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  1. solved via redownload of the game.
  2. Well a Voltorb didn't kill itself to open a door in the 1st gym. Funny I thought. So I have gone further. Next, Voltorb followed me, but together with the other one. Beat the leader. Saved and started the game later again. Then after the title screen comes an error. Reverting to an older save didn't help. And I use the sandbox mod. Game.rxdata
  3. It would be better to revert to an earlier save state or will lose your team and items.
  4. I'm still at Terajuma Island. But the changes I saw were great.
  5. Well I tried asking other people first : But with no success.
  6. Here water decreased. Game.rxdata
  7. Upload your gamedata and I could try to fix it.
  8. Hello, I can't seem to get the mods to be working at all and achievements disappears from the menu.
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