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  1. Thanks but I finally after 2 days beta that fight so I’m not planning on going back to that mountain for a long time. Thanks for the help though!
  2. LastSave.dat @Namiboola Is this it?
  3. How do you post your gamedata cause I’d gladly post it if I knew how
  4. The crystals won’t activate though cause they’re still just grey and not blue or red
  5. But how do I get back to that door once I leave the mountain?
  6. Ok so I know I’m probably being dumb right now but I’m playing v12 of rejuvenation and I made it to the Zetta and Geara boss fight which I can’t win no matter how hard I try so I wanted to leave the mountain so that I could go prepare some Pokémon that can actually win the fight but for some reason if you leave and then come back in the mountain the crystals don’t reset making it impossible for me to go back up the mountain. Is there any way to leave and then go back up the mountain or am I just stuck on top of this mountain until I beat Geara and Zetta? Also if it’s possible can anyone tell me the strategy you used to beat this fight in v12 cause I’m seriously at a loss right now.
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