its been removed. Or moved around, doesn't change much.
  3. The EXP all being removed from the AP shop hurts me so much. Its not like its as game-changing as the EV room cards, it just... Makes training not take as long/be as grindy. I forgot how much I loved not needing to switch between a weaker Pokemon and a stronger one in order to actually get any leveling done.
  4. For whatever reason, the Screen Border option in the options menu does nothing when switched between on and off. Which is kinda unfortunate since I liked playing with it on. In other news, wow have things changed, uh, a fair amount. Which I should have expected considering the update size and wait time.
  5. Tikkit


    Probably going to be updated to 100% or released or something when they do release it. Anyway, at long last, Rune will probably be getting screentime, and we might just get some answers about.... Anything relating to her.
  6. Or people could just be mistaken. It's not like complete strangers would be able to recognize her 100% accurately.
  7. You have to complete the Neo East Gearen quests first. Something which doesn't really make sense until partway though the quest.
  8. Thanks. Definitely has me eager for V13 when it'll pan out.
  9. Probably just gonna start a new game. Not only is there updates to earlier parts of the game, but there's an entire new gen being added. Of course I want to see that.
  10. I think they exist? Like, I have no strong opinions other than really liking the recurring Grunt Duo, hating Crescent, and enjoying Cera and Aelita. Don't really have any final opinions yet, since the story isn't over, and even then there could be a post game of some sort to further develop things.
  11. Honestly, I've long since accepted the Nancy is a maid theory, but don't particularly like it. Probably because it could lead into the whole Crescent is our mom theory, and I r e a l l y hate that.
  12. I do admit to having given myself crests before, if only because Crests are only available so absurdly late into the game that you're not really going to have a chance to use them really.
  13. I mean, if using debug mode is just speeding up whatever process you can already do at the time, and/or its in a single player game where by now you've done a few runs and want to try something new, its completely fine. I don't have the time to spend hours breeding for IVs when I can spend like three minutes to get the same result.
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