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  1. Bro idc if i become a skeleton waiting for reborn ill wait for the Goliath of an episode to be complete and maybe even play it as a skeleton
  2. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  3. Pretty cool, I like the evolution line of lucario, 8/10
  4. Fern is likely going to help fight against team meteor once he's backed up against a corner in the interest of self preservation and probably be targeted from his betrayal. I have a hard time believing he would be killed and would be saved by his own sister
  5. Nintendo taking fangames has nothing to do with things like "they're doing stuff people want" and are more worried about them making money on it, which most people don't. Its the bad eggs that ruin it for everyone else, although I wish they didn't carpet bomb the shit out of everything, I get why they do I guess. Taking down an 'obscure' fan game isn't gonna give nintendo that bad of a rap, people already know the deal with this kinda stuff and reborn would be another casualty of war before they move on to the next fangame
  6. The shade premonition is what I'm mainly basing it off of. Every premonition is based on death and Lin may be no exception. Maybe her physical body will be destroyed and her true self will live on?
  7. 1. Lin 2. Solaris 3. Elias 4* Taka due to him being in the route situation
  8. Most people first time through aren't likely to use mods to assist them unless necessary imo, I think adding the streamlined features that reborn doesn't already have would be a great idea
  9. Alright, playing through and beating sword I realized how much the animations faded into the background for me, like I don't think people actually care that double kick isn't made to be extravagant. Ik it's a old topic (lazy animation topic not this thread) at this point but man everything about the game completely drowned out a lot of its biggest detractors. I cant believe we went crazy over some tree textures in the wild area. Overall this game was fun af, people should give it a 2nd chance.
  10. Has really been an entire year since I joined? damn. General Info: Known as: Haze Age: 17 years old Gender: Dude Birthday: June 5, 2002 Location: New York Height: 5 foot 10 inches Hair Color: Dark Brown Eye Color: Brown Lives with: Parents Pets: Goldfish I got in 2011 Relationship status: Single (tryna slide in dms atm give me a sec) Favourite Food: Cheeseburger Favourite Drink: Sprite Favourite Color: Dark Gray Favourite kind of Music: Rap Favourite Band: n/a Favourite Album: Madvillainy Favourite Song: Eminem - Greatest (Not a favorite but I like it) Favourite Game: Valkyria Chronicles 4/Pokemon Black 2 Favourite Genre of Game: RPG Favourite Hobbies: Video games, Hanging out with friends, Watching Videos Favourite Movies: Speed Racer, Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance, Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith Favourite Shows: Re:Creators, High School of the Dead, Bananya, Regular Show, Star Wars the clone wars Community questions: So, who are you?: I'm Haze. I actually found out about the game in like 2013 (don't quote me on that because in my og intro post I gave a different year I think okay back to main paragraph) from a youtube video about fan games and finally got around to playing it around 2016 when my parents bought a decent PC. I didn't end up actually revisiting and finishing to the current point till December 2018 and followed the development somewhat closely ever since. Outside of this I've been on Pokemon Showdown since 2016 under 'Light Haze' and still go on it till this day, and recently I've worked in a grocery for a few months, am excited when projects like this will finally be finished, so I'm looking forward to it. Other than that, there really isn't much to me, I do graphic design and i'm a senior in High School and i'm planning to go to college soon after. I guess I should also mention I played monotype since 2017 and retired from competitive in 2019, looking to come back when I get used to gen 8. Anything you're responsible for? My avi I jointly created with a friend in Jan 2018, some EPIC monotype battles I'll link them here: https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/azure-gen7monotype-173589 (ULC 6) https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/azure-gen7monotype-117444 (ULC Those are like the only ones I really like cuz I manage to not suck ass at them and cuz of the tournament stuff. I also bounced around a few leagues over the years. shoutout to them in order: Omega(RIP to the first league I ever joined), Celtic(LOL RIP) PAX(RIP), Aphro(dead?), Hat(Also dead but not really?), Aroma(still alive but left). If you had to choose one of your posts as your way to introduce yourself, which would it be? My first post if I can ever find it, I'll edit this later maybe. What can I talk to you about? Cats, anime, anime cats. Re:Creators if any other human being watches that, art. Other stuff, I'm just vibin. I don't watch seasonals anymore since I got bored of it but if there's a show I've watched then I'll most likely be interested Closing statements? I forgot I was writing this at 4:00 am so this'll prob look terrible when I wake up. Other than that, I'm surprised that just last year, I actually made an account and played reborn. It definitely didn't feel like a year has gone by. Anyways, i'm off to bed, if I don't end up editing this then that means I thought it was aight and as always ill be lurking the forums, cya!
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