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  1. L__Haze

    e19 when

    ITS HAPPENING THIS IS IT!! THE ENDGAME! Fr though this wait has been worth it 100% I'm so excited to see what everyone has planned for this!
  2. Its an argument you could make for most enemy groups in any pokemon game, but in every case, those groups exist and at the moment of the players entry into the story, they're causing harm to the characters in universe. Taka is but a cog in a machine (being Lin's meteor) that he alone cannot stop, and as such has been doing his part as discreetly as he once was able to, sabotage a corrupted and change Meteor. Yes without Taka's involvement at all he wouldn't even be debated as being evil, but considering his circumstances and actions, he fights for what he truly believes in, which is what I believe Is a more noble goal than what Lin is currently utilizing the group for.
  3. Alright this is my take on it which I haven't seen a whole lot of people consider: I doubt anyone would die if you make certain choices. I don't even think someone like Taka or Fern dies in either story primarily due to relationship points (which is a can of worms and might work differently in episode 19 as they don't have much of a use currently). I wonder if they plan on going through with some characters being killed off despite this mechanic as that nightclub might work outside of the game's universe and will only affect dialogue. For those who do know some characters paths end up in drastically different places depending on the route you take so perhaps we'll see more of that as this episode will be the climax of the entire thing. But I seriously doubt as things are now that anyone that has a check for points will be killed off. ^This being said I would be pleasantly surprised to see your actions having profound consequences no matter which route you take and the dialogue choices you choose. I'm excited to see how this whole thing will play out as we're getting ever so closer to Beta Testing and eventual release. As for Fern he isn't even Evil, just someone that always wants be on the right side of history which hasn't worked out for him at all. I'm more than willing to bet he'll come around when he realizes Meteor is vulnerable. The only atrocities he's committed is being an asshole and a backstabber.
  4. Well it is a game with a similar premise after all, They're pretty much in the same universe unofficially I have yet to beat the game however, I should do that soon
  5. Honestly, we still don't know how much more of the game outside of legendaries, I believe the nightclub and other parts are complete but there's other parts that need to be completed. We'll just have to see after all the legendaries are coded in
  6. If we can collectively wait for over 3 years, I think we can wait just a little longer for this to be worth the hype
  7. I love his trench coat, its probably my favorite part about him since i personally love fashion
  8. I feel like solaris purposely uses pokemon that look menacing but actually are threats, which is edgy af but solaris is a boss so its even cooler
  9. Feels like a team that solaris would use in an alternate timeline
  10. Solid team bro! I got Staraptor, Blaziken, Gengar, Gardevoir, Volcarona, and vaporeon with a metagross in the pc and a few other mons thats gonna whoop team meteor into last episode
  11. Yeah ill post here while I wait for the update. I couldn't decide which hat to wear today so I wore both
  12. Man its been about 3 years since the release of Ep 18, how time flies. Only 10 quests remain and hopefully there isn't too much more left till release!
  13. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

    1. L__Haze


      I forgot about that lmaoo


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      Lmao dw 

  14. I feel that hardmode not coming to reborn is the best thing to happen out of all things in this post. Reborn tells a linear, singular(for the most part) story with a single difficulty - as its how the game is meant to be played and having selectable difficulties adds to the confusion of how people should play the game, looking forward to acutally being able to EV train trains now for ep 19 and mono runs
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